• December 4, 2021

Bookies Make Niners Favorites While NFL Network Focuses On Kevin Kolb’s Play

The winless San Francisco 49ers are three point favorites to beat the 2-2 Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, so you can see what the bookies think of current starting quarterback Kevin Kolb. I know they’re playing the game in San Francisco but it’s still amazing to see them put a winless team as the favorite.

There was a terrible indictment of Kolb’s play against the Washington Redskins last night on the Playbook show on NFL Network. Sterling Sharpe, Solomon Wilcox and Mike Mayock examine the video tape of Kolb performing in the game versus the Skins.

The NFL experts show the video of  Eagles wide receivers running their routes and appearing to be open.   Despite their being receivers open downfield, Kolb was choosing to throw the ball to the running backs on check downs with the game on the line.

It happened again and again.  DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin were getting free releases and going where they wanted to on the field.

I noticed that Kolb wasn’t raising his eye level high enough to see the open receivers downfield during the preseason after he was a hit a few times.  He hasn’t shown enough confidence in the offensive line to drop into the pocket and keep his eyes downfield.

Notice that Kolb does one of two things when he is rushed.  He will throw the ball to the check down or scramble.  At some point, he’s got to stay in the pocket, keep his eyes down field and deliver the ball to his open receivers.

Kolb is going to wind getting hurt like Michael Vick did if he continues to scramble so much.

Give credit to Jackson for not publicly blasting his struggling teammate.  “I think Kolb did a good job of coming in and scrambling a couple of plays, making a few throws,” Jackson said. “We missed a big (pass) play in the third quarter. The wind caught a pass down the sideline to me. I think he did a good job. I think he did a good enough job to keep us in the game.”

“At the end of the day he’s a good quarterback and he gave us hope to stay in the game.”


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  • Oue defense needs to come up big for us to stand any chance of winning this game. I feel bad for jackson and maclin cause kolb is apparently legally blind to anything past five yards in front of his face.

  • G, I saw that program too…it just gave me a headache to see receivers wide open on several plays and Kolb just would not throw them the ball and this guy (Kolb) is the reason we got rid of #5???? I dont care what anyone says Kolb will be a bust just like David Klingler and Andre Ware (university of Houston)!!!! If #7 doesnt come back soon we are in for a very long season. AR should have been fired 2 years ago!!!!

  • Even though the 49ers are 0-4. They are a much better team than there record. We need to load up to stop the run, Frank Gore! There QB is not good either. Hopefully Shady will be able to go. We can turn this into a defensive game and inch this one out. I know that is wishful thinking but I’m trying hard to have faith!

  • I must admit it doesn’t put Kolb in the best light but don’t forget to mention that they also said that this is common with QB with little experience and especially so behind lines with poor protection. Hopefully, he’ll significantly improve on that this week after looking at the same shortcomings in this week’s film study. What I find most disappointing is that the fans expect this guy to play like a seasoned pro because he’s been on the team for 4 years with very little experience in live hitting / tackling games. It’s a different world when an NFL monster is about to bury you and it takes some time to learn how to accurately survey the field, identify an open target and deliver the ball accurately while being hit. Don’t give me practice or training camp. The red shirts aren’t touched so, he currently still only has 175 drop-backs while under a threat of being crushed. Hey, the guy might wind up being a major bum but every team expects a learning curve but fans, unrealistically, don’t. We don’t have Vick available this week so stop the bitchin’ and see if he improves on last week’s performance.

  • Vick passed 7 times when he was in
    6 were short routes
    One was deep middle incomplete to Celek
    He also ran several times including the last play when he was injured
    What Jackson and Maclin were open for Kolb but not Vick ?
    Did they analyze Vick’s passing ?

