• September 28, 2022

Eagles do some roster shuffling

The Eagles had to make a few roster moves this week as they lost Nate Allen for the season with a busted patellar tendon. He was moved to IR, which is no surprise.

To replace him (not really “replace”) on the 53-man roster, they added safety Jamar Wall to the active roster and signed another safety, Jamar Adams, to the practice squad. They also added defensive tackle Jeff Owens to the 53-man group, because Mike Patterson has a knee injury. We don’t know how badly he is injured at this point.

To make more roster room, the team released Garrett Mills, a backup tight end who actually saw some playing minutes early in the year. With Clay Harbor starting to pick things up, he’s no longer needed.

According to Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com, Owens and Wall are the 15th and 16th rookies to see time on the active roster this season. That’s some rookie class.

Micah Warren

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December 21, 2010 3:56 pm

Safety Wall was drafted and a late cut by the Cowboys if anyone is interested..
He’s a little smallish (like Coleman) and an overall good athlete
DT J Owens was one of my original sleepers to make the 53 Man Roster out of camp,which didn’t materialize, he’s been on Eagles Practice squad and is familiar with the system,the routine and the team in general. He may surprise some folks with his quickness and now with fresh legs, may be a good players to put in to get some penetrations, look for him to get some 8-10-12 snaps this week against a pretty poor Vikings O/Line
I would expect DT M Patterson to definitely miss this week’s game and probably the final one too vs the Cowboys to get fully healthy for the playoffs
Only going with 3 TE;s the rest of the way is a minor risk, Eagles never have more than 2 Tet’s activated for a game so if some inmjury does occur, they can call back G Mills and bring him back

December 21, 2010 4:05 pm

Todd Hermanns can pick up the #3 TE if they need him!

Agree on J Owens – will be interesting to see some J Owens and Dixon take reps together at DT – bigger bodies.

P man – hope you and the family have a good holiday – Navy vs San Deigo State ( a home game for SDSU) but the weather is ‘uncalifornia’ like with 50 degrees and pouring rain probably through Xmas..

December 21, 2010 4:43 pm

See Micah, this is where I have problems with you…at least give us some history of the players if your going to post an article…I really didnt want to read Paulman’s post to find out the additional information….Step your game up!

December 21, 2010 4:47 pm

Hey NavyDave,
Best wishes to you and your Family for a great Christmas Holiday…
West Coast is getting pounded by rains with floods and mudslides up in the hills.
They are calling for Snow down here in the NC Mountains for Christmas Eve/Day which would be nice to have.
I have liked that Jeff Owens from his college Days in Georgia thru Summer Camp and think he has real potential down the road as he gains experience and gets a little stronger

December 21, 2010 5:42 pm

Any McNabb stories Micah….

December 21, 2010 6:24 pm

I just finished re-watching the game.

Reid called tight formations through the entire game until the 7:30 minute mark. Until that time, Vick was generally under center (ironically, except when we ran the ball)

After that time, Vick was exclusively in the shotgun with 4 and 5 receiver sets.

