• July 4, 2022

List Of NFL Players Who May Be Franchised

Nobody knows what’s going to happen with the CBA being negotiated and the March 4 work stoppage approaching  There are quite a few great players and valuable players who are approaching free agency.  We don’t even know whether the franchise tag will exist past this CBA, but I could see it being used by quite a few teams to hold on to quality players.
Here’s a list of players who could possibly be franchised:
Michael Vick – Philadelphia Eagles
Vincent Jackson – San Diego Chargers
Barrett Ruud – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Johnathan Joseph – Cincinnati Bengals
Tamba Hali – Kansas City Chiefs
Champ Bailey – Denver Broncos (I doubt it because of his age)
Peyton Manning – Indianapolis Colts
LeMarr Woodley – Pittsburgh Steelers
David Harris OR Santonio Holmes, New York Jets
Logan Mankins – New England Patriots
Steve Smith – New York Giants
Sidney Rice or Chad Greenway – Minnesota Vikings
Who should be on the list and who shouldn’t be on the list?


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  • nearly all these players will get franchised or get signed
    i thought VJ couldnt get franchised this offseason…
    nyg steve smith…interesting to see what happens there esp. with plaxico looking for a team
    and i dont see how the patriots let mankins go, but if they do he will get 31 offers

  • What about Haloti Ngata?

  • I want Vick and Harris or Woodley.

  • Logan Mankins wouldn’t be bad either but I doubt NE will let him get away. Although we have picked up a spurned Patrior before.

  • G-Man,
    If Paulman was a free agent this year… Would you place a “Franchise Tag” on me…or let me walk….

  • Walk. They miss you in Carolina. We’ll be fine. We’ve got a few up-and-comers.

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