  • Here is a play by play
    Look at Vick’s passes
    Seems like those guys are doing selective analysis

  • Poor play calling on both sides of the ball doomed the Eagles versus the Redskins
    The Offense 1st couple of series were very ineffective and not executed very well (besides Vick’s scramble)
    The Defense appears to be playing in a soft,base package and the Redskins just manhandled the
    Eagles Defense to about middle of the 2nd Quarter when DC McDermott finally started to make some adjustments..
    Bottom line,this team is not good enough to sleep walk thru any part of the game (especially with
    Kollb at QB when they will be less explosive) The only way the Eagles will complete will be if all 3 phases of the team play well. They are not good enough to overcome a slow start on Defense, or continued SPecial Teams plays or a lack of big plays by the Offense…
    These next 3-4-5 weeks will really show once and for all, on how good,average or poor that HC Reid really is.. No excuses, this team is what it is, and now, Reid and his entire Staff’s job is to coach these players up and devise effective game plans on both sides of the ball and get this team prepared to play… We will see what happens but I am not betting my “Dog House” on anything….

  • I think G articles have make allot of good points concerning Kolb performances. With that being said I don’t think we can’t get excited or that down on Kolb yet. Some of these experts are the same guys ( Baldinger, Didinger and lots of others) that wanted Mcnabb out of town and said Kolb is better suited for the west coast offense, made better decisions, would get the ball out quicker and would get us to the next level. Now some of the same experts after less then one game have throw Kolb under the bus and think that Vick is great. The same guys that thought was just a athletic and would be nothing more then a dog killer. We are running out of quarterbacks.

    I think the game is normally won at the line of scrimmage and we are getting beat badly on both sides of the ball. Rotating quarterbacks is normally the sign of a really bad team. Like the only thing that matters is the quarterback play. Hopefully Kolb can turn his play around before we lose the season and allot more.

  • RCP are u kevin kolb?
    did u watch the 2 prior games djax and maclin got the ball
    djax had a 100 yards in both games vick started
    please stop only way u can defend kolb is if u r him ?

  • rcp1936, you’re an idiot. Everyone already knows Vick isn’t scared to throw the ball down field and he surely isn’t afraid to get hit. Vick’s passes were in the beginning of the game when he’s trying to get a feel for washington is doing defensively. Kolb threw the same damn passes the entire time he was in the game. Please stop making excuses for this guy. Vick is a far better QB and everyone besides you knows it. Just stop it because you look dumb.

  • hey rcp would niners be fav if vick was playing
    lol defend that

  • thnx scorp

  • PW, I don’t know who that idiot is but he writes the most idiotic stuff. He’s going to compare what Vick did on a few drives vs what Kolb did for 3 qtrs. It’s one thing to dump it off in the beginning to start a rhythm and get a feel for the defense. But Kolb wasn’t doing that. He wasn’t looking downfield and clearly scared to get hit. Good QBs are able to make a throw when a defensive player is coming at them. Right now, Kolb doesn’t have that. He might get it someday, but today isn’t that day.

  • MaybeTheyCanWin, are you serious? Really? Go look at tap of ROOKIE Sam Bradford and then look at your analysis, and then back to Bradford and then back to your analysis, we just wished Kolb played like that.

  • LMAO @ “Are You Kevin Kolb?”…
    that guy defending Kolb must just have “greatwhitehypeitis”…lmao…Kolb sucks!
    Sam Bradford is in there as a TRUE rookie and is playing well, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco,
    Matt Stafford when he plays…all of these guys played young and show TRUE promise. Kolb is a FOUR
    year player, and is still throwing to the FB as the number on option on third down!…He Stinks!

  • Kolb isn’t a rookie and people keep trying to give him a pass like he’s a baby. They wanted to talk about how he’s such a great leader and has good mental toughness. But after the benching they wanted to make excuses for his play by saying, Reid messed up with psyche when he benched. Well if he’s so tough mentally shouldn’t get be able to pick up the pieces and just play? He is not a rookie and this isn’t pop warner. Stop making excuses. Look, I hope the guy turns out well, BUT RIGHT NOW, he just doesn’t have it. Point blank. The aforementioned ROOKIES have looked better than this guy in his 4th year and they aren’t playing the 2009 Chiefs every week with less talent around them. So stop it with the excuses. Kolb needs to show that he was worth all the hype. He doesn’t need to have an MVP season. Just show some glimpses, that’s all. Right now he looks exactly like a backup QB. If Kolb stinks it up against the niners and Vick has to be out for an extended period of time, I guarantee you they will look to sign or trade for someone. Who knows they make bring AJ Feeley back since Bradford is looking pretty good.

