• May 24, 2022

A Focused And Motivated Haynesworth Could Make The Eagles Defense Dominant

I know Albert Haynesworth is immature and hard to coach, but nobody can question that he’s capable of dominating an offensive line like few defensive linemen in the NFL.  He can be a monster, an unblockable monster.

I remember playing beside Reggie White and Jerome Brown.  They freed up everybody else to make plays because they had to be double-teamed.  It put pressure on the offense and forced them into mistakes and turnovers.  Teams weren’t able to run or pass without the risk of a turnover.

Haynesworth has ability to create the same type of dominating presence.  Adding a focused and motivated Haynesworth to our defensive line could enhance our defense immediately.  You would have to double team him on running and passing plays, which would free up our linebackers.  Despite double-teams Haynesworth can still get into the offensive backfield.

I don’t care whether Haynesworth does interviews or whether he can complete an endurance test in training camp.  I just want him to give me 50 plays per game.

A number of years ago we invested two first round draft picks and one second round draft pick in defensive tackles, Mike Patterson, Brodrick Bunkley and Trevor Laws, but I have yet to see one of them become a dominating presence on our defensive line.  You can’t be effective playing a 4-3 defense unless your defensive linemen play like “BEASTS”.

You can mix things up more in a 3-4 because you have more speed on the field with four linebackers rather than four defensive linemen.  If you play a 4-3 it’s because you believe your defensive linemen will be tougher to block and therefore create pass rush pressure on the quarterback and improve your pass coverage because of the pass rush pressure.

If your defensive linemen aren’t difference makers, the 4-3 makes no sense.  That’s why it’s a must to get dominating players upfront.  It’s also the reason why having a failed special teams coach like Rory Segrest coaching your defensive line is so foolish, especially when you invest most of your draft in acquiring defensive line talent.

Back to Haynesworth, the Big Fella had his best years in Tennessee playing for new Eagles defensive line coach Jim Washburn.   Washburn was able to get him focused on creating havoc in the offensive backfield of the opposing teams rather than in the locker room of his own squad.

“Fat Albert” lined up in the three-technique defensive tackle position and dominated.  You can’t run the football or throw the football with a 6’6″ 350 pound defensive tackle standing in the middle of your backfield.  Haynesworth destroyed everything in his way as the Titans dominated the AFC in the regular season and had a 13-3 record with Kerry Collins as their starting quarterback.

The key to the Titans success was their defense and the most important part of that defense was their defensive line.  Washburn gave Haynesworth the freedom to be a big bully and that’s exactly what he was.  He pushed people around and abused offensive linemen.

Even this year with the Redskins, there were times when he just singled handedly pushed blockers into the face of the quarterback. If you look closely at the some of the pictures I have attached to this article, you will see Haynesworth pushing around 320-pound offensive linemen.

Our defensive tackles have never been dominant.

The Tennessean newspaper

“I owe Coach Wash pretty much everything. If my deal was $100 million or whatever, then Washburn deserves $90 million,” Haynesworth told the Tennessean.  “I have the talent, but he taught me how to let it loose. As a player, once you can get through the (colorful language), get down to the core of what he is saying, the information is more valuable than gold. He’s a great coach, a great teacher. The Titans should have paid a lot of money to keep him from leaving.”

Is that an endorsement or what?  Haynesworth also talked about how Washburn put a foot in his butt in his rookie year to get him to produce. The big defensive tackle knows what the Titans rookie defensive linemen are saying.

“I guarantee you some of them are saying to themselves, ‘Gosh, I’m glad that (expletive) is gone.’ Because I felt the same way when I was a young guy with him,” Haynesworth said. “My rookie year he was on my butt, cussing me out. I couldn’t even look up and see sunshine, he was on me so much.”

When Haynesworth signed with the Washington Redskins he left Washburn.  He had a decent year in D.C. in 2009 but in 2010 things didn’t workout for him with new Redskins coach Mike Shanahan and his 3-4 defense.  He isn’t a nose tackle and shouldn’t be used as a nose tackle.

If a player dominates the league at a certain position why would you want to change his position.  I agree that Haynesworth should have agreed to play the nose tackle position because he was under contract but it’s a stupid move by Shanahan and the Skins to change his position when nobody can block him in the 4-3 at defensive tackle.

You’re doing the offense a favor by putting him at the nose tackle position.  I would like to the Eagles to look into bringing Haynesworth to town.  He would be making a salary in the $5 to $6 million dollars per year range.

