• January 21, 2022

2011 Eagles’ Offseason Need – Defensive Tackle

The Eagles interior defensive line’s production is an area of much concern.  A lot of it may be the fault of D-line coach, but the players still have to handle their assignments well.

Mike Patterson and Broderick Bunkley are both okay, but they have yet to warrant their first round selections in 2005 and 2006, respectively.  I think the Eagles should look into trading one or the other this offseason.

Trevor Laws has been surprisingly impressive as a pass rushing tackle this year.  Antonio Dixon is very good run stuffer who deservingly took Bunkley’s starting spot.

That said there are plenty of options for the Eagles to improve their interior D-line.  Unfortunately, Auburn’s Nick Fairley won’t be one of them.

Potential free agents

  1. Brandon Mebane (Seattle Seahawks): New Seahawks coach Pete Carroll might not include Mebane in his future.  If that’s the case, he would be a good fit on the Eagles next to Dixon.
  2. Clifton Ryan (St. Louis Rams): At 6’3”, 324lbs Ryan has the ability to occupy two blockers which would free up both the defensive ends and linebackers.  A team with a 3-4 defense may pursue him more if he hits free agency, but he has experience in a 4-3 under for Eagles’ assistant Steve Spagnuolo.

Draft Prospects

  1. Stephen Paea (Oregon State): Paea’s scouting report fits the description of what the Eagles like in their defensive tackles.  Quick, powerful and has a high motor.
  2. Jarvis Jenkins (Clemson): Unlike Austin, Jenkins is known to have high character and improving as a leader.  He’s a disciplined interior lineman which would fit the Eagles’ system.
  3. Marvin Austin (North Carolina): Austin is one of many talented Tarheels who will be under the microscope for the behavior this season.  Austin is currently suspended indefinitely.  His talent is top rated, so we might not get an idea of his chances in the NFL until the next Draft Combine.

Haran Knight

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  • Right away I would rule out most of these guys because they’re not big enough. Antonio Dixon is the Eagles best defensive tackle and he’s also their biggest defensive tackle. I want them to bring in another big tackle in the 335 to 350 pound range. I don’t want any more little guys at DT, we’ve got enough of them.

  • LOOK Trade patterson, and Bunkley…… Keep Laws and continue to make him your pass rush DT…… Give Dixon the starting role at RDT….. And hopefully Nick Fairley will land in the second round……. Maybe Shaun Rodgers will get released and he’ll be a good addition with a change of scenery and with a winning organization with him playing with teams like the (Lions and Cleveland)….. Philly will be a great fit for him……. The Eagles always look at age….. But sometimes age isnt always a big issue….. Look at Juqua Parker…. He is by far the best DE on this team under Trent Cole……. The big issue this season starts up front offensively and defensively…… Both needs in the middle……

  • We need a bowling ball…….. (Period)……. I hope AR will realize that and get it through his skull that Dixon was primarily the reason that this run defense got better with the absence of Bunkley during his injury…… We’ve been getting gashed in the run defense since Darwin Walker and Corey Simon was our DT’s……. This is something that the eagles FO must notice…….. Draft BIG…… It doesnt hurt sometimes….. GO EAGLES

  • A strong presence in the middle will also help our ends. Too many opposing QBs are able to step-up into the pocket.

  • Here’s a crazy comment, but what do peope think. Trade Bunkley for Albert Haynesworth. Dixon and Haynesworth as the 2 starting DT, that 320 and 350 pounds as the Eagles front wall. Haynesworth is a piece of sh**, would he play on this team with s solid structure and a team that wants him in a 4-3. Banner would like it because he doesn’t have to write a big check. This is almost as much a joke than comment, but that bastard is unstoppable when he wants to be.

  • jphalines

    You’re right Haynesworth was unstoppable. No one could stop him from acting like a total creep.

    In all seriousness, after his display in Washington and our experience with T.O., I’m just not feeling it.

    What I dislike most about Haynesworth is that he messed it up for a lot of players down the line.