  • Paul you must have a special television:

    Paul Mancini says:
    October 5, 2010 at 8:42 pm
    Watching the game Drummer
    I saw a lot of routes being run in 3/4 speed by both D-Jax & Maclin and not all out effort.
    I saw very little effort in attemtping to block down field for their teammates or coming back for the vall when your QB is in trouble.. I could see it in their body language that their heads were somewhere else and not on the task at hand, If both these players are truly #1′s in their minds and fans mind’s, you play 100% to the end until you hear the whistle to the end of the game… How about when D-Jax caught a pass late in the game and hjust simply dove forward for another yard when he never picked his head up to see that he hactually had some room to make a bigger play and at least get the 1st Down.. he caught it and dove straight down and was actually short of the first down which the refs blew the spot… Anyways, the point is that no matter who is playing QB, these guys need to fight hard to the end and I did not see or sense that in either one of them…

  • Kolb can’t read defenses, has no pocket awareness, no speed and poor arm strength. That combination equals disaster.

  • Kolb or A.j? A.j!
    Kolb or McNabb? McNabb
    Kolb or Vick? Vick
    Kolb or Bradford? Bradford
    Kolb or Ryan Fitzpatrick? Fitzpatrick
    Kolb or Chad Henney? Chad Henney
    Kolb or Brady Quinn? Hhhhmmm thats a tough one…LMAO!

  • My bad, Paul. I see you “watch film,” television.

    On the broadcast, they said Kolb might improve in reading zone blitzes. The problem is that the Redskins didn’t blitz. Also, what they failed to mention is that once Kolb gets hit, he becomes very afraid.

  • To Drummerboy,
    I stand by my statement that D-JAx/Maclin were not playing at top speed or energy in the 2nd half.
    I also stated in a follow up post that they were possibly “pooped out” up since R Cooper went out of the game with a concussion and they have no subs for them in the 2nd half. but a lot of what I saw were some pretty 3/4 speed routes being run and with their heads not looking back for the ball, which is a sign that WR’s will use often, when they don’t want to ball to come their way and ususally because of a fear of getting hit… Safety Leron Landry got into the heads of both D-Jax/Maclin …
    By the way, my TV is a Hi-Def Sony 42-inch Bravia model…

  • I agree that Kolb shrills at getting hit and I would also state that D-Jax/Maclin are similar are are afraid to get hit, This team has too many players who are afraid of contact (Samuel,Gaither among others)
    which is part of the entire teams problem… They are too soft and don’t want to get down and dirty

  • drummerwinslow says:
    October 5, 2010 at 11:48 pm


    It seems that wherein Kolb is concerned, the blame aways lays with someone or something else. I can’t keep up with the excuses, but here are a few:
    the offensive line
    the wind
    the opposing defense was too good (Baltimore)
    the pre-season (it doesn’t count)
    the Wildcat
    there was no game planning
    he had no time with the first unit
    and now,

    Paul, you want to add:
    our pro bowl receiver and 2nd year upstart. Got it. They’re on the list, but I’m sure there’s more to be added.

    Okay, I’m adding more to the list

    botch time out
    Poor play calling on both sides of the ball
    Offense 1st couple of series ineffective and not executed well
    Defense playing in a soft, base package
    Redskins manhandled the

    Anything and everything, except Kolb. Is that right?
    Eagles Defense
    this team is not good enough
    SPecial Teams plays
    Reid and his entire Staff

  • My typing sucks! That should read:

    Okay, I’m adding more to the list

    Botched time out
    Poor play calling on both sides of the ball
    Offense st couple of series ineffective and not executed well
    Defense playing in a soft, base package
    Redskins manhandled the Eagles Defense
    The team is not good enough
    Special Teams plays
    Reid and his entire Staff

    Anything and everything, except Kolb. Is that right?

  • Paulboy, our pro bowler doesn’t want the ball now?

    It’s on the list.

  • Here’s how to beat the Eagles when Kolb is the QB. Play zone coverage in the secondary and put a linebacker in man coverage on Owen Schmitt and run run run vs the defense. Game over.

