• August 12, 2022

2011 Eagles Offseason Needs: Offensive Guard

The past few years, the Eagles have entered the regular season lacking at a position they didn’t prepare for and it proved to be key to their struggles.

In 2007, it was a punt returner. 2008, there was no true fullback.  Last season, it was two positions (free safety and middle linebacker) that doomed them.

In 2010, it was two positions again, one of which is the right guard position.  Stacy Andrews was far from the long term answer the Eagles envisioned him to be, which led to his trade to Seattle.  He was outperformed by to backups playing on one year tenders (Max Jean-Giles and Nick Cole).

This led to the Eagles trading with Arizona for veteran Reggie Wells.  While it looked like a good move at first, Wells was only active for eight games (starting one).

This off season, this position HAS to be addressed.  Who will the Eagles keep an eye on?  Whoever Philly acquires, they need to be able to start immediately and help stabilize that offensive line.  Here are a few guys who should be observed closely.

Potential Free Agents

  1. Carl Nicks (New Orleans Saints): While the Saints would like to keep the Pro Bowler around, the question is can they afford to? They have a few other expiring contracts including left tackle Jermon Bushrod.  While Nicks will be a Saints priority, it’s a situation worth monitoring.
  2. Deuce Lutui (Arizona Cardinals): A 4 year starter in Arizona, Lutui’s not a bad option if he were to become available.  He likely will be re-signed by the Cardinals, who traded Reggie Wells to Philly to ensure Lutui’s spot.
  3. Ryan Cook: Cook is likely to reach free agency if a new CBA is in place.  He hasn’t proven he’s a long term starter yet.

Draft Prospects

  1. Mike Pouncey (Florida):  If you watched the Gators play this and saw Pouncey play at center, wipe that thought from your head.  His strength is at guard which is what he’s expected to be drafted in the 1st or 2nd round pick
  2. Orlando Franklin (Miami): Franklin can play tackle, but he’s rated higher on scouting reports where he’s listed as a guard.  Very durable, playing in all 37 games of his college career.
  3. Marcus Cannon (TCU):  Cannon can play multiple positions and great size (6’5”, 355lbs).  One concern is his ability to control his weight.
  4. Benjamin Ijalana (Villanova): A South Jersey native, Ijalana started every game as a Wildcat at offensive tackle.  He’s projected to be one of the top guards in the Draft
  5. John Moffitt (Wisconsin):  Moffitt has ideal size (6’5”, 322lbs) and experience starting at center.  He’s currently projected to be drafted in the 3rd/4th round.

The Eagles like to draft versatile lineman (Todd Herremans and Shawn Andrews) and there will be plenty of them available in this draft.

Haran Knight

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  • Under AR’s coaching tenure he has done nothing but draft OL. AR can draft OL till the cows come home, if you are not willing to RUN THE FOOTBALL you are just waisting draft picks. when will everyone see the only problem here is the philosophy…you cannot win a SB Championship with no running game. once teams viewed the giants game tape on how to stop # 7 it was over. every team from that point on has come after the eagles and AR and his staff has had no answers. It was the same thing with # 5 but everyone blamed # 5, at what point is it clear the problem is AR. I have said this over and over…we need new leadership. FIRE ANDY REID NOW!!!!!

  • You can’t win the a SB Championship with no running game? Hmmm….Colts did in 07. Ranking 18th in the league. (Just for comparisons sake, Eagles were 8th that year)

    Colts were also dead last in the league I believe last year in rushing.

    Now don’t go saying “it’s because of Peyton Manning” because although that may be true — that’s irrelevent to your statement.

    Point is, if players execute to perfection, whatever is called WILL work.

  • The year the Colts won the superbowl they had a lights out defense. And yes having a QB that has the abiilty to read defenses get rid of the football and audible at the line of scrimage and reciever that actually turn their heads when they see a blitz makes a big difference. We do not and never will have the offensive lines of the Colts or the Patriots in there prime. We draft big fat lineman. Not techniche guys.

    I can put Chad Hall in Terrell Owens uniform and he can execute the play perfectly, but he’s not taking it to the house against anybody except the 2nd team defense of the Naval Academy.

    The Colts were the exception to the rule. The Dolphins with Mario, the Chargers with Dan Fouts (which NFL network said was the greatest passing attack of all time) won ZERO championships.
    Two hall of fame QBs no championships. Throw in Warren Moon in his prime. A ton of yards. No championship.

    Fat Boy,s system will not win a championship. He will beat weak teams split with winning teams in the regular season, the split in the post season. That’s a 2nd round exit on average. That’s about what you have with the Eagles post season.

  • The system Andy runs only works when a genius (Bill Walsh) is running it. Once the Niners under Walsh had a lead, Nobody was better at running out the clock and picking up first downs. Montana’s football IQ was off the charts and Jerry Rice, Russ Francis and Roger Craig were awesome weapons when used!!!! Walsh did not hesitate to use all of his weapons. That was the reason he came up the 15 scripted plays in the first place. To see how you were going to react to the different formations and then they adjusted their game plan in mid game to what ever your adjustments were to their first 15 plays.