Eagles at Giants
Down/Distance Pass Run Notes
1-10 1 UC, play action left, incomplete to Jackson over the middle (ball low)
2-10 1 Shotgun, Vick escapes safety blitz, throws across his body for a pick – Jackson never looks (Vick hit)
1-10 1 UC, play action middle, pass to Maclin right for 5
2-05 1 Shotgun, McCoy 2 hole, twice kept his balance with his hand on the ground, cutback left for 20
1-10 1 UC, broken play, bumped into the center or guard, scrambles left for 3
2-07 1 UC, McCoy 2-hole, gain of 3
3-04 1 Shotgun, pass left knocked down at the line of scrimmage
1-10 1 Shotgun, McCoy hand-off 2-hole, 1 yard
2-09 1 UC, 7 step, receivers covered, Vick dumps off to Harrison for 6
3-03 1 UC, 5 step, hot read, ball high, Avant well covered, ball high and fast
1-10 1 UC, trips right, scramble left for 11 (shoved out of bounds – 15 yard penalty) Jackson came open, but no time
1-10 1 UC, I formation, 5 step, check down to McCoy over the middle for 5
2-05 1 UC, McCoy up the middle for 1
3-04 from 12 1 Shotgun, pressure up the middle, Jason Peters whiffs on Rolle from outside, sacked
Field goal good
1-10 from 26 1 UC, McCoy up the middle for 4
2-06 1 Shotgun, hitch right to Maclin for 3
3-01 1 Shotgun, (high), Jackson in backfield, Vick keeps for 9 (1st down)
1-10 1 UC, Harrison up the middle for 3
2-07 1 Shotgun, play action screen to McCoy for a loss of 1 (good team pursuit, like they knew the play)
3-08 1 Shotgun, blitz, sack by Tuck, Vick might have been able to ste up in the pocket, but went right (Vick limping)
1-10 1 Shotgun, blitz from the right, no time to set up, Vick escapes for 1
2-09 1 Maclin complete (fumble?)
1-10 1 UC, 5, check down to McCoy in the middle for 4
2-06 1 UC, pass batted down left
3-06 1 Shotgun, blitzed, hit immediately by Tuck
1-10 1 UC, McCoy up the middle for 11
1-10 1 UC, Vick trips on lineman, hands off to McCoy 1 hole for 5
2-06 1 UC, 7, I formation, play action, scramble, check down to Schmitt for 6 (illegal formation)
2-11 1 UC, McCoy up the middle, bounces outside right for 5
3-06 1 UC, 5, over the middle to Avant for 1st down
1-10 1 UC, I formation, screen left McCoy (poor blocking)
1-10 1 Shotgun, McCoy up the middle for 12
1-10 1 Shotgun, McCoy, 1 hole for 12
1-20 1 Shotgun, McCoy off-tackle left for 11 (holding)
2-10 1 UC, 5 step, hook right to Maclin for 5
2-15 1 UC, 5 step, overload left, no time, pass behind Maclin, Vick hit
3-15 1 Shotgun (high), blitz, pass high but Avant well covered – Vick hit
1-10 1 UC, play action middle, scramble left for 13
1-10 1 Shotgun, pass over the middle to Avant for 4
2-06 from 8 1 UC, blitz, Maclin drag pattern for 8 yard TD
1-10 1 UC, 3, hitch to Clay Habor for 4 (harbor falls)
2-06 1 UC, down and out to Jackson for 8
1-10 1 UC, Blitz, McCoy up the middle for 2
4th quarter
2-08 UC, false start
2-13 1 UC, pass batted down left
3-13 1 Shotgun, blitz, Vick ducks and steps up, deep to Maclin incomplete (Barry Cofield prevented Vick from getting anything on the ball)
1-10 from 20 1 UC, I formation, 7 Vick hits Jackson for 30 (fumble Jackson) – Reid doesn’t challenge
1-10 from 25 1 Shotgun, blitz, hitch to Maclin for 10
1-10 Shotgun (high), blitz, Celek bobbles but holds on for a 65-yard TD
1-10 from 42 1 Shotgun (5 receiver set), McCoy wide right, 3 receivers right, one receiver left, Jackson over the middle for 13
1-10 1 Shotgun, blitz, Vick ducks, scrambles for 35
1-10 from 9 1 Shotgun (high), blitz, end zone pass to Jackson incomplete
2-10 1 Shotgun, QB keeper right, Vick tackled for loss (penalty off-sides defense, neutral zone)
2-goal 1 Shotgun, 4 receiver set, pass knocked down middle
3-goal 1 Shotgun (wide left, good catch), QB draw left for TD (Max Jean pulls to lead the way)
1-10 from 11 1 Shotgun, blitz, Vick misses Celek wide open with 3:01 to play
2-10 1 Shotgun, blitz, pressure up the middle, no time, incomplete to Jackson
3-10 1 Shotgun, blitz, pressure up the middle, Vick scrambles left for 33 yards
1-10 1 Shotgun, (no blitz) Vick buys time, complete to Avant for 14, gets hit hard
1-10 1 Shotgun, (tight formation) pass batted down
2-10 1 Shotgun, Vick up the middle to the 20 for 22
1-10 1 Shotgun, complete to Celek over the middle for 7
2-03 1 Shotgun, Hook to Maclin for TD (great block by McCoy)

December 21, 2010 8:17 pm

Not that it matters much (because of the deficit) but Reid passed 74% in this game.

What was most curious, however, was that we ran the ball from shotgun formation and passed the ball when Vick was under center.

It went that way until there was only 7:30 to play. Then, we went exclusively from the shotgun with all passes and 2 QB keepers.

What a crazy game! I think Reid learned a lesson from this one. I don’t think we’ll see that style of offensive ever again, at least not for an entire game.

December 22, 2010 6:51 am

Realtalk777 and Micah Warren

Good stuff this morning. Funny. Philly guys all the way!

Enjoy the holidays and bask in this wonderful surprising season!

December 23, 2010 7:26 am

Nice one Micah!