The biggest thing going against the Eagles signing Haynesworth is his age.  He’s getting ready to turn 30 and that’s probably why he won’t be coming to Philadelphia.

Could you imagine Haynesworth and Reid grabbing a bite to eat together after practice?  They could keep an entire restaurant tied up for hours.  You don’t get that big and stay that big without eating a lot of food every day.


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  • “G” you’re right on…..Haynesworth will even make our linebackers look respectable. I hope this is the Eagles thinking. Another opportunity to get a special player for a bargain price.

  • Makes sense for the eagles to sign him. We have a habit of picking up injury prone or washed up players that a team does not want anymore why not? Our defense would fit around his style of play and he would love to face the redskins twice a year. Also he would be reunited with his old LB coach. Sign him to a no risk contract. Its a low risk high reward type deal for the birds

  • Birds would be playing with fire financially by bring the dude in, but after watching people run all over the Birds last year, it’s probably worth the gamble. But signing him would just be the first domino in the line. Other change would have to be done to make sure that a cancer would not fester. For instance I worry about Cole (who made less than $4M last year) being miffed if someone potentially making multiples of his salary starts pulling the stuff that he did in DC. If you Haynesworth to play for $5M, and adjust Cole’s salary upwards, perhaps it would work.

  • Sure Haynesworth is at least a little immature but in think he go tore apart by the media unfairly. Redskins organization is a train wreck and Shanahan is Mr. Ego who hasn’t done a darn thing since Elway ad TD left….

  • G – a question for you. If the guy playing next to you was making 2x what you were, yet not giving it all on every play, how would you have reacted (at the time, when you were in your late 20’s…)?

  • BeijingJake – I would have been mad at Haynesworth, but I also would have realized that he made a better team when he was on the field. I played with Reggie White and he didn’t go all out on every play because he was carrying 320 pounds around. I understood that and so did Buddy Ryan.

    Certain players are difference-makers and you need to put them in position to do their thing. I would talk to him and the coach and try to get them on the same page, so we could be a better football team.

  • I cant believe the Hysteria over a defensive line coach. In my opinion i think this was a great hire, its not going to put us over hump for a Super Bowl. There are so much more we need to do . I am really hating talking about FA, trades and the draft the week of championship Sunday.

  • G – good analogy, thanks for insight. Mr. White at least to me, seemed like someone that could never create a cancer on any team. I hope Haynesworth would approach his demeanor if the Birds bring him in. I think this team is a player, or two and a few less injuries away from being something that would be hard to touch. Probably worth the gamble.

  • Ozzman did you really think we were going to go to the superbowl? cmon man not with this defense.

  • Would anyone want to see a Trade with the Redskins again

    QB Kolb for DT Hayesworth straight up…

    I think we all agree that McNabb will be released and move on from the Redskins, does anyone think Shannahan is going to build a winner around QB Rex Grossman.


  • Perfect off season. Sign asumugha, Sign Hanyesworth, Let Desean Jackson walk and sign Vincent Jackson, Tag Vick, Tell Akers its been fun and good luck finding a new team, Trade Kolb for #1 pick draft 2 Offensive linemen in the 1st round, Hire Eric Mangini as of DC.

  • if we trade for him wouldnt we have to pick up that contract?

  • If this were to happen, then DT Patterson or Bunkley could be traded to maybe get a 3rd or a 4th
    Rd pick in return.. (the Panthers with new DC McDErmott probably wouldn’t mind having a DT
    who is familiar with his system down in Carolina where they have a big need for quality DT’s…)

  • Is he healthy?

    Would the ‘skins trade him within the division, and what would it take in a trade to get him?

    Would the Eagles be ok with taking on that huge contract?

    From a football standpoint, provided he is healthy, it is a good move. I believe he would be rejuvinated playing with his former coach. He is certainly better than any of our D-tackles currently on the roster.

  • Amen ozzman.

  • To Vricchini,
    Hayensworth has already collected just about all of the Bonus $$ from his Contract over the last 2 years from the Redskins (1st when he originally signed and then last year with another big Roster Bonus)
    Eagles would be left with his yearly Salary..

  • @ozz- I am with you. I hate that we are not still playing.

  • Haynesworth, dixon and cole………oh my


  • you had me at 13-3 with Kerry Collins as the QB

  • Ozzman- this is a HUGE hire because we upgraded on many levels. We upgraded from a guy who didn’t deserve the role to a guy who is one of the best. But even more than that… We upgraded ideas. We have been small and pushed around on D for YEARS… That’s going to change now!!

