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Phillies Can’t Let Utley Rush Himself Back The Way Rollins Did

The Phillies trainers need to keep an eye on Chase Utley and not allow him to try to come back too soon. ¬† I know it’s going to be tough for him to sit on the side and watch his team fight for a playoff appearance but they can’t afford to let him go to far in trying to rush back to action.

We saw what happened to Jimmy Rollins when he tried to return from a strained calve muscle too soon.  They need Utley down the stretch, therefore they must stop him from taking too many chances in his comeback.

“We’ll have to wait and see, obviously,” said Utley during his news conference. “But the numbers that were originally told to me were . . . it takes about 5 weeks for that ligament to heal back up properly, another week or so to get the movement back in your hand and then, as far as a baseball standpoint, 2-3-4-5 games to get back in shape that way. Obviously, we’re going to have to see how it goes. But at this point, I’m pretty optimistic.”

You can hear the anxiousness in his voice.¬† You can understand it, but that’s why you have trainers and managers to stop a player from letting his eagerness hurt him and the team.


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Paul Mancini
Paul Mancini
July 6, 2010 7:56 pm

Utley is a warrior for sure and would do almost anything to get back onto the field and playing..
Problem is that this year, he’s just not been very good at the plate at all.. This 5-6 week break may actually be the best thing that happened for him this season and maybe can get on a tear for final 2 months of the Season for his own sake and the teams sake. Bottom line is that 2010 Phils are not very good and haven’t been since early May, so what’s a few weeks without Chase in the line-up, He only the most dissapointing Phillie of the 2010 Season along with R Ibanez, S Victorino, R Madson, and of course B Lidge… This team is toast and all of a sudden, looks a little old, a half-step behind and too many players on it’s roster that are overpaid,not producing and on downhill of their careers (Ibanez,Rollins,Lidge,Blanton all come to mind ) that in essence will make them unable to re-sign
and keep a productive player who is in his prime like a J Werth….
Since the end of last season, where GM Amaro did not handle the C Lee situation properly, letting solid Pitchers like Chan Ho Park and even Pedro just walk and replace them with “quality pitchers” in Herndon,Baez,Kendrick… are you kidding me.. and then retain disappointments in reserves like B Francisco, G Dobbs and then go out an sign R Gload,R Castro,R Schneider and tell everyone that this is the strongest bench the Phils have ever had and most of the fans & media go ga-ga over the team and are way over-confident thinking the 2010 Phils are just going to show up walk away with the Division.. But that’s the history of many Philadelphia Fans/Media for you… When they have good teams, they think they are invincable and get be beat and when they have bad teams, they get suicidal and think the worklds coming to an end… no sense of rational thinking or objective analysis for many of the fans and local media .. but I guess that’s why they play the games and why fans have day jobs and use their sport teams and local media as a way for their outlets of daily frustrations,disappointments,stress relief,joy,community comraderie and hope to rally the troops for another run… but sometimes wishing and wanting it soo bad can skew the anaylsis of a team versus it’s competition and I think the entire Team,Coaches,Front Office,Local Media and many fans have become complacement to a certain extent with this 2010 Phillie Team…