  • I find it amazing that this team drafts runts on the Dline and elephants on the Oline and both play “soft”. It’s a reflection of philosophy and coaches. I think scheme change has to come and with that you need bigger players. At Dline we need 350lb dt’s who hold Olinemen at the line of scrimmage! We haven’t had a consistent penetrating DT (Darwin was aight for 1.5 years) since the beloved Jerome Brown and drafting this style of DT isn’t working! It will only work if the player is a bonafide top 5 player (Suh). I’m tired of soft defensive players (miss Hugh, Trott, and Dawk smashing people) and it should start here with slobberknocker DT’s.

  • Phil Taylor DT Baylor 6-4 340
    Kenrick Ellis DT Hampton 6-5 340
    2 second to 3 round projections…don’t knowshish about them …But I like their SIZE

  • If they’re going to make a run, the guy I’d look at is Pat Williams from Minnesota. Not sure how much he has left in the tank, but there is your big tackle. I’d also take a look at Alan Branch. 6-6 338 lbs. Next to Dixon would be a definite upgrade. Might be fleas with him, but he was a pretty high pick (33rd overall) and is only 26 or 27 yrs old….he was playing in a 3-4 in Arizona and is clearly not a NT.

  • Blade

    Slobberknockers! Love it!

    We need some guys who can “lift things up and put them down.”

  • I want a defensive tackle who takes three towels to cover his butt when he’s walking to his locker from the shower. A wide bottom 747 that can’t be moved. LOL

  • LMAO @ Drummerwinslow……… Referring to Planet Fitness commercial!!!!….. IDK why we tend to blog on hopes about what this Eagles Franchise is going to do……. The’ll get a DT 285lbs. and get him in the early rounds…… Something like Daniel Teonisiem….. Big guys are just not what AR likes which I hate about his decision making……. He discriminates against big men in which he’s light weight as well…. LOL!!!!

  • @Garry so you want a DT built like the Giants OL Kevin Booth LOL……. WHat a real sloppy fella he is….. He’s built like a Wendy’s Bacon-ator…… LOL…… With the works……. Just pure sloppy……

  • There are not too many 340-350 Lbs DT’s out there that have the athleticism and stamina to play
    30-40 Snaps a game. Here’s a few Free-Agents that may be worth looking at that have played in a 4-3 scheme and would be worth a look

    #1) Barry Coefield (GIants) 6-4″ 310lbs – is still only 26 years old (though it seems he’s been around)
    #2) Shaun Cody (Texans ) 6-4″ 315lbs – a 5 year Veteran who is 27 years old
    #3) Andre Fluellen (Lions) 6-2″ – 310 lbs – only 25 years old, a back-up player behind N Suh ..
    #4) Gabe Watson (Cardinals) 6-4″ – 340 lbs – 27 years of age but has some knee & conditioning issues, missed 9 games in 2010)
    #5) Alan Branch (Cardinals) 6-6 – 340 lbs – 26 years old and will most likely get the “Franchised
    tag by the Cardinals)

  • Shaun Rogers will hopefully get released…….. I like him….. But he has some injury issues with his hip and knee……. But i wouldnt want to play for Cleveland also….. I’ll make up injuries as the season goes also…… Haynesworth who is someone who just needs guidance…… A coach like Shanahan just wasnt the answer for a guy like him…… He’s paid to perform….. Something like Asante who is paid for primarily to get turnovers…… If Haynesworth were to be traded or released and came to Philly, I’ll welcome him……..

  • @Paulman what about Fred Robbins for St. Louis…… He use to kill us when he was with the Giants….. 6’5 340lbs. plus has the nack for knocking passes down…… Very excellent against the run……. Someone who can help…??

  • To G-Man..
    Wonder if former Basketball (Pistons/SIxers) PF Rick Mahorn would consider a comeback to
    play DT for the Eagles.. talk about a wide-body butt that was hard to move ….

  • To Jroc757

    Robbins has definitely been a solid players, but he’s 33 years old and a 12 year Vet..
    not sure what he has left in the tank and they Eagles would never pursue a player that old

  • LOL……G, I agree with you 100% but I have a hard time believing they’ll go after someone in that weight range. 310-320lbs is more realistic to me.

    jroc, did you say Nick Fairley in the 2nd round?? LOL, LMBO!!!! He should be the Panther’s No.1 overall pick. If not, he doesn’t make past No.3. He’s a true difference maker.