  • eagle co 32 thkats what im thinking… paulman says its cause hes italian.. ha

  • You guys are out of your minds. I saw all I needed to see out of Haynesworth when he laid on the ground like a slug. Him and Shawn Andrews should go buy and island and change each others diapers. Two big babies. Why is everyone hating on our DLINE? I seriously don’t understand all the hate on the DLINE. We’ve got bigger issues than the DLINE. Our secondary is garbage, our linebackers suck, and we’ve got two corners that can’t tackle for shit.

  • Stevo, that isn’t going to change if the players don’t change. I agree with you that’s it a very good hire but he can’t change the size of the players. He can teach them and they have to perform. So until we either get some talented players or these players start performing then right now, it’s just wait and see. You can’t teach heart. Hopefully these guys take it personally that their d line coach was fired. When the coach gets fired that means the players weren’t play good enough and any player should take that personally. But who knows with Bunk and Patt. We’ve been waiting a while for them to wake up. But they should be better. How much to TBD.

  • thats

  • On defense, release Bunkley, find a way to get Haynesworth and Asomugha. Defense instantly upgraded with those 2. You now have a bunch of studs/playmakers with them and Cole and Samuel.

    On offense, trade Kolb and use that pick to get the best LB on the board. Draft O-line. Either tag or extend Vick. Not worried about Jackson. He can wait for his when he stops disappearing in games.

  • you dont understand the hate on the DLINE? The DLINE has not gotten consistent pressure on QB’s, especially when they are only bring the front four! not being able to get pressure on the QB, makes the secondary’s job a hell of lot harder…you try staying with WR’s in the NFL for 5 plus seconds each down and see how you would be impacted. It starts up front!

  • runtheball the Dline is only good for the 1st part of the season. They don’t get any penetration and no QB pressure. They wear down and get run on at the end of the year. I agree with you about the secondary but you can help that by having a better D line. I haven’t seen Trent Cole since week 9. The LBs actually don’t suck when removing Ernie Sims from the lineup. I think going in with Fokou, Chaney and Bradley as the starters that’s a serviceable group. Not outstanding but could be solid. The top 2 priorities on defense should be the line and secondary. It starts in the trenches.

  • Lastly, you cannot take what someone did on another team and automatically apply to what they will do on another team. Especially if it means playing for a guy that Haynesworth loves and has so much respect for and basically said his entire career success belongs to that guy. You probably were one of those guys that didn’t care about TO blowing up at his offensive coordinator in San Fran because this is San Fran. None of us has no idea what Haynesworth would do on THIS team. This isn’t washington and the sideshow down there. Try reading G’s article about how players can play bad in one situation and then great in another.

  • First of all the play calling sucked. Our DLINE is what it is because of Reid. Why the hell did he draft Trevor Laws? He doesn’t even fit in. Plus he could have moved up and drafted Ngata. We’ve got midgets on the ends and nothing behind the damn plugs. Our friggin LB’s consistently suck! Plus stupid Marty won’t run the ball and rest the defense, so our Defense was always on the field. Marty’s play calling looks like a friggin madden game. If its not a 56 yard pass, he don’t want it.

  • Real, exactly. No CB in this league can stay with NFL WRs for a long time when the D line doesn’t get pressure. Sure some CBs can do it longer than others but it’s still difficult. It starts in the trenches. You upgrade the DLINE it helps your LBs. They won’t have to shed blocks from Olineman and they can blitz more effectively. They can clean up on run plays will your DLINE is occupying the OLINE. If your DLINE gets pushed around the LBs will get pushed around. Ray Lewis best years were with Siragusa and worst years were after Sirugusa retired. It helps your CBs because the penetration and QB pressure forces QB to throw the ball earlier than they like and your CB don’t have to chase WRs for a long time. It starts in the trenches. With both of your lines are playing well the entire team will play well. Period.

  • Run, I fully agree. So now you are pointing out how bad the Dline is with Laws, not getting ngata and midget DEs and yet you say why is everyone hating on the Dline? Seriously?

  • No, I’m saying why is everyone hating on Bunkley and Patterson aka the DLINE. I’m saying we’ve got bigger issues than bunk and patt. I never said the DLINE was good, I said whats with all the hating? Haynesworth isn’t the answer to our problems. I don’t want another divisive big baby on this team. I think bunk and patt are fine. I’m just saying you guys are acting like this is the answer to our problems. I disagree, I think we’ve got bigger issues than replacing two big fat turds with two big fat turds. Its the biggest no brainer job in the game.

