• January 21, 2022

After Making $1.9 Million In Playing Time Bonuses, Vick Is In The Presidential Suite

There’s nothing sweeter than getting unexpected money.  That’s why I’m sure that Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is laying back somewhere in Honolulu, Hawaii with a big smile on his face.

According to the information guy, Jason LaConfora of the NFL Network’s, Vick made $1.9 million in playing time bonuses this season and you throw that on top of his $3.9 million salary.

Imagine adding nearly $2 million dollars to your salary as an unexpected end of the year bonus?  I know it would put a smile on my face.  What about you?

The good times are continuing for Vick in the land of pineapples, according to Ashley Fox of Philly.com, the Birds quarterback was given the 4,200 Presidential Suite at the teams hotel in Honolulu.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he’s in the Presential Suite because I can tell by the Pro Bowl advertisements on the television that the NFL is counting on Vick and his teammate DeSean Jackson to make this Pro Bowl pure excitement.  They wouldn’t mind a replay of the first play of the Washington Redskins Monday night game.

Number 7 was a huge draw for the Eagles national television games, so the league is counting on him to draw a large audience to this glorified practice on Sunday night.

He’s also made it clear that he has no problem being paid nearly $20 million dollars next year playing under the Franchise tag.

Vick somehow still holds back a bit by leaving the door open to go elsewhere by passing the ball to his agent.  He’s right because nobody knows what will happen until a contract and signed, sealed and delivered.

“If they franchise me, we’ll see how that goes,” Vick said. “I’ll leave it up to my agent to work everything out. . . . I’m expecting everything to go according to plan. We’ll see what happens over the next couple of months. I’ve just got to be patient and take it one day at a time.”

“This is what you work for,” Vick said. “You work hard to put yourself in this position. It’s great. I’m ecstatic to be here. I feel like, you know, not only me, but the rest of my teammates worked very hard this season. I’ve got to give them a lot of credit for me being in this position.”

According to onlookers in Hawaii, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick looked sharp today at the Pro Bowl workout.  I don’t know what looking sharp at the Pro Bowl practice really means.  They go half speed and nobody wants to embarrass anybody else.  I guess we’ll take it as a positive.

Life is good for Michael Vick.  He got out of here a couple of days ago and took a long plane flight to Hawaii.

He’s happy about that because a few minutes ago he tweeted.

“Another east coast snow storm, SMH”

SMH stands for “Shaking My Head” in texting terms.

Later on the evening he tweeted.

This Hawaii time difference is crazy !

Mike, I’ll trade you the time for the weather.


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  • He’s doing all the right things on and off the football field. Despite his past, I think his story should serve as inspiration for others who have gone down the wrong path in life. There is redemption if you recognize the error of your ways and take responsibility for your actions. Can you imagine the talk if Vick was playing in the Super Bowl?

  • G-Man, The way President Obama and his team have been running things in Washington DC..
    Vick may want to stay in the “Tea-Party Tent” instead…. just sayin’ …

  • Just continue to do the right thing Vick. Make good decisions please! A lot of my students look up to you! Everyone does not get a second chance. God has given you a tremendous talent. Always remember that MONEY can be taken away. As a man we have much more important work to do on this earth. Please continue to take full advantage of the platform that you have especially off the feild. Real talk my brother!

  • MSNBC ran a special on the SUPER RICH(the video might still be online). It was amazing. One of the people on their list was from the NJ area poor and got a girl pregnant at 14 years old. He later went to college, studied finance and created his own finance company. He is now worth over 100 million dollars.

    A while back alot of us had alot of fun on this site writing the script and placing the actors for the mike vick story. While it was fun there is a very powerful lesson for everybody that has made a serious mistake in life.

    While others may NEVER let it go… YOU don’t have to let any mistake you make define you.

    Mike I hope you resign with the Eagles. And you and the new defensive coordinator bring us a SuperBowl dispite Andy’s silly play calling.

    Make it so.

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