• May 26, 2022

With New Evidence Available, Police Are Taking Another Look At Vick

According to ESPN, the person who shot Quanis Phillips is about to turn himself in.¬† There’s a good chance that the shooter shot Phillips out of a white Cadillac Escalade.

Michael Vick bought Marcus a Cadillac Escalade years ago.  Yesterday there were reports from radio station Game 102.1 FM in Virginia Beach that Marcus was involved with the shooting.

Last weekend, it all started out with Michael Vick not being a person of interest after his birthday party and the shooting which occurred afterwards.¬† Now the police say they’re taking another look at Vick.

The fact that Vick remains in this controversy isn’t helping him in the eyes of the NFL and the Eagles.¬† Originally his former teammate, Pro Bowl wide receiver Roddy White of the Atlanta Falcons said they were long gone when the altercation and shooting occurred, but now there’s video which shows that Vick and his entourage didn’t leave the party until three minutes before the shooting.

The key to all of this is whether Vick told the police the truth and did he have anything to do with the shooting.¬†¬† If he lied to the police his career is over.¬† It’s just that simple.

“Right now, we don’t really have a title for him,” police spokesman Adam Bernstein told the Philadelphia Daily News.

The fact that it’s a week later and we’re still talking about this incident isn’t good news for Vick and at some point, the Eagles can say we’ve had enough of having our name in the news.¬† He could get the call at any moment that his career is over.


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  • Get rid of this stupid clown ,how can you be a QB when you are that stupid , no more breaks for this guy ,kick him to the curb or even better yet feed him to the dogs !!! Get Garcia back because I don’t think Kolb is going to last too long after he takes a beating from those Defensive lineman and blitzing linebackers and defensive backs !!!

  • did the video capture vick walking out of the bar or the car that could have had him in it drive away. From what i have read there isn’t much evidence supporting that it was completely clear that vick was seen leaving at a specific time, it seems to be more speculative than that. It’d be nice if he didn’t have anything to do with it but the fact of the matter is that he most likely did. It is a shame this guy cant just keep his nose clean and forget all this gansta wannabe nonsense (whatever that truly means, i have no clue) and play football.

  • kolb happiest dude ever

  • Garry, stop the daily comments on this situation. Why can’t you wait until the police complete the investigation?! Now you’re like a Nat. Enquirer gossip columnist, and stirring up more animosity.

    To BP: Garcia (older, smaller, slower with suspect arm)? You’ve got to be kidding!

  • But Jeff is a fan favorite and comes with no baggage or bad rep. He’d only be a b/u behind Kolb anyway. Who would you want, at this point, Kolb getting his pointers from? Vick or Garcia?

  • G, Marcus might have an Escalade but he was in the club until it at least 2:30 paying his bill, so the more reports come out the more ridiculous this story gets. Let the Eagles or Goodell take care of this if Vick did anything wrong, if not then no more of these posts.

  • If the Eagles release Vick over this this the team is so screwed…there again it would pretty much mean that Jeff Garcia would be on the team this year. I have little hope that the Eagles will be competitive this year, but I’d at least rather not have to watch Kolb throw 20+ interceptions.

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