• July 4, 2022

Vick Isn’t Reid’s First Former Atlanta Falcons QB Reclammation Project

I had never thought about this, but Michael Vick’s resurrection as a franchise quarterback must be deja vu for Andy Reid.  This is the second former Altanta Falcons quarterback, who Reid has seen put his career back together.  Reid was on the staff in Green Bay when they acquired a young quarterback who had been a second-round pick for the Falcons.

Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Don Majkowski was on a Chicago radio station this morning and he talked about losing his job to a young Brett Favre after the Pack acquired Favre from the Atlanta Falcons for a first-round draft pick.

He talked about some of the stories which followed Favre to GreenBay.  Majkowski told a story about Favre missing the Falcons team picture because he slept in after getting hammered the night before.  According to another source I have, Favre was out every night and getting plastered.

One of the keys of his trade to Green Bay was that the bars didn’t stay open after 9 or 10 pm in Green Bay.  Mike Holmgren and the Packers staff felt they could sober him up if they brought him to a small town.

Majkowski told stories about a drunk Favre chasing one of the secretaries for the Falcons around the team’s Christmas party.  He said Favre made such a fool out of himself that year that Atlanta’s coaches didn’t see him ever being a successful NFL quarterback.

The Atlanta Falcons coaching staff couldn’t keep Favre sober.  They said he was going to through the motions as a backup and he went out every night and got trashed.

After listening to that story by Majkowski, Favre’s crazy behavior with the Jets wasn’t the first time he went after one of the female employees of a team he was playing for.

Favre’s story shows us again that a player can be terrible at one place but a great player in another situation.  Many times a talented player wants to show everybody that they aren’t as bad as they were in the previous location.


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  • It is remarkable how a guy can play bad in one place and excel in another. This is why I don’t like it when people paint a person’s career based on 1 situation. Now if stink everywhere they go, they just stink. For for almost every player in the league, especially QBs it’s about being in the right situation. So many top QBs are picked every in the draft and they will fail because a lot of it has to do with them being picked by the wrong team with the wrong coaching staff. This why we seen guys over the years that looked good for years then go to a bad situation or the situation they are in becomes a bad one and then they look bad. The key is will they be able to find another situation that’s a fit for them.

    Sure everyone has to take advantage of their opportunities where ever they may be but at the same time if they are on a team with poor coaching and surrounded by poor players in terms of talent and/or character then it will be hard for them to succeed.

  • I’m going with GB over Pittsburgh. 24-21


  • Sounds like a maturity issue…some guys get it, and some never do.

    I listened to Vick yesterday with Missenelli…..he sounded like a guy who has matured, recognized some mistakes he has made in both his personal and professional life, and is working to see they don’t happen again.

    Hopefully we see the Vick story end with the same success that Farve experienced during his career.

  • Is Don Majkowski pulling a Jose Canseco move here???? Snitching and building a case to write his next book????

    Title: BRETT FAVE…….. GET’s HAMMERED…… ALSO HAMMERS SECRETARIES……Get a copy at your nearest BARNES and NOBLE…………..!!!!

  • I don’t get the point Mr. Cobb, sounds like Favre never changed at all on the character issue

  • I think Favre made some changes but he still has a battle going on not to go back in the other direction. His wife wasn’t with him during his time with the Jets. He was alone in New York and he probably lost control and did some things that he knew he shouldn’t have been doing. I don’t know him well enough to tell you about what’s going on inside of him.

  • overratted, overhyped and i for one am glad favre is gone. LOOOONGGGG overdue.

  • The guy has a history addiction issues.
    – Alcohol
    – Pain Killers.
    – Interceptions.
    – Sex.

    We gonna see Farve on “Celebrity Rehab”….?

  • I seen Brett Favre hanging with Charlie Sheen when he was with the Jets…….. That is a combo for the ages…… LOL!!!!!!………

    The guy loves attention……. He will be on the celebrity apprentice show……. But he’ll by pass doing good deeds for Donald Trump…….. He’ll just work Strictly with the young HOT secretaries………LOL……. The guy lives in MISSISSIPPI……. There’s plenty of beautiful young ladies out there with a population of 400 people in his town….. LOL!!!

  • Mr. Cobb, have you found anything additional about Reid and this curious time for a vacation? I still believe something big is about to happen

  • It’s no secret about Farve who would like his beer and his woman…
    Character wise is very similar to what Big Ben was.. These guys have huge ego’s that are continually
    feed by the local media,fans and of course the “Groupie Woman” that hang on athletes,musicians,etec,etc.. Then when you mix in alcohol , who knows what happens..
    I am surprised that Farve’s wife is still with him and would not be surprised at all, that once he’s really done with football, that she’s out the door..expect an “offical separation” in the near future..
    I also expect Farve to be out selling his soul on a bunch of reality shows like
    Dancing with the Stars, Celebrtiy Golf Shows, Celebrity Amazin Race… etc,etc…
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him and David Hasselhoff do a venture together that somehow has the
    Kardashian girls or Snookie from Jersey Shore involved…Good grief…

  • maybe Dr Drew will room Brett Farve and the looney tune Jeff Conway or Gary Busey together for the
    “Celebrity Rehab SHow”…
    You wouldn’t even need to have script writers for the show, for it would write itself.. .

  • Remember, Farve used to run around with Mark Chimura in the Fox River Valley.

  • Didn’t Chimura get into trouble with young/underage girls …

  • Ohh……Chimura got into Big Trouble on that front.

  • Didn’t he do jail time..

  • No he was let off, but then oddly enough admitted fault, very strange story

  • To a white guy in Wisconsin.. I guess it’s no real surprise is it…

  • Paulman, you love that “White Guy” stuff. You are so filled with liberal guilt you can’t refer to color enough! Old school! Not dialogue, just counter-productive. Very eighties.

  • Perhaps FS1960, if had a “conscious” that is…

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