  • Paul, do you still stand by this, despite the fact that it was not Avant’s responsibility to catch the ball, but only reflect it:

    Paul Mancini says:
    October 5, 2010 at 6:22 pm
    I think Kolb actually played ok last week considering…
    If Coach AR doesn’t botch that time out/penalty just before the half where it sould have been 17-10 at half… Then McCoy Fumbles at the 2 yard line where the could have tied as the 4th Quarter was starting.. Who knows how the game comes out after different things happen, but at least he brought the Eagles back after another abysmal start in the 1st quarter against a decent team.. As a matter of fact , WR J Avant could have actually won the game if he hangs onto that hail-mail pass at the end the game… If that occurred, many posters would be on here saying “See I told you so, Kolb is great, Kolb is the Man, the Leader, the “Comeback Kid, the Great White Hope, etc,etc,etc..
    Too many Philly fans are so 2-faced and are indeed “Bandwagon Fans” as Jimmy Rollins was crucified in saying, but was speaking the truth…

  • Paulman’s top Reasons for Kolb’s Failures:

    Vick’s mere presence
    Andy Reid
    The offensive line
    Jason Avant
    The wind, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars in the sky
    LeSean McCoy
    The opposing defense was too good (Baltimore)
    The pre-season (it doesn’t count)
    The Wildcat
    There was no game planning
    Kolb had no time with the first unit
    Botched time out
    Poor play calling on both sides of the ball
    Offense 1st couple of series ineffective and not executed well
    Eagles Defense playing in a soft, base package
    Redskins manhandled the Offense
    This team is not good enough
    Special Teams plays
    Reid and his entire Staff
    Safety Leron Landry got into our receivers’ heads
    Defense lacks size and strength up front
    Defense overmatched at point of attack
    “Nigna Stuffed Toy” could tackle better thanCB A Sammuel

    More to come, I’m sure!

  • im a put it like this if we had vick we win that game
    and rcp these plays u speak of 2 were designed runs for vick and he threw 2 deisgned screens
    trust we put up 30 if he plays whole game
    ummm for these ppl trying to say it was possibly coaching the reason kolb was dumping the ball off every play(ie. rob cherry ) ask yourself this ? did marty and andy say lets make owen schmitt our #1 wr
    whoever thinks that is a fool

  • Thnx Drummer for recapping my posts,
    I have to admit, I like your spelling and grammer better than my own work..
    and thanks espcially for listing the “Ninja Turtle” tackling better that Samuel,
    It’s funny and sad at the same time because it’s true…

  • I’ll repeat myself here, because it’s mentioned in the article – with a RED SHIRT, Kolb scrambled damn near 50% of all snaps during Flight Night – I have to believe from what I read on this site during the rest of camp, that he was scrambling a good part of the time when I wasn’t there to see it. This has been my biggest problem with this rather slender, slow guy. HE NEEDS TO GET REPS IN THE ACTUAL POCKET WHILE WEARING THE RED JERSEY!!! That’s what that practice is for; you get a feel for the pocket, moving in there, stepping up, and all the while, you’re doing it without risk of injury. You practice like you play, you play like you practice. For some reason, he started out a pocket passer, and has turned himself into a fake scrambler panic attack, and we have to ask ourselves why: Did he see McNabb and Vick scramble, and think to himself “I need to add that dimension to my game”? Or did he just brain fart all camp long, and not a single coach thought it was necessary to tell him to STOP SCRAMBLING for 1 yard while wearing the damn red shirt!?!? I, for one, was really pissed off watching all of the useless scrambling during Flight Night, and I hoped that that was just him trying to “dazzle” (sarcasm) the crowd, because he looked like an idiot; with no one allowed to touch him, he was actually running to the sideline and going out of bounds in front of defenders like he was “just making the first down”, but all he was doing was getting 1 yard for no apparent reason.


    This kid makes me more angry than anything else – grow a sack, and stand in the pocket. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  • Paul, You’re welcome! Just using it as a reference to state my difference of opinion.

    Obviously, none of us are coaches, and we all have limited knowledge of the pro game. I enjoying reading opposing viewpoints, and I try to keep an open mind. That’s why during off-season, I kept saying that I couldn’t understand how anyone could form an opinion of Kolb, because he simply hadn’t played enough.

