• January 21, 2022

Allen heads to Denver

So much for the Eagles adding New Orleans Saints secondary coach Dennis Allen in any capacity. Sources tell FoxSports.com‘s Alex Marvez that Allen will be joining John Fox and taking the defensive coordinator job with the Denver Broncos.

The Eagles had interviewed Allen, but we aren’t sure if it was for the defensive coordinator’s job, or to replace Dick Jauron as coach of the secondary. The way it’s been going for the Eagles, Jim Washburn should just sit tight and wait to be promoted to defensive coordinator since the Birds haven’t been able to land anyone else.

It’s not known whether the Eagles have a tepid interest in the guys that they are bringing in, or if they really aren’t offering an attractive package. I personally think it’s the former, as none of the guys they’ve been talking to have been all that impressive. Jim Mora and Jauron maybe, but even they aren’t a sure bet to get the defense turned around.

So nothing has changed. The Eagles still don’t have a defensive coordinator and their list of candidates is starting to run thin. That is, unless they have a plan to bring in someone that we haven’t been thinking of. Maybe they’ll start bringing in guys that they hadn’t even thought of.

Micah Warren

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  • Didnt really want this guy anyway. And after looking at his pic he doesnt strike me as an agressive guy who demands respect and will ignite a fire in our defense.

  • Well, I am happy to hear this. That mean Trgovac is basically our guy, unless the Eagles aren’t looking at him or if he is serious about not leaving the Packers.

  • No surprise here,
    Paulman called this last week.. John Fox is a good HC who will probably still call most of the
    Defensive Signals as this young Allen grows into the role of DC… Allen will have a good mentor in
    Coach Fox… (Fox and Saints Coach S Peyton are real close friends and Fox is very familiar and
    comfortable with Dennis Allen since they were in the same Division)

  • Please get a tough minded SOB! We have got to get more physical

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