• July 6, 2022

Morning Chat: Segrest’s Alibi, Herschel’s Comeback, Angelo’s Union, Mikell All-Pro

This needs to be titled the “Are You Kidding Me” segment.

Les Bowen of Philly.com, reports that Eagles former defensive line coach, Rory Segrest, is looking for a new job down in Mobile, Alabama at the Senior Bowl.  Segrest thought he did a good job for the Birds during his time here.

“I thought we did some pretty good things this past year,” said Segrest, who is still being paid by the Eagles because he’s got another year on his contract.

According to Bowen, Segrest feels like Eagles new defensive line coach Jim Washburn had more freedom to let his defensive linemen rush the quarterback.

My former teammate, and former Eagles running back Herschel Walker says he wants to return the NFL at 48 years of age.  Walker is involved with MMA now, so I think this is all part of a promotions package.  He’s trying to get attention.

He probably could go out there and play a few plays, but you know he doesn’t have his speed and he wouldn’t be able to recover from all the hitting to play a game every week.

For players who don’t talk to the media, I give you Quintin Mikell.  Quintin is a decent player, but nothing to write home about.  He didn’t have a great year in 2010 but because of the way he makes himself available to the media, he was voted to the All-Pro 2nd team.

I’m not saying he’s a bad player, but nobody could seriously say he had an All-Pro year.  The Eagles secondary surrendered over 30 touchdown passes and he played on the worst red zone defense in the last 25 years.

All I can say is congratulations, Quintin and this should be a lesson to all the players who don’t like being bothered with the media.

What was Chicago Bears GM, Jerry Angelo talking about when he brought the union up to defend Jay Cutler?

“I think it’s crap,” Angelo said. “I thought they were a union. If that’s the way they unionize, they’ve got bigger issues than the ones they have with the owners.  I’m very disappointed.  That to me is dirty pool.”

This is what’s wrong with unions.  Let’s take a quick look at the teacher’s unions.  The teachers who can’t teach are protected by the good teachers.  In New Jersey, all teachers get tenure after teaching for two years.  The city of Philadelphia has an abundance of “Drop Out Factories” because there are thousands of teachers who should be fired.

NFL players were just calling it the way they saw it.  If you’re in a union does that mean that you shouldn’t be honest.


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  • ” He probably could go out there and play a few plays, but you know he doesn’t have his speed and he wouldn’t be able to recover from all the hitting to play a game every week.”

    I have to disagree. Herschel was the greatest most powerful college runningback I ever saw. But in the NFL he was a great Tippitoe Artist 2nd only to Franco Harris. If Herschel returned to the NFL he would use his 20/20 speed (as opposed to blinding speed) to get out of bounds or do a Jeremy Maclin and hit the ground. I remember reading that he got that big without weights pretty impressive. But what a disappointment as a runner in the NFL.

    Segrest…”I thought we did some pretty good things last year”. That is high comedy. Did he say that with a strait face?

    Philadelphia’s public school system is just sad.

  • Herschel would last because he’d never take a hit. Of course I am joking. A linebacker with a mean streak would not him into the bleachers, like they did Vick.

  • “would knock him” sorry. Getting old.

  • Umm – GCobb – look at the All Pro voting system. 50 voters, each gets to vote for 2 safeties. Polamalu gets 47 votes and Ed Reed gets 41 – they are your 1st team All Pro safeties. Nick Collins got 4 votes to grab one of the 2nd team spots. That leaves 8 votes left.

    Darren Sharper, New Orleans, 1; Antrel Rolle, N.Y. Giants, 1; Malcolm Jenkins, New Orleans, 1; Michael Griffin, Tennessee, 1; Eric Weddle, San Diego, 1; Chris Harris, Chicago, 1; Michael Huff, Oakland, 1; Quintin Mikell, Philadelphia, 1.

    Thus 8 additional safeties made “2nd Team All Pro” – making it a pretty dubious honor.