    Up to this point, it’s been like watching a Polaroid snapshop develop. First, we saw only images and over time, his play has begin to come into focus. I still can’t say with all certainty that he can’t play, but like the Tower of Pisa, I’m leaning hard in that direction.

  • Thiklan,

    I recall reading that about the Flight Night game. Even before that, Cobb reported that Kolb was all over the place with the ball and that he also was scrambling too often.

  • I am first to admit the Kolb is not a quality NFL starter at QB at this time of his development.
    Most of my posts from last Spring/Summer on Kolb stated that I would have to wait and see him play at least 10 NFL games and even a full season to make a sound assesment…
    As usual, I still stand by my statements and was never on his bandwagon,and willing to give a chance, but also I am not going to write him off after 2 games either..

  • Well Kolb threw for 14 first downs
    He moved the team on almost all the series until holding calls screwed things up
    He may or may not become a good NFL QB but the Eagles didn’t lose because of him Sunday
    They lost 4 points on that delay of game penalty ( Kolb Engineered that drive )
    They lost maybe another TD but at least a FG when McCoy fumbled
    So lets be real

    And Vick is the type of QB we need with this O Line since he is more mobile than Kolb ( who scrambled for 21 yds on 2 carries and had another 32 run called back because of holding )

    Yeah right a 6 ft 210 lb mobile QB who almost got compacted on that one run

    As I predicted in previous weeks threads Kolb would get back in because Vick was going to get injured
    And Kafka may get in with this O Line –Garcia where are you

    Oh Vick will be back and then we will see how long before the next injury if Reid keeps telling him to run

  • @rcp u have to be kidding! Just because he threw safe check downs doent mean he didnt loose the game! He lost the game by not making the plays that were called! When he got his ass rocked in the Green Bay game people said “oh, the coaching staff didnt have safe throws for Kolb”…then…he does nothing but safe throws and people say “oh, the coaching staff didnt call anything down feild”…???…the offense is the offense. Kolb sucks! The plays are there to be made, he is missing them. Then when he see’s them, he doesnt trust his own arm to get them there or doesnt want to hang in and take a hit, so, he checks down to Owen Schmittt??? WTF is the FB gonna do for you in this offense? Should i go grab Owen for my fantasy team now that Kolb is the QB? There is no way on gods green earth he should have more catches than Maclin! Thats on Kolb…thats why we lost!

  • ‘Kolb threw for 14 first downs”…pssssh!…those passes were damn near laterals..lmao!…to the rb McCoy and the FB…check how many times he hit a reciever or a TE???? YOU CANT WIN IN THE NFL LIKE THAT!…2 yard pass, the runner does the rest?? Hell thats why McCoys ribs are broken now!..lol..Kolb sucks the taint! why must u make dumb excuses?? Troy Aikman started the game defending him, but by the end, even he could see, Kolb sucks…pssssh…and he started pointing it out. “I dont know what Kolb is seeing, but he had Maclin running wide open on that play”…”Man, even in 7 on 7 drill Jackson couldnt have been more open, and Kolb just checked it down”….nuff said

  • Paulman’s Top Bets made these same Bookies

    #1) The US Economy is officially out of the Recession
    #2) Tax-Cuts for the Top 2 % of Americans really does stimulate the Economy and Create Jobs
    #3) Rahm Emmanuel will resign as Chief of Staff to run for the position of Gary,Indiana (I mean Chicago)
    #4) The Republicans will win back the House but do not gain the majority in the Senate
    #5) Sarah Palin files for Divorce and marries Singer Lyle Lovett ..

  • For the Record and for the last time,
    The Defense lost this game by giving up 17 points in the 1st 10 minutes of the game.The tone was sent and the Eagles Defensive Front 7 were no match versus what many people say is a pretty average O/Line who happened to be playing the game without 2 starters on the left side of the line and they
    still dominated… (where was Bunkley and T Cole all first half, Cole gets a free pass too often.)
    They also lost because Coach AR/MM also had a terrible game plan and botched the timeout/penalty just before the half and of course the Special Teams Coach and their execution suck..
    Also McCoy fumbled at the 2 and also Kolb never bothered looking down field more than 5 yards to locate open receivers. The O/Line had 5 Holding penalties, plenty of blame to go around with this team