  • Paulman’s NFL Mock Draft for the entire 1st Round 1.1

    #1) Panthers – DT Nick Fairley (Auburn) 6-4″ 300lbs
    #2) Broncos – CB P Peterson (LSU) 6-1″ 211lbs
    #3) Bills – DE D Bowers (Clemson) 6-4″ 280 lbs
    #4) Bengals – WR AJ Green (Georgia) 6-4″ 210 lbs
    #5) Cardinals – DE R Quinn (UNC) 6-5″ 255lbs
    #6) Browns – DT M Dareus (Alabama) 6-3″ 305lbs
    #7) 49ers – CB P Amukamara (Nebraska) 6’0 205lbs
    #8) Titans – OLB Von Miller (Texas A & M) 6-3″-240lbs
    #9) Cowboys – DT S Paea (Oregon) 6-1″ 305 lbs)
    #10) Redskins – WR J Jones (Alabama) 6-4″ 215 lbs
    #11) Texans – DE C Jordan (Califonia) 6-4″ 280lbs
    #12) Vikings – QB J Locker (Washington) 6-3″ 230lbs
    #13) Lions – OLB A Ayres (UCLA) 6-4″- 250 lbs
    #14) Rams – WR J Blackmom (Oklahoma St) 6-1″- 210 lbs
    #15) Dolphins – RB M Ingram (Alabama) 5-10″ – 215 lbs
    #16) Jaguars – DE JJ Watt (Wisconsin) 6-5″- 280lbs
    #17) Patriots – DE R Kerrigan (Purdue) 6-4″ – 260 lbs
    #18) Chargers – DT C Liuget (Illinois) 6-3″ 300 lbs
    #19) Giants – OT G Carimi (Wisconsin) 6-6″ 320lbs
    #20) TB Bucs – DE A Clayborn (Iowa) 6-3″ 285lbs
    #21) Chiefs – C/G M Pouncey (Florida) 6-5 310lbs
    #22) Colts – OT N Solder (Colorado) 6-8″ 300lbs
    #23) Eagles – DE Cameron Heyward (Ohio St) 6-5″ 280lbs
    #24 Saints – DE A Bailey (Miami) 6-3″ 285 lbs
    #25) Seahawks – QB B Gabbert (Missouri) 6-5″ 240lbs
    #26) Packers – OT A Constonzo (Boston College) 6-7″ 300lbs
    #27) Jets – OLB J Houston (Georgia) 6-3″ 255lbs
    #28) Ravens – CB B Harris (Miami) 5-11″ 195lbs
    #29) Falcons – DE A Smith (Missouri) 6-5 265lbs
    #30) Steelers – OT T Smith (USC) 6-5″ 305lbs
    #31) Bears – WR J Baldwin (Pitt) 6-4″ 225lbs
    #32) Patriots – RB M Leshoure (Illionois) 6-0″ 225lbs

    That’s it for now…

  • Paul I still have a hard time believing the eagles will take another DE in the first round. Especially if your mock draft is correct it would mean we take the 7th best DE with our first rounder? If Pouncey is still available at 20 I hope the eagles move up and get him.

  • It may be hard to believe Mimi,
    But looking at the Eagles Roster for next year at the DE postion
    ( I am assuming the J Parker will be gone due to Salary and that V Abiamri will also be gone due to medical reasons)
    The Eagles will have T Cole, D Tapp, a Rehabbing B Graham. Teo and maybe R Sapp..
    This group is not going to cut it over a 16 game schedule and may even have difficulty during the Pre-season Schedule ..Eagles need to add 2 DE’s this off-season either thru Free-Agnecy/Draft or both
    I dont think Teo and Sapp ever make a significant contribution to this Eagle Team

  • The Eagles need a nose tackle. They need to switch to a 3-4 since they always draft tweeners at DE. Then they need some studly linebackers. They just don’t value that position but they should. Maybe they can get Tamba Hali as a FA out of KC. They could play Bradley and Chaney in the middle and get two outside guys who can rush the passer. There are only two guys on defense who are sure keepers – Asante and Trent. Time to redo the whole thing now that you are getting a new coordinator.

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