  • G, how the hell did you take a conversation about Jay Cutler and Jerry Angelo to the teacher’s union in new jersey? You should not comment on what you have no idea about. Tenure is not extended to teacher’s after 2 years. It is granted on the first day of your fourth year. Essentially, you get tenure after three years of teaching. During those three years a teacher can be let go at any moment for any reason. What tenure is there to protect is older teachers who are at the top of the scale. If not for tenure and a union what would stop a school district from firing all of their experienced teachers and hiring teachers right out of college and much lower wages and then when those teachers start making too much firing them. Unions started for a good reason, but have been corrupted. I also agree with you that there are some bad teachers out there that don’t deserve to have jobs. But to simply cancel tenure and dissolve the union would then be leaving all those good teachers you talked about out to dry. I know people might say no district would fire good teachers. Just remember, budgets are tight and good teachers do not bring the district more money, in fact they usually cost more. This is not the private sector

  • Unions were good for the Country back in the 20/30/40’s but have long out-lived their usefulness..
    They Union Leaders have become so powerful,so influential and has access to so much $$$ that they have become corrupt,manipulative and have gone way out and abouve their origianl missions of protecting workers safety rights,working condistions and a fair working wage..
    The Unions misuse of power and $$$$ is one of the many reasons of the Downfall of the US Democracy as we once knew it, Historians will write some day..(You can add the Lobbyists,Big Oil,
    Wall Street, MIlitary Leaders,and Politicians to this list as well)

  • unions protect the poor performer…the top performers are put down for making the others look bad and the overall production from the group suffers

    that being said, the NFL players association is a group of multimillionaires banding together to get agreement on working conditions…they are individual contractors…no brotherhood here

  • When I was in Detroit playing for the Lions, people would tell me about workers getting high during breaks on the assembly line. People would forget to put parts in the cars, then retire with nearly full pay and full medical.

  • Hey G….Herchel said he still runs a 4.5 …..Dude still is in shape

    AH HA.see fellas it was by design that our D-Line couldn’t get pressure “Segrest feels like Eagles new defensive line coach Jim Washburn had more freedom to let his defensive linemen rush the quarterback.”
    Funny thing is Dude will get another job…that’s just how this league works

  • Wonder if Hershell can return to the Eagles as a Kick-Off Returner next season..
    He probably would be penciled in as the #1 from the first day of practice..

  • Com On Herchel???? Dont start off in the nfl….. Go to the UFL first and play for Dennis Green and Daunte Culpepper with the other slackers go to first……

    The NFL is like the WWE……. ANd the UFL is like TNA Wrestling……… A bunch of has been’s with bad knees and consume alot of alcohol or have a cocaine addiction………

    I cant say the same with Bernard Hopkins who is still beating up young guys like he’s 21 years old….. B-Hop is gifted and a defensive fighter who doesn’t take alot of punches…….. But Herchel will feel it when a Brian Urlacher gives him a big SHA____LACKING if he comes across the field……

    Does Herchel still have the O’l BOX FADE of OLD?????

  • Eagles52, I understand that the older good teachers should be protected. I’m not saying that Unions should be done away with but the people in the Unions must stand up for what is right. They shouldn’t okay protecting teachers who aren’t doing their job.

    The Unions are willing to sacrifice our children in order to protect bad teachers. The Unions have destroyed the auto industry. Just like management should do be fair and do what is right. so should the unions.

    As for me taking what Angelo said and bringing in the teachers’ Unions, it was the proper thing to do. I done a lot of speaking in the Philadelphia and South Jersey school systems and I’ve seen teachers in there who don’t care. They should have been fired on the spot but they weren’t. Some of the same people who are quick to call out players who bad role models, they look the other way as these teachers contribute to these “drop out factories”.

  • Fact of the matter is Segrest you got zero production from some talented players and Jimmy Wash is going to have a good bit of pull in determining where some of these defensive linemen FA go. ie;(haynesworth & babin)

  • Who is Rory Segrest kidding here????? How does this guy maintain a GIG???? Just look at his picture above and tell me if this guy HERE gets it done???? Give me a break!!!! SMH!!!

  • Eagles52 – NJ teachers have to work a whole THREE years before they achieve tenure. That’s unbelievable. How dare they have to be held accountable for that long.

  • Real Talk G…………. The teachers are there to collect a paycheck……. Jersey has the WORSE school teachers EVER……… It’s Movies like LEAN on ME that showed the teacher’s care for students and that was in the 80’s…….. They say history repeats it self…….. Which is true in alot of cases…… But half the teachers fear a lot of these students…… Half are in gangs and have no guidance……. Just sad now in days!!!!!