    Andy Reids offense could not adjust to a simply DB blitze in the minnesota game. We 2 weeks to adjust we start the game with a Sack off the Edge. Completely unblocked. Either Andy or the players he has are not smart enough or good enough. And since he picks the players and coached the players it comes back to him.

    Andy is Marty Shot in hymer. He’s Don Coriyell. He’s Marv Levy. He will win games. But not championships. All those guys were stubborn. Would not change. The Packers beat the Eagles because they were willing to change for one game and execute a game plan to exploid our defense for their QB. They were still running out of that formation in the 4th Quarter and getting first downs.

    Andy loss to a rookie coach and rookie QB at home on the same night, with a first round bye on the line. No my friend. The buck stops with him. For 5 milllion a year (Harbaugh contract) you could find a head coach. It’s done every year. 2 superbowl winners are currently available. Gruden and Cowher.

    I got a 90 day probation period to get to keep a government job. Not 12 years. One or two flops at the box office and a movie star no longer gets the big paychecks. Don’t turn the economy around and the president is history. 12 years is plenty of time. In that time span TAMPA BAY AND THE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS have WON SUPERBOWLS. The TWO WEAKEST ORGANIZATIONS IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL HAVE WON SUPERBOWLS. AND DETROIT IS NEXT. IM not kidding. They have two former head coaches as assistants and they won games with their 3rd string QB. They have a Super Stud at WR and a Super Stud at DT. Not gimmick guy and Torn ACL guy.


  • “I’ve got to put my organization in a better position to win a CHAMPIONSHIP.”
    “Andy Your Fired!” “Times Yours.” No really, times yours. Go fishing or something. Your fired!
    Jeffrie Lurie.

  • G – you are assuming Jackson is coming back as center? I also think that right tackle (given that Vick is left handed) is a critical position – is someone who was benched for the King really acceptable to protect a relatively small QB’s back side?

  • Good Stuff Haran and spot on..
    I think the Center/RG/RT spots all need to be closely evaluated and upgraded
    I think MCGlynn would be better at his natural spot which is Guard
    I believe J Jackson,Wells,Coles and MJG all have expiring contracts and I expect that only 1 re-signs
    Maybe Jackson (If healthy) can return for 1 more Season until another Center is groomed
    Then McGlynn/MJG can fight it out at RG
    W Justice is a big ??, He played well thru the 1st half of the Season I thought, but was never the same once he injured his knee mid-season, he came back to play the final few games but really struggled.. Was it his injury or was he overmatched… Hard to tell
    Also, if VIck is the long-term QB moving forward, can LT J Peters be move to RT as an option to protect the Blind Side, or do you keep him at LT where you face the premier pass rushers from most teams
    In the 1st Round I like the Folling O/L for the Eagles to Draft
    I like Mike Pouncey but thing he will be gone by the 20th pick

    OT – A Constanzo (6′-7″- 300lbs from Boston College) – Well coached with a nasty streak and would be a natural at RT with long arms, good feet and from a program known for developing O/Lineman
    OT – T Smith (6-5″-300 lbs from USC) very athletic with a lot of upside, could play RG or RT
    OT – M Reynolds ( 6-6″ – 325 lbs from BYU) 3 Year Sarter, excellent pass protector,could play RT
    G/OT – D Love (6-4 -315 lbs from Arkansas) – Quick feet, great upside and would be a Guard in NFL

  • This entire line must be worked over and that includes Herremans. On his best day Herremans is average. He’s ok for another season since the right side needs to be overhauled…but he must also be replaced soon.

    You can get away with a rookie center or guard…that right tackle will probably half to come through free agency if they’re going to make a run this year or next.

  • mr. bsm, you are cracking me up, but you are 100% correct, why do we fans accept reid, year after year, we know how the season will finish, we know how next year will finish, it is like watching a painful movie with a bad ending, but hoping it will end differently, but we know it will end the same

    now reid again offers the euphemism, “not a bad year we had considering we were re-tooling”, bs, with emergence of vick and the weapons reid never exploited, weak nfc, no one, not reid , no one thought about “re-tooling”, making excuses, and that same pathetic post game conference “I have to do a better job”, I have had it, jakedog can’t talk about the future, I already know what it is, I am out, sorry for offending some of you, I just can’t put any more of my passion into losing, adios

  • I hear you and empathize with you Jakedog,
    Now many of you know the reason that I am usually pessimistic about picking the Eagles to win.
    It’s not because of their players,talents and skill, It’s because of the HC and the continual stubborn way that he operates/coaches/schemes and game plans for this team year in and year out…
    This Franchise,the players and fans need a change, some new fresh eyes and ideas and new schemes on how to compete and win in today’s NFL..
    The Identity of the Eagles has changed over the AR era, and I am afraid that the Team is becoming known around the league as being “Soft” … Give me smash-mouth football over this “splash & dash” crap that doesn’t win games against the good teams.

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