  • To Scorp,
    Bunkley and Patterson are still under contract and are still young enough to return a mid-level draft pick in return (a 4th Rounder) or at least could be used to maybe move up in the Draft so it makes no sense in releasing either of them since they have some value..
    Example – Trade Bunkley and 5th or a 6th Rounder to the Panthers for their 3rd (which is the 65th overall pick) or any other teams in need of DT’s (Broncos,Seahawks,Texans,Bills,Panthers can all use upgrades across their D/Lines)

  • Vri- let djack walk? Let akers go? Gosh this is stupid on so many levels.

  • paulman, I know they are still under contract. Get rid of Bunk by any means necessary. I’d keep Patterson for depth.

  • run, bunk got benched. How is he fine? You are missing the point. You upgrade your dline it automatically improves other areas of your defensive. And again, stop worrying about what Haynesworth did in Washington. Divisive? What did he do in Washington that was divisive? Did he resist Shanny? Yes. But Look at what Shanny did to McNabb and we know McNabb is the most passive aggressive player ever. So stop it please. IT STARTS IN THE TRENCHES. Why the hell do you think we went and hired another dline coach? BECAUSE IT STARTS IN THE TRENCHES. You have to upgrade there or you’ll be just like all the previous years. No pass rush and can’t stop the run in the playoffs. Even with Sheldon and Asante playing at a high level, we were still in trouble BECAUSE THE DLINE WAS CRAP. IT STARTS IN THE TRENCHES.

  • Eagles would be foolish to let Akers go. Do you guys ever watch other games and see how many big kicks their team misses in critical situations. I think we all take Akers for granted and have a bad taste in our mouths from the Packers game. He’s typically automatic. Finding a solid kicker is extremely hard to do.

  • hey – before we leap off the deep end – just saw a story on Philly.com that references some data from footballoutsiders.com, and the analysis goes against most of the comments coming off the board. The gist of the statistical analysis was that in fact teams attacked Philly by running OUTSIDE – that teams ran wide against Philly more then any other team in the league – that does not translate to poor D Tackle play, that translates to teams thinking our DTs and MLB are strengths (not talking pass rush here). So you have emotional ranting against cold/unemotional statistical facts. Teams did not attack the Eagles between the tackles – they went outside…. The follow on indicates that either teams thought they could fool the ends into coming inside, or that they thought they could attack our OLBs (Paulman – you and I have had post discussions about how tight the OLBs play in this D) –

    Now follow on – the Eagles biggest issue in the passing game was………. covering Running backs. Statistical data indicates the Eagles actually did a good job against WRs, it was running backs that killed them…….

    So lets see after these juicy tidbits……… Outside runs and pass covering RBs………. If the QB can always check down to an open RB……….. Some issues covering TEs……………… wait for it…………… wait for it………………. wait for it…………… could it be that the problem with the defense this year wasn’t the D Line (The DLine was Crao, it starts in the trenches, trade patterson and bunkley, how bad the Dline is with Laws etc. etc.) but instead our OLBs? Why would anyone test Bunkley or Dixon or Laws so the can be (insert 3 cliches about ‘game changers’ here) when you can just go outside – accordning to a season long statistical study – that’s what opposing teams O Coordinators did.

    Not saying looking to upgrade ANY position is a bad thing, but apparently other teams O Coaches game planned away from our interior D Dline and MLB.

  • Passes to the RB did kill us all year. I believe people stopped running up the middle because of Dixon & Bradley/Chaney. All three are pretty solid against the run. It only makes sense to take the ball outside and attack a DE or OLB.

    Samuel doesn’t get enough credit for what he does for this defense.

    And the redzone problems can only get better….a lot better I think next year.

  • Honestly I think Patterson/Dixon will be good as our DT’s. But if you have the opportunity to get a guy like Haynesworth…you can’t pass it up.

    Then you snag an OLB and a CB someway somehow

  • Agree with you GREY that OLB is a big weakness on this time. As G has stated (in a more politically correct form) Sims can’t spell his own name. I think he is a major, major hole.

  • Can someone explain to me why he can be a beast in a 4-3 but not in a 3-4. i know NT is sometimes a “gap” position but why can’t he go after qb everytime?