  • The Problem with Unions and especially the large ones (techers,Afscme,Auto Unions) is that when
    they become so large, they become more bureaucratic, more corrupt due to access of more $$$ and
    lose their focused on what they were meant to be..
    It’s like politicians.. once they become elected and work in/for the Government, their main emphasis becomes, how do I get “re-elected” instead of working on the task and the multitude of problems our nation and communities face… Whatever happened to “Term Limits”.. everyone pussed-out…
    All these state and local organizations should be privatized and performance or merit based
    In a Teachers case, If your school and your students do well, then the Teachers should be rewarded
    If they fail then your time is limited to get things turned around.. Results have to be tied to the schools,there locations,social-economic make-up and adjusted accordingly.. the key is to raise the bar and expectations, and to continue to drive the scores up over time in relation to where they have been

  • @G….the unions destroyed the Steel Industry too….probably a long list of industries, but I agree with much of what you and Pman have commented on the subject….unions are now important to the people who run them (to maintain their money and power)….to pepole who want to get elected (to obtain money and gain power) ……and to a perecntage of workers who do not want to be held accountable for the job they do. Business owners may have their own issues…but most unions are huge contibutors to the high unemployment and eroding work ethic in the US.

  • Jroc…i follow boxing…B-Hop fights bums he knows he can wax. Great and legendary fighter…but he needs too quit. Walker could carry the ball once or twice in camp and then need a few days off.Agree G…publicity.

    If we put as much money into schools as we do bombs we would be at the top of education in the world. Overload it with resources and improve the teachers salaries and bene’s . And get rid of the bad apples.The unions are busted since the 80’s. i grew up outside of Wilmington,there was GM assembly plant a mile away. Within a mile of that a LQ store. The GM workers would be there daily on there breaks getting sloshed. Then go make cars. No accountability unless its convenient in the unions.

    Segrest was useless and got nothign from any of our line-man.He’ll get a job some way cause Andy is a nice guy coach. They seem too finish last or get beat and outcoached by other coaches in the p-offs.

    And everytime i see that picture of Rory it just pi$$es me off. Even looks inept.

  • Mikell stinks. Get him outta here. His All-pro team voting is as fraudulent as Jason Peters pro bowl appearances. How do you make the 2nd team all pro but not voted to the pro bowl? It would occur to me that if your good enough to make the all pro team you should be better than good enough to make the pro bowl but not necessarily the other way around. Just fraudulent.

  • Jroc…you make a good point.Teachers fear these kids today. They push them through the school systems as long as theres some sign of learning. Then they go into the real world and have attitudes in every aspect of life cause noone gives a sh!t about there wants and needs anymore.

    Greenfan…good post.

  • Hey Erock…In that pic of segrest ..he looks like the person the players go to to get steroids

  • Safety Chris Harris of the Bears should have received more votes for All-Pro..
    He had the most consistent season out of those listed who were up and down, injured, etc,etc,
    Paulman will get his own All-Pro Rankings list together.. these are getting bogus and rely on too much name recognition… Ed Reed missed the first 6 Games , Polamula missed 3-4 games and ask most NFL observors had a real drop off in production over his last 3-4 games and is not the player he was in th past..

  • Thats hilarious.What a bum..like t!ts on a bull..useless. Im so disgusted with these coaches and this whole org.. Losing too a team who’s in the bowl. By being outcoached and outplayed. In front of your fans. AR and the boys got there balls kicked in dont know how too draft mean and nasty defenders. You would think these PROFFESIONAL COACHES would see the Steelers..a team who’s in the same friggin state…get it doen yearly with tough mentally and physical players. Instead they draft linebackers who are fast. O-line man who are versatile rather then mean and angry. There fat slobs who need belly band surgeries. Pathetic. I been a fan since 75’….yeah i didnt know wtf was goin on till about 80-81..but i have never been more pissed off at this team then after this season.

    He has one season too get us too a bowl….if not…go coach intermurals in Utah ballbag. I NEED A LOMBARDI FOR MY PEOPLE AND I!

