• June 25, 2022

Protecting The Football Will Be Vital Versus Giants

Every defense which faces the Eagles experiences the feeling of having a loaded gun pointed at them for four quarters.  The defenders know that if they miss a tackle or get out of position for a split-second, the Birds can explode for a long touchdown each and every time they snap the football.

At the same time, the Eagles will have their work cutout for them when they try to move the ball against the Giants playmaking front four because of the way that they can attack and put pressure on the quarterback.  Pro Bowl defensive ends Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora lead the league in forced fumbles, so the Birds must concentrate on protecting the football.

Remember that turnovers decide football games this time of year.   I want Michael Vick to focus on getting the ball to DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, but maybe even more importantly Vick had better focus on hanging onto the football.

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg has made it a point to stress taking care of the ball to Vick.

“[DE Justin Tuck and DE Osi Umenyiora] are the leaders in forced fumbles, and their team’s the leader in forced fumbles as a unit, as well. So, they rely on that, they go after it. They do a heck of a job. Well, the statistics show, [they are] the best in the league. So, that’ll be important, not only with [Vick], but with the other [players] that get the ball in their hands, as well. That’ll be a big part of this game. We gave them one last time, and that could’ve been a turning point there.”

The turnover category is the number two statistic which predicts the winning team and that stat is second only to the score on the scoreboard.  The Birds are likely to make some big plays and get into the end zone, but if they turn the ball over and give the Giants some easy scores, they’re probably not going to win the football game.

The coaches must emphasize protecting the football to Vick, who has a habit of holding ball loosely in the pocket and when on the run.  He’s got to be conservative on Sunday in his decision-making.  Number 7 should take what they give him and throw the ball away, if there’s nothing there.

Remember that it was a fumble by Vick which was caused by Tuck, that put the Eagles in a trailing position in the fourth quarter of the first game.  The offensive line must give Vick enough production to allow him to throw the ball effectively and accurately, but if they do miss their block, they should follow the Giants “D” lineman to Vick, so they’ll be there in case he fumbles.

I want to see the Birds run the football effectively and more often.  They can’t let the Giants defensive line up and tee off on Vick.  LeSean McCoy and Jerome Harrison should get the chance to slow them down with quick traps up the middle, along with some draw plays.

A one-dimensional game plans will get Vick beaten up.

I would also like to see the Birds employ a no-huddle attack to tire out the Giants defensive front.  A hurry up attack would allow Vick to use his speed against Tuck and Umenyiora, while they’re sucking wind.


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  • Spread them out and play no-huddle Offense while spraying the ball around to all receivers on 3-5 Step
    drops on the 1st Sereis or 2, Then bring in the big-boys (6 O/Lineman) and pound the rock ..
    My 6 O/L from L to R ( Peters,Herremans,McGlynn,MJG,Justice and Dunlap) pull out a WR (D-JAx)
    and pound the ball with 2 Back set with FB Schmitt leading the way..
    Then after pounding them for a series or 2, go back to a no-huddle and start spreading the ball out and take some shots down the field..

  • Former GIANT CB Brandon Hughes basically explained the Giants Game plan for last game…….. He said they had to jam Maclin and D-jax at the line……. And there game plan was to stop the big play from developing…… He said he thinks the Giants will try to do the same thing again……. Jeremy maclin said that teams have tried to throw everything at us……… And we’ve adjusted to every defensive game plan the defense has tried this season……. Hughes also mention that Giants Defensive coordinator loves to blitz safety Artrell Rolle alot and often as possible……… That only leaves room for disaster for the Giants to gamble against one on one coverage against D-jax and Jermey Maclin……… We cant be stopped………..

    GO PHILLY!!!

  • The key to this game is of course the offensive and defensive line…….. THe key player on offense must be Lesean McCoy……. He must use his shiftyness and speed against a very slow giants Lb core…… He must chip block to get extra protection to get his way towards a good screen play………

    The defensive key player is of course Jamar Chaney……. IS he up for the task to play down hill with the run game and be able to cover well against the pass……. Sims and Fouko must support him….. And show leadership to help him when needed……

  • SPecial Teams and the Kicking game will also be key as Field Position becomes more
    critical in big games like this and in potentially Cold,windy and wet weather…
    I think points and TD’s will be hard to come by, I am readjusting my Prediction to 17-13…

  • Yeah,a no huddle would throw them boys off for real. Have that front four gassed and tuckered out trying to chase 7 all over the field on back to back to back plays. Great suggestion there, G. Have the Eagles run a no huddle this year at all? I don’t recall seeing that. Not to bash Donovan, but he wasn’t exactly Jim Kelly when it came to the no huddle offense, maybe we don’t even have that type of package installed for any situation besides a two minute drill? I would absolutely LOVE to see the damage our “loaded gun” offense could do in the no huddle. Make it happen G!

  • I agree G
    The Eagles have the runners that can keep the Giants off balance if Reid uses them
    Quick shots to Schmidt after he slips the block should also help

  • I would like to see the Eagles get the ball to TE C Harbor & WR R Cooper early in the game to get them involved and also give RB J Harrison more than 1 carry a game…

  • I would like to see Harbor and Cooper get the ball early in the game… man forget that, get the ball to Jackson, Maclin, Shady, Celek…get it to your playmakers. I also would not like to see Hall on the field, AT ALL!! give those plays to Harrison. and NOW for you Donovan McNabb moment of the week. He has been benched this week against the Cowboys for Rex Grossman… How Gross Man… I live in DC, they suck and I feel bad for my man McNabb, the Skins SUCK! I really hope he leaves there after this year…ok back to our Eagles, lets go baby.

  • turns overs are always a key but i think getting an early lead is crutial. it will force eli to pass the ball which should be a good thing with smith out, nicks and manningham not at 100%. vick running and avant grabing 3 third down catches should lead the eagles to a 27-20 win.

    as for mcnabb i hope he gets to go somewhere other than washington next year. the obvious is a stop in minnesota or arizona. washington signed him just get a 5th round pick back for him, maybe a forth should he perform wherevr he goes. that benching has scapegoat written all over it.

  • I’m watching what everyone around the nation is saying about this matchup and pumping the Giants as if they didn’t lose 27-17.

    It’s hilarious

    Remember the hype the national media was spewing calling the Gmen the best team in the NFC?

    What happened?

    The Gmen lost and the only reason there was a game was Avant dropped a touchdown that would have busted the game wide open. period.

    So, if people are talking about the final fumble just remember 2 touchdowns was dropped on the Eagles side and the game was supposed to be a blowout.

    this game will actually put a fork in the Gmen.

    Eagles 37 Giants 17

    10 comes in garbage time.

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