  • well kolb damn sure aint win the game

  • I guess no one liked my Sara Palin and Lyle Lovett prediction…

  • rcp..they examined Kolb on NFL network instead of Vick because Vick have proven he can win and stretch the field with this team, but Kolb’s heart and arm, as well as decision making is still in question. Kolb must prove he belong in this league and up until now….he haven’t showed he belongs. I tired of hearing that we should give Kolb time. How long must we endure this guy before he’s labeled a bum? what? 1 year? 2 years? If he don’t beat a winless niners team this weekend I don’t want to hear another person claiming we should wait for this bum to catch up with the rest of the team.. Let’s bring in a QB that can at least throw an out pattern until Vick is Healthy.

  • Paul…Did you say development? EARTH TO PAUL MAN!!!!!!


    When should we see the positives from this development …when he’s 30?

    Kafka is being developed!!!!!!!! Starting QB’s at the age of 26 are beyond the development stage.


  • Paulman Planet to Songs..
    Age has nothing to do with it.. It’s starts and game experience that makes a difference..
    Kolbs has started 3-4 games in his carrer, I don’t care if you 21 or 31, games starts and experience
    is what it takes… for many, the starts come early in their careers like Aikman,Manning”s Brady,Stafford.Big Ben…and for others, the ride the bench behind a starter for a couple of years before they get their chance, but to say a NFL QB is going to prove himself as a bonafide player
    in just 4-5 career starts is ludicrous no matter what the age…

  • Paul….was Flacco developing in his 1st year as a rookie starter?

    Did Flacco show more in his 1st 4 games than Kolb?

    Does Kolb arm and decision making at age 26 compares to Flacco’s at age 22?

    You’re a stat guy …so please do the research I’ve done already and chuck the development talk. If this bum is not developed at the age of 26 ..then why in the hell did we trade Mcnabb? Need Development translate to..”NOT READY”

    BUSINESS…If I came to you with and idea and asked you to put millions into an idea I’m developing…. would you give me the money or suggest I wait until the project is complete to assure your money is not wasted?

    Project money is wasted on chances…..Finished product brings a return.

    If Kolb is a project we need to ship his ass to a team like the Bills who are known for waiting on potential. We have been around long enough to see if a player have potential…and I’ll go one better.

    Bobby Hoying had more upside than Kevin Kolb.

  • Flacco is not an apples to apples comparison
    As a rookie and even his 2nd Year, he is asked to run a Raven Offense that predominantly runs the ball and is asked to throw 15-20 passes a game which many are off Play-Action where the pressue is generally less on the QB.. He has developed very well ove rthe last 2-3 years and now has become one
    the better QB’s in the League..It also helps a young QB to have a commitment and strong running game and a top defense which the Ravens Do.. For Flacco, it was a very good situatuon to be in for he is not asked or expected to win games with passing the ball, just manage the clock,protect the ball and make smart decisions when you do pass… It’s worked great for him and for the Ravens but that is not a similar situation with whoever QB’s the Eagles, they throw the ball 40 times a game, have no commitment to the running game and have an average defense at best.. The Eagles probably need to score 24-27 points a game to have a good chance on winning where the Ravens need about 17 points a game to have a good chance of winning…

  • G:

    Hang in there. BTW commit to criticism. I like that NFL show. I learn a ton from that show. But if you’re going to criticize Kolb, do it. He’s a first year QB, and it is known that that situation is fraught with negativity – especially in this town. I didn’t criticize Doug Peters in year 1 or 5 during his first couple of years. It’s too easy, G. But don’t hold back so that you can say it was Mayock doing it.
    Kolb will be a terrific NFL QB in my estimation. Bring on the criticism anyway.

  • Kolb is ASS!!!!!! He’s going to go down as one of the biggest mistakes in Eagles history…I can see on an episode of “Where are they now” in 10 years..this Bum is on a farm wrestling pigs with Heath Shuler discussing politics.

    Kolb, Peters and the Andrew sisters backed the Armored truck into the Nova Care center and got away we robbery. “THE HEIST”….baby arm riding shotgun.

  • Even money says I fall asleep before halftime… This is the year, Philadelphia officially became a baseball town.

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