  • Yo what up Erock……… Rory Seagrest is Fresh out of a Bulls A$$………. He looks like a Chris Hanson how to catch a predator candidate………. LOL……. I’m just as disgusted as you are on these coaches as well bro!

  • erock, ‘nard “waxed” pascal for WBC lighthw crown but got jobbed by hometown judge, what boxing are you watching?

  • Showin up with wine coolers.lol.Im rollin.

    Think about our staff. Coach and o-coordinator…always suspect in ther in game adjustments.Bull-headed like an irish drunk.Im irish so i have seen em first hand.

    Position coaches….Castillo…great coach…watch him at camp and its really one of the great sessions too eye up.He’s intense and knows the game. They need too let him design all the run plays .

    Segrest…for real?

    Wide reciever coach…doesnt push D-jax…has really been handed one of the top 3 talented bunches in the league.So his work is done every season .Just throw em the side-line routes in practice.Tell em too tighten there guts when the throttle down.Exhale offf the line of scrimmage. Wow.

    Let Duce coach the backs.

    D-backs coach…noone has told them too watch every move #22 makes?No other corner on this team this year looked confident. Confused is what they looked like after every red-zone score…which was alot.

    I could go on..but whats the point.

  • Aight…i remember that fight. I’ve seen him take it too some bums though. B-hop is legendary like i said. But he’s like other boxers who just need too hang it up.But you know when the cards being read before the fight…dude has no shot.

  • Hershel Walker can come back if he’s playing for the Eagles……I think if our team run 17 times in a playoff game Jim Brown can even strap up.

    Segrest is a joke and…….

    Just fired the first public shot at the players union. Believe me, his statement were in response to talks of solidarity coming from the players union on how the players are together and will stand through the lockout.

    Angelo is saying, if they tear each other apart publicly how can they stand in thimes of adversity?

    The owners would never publicly rip each other…..unless you’re an owner named Al Davis that is.

  • Mikell earned his spot as an All-Pro by being trucked from the 3 yardline into the endzone on 2 occasions this year.

  • Union is group of people protecting their common interests, mainly that interest is money…Money had nothing to do with players getting on Cutler, had nothing to do with their own interests, union isn’t there to defend player production on the field, the word is union not unity…

    Mikell led the team in tackles, all pro consideration is a little much though!

    Freedom to rush the QB? wtf? what the heck is the defensive line there for if your not going to try and rush the QB, you might as well play the game with 7 line backers all in pass coverage…

  • To attribute the dropout rate in Philadelphia solely to bad teachers is kind of presenting a very incomplete picture. Those schools are overcrowded and underfunded and they are dangerous. Students that have been kicked out of one school are then sent to another one where they cause the same problems. The problem with the school district of Philadelphia starts at the top obviously with Ackerman and trickles all the way down.

    If you want to complain about Unions that is fine, but I think that you have a lot more to talk about when you talk about the MLB Players Union. I would stick to that.

  • Real, in thinking about what Segrest said about “freedom to rush the QB”, he may be on to something. Of course we all know he wasn’t the most qualified person but at the same time we’ve heard numerous complaints throughout this season in particular about dropping Dlineman into coverage. So what if Segrest had to work with them more about coverage schemes than actually working on pass rushing because of McDermott’s ridiculous play calling and scheming? Segrest was still a bum but I don’t think it’s too far fetched that Mcdermmott’s scheme definitely could have had a negative impact on him as we saw.

  • @bugsy…..I agree with your statement about Philly schools….there is alot of blame to go around and to single out the unions is unfair…..aside from my previous statements on the usefulness of unions, I am a big supporter of teachers….not teachers unions…..I believe that in general teachers are hardworking and do not receive enough respect for doing a tough job

  • GCOBB, Im not sure if aybody threw this name out here yet but ive been listening to the radio at work and Monte Kiffin was being mentioned as a possible D-Cordinator..he is supposedly represented by the same agent as Reid go figure..I know it’s probably not gonna happen for many reasons including that i think he enjoys where he is at now and Reid will prolly shy away from bringing in a big name type of guy that could possibly threaten his position as Head Coach but what do youy think

