• August 8, 2022

Eagles Linebackers Coach Bill Shuey Has Been Shown The Door

The Philadelphia Eagles have confirmed that last year’s linebacker coach Bill Shuey is being shown the door and he won’t return next season.  It makes sense, why would you bring him back if you let the defensive coordinator and defensive backfield coach say good-bye.  You might as well clean house.

This leads me to believe that the Eagles are very confident that they have a defensive coordinator that they want on the hook.  I also believe that the person, whom they want to bring in, has been notified and has let their would-be position coaches what’s up.

There’s no way a well-run organization would put themselves in a position where they are without a defensive coordinator, linebacker coach or secondary coach.

They do have some defensive coaches still in the staff.  Of course new defensive line coach Jim Washburn is under contract and they also have former Eagles linebacker Mike Caldwell on the staff as an assistant linebacker coach  and former Eagles safety Mike Zordich as an assistant secondary coach.

Despite those coaches being in place, the Eagles have a big gaps open in the staff with no defensive coordinator, linebacker or secondary coach.  It looks like they’re going to wait until the Super Bowl is over before they can move up and grab the defensive coordinator that they want.


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  • This confirms what I said last week. The Eagles is working with their guy behind the scenes and he’s telling them who he can use from our defensive coaching staff.

    He have his people and I think this is more proof the D Coordinator is someone who is in one of the Superbowl teams.

  • As I said last week, they should have air-lifted in Donald Trump to fire this guy, and have Akers kick him out with Stevie Wonder’s “I ain’t gonna stand for it” playing in the backround.

    This is what the Green Bay coach did a couple of years ago. Cleaned house on defense. I still think that leaving the flawed offensive philosophy in place is a mistake, but I’ll take what I can get at this point.

    All the fingers will point to Andy next season should the team not do well. And then…Jeffie Lurie will be forced to tell Andy…Time’s yours. Go fishing, bake a cake, spent time with the wife, power 90x, Jenny Craig…the biggest loser…

  • The eagles know who they want and are talking to him. He is letting them know that he is bringing a team of coaches with him. Thats why they are cleaning house. Hopefully, he’ll bring some MONSTER players with him too!

  • I agree with SONGSRME2 . In think Andy has allready spoken to the coach he wants and soon after the Superbowl they’ll name him coach .

  • i hope its dom capers. im dreaming big but imagine the opportunity that can present itself.
    our defense gets shored up, and we lose due tooffensive playcalling, inefficiency, or mismanagement
    then capers becomes a head coach again, by being the def. coord. and HC in waiting
    thats the home run right there so dont get excited, that will be a shocking surprise if that happened
    or same scenario with nother shocker…dick lebeau!!!
    his contract expires after the superbowl.
    keep in mind that both teams in the superbowl play in a 3-4 scheme…

  • and all lebeau would have to do is work on the other side of the state…

  • Its not going to be Lebeau or Capers.

  • Paulman’s Rankings of Probable DC Candidates

    #1) Mike Trgovac – Packers Current LB Coach
    #2) Bob Babich – Bears current LB Coach
    #3) Dave Suttons – Assistant to HC Ryan for the NY Jets
    #4) Rod Marinelli – Bears DC and assistant to the HC Smith (my darkhorse candidate)

  • Yeah because this guy acquire Ernie Sims, drafted Joe Mays, Omar Gaither and Chris Gocong. Right.

  • A source of mine said she has been sitting next to BIll Shuey in Century 21’s Real Estate class since
    last week down in Voorhees,NJ…

  • @Paulman- Mike Trgovac is Packers D-Line coach. Kevin Greene is the LB coach


  • I gotta believe it is Green Bay because I can’t see Pittsburgh giving permission to have clandestine negotiations with their coaches. I’m sure Reid has multiple connections in GB.

  • Yea I thought we were gonna get some no name coach who doesn’t really have any substantial experience but after they fired another guy on our staff there has to be something going on behind the scenes. This mystery guy is gonna bring in his own staff..and hopefully recruit some real defensive players here like Rex Ryan did when he left Baltimore for the Jets. Becasue no matter who we get as this coach its not gonna matter unless we get better players on that side of the ball

  • It has to be Trgovac, because if it is any of the others mentioned from Chicago (Babich or Marinelli), then why haven’t they set up an interview yet? I don’t believe the Eagles are going after an unproven DC like the assistants for GB (besides Trgovac) or Pittsburgh. Maybe they talked to LeBeau? Doubt it though.

  • I didn’t see any noticeable improvement from the young linebackers. They never got to the point where they were playing smart and making big plays.

  • I think its going to be someone from Pittsburgh. The Eagles want that kind of nasty D that we get to watch every year because our team is home golfing. I don’t think it’s LeBeau, but I would like to be shocked! The Steelers have some quality coaches that are ready to make the jump to DC. I’m not sure what type of D that we’re going to run, but you would have to think it would be a 3-4 or a 3-4 hybrid. Honestly I don’t care as long as we have a top 10 D next year. If we get someone from the Steelers maybe they can lure Woodley away from them to be our LB!?

  • I just can’t see the Eagles changing to the 3-4 this year, unless whoever is taking the D coordinator job has been assured that the Eagles will spend a ton on players needed to convert. Otherwise there isn’t enough time to switch.

  • The Bears/Jets Seasons just finished.. let their Staffs go thru their end of season preocess and evaluations …Let’s see what happens come Thursday & Friday

  • Was this guy another coach from the “Rory Seagrast Mold”…..?…

  • No one on the defense got any better…..they all regressed. Granted, half of them aren’t NFL players to begin with, but nevertheless, they should have gotten better as the season went on.

  • I am telling all of you that Winston Moss, current Packers asst. head coach/ILB coach is the guy….. you’ll see.

  • I heard them talking about this on the radio today and they said he been gone from the Eagles for a little over a week from when the story came out and he was still wearing his Eagle’s stuff so no one would know. Supposedly, the Eagles were aware of this and actually were the ones who thought it would be a good idea so he could help him get another job at the Senior Bowl or something. Apparently, it looks better and easier to get hired away from one job then to be without a job altogether. Not sure of the full details but they said Shuey did confirm this info. The Eagles have to be super secret about everything.

  • No surprise Scorp,
    Coach AR is a loyal boss and will alsways try to help his staff out when he can,
    if this means withholding terrminations to the public, then so be it.. This is why players and coaches
    like to play and work for him..
    He Did it with McNabb when he traded him to Washington,(which looking back, didn;t pan out) but he tried to trade him to a team that McNabb wanted to go to, and for a Coach that they thought he would be succesful with.
    He did it with DC McDermott hgetting him hooked up with new PAnther Coach Rivera who coacked with McDermott years ago.
    He did it with Hand Baskett last season and kept him on Eagles Roster for the first 2 weeks
    so he would get his tenure time in for years of service in the NFL..
    I think he will do it again with QB Kolb this Off-season

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