  • i seen alot of 3-4 D like Steelers, Ravens, Pats.i understood why OL hate to play them. OL said the 2 or 3 LBs show blitz and it is so nerveracking cause they don’t know if 1,2, or all 3 will be coming. OL said that gave NT and other DL in 3-4 a great advantage. that why it puzzles me why Haynesworth flourish in it

  • Risky move right there but the Eagles are in trouble of becoming known as the weak sister in the City with the Phillies and Flyers at the top of their leagues with great coaches.

    Lurie, Banner, and Reid may be willing to make this move if they can get assurance from Washburn that he can manage Haynesworth and get him to play at his All Pro level.

  • Great points NavyDave..
    The results of big rushing yardage to the outside is just another example of how deficient the
    smaller DE’s have been (Cole,PArker,Tapp,Graham) and also the weakness of the OLB’s are in
    run defense and in particular OLB E Sims
    Dave,I bet if you/they broke down the numbers, the Eagles Defense gave up most of their yardage
    around the left side as teams ran at DE T Cole and OLB Sims with consistent success…
    T Cole, I have stated for 2 years, would be more of a productive player and pass rusger if he only played
    on passing downs/situations. I bet hw would put up the same or even more Sacks if he played 30-35 Snaps a game as opposed to the 50-60 snaps a game he does now, he just wears down and takes a sharp angle to rush the QB on every play, then he loses containment and creates a gaping hole around the left side for a RB to run thru.. IUt’s been they way since he’s been a full time DE..
    Go back and think of old Cowboys/49ers great DE/Pass Rusher CHarles Haley.. His job was to come in on passing situations and get to the QB.. He played part-time and had more sacks then when he did play full time earlier in his career, because he was fresh all game and when he was on the field, all he had to worry about was getting to the QB.. I think Cole would be more productive if he has a similar role and has never proven to me to be an top level player at the DE position

  • The NT in a 3-4 is responsible for both gaps and taking pressure away from the middle. He often gets double-teamed and takes a pounding all game. He isn’t there to get sacks or rush the QB. He is there to open the gaps up so the LB’s can rush the lanes. You need a special player who has experience playing the NT position to get the kind of penetration, gap coverage and understanding of which way to direct the pressure of an O-Line.

    A good NT has to have just the right size, leverage, and upper body strength to take on two blockers while playing low to the ground.

    To take a 4-3 guy like Haynesworth who is meant to rush the QB and disrupt the backfield…it’s hard to break him out of that and force him to play a 3-4 NT position. He would be no where near as productive, and that’s kind of wasting the talent he possess. Prob why he didn’t want to do it.

  • Hell with the 3-4….bring on Haynesworth and Asomugha and this same defense will be a beast with the players in place.

  • I agree songs….i was just responding to tydm above

  • Anyone can’t play NT. That’s a different kind of beast that plays that position. With Haynesworth, I much rather stay a 4-3. In my opinion, regardless of whether you play the 3-4 or 4-3 if you don’t have the players it doesn’t matter. In the last decade only 3 Super Bowl teams ran a 3-4 defense. Patriots, Steelers and Ravens. One of them, the Ravens played both base defenses at time. Sure they had great defenses but was it exclusively because of the 3-4? No. They all had great players and coaches. The players make the defense. I know the 3-4 is getting popular and that’s because coaches who are assistants of a 3-4 coach get a coordinator gig and start their own 3-4 but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the talent.

  • i still love the idea of a Steelers’ Harrison, Packers’ Mathews, Pats Vrabel, Mcginest rushing at QB. OLB is so much faster

  • And yes 2 of those teams have multiple championships but again, that’s because of the players they have on both sides of the ball. If we get the players, then I’m all for whatever defense. Doesn’t matter to me. But I don’t want people to lose perspective just because something is popular and teams are having success. Take a lot at the roster on those teams. It a lot more than just playing 3-4. It’s about the personnel. If the Bears win the whole thing, then what?

  • Can the Eagles ever get 2 LB’s like that.

  • tydm, that’s the key. We haven’t been able to assemble quality talent except for a couple players. But can they do get the talent? Honestly, I don’t think so if Reid is solely making the personnel decisions on defense. The defensive coach needs to have some say.

  • 4-3 or 3-4 doesn’t matter i think LBs are key that is one of many Reid’s mistakes he was not big on wr’s or LBs we got run over by RB in every reid season. If Bears win it is all Urlacher lol….and they run the ball 30 times

  • tydm, I fully agree. That would mean Andy now has to make LB a priority. So after 12 years will he change his ways? TBD i guess.