  • TO Pheags88
    Monte Kiffin, who is an outstanding coach, is out in California trying to help his son’s Program get
    established at USC…(G-Man’s Alma Mater..) I don’t think you will see Monte leave his son…

  • True..Paulman I think we all would change our opnions of the FO if they could pull that off but I dont think lil Kiffin is gonna stay put at USC for long term because either he gets fired or jumps for some other program again

  • To Pheags88
    Kiffin took over an already broken program with probations,suspensions and a cloud of scandal over it (from Pete CArroll I migh add), so he will get a good 2-3 tyears to clean it up and get it back on track
    and if he doesn’t he will get fired but his father Monte will be retired by then.. He’s getting up there

  • @Scorp

    yea, it was alarming to me that Segrest said that they didnt have freedom to rush the QB…which leaves me??????…it just doesn’t make sense to me…remember we were talking about the D LINE getting pressure to the QB, so it helps the secondary (preventing them from running the 40 yard dash on every play because of the how long the QB has to throw…)
    But I recall times when the front four rushed and they barely came close to the QB…I’d say McDermotts fault for dropping the linemen into coverage so often, and Segrest fault for not getting the players to at least hurry the QB….Sacks are a big stat, but QB hurries is just as big in my book and we could barely do that…It looks to me that the right guys were blamed for the problem on D…

  • Real, I agree. And it to me it’s like the offensive line and not running the ball. If they aren’t doing it consistently, it makes it harder to do when you start doing it. So if the Dlineman were dropping into coverage a lot more, I think it may make it harder for some of them to switch gears again. Just my thoughts about that. In my opinion the #1 problem with the defense is Andy Reid. He drafted all these bums. #2 Personnel…. again, bums. #3 Poor defensive coaching staff. Again, just my thoughts.

  • Hey question why even tenure teachers at the high school level or below? Tenure was to protect the intellectual persuit of college professors so that they could speak and research freely without the fear of losing their career, not their job, their careers. Schools don’t need more money the system just need to use it properly, I am willing to bet that the USA spends more per cap per student than any where in the world.

    Tenure outside the college ranks makes me wonder why. And I say that having plenty of family members that are in the teaching profession as well as some who work for school systems. Now I am happy when anyone of them gets tenure becasue its a legal and standing practice and rule so go get it. I just wonder why it is such a practice at the lower levels.

  • I think Monte Kiffin is ready to retire. From what I understand, he’s going to put in a couple of years to help his son, then hang it up. I may be wrong but that’s what I had heard.

  • To Mono,
    I agree 100% about the Tenure process which has lonf been updated, but let’s not stop there..
    This same “Protectionism” happens with Federal Employees and any Public Sector Jobs/Positions whether it be in the Transportation, Waters,Sewer,City Planning, Judges, School Board Officials,etc,etc… Everyone talks about cutting out the layers of beauracracy out of government,
    but no one is willing to lose thier jobs over it…
    Look at a State of NJ where you have 1,000’s of municpalities,townships,etc,etc each with their
    own school boards, city planners, Tax assesors, Various Departments heads for all Departments..
    How about some of these towns & Couties sharing or consolidated some services, streamline their education systems, police and fire departments..maybe as some od the older people retire, don’t replace them.. The towns need to do more with less just like in the Business world.. Maybe over time
    the size of all Government, local,city,county and states and the Feds can be reduced..
    “Government” is the only industry that has seen growth as far as adding jobs over the last few years
    WOnder why the Property taxes in the North East are thru the roof…

  • G & eagles52: I am a teacher in the state of Maryland. I have been teaching for 5 years now. It might be possible that tenure is achieved on the first day of the 2nd year of teaching like G said or it might be incorrect like eagles52 said… but the 2 years teaching and then you’re tenured rule applies to MD (or at least it did up until this year. Now, it’s 3 years.). When I first started teaching, I was a member of the union, but at the start of this year I quit the union because I disagreed with the liberal political views and because of financial reasons. I totally agree with G that the idea of “tenure” is a joke. I have worked with teachers who should not be in the profession and it is a shame that they are protected the way they are.

  • Get your passports fellows…..Something is happening in America that’s heading to a police state.

  • I am moving to Costa Rica as soon as my kids are up and out..(in about 8 years) and If I win the lottery,
    then maybe even sooner than that…

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