• January 17, 2022

First Move Of 2011 Offseason: Fire Sean McDermott, Sign Vick and Jackson

Here is what I believe should be the Eagles offseason plan for 2011:

1) Fire McDermott – I’m not going to waste time with the stats because we all know that this defense does not get it done. The last few years of J.J. being the defensive coordinator were not very good and it has gotten worse. Dawkins always talked about how much he hated the “bend but don’t break” pattern the defense had become. I suppose now under McDermott we could call it the “Bend and Shatter” defense.  We are ALWAYS being sold on guys like Stewart Bradley and Ernie Sims and it never pans out.

It is true that we have had injuries at key positions but I would argue that we were slim and ugly in those spots to begin with. Our defense featured two rookies as starters, one key player coming off major injury, and one linebacker who was not wanted on the worst team in football.  Folks… its broken and it’s hard to see how it can be fixed with this defensive coordinator in place.

2) Get the contracts done for Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson.  I don’t care what other wide receivers are out there, I want Jackson signed. Yes, I understand that Jackson gets hurt and yes I understand that he’s not the perfect west coast offense wide receiver, but I think he is perfect for this team.  Get those deals done, make them happy! These two guys have changed our team from a work place to a game. Keep them here.

3) This is where I’m going to sound nuts but hear me out. I think the Eagles should figure out what guy on the Falcons former coaching staff created all those crazy 3 headed monster plays. They used two running backs in the backfield and sometimes ran with Vick too.   I would bring that guy in and keep him in a glass box (so he can’t make Mike regress). I don’t want to redo the offense but add a package or two that can feature a running game and keep defenses off balanced. If we added some of those power style runs into our playbook we would be deadly.  Plus….. a run up the middle with Vick is much better than having him killed at full speed from the outside.

4) Add Nnamdi the Raiders cornerback (yes the guy we all want from Oakland). also an early draft CB too. This position used to be oour strongest. Now its weak. btw… i like Nate Allen and think he will be a star.

5) Draft a C and RG.

6) Crazy part two. Give Brian Dawkins a spot on this roster to coach up the young guys. If that can’t happen then bring him in as a coach.

7) Just add actual talent in free agency- We have a lot of spots that need to get better; cornerback, right guard, linebacker, strong safety – stop adding guys that have knee injuries, but go out and add real talent to these spots.

8) Keep guys around. It seems that we have made a habit of letting go of guys I think could have stayed for depth. Now I know Ernie Sims was bad but I say pay some of the guys and let them stick around as backups. Give them a shot in camp and keep them here. Witherspoon could have helped us this year don’t you think?

9) The coaching needs to be looked at. Special teams settled in but it was BAD to start out. The offensive line is not up to par…ok…it sucks. The defense is not a Philly D!! This team is soft and plays scared on defense. We really don’t know where the buck stops because they all take the blame but something has to change.

Overall we WAYYYYY overachieved this year. This offense is deadly. Yes they drop balls in the end zone. Yes they need to get guys like  Riley Cooper more involved down in the red zone.  The focus this offseason is the defense. From top to bottom it has to be looked at. Reid did a great job this year with the talent he had (I can’t believe I just wrote that). the question is…. was he the guy that put the defensive talent together? No one really knows.

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Steve Olcott

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  • Way to go Rev….plenty of interesting points.

    I like the idea of bringing in Dawk as a coach…D-backs coach would be ideal.

    As far as drafting a center, I think that Pouncey’s twin brother is also a center and available for the draft this year. Pittsburgh has done great with his brother, figure he would be someone to give a look at.

  • Pouncey’s brother is really a guard. Florida had him playing center because they didn’t have anybody else. He’s expected to be moved back to guard where he belongs. We could us a right guard immediately, unless you want another year of Nick Cole and Max Jean-Gilles.

  • Good post Stevo!!!! Not a bad idea about Dawkins being a coordinator on defense….. maybe defensive backs coach perhaps…. Mcdermott had to go…… AR needs to be counting his lucky stars that he wasn’t on the chopping block this season…… I’m irate just as much as you are REV. STEVO……. No more nicole and Maxi PAD Jean Gilles….. Draft some big ol’ HOME FED Boys from MONTANA with a nasty attitude…… I miss Runyan and Hank Fraley…….. They were solid and didnt take no BS……. We need an Identity on the O-line…… Balance perhaps no more pass blocking Guards and tackles…… A balanced unit who can get this offense rolling…… The raiders defensive coordinator is up for grabs John Marshall…….. he had an excellent scheme against the KC…. He could be someone to interview…….

  • i’m not knocking nick Cole…… But the eagles keep offering him a 1yr. deal for a reason……. We need a unit who is going to be locked in for some years…….. Guys we can trust to protect our Qb….. I think Juan Rivera and Rory seagress need to keep there eyes open and faces in the playbooks during this off-season.. Perhaps Vick can get a ton of chemistry with Deshawn and maclin and the other fellas as well this off-season…….. i think Trent Cole should have been all over this defense in different spots instead of the RE spot….. He is just to good and valuable to this team for him to be isolated just on one side……… i think Mcdermott was just to ABC and 123 this season by not blitzing often this season…… But than again Seagress could be part of the blame as well…..