  • G, $5-6MM/yr for Fat Albert is kind of a pipe dream. That’s basically what he made in WAS…plus that $41MM signing bonus. No way the Eagles shell out that kind of green for a truculent DT on the wrong side of 30.

  • Easy DogMan
    Using vocabulary like “truculent’ is not going to go over too well here… can you repost please.. thnx

  • @ Navy ….if we had problems with covering RB’s on check downs that come later in a QB’s reads, wouldn’t that suggests a lack of pressure.

  • Let’s be honest here..
    Albert Hayneworth has already received about $50-$60 Million from his original $100 MIllion Deal he signed with the Redskins 2 years ago.. Does anyone seriously think Albert can ever be fully l focused and in tip-top shape to play Football again.. I don’t.. Does anyone think because his ex-coach is now wiith the Eagles that he somehow is going to have the proverbial light bulkb go off and say, hey I want to work my ass off again and be the best and most dominant player in the NFL again.. The Bottom line is that Albert has lost the heart and desire to play again ..
    He’s missed about 25% of his games games over his career due to various injuries,ailments and suspensions and now at age of 30 and all that $$$ that he’s already recieved, people actually think
    he will come back strong to prove his worth… You guys are nuts and are dreaming.. We are not talking about a highly competitve person here who aspires for greatness like a Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods or a NFL player who aspires to play for a Super Bowl Champion like L Tomlinson,a Hines Ward, etc,etc…. This guy is a has been and has no self-motivation so what makes anyone think he is going to give a crap and play good for the Eagles… Because SOngs wnats him to, because the Eagles need him too…C’mon guys, you are sounding desperate and more wishful thinking for a bust.
    It’s one thinkg to draft a bust out of college for on a young man who is immature and maybe have the work-ethic or disciplined to be a NFL Player, but it’s worse to sign or trade for a guy who had the talent and the skills, but lost his heart to play

  • Wasn’t the Shawn Andrews fiasco an example on how a player once loses their heart and their will to work hard and to demonstrate a strong desire to want to play and compete at a high level enough for you fans …. I have to take a walk…

  • Paulman ,,….we can care less what you think….After seeing our Defensive tackles drafted in the first round doing absolutely nothing we welcome a proven game changer in the middle. Haynesworth taking a crap is more movement then Bunkley and Patterson put together.

    I’ll take a chance with a proven dominant pro bowler…….remember again…you’re the one who though it was absolutely wrong to have Kolb over a proven probowler.

    The same applies here. Paulman err on the other side of your thought process. Supposed Haynesworth regains his past passion as did Vick? Would he be worth it then?

    It’s worth the chance and if it don’t work out,,,,,…fine….he’ll be way less a risk compared to the one he became with the Skins who shelled out all that money. We’ll be getting a very good player for a fraction of the price.

    This have the Eagles written all over it.

  • correction..Paulman wanted Kolb over Vick…enough said

  • Paulie is 100 percent correct on this one, Haynesworth is a bum, a flat out fning bum, out of shape, no effort guy, if eagles tie this one in good luck, roll him out on the turf, he played like dog crap, better he was dog crap perhaps someone might have slipped on him when he hit the turf

  • A couple of major flaws SOnges with your reasonsing

    #1) Vick was out of Football for 2 years and incarceratated, so forget the proven Pro-Bowl QB Tag
    from 2006-2007 Season for that meant nothing to start the 2010 Season
    #2) Haynesworth has already been able to cash his big checks and has more $$ than he will ever need, Vick needs the big $$ to pay off all the debt/legal fees that he occured.. It’s a completely
    different motivation for Vick..

    Times Yours…

  • Jake…if it serves my memory correct….you were the loser who thought Kolb coulb be the next Aaron Rogers.

    You also said with Kolb we’ll finally see how a west coast offence should be ran with receivers being hit in stride.

    Haynesworth is a better defensive tackle than every tackle on our roster and only Eagles fans complain about us not winning SB’s, yet find reasons to reject superior talent.

    What Defensive Tackle on the Eagles have more talent and power than Haynesworth?

    If he’s a Superior talent….and it actually takes “Superior talent”. what’s the problem?

    The problem is some people don’t like his attitude as the same guys here didn’t like Vick’s past history.

    You’ll rather have a team filled with bum ass Stewart Bradley’s and Baby armed Kolb’s then great athletes who makes the team better.

    Root for the Philadelphia Boys Choir if you want Choir Boys…Let us support this team getting as much talent as possible because at the end of the day…Talent Wins.

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