• August 8, 2022

Redskins Trying To Acquire Star WR Vincent Jackson?

The Chargers and their top wide receiver Vincent Jackson haven’t been able to work out a contract because Jackson wants a big raise and a contract closer to the one Brandon Marshall just inked with the Dolphins.

The contract problems have caused reports of trade talks to commence because Jackson is a stud of a receiver at 6’5″ 230 pounds with outstanding speed and great hands.

A number of teams have reportedly expressed interest in trading for Jackson and chief amongst them are one of the Eagles divisional rivals the Washington Redskins.  Skins coach Mike Shanahan has made it clear that he would love to sign the San Diego Chargers wide receiver.

Shanahan in fact was very close to drafting Jackson a few years ago when he came out of college.

Interestingly, the big number one target of Charger quarterback Phillip Rivers is working out with in Arizona with current Skins quarterback Donovan McNabb.  This is going to further the rumors that Jackson is a target of the Skins.

It surely doesn’t hurt that McNabb will be able to cement a relationship with Jackson, if while they’re trying to acquire him in a trade.

The Chicago Bears are also supposedly in the running for Jackson but there’s also a report that they’re not interested.¬† The Seattle Seahawks are another team which is reported to have interest.


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  • It does not matter if they get VJ ,he can’t catch the ball if it is thrown on the ground ,or over his head , or 100 mph at five yards away !!!

  • A nightmare match-up to cover with the smallish Eagles DB’s,
    VJ has been suspended the first 3 games of 2010 Season for pleading guilty on his 2nd DUI Offense
    He is a good WR though and probably fits well into the Redskins Offense…

  • PM-welcome back- Who isn’t a nightmare matchup these days for the Eagles DB’s? Gary Coleman died a few weeks ago…oh…is it too soon?

  • well the ground throwing qb will make the pro bowl again and the playoffs
    while ur quick decision accuracy wizard will watch him

  • Thnx Triple Well,
    A great family visit to NJ/NY to attend a family Wedding and High School Graduation…
    I do not think that I could put up with all that traffic on a daily basis anymore, it’s beyond ridiculous…
    Back home in NC and off of work until Tue 7/5 to enjoy the 4th of July Weekend and my wife’s birthday..
    On to Football, the NFC East is going to be a Bear this year, I think think a 11-5 Record and maybe even a 10-6 overall record wins the NFC East…

  • I would go as far to say that the NFC BEast will not have a Wildcard team this year.

  • P-man and tripleWell I agree with the statements on the state of the NFC East. I think that 10-6 will win it, whith everyone beating up on each other. Also agree that it is doubtful there would be a wildcard team coming out of the east this year. Question marks in too many positions this year make it tough to be positive for the birds, especially with the way the season ended. Hopeful that the defense will stiffen up this year and the o-line will be more consistant. If all of that comes together we could have a chance, if not, it could be a long season. I am betting they will have their act together and suprise a few haters out there.

  • I’m taking the “baby steps” approach…I just hope we come out of training camp intact with no season ending injuries. With a longer TC this year (why…I don’t know perhaps due to the youth of the team) the risk of injury increases greatly. The Eagels are kown for tough rough camps which is a trademark of ours and in the summer heat at Lehigh…could spell trouble. Keep those knees kids!

  • I could see this happening and if it does that’s probably gonna be a whole lot more egg on the face of the Eagles FO if this heads where I think it might. The Redskins don’t really care much about draft picks. A big deep threat for Donovan, plus Cooley and emerging superstar TE Fred Davis and Devon Thomas and Santana Moss, plus an average to slightly above average rebuilt O-line.

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