  • Jamal Jackson could be done for……. A bicep injury is something serious……. He’s more of a pass blocker than an overall blocking center…… Herramans has some years left in him…. he’s still young and still solid at the LG spot…….. W. Justice just needs to stay focused…… He’s been somewhat solid this season and hasn’t had vick killed with his back facing an opposing defender…… Mcglynn was pretty decent this season….. He may get the starting nod this up and coming season…… But i just think that the Birds need to stop looking at undrafted linemen and start investing into real linemen who can be balanced……. NO MORE GUYS COMING OFF OF INJURIES………. PLEASE AR……… Nate Allen with the type of injury he had is something to be worried about…. But it’s a good thing that Kurt Colemen is very versatile in the back field….. Up front Needs

    DEFENSE: DT’s DRAFT BIG BIG BIG…….. 340 lbs. or more……

    Offensive line: Draft big but physical……. Nasty attitudes and good motors…… Someone who’s been in a true balanced scheme and solid……… GO EAGLES

  • G, I don’t know why you post these guys… I hear stevos wife won’t even listen to him.

  • #1 is bring in a talent evaluator on defense. If I see another Te’o-Nesheim or Bryan Smith draft pick I’m going to throw something.


  • My boy, Rex, has ’em ready to play. It’s too early to get excited, but they’re hanging so far.

  • 1 # should be fire Reid. like the Falcon and Seahawk coaches did not give their players a chance. ran the ball 10 times the whole friggin game.. pathetic. Falcons should know that gain 4 yds a carry with turner, keep rodgers off the field,u eliminate packers mathews and pass rush

  • i just did research this weekend analyzing what the past Super Bowl winners did and did not do since 1988. They all ran the ball atleast 28 times even if their rb were averaging 3 yds a carry. This year McCOY ave 5.1 Harrison 6.1 Another fact is SB teams had 2 Defense players with atleast 10 Sacks. This year it was Cole with 10 no one else close. Eagle Sb yr top person with sacks was Kearse with 7.5 next person had 6. Always one of two was a LB and Steelers in both SB wins had two people with 10 or more sacks and they were LB

  • Manning only Super Bowl win, Colts ran 42 times. Colts SB loss last year ran 18. Patriots loss to Giants ran 16 times. Patriots SB against our Eagles 28. Eagles with Westbrook averaging 5.2 in the SUPER BOWL what does ANDY REID do? runs 16 times

  • Tydm- you fail to see that the pack’s O did whatever it wanted against us. If it were not for a dropped pass at the end of the 2nd, it would have been much worse. We all agree that AR needs to run but it was clearly not the main issue.

  • Anyway I think we should draft Pouncey. If hes anything like his brother he will be a beast. We need a RG to solidify the line and because he has played C all year we have that backup option should Jamaal Jackson get injured again or not come back to his old self.

  • main issue is run and stop the run we did neither

  • Rodgers was 40 rating when we sent 5 or more trouble we did not do that too much. Falcons sent 3 alot of times. that’s stupid.

  • Tydm, pack did not need to run at all today.

  • Since I’m a big florida fan I would love to see them draft Pouncey, but there is now way he falls to use in the draft

  • *us* sorry its early!

  • Chris, I have seen a lot of mock drafts this offseason and none has him going earlier than #20. Most have him actually going to the Steelers at approx #30. I say if hes there at 20 trade up and get him because he would be a target for the colts at #22 right before we pick. Especially with Jeff Saturday turning 36 next year theyre going to need another great C to work with Manning for his last few years.

  • true but the falcons did and rodgers will not always throw 87% passing either especially when a team blitzes him

  • I wish man once said “ If you listen to the fans pretty soon you are sitting with them up in the stands”

  • To dtime,
    I heard another man say “if the glove don’t fit, change your scheme”

  • “Stop bringing in guys with knee injuries” so true, they sign more guys with knee injuries than the league combined it ridiculous.

  • About the run game-

    I want to first mention the fact that the D was the main issue with this team this year. Thats where it starts. I dont believe that a run game would have fixed the crap D we had and I believe somewhere along the line we would have lost in the playoffs even if we ran it 150 times a game. That being said…..

    The run game could do several thing for our beloved Eagles next year…….

    1) From the moment we started vick i said that the most effective way to use the run game would be to run an option (not the option your thinking but i dont know what this would be called so im calling it an option). Have vick drop back…. if the D comes from the outside- draw play to McCoy up the middle. There would HAVE to be lanes. If the D comes up the middle with a Blitz they would almost for sure be man to man everywhere else… i would roll Vick out and haver him take off or throw down field. If they send everyone from everywhere- quick slant to Jmac. Its 1 play with 3 easy options.

    2) Running the ball up the middle obviously keeps the D from blitzing from the sides EVERY PLAY… keeping Vick safe for a minute.

    3) Gives our Oline a shot.

    4) Keeps D off the field.

    5) Keeps you all from writting everytime another team runs for a play.

    In the end….. we need to start rebuilding a D and a run game can help but was not the biggest issue this year.

  • McCoy and Harrison both averaged more than 5 yds per carry …a run game would have meant everything. D the issue. Eagles scored just 3 points in first half packers game.

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