• August 14, 2022

Pittsburgh Coach: “Andy’s Job Is Probably On The Line”

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arains said he thought Andy Reid’s job might be on the line, when responding to questions from the media today in Dallas.

Normally coaches are very careful not to say something like that in public unless they’re sure that it the case.   Many want say even if they’re sure about it.  I don’t think Arians has any knowledge of Reid’s job being on the line, but he did say it, according to Jeff McLane of Philly.com

“Andy’s job is probably on the line,” Arians said earlier today. “But I know this — he replaced [Castillo] with a good offensive line. Howard Mudd is the absolute best. The quality of the staff is there. Now it’s just a matter of game day and how they’re going to handle it.”

I remember when Arians was the head coach of the Temple Owls.  He was a good coach.  The Steelers offensive coordinator is used to making calls during the game.  He knows how to get a feel for the way his team is doing and he has been able to come up with the call that puts his squad over the top.

This is something that I had written early about Juan Castillo which he needs to learn and get used to doing.

“Now matching wits with an offensive coordinator — the scheme’s going to be sound. He knows what’s sound,” Arians said. “It’s having the gut calls, when to blitz, when not to blitz, when to play this, when to play that. That would be the only question I would have.”

It may seem simple but you never know how somebody functions in that situation with the pressure on.  Some coaches are great during the week and fantastic on the sidelines until they’ve got to make a call with the game on the line.  Some coaches have problems managing the clock and timeouts.

Castillo hasn’t had to make any calls during the games as an offensive line coach.  He would just stand and watch, once he sent his five guys out there. That won’t be the case any longer.  He’s going to need to make calls immediately with the world watching and the game undecided.


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  • Even if it’s the case dont you think he shoulda shut his mouth and or told the reporter next question?

  • I don’t know who calls the Steelers Off plays but i am watching Steelers and Jets playoff game now…..Nice balanced play calling Steelers start on OFF and i am not going to say whay they started or how they get the first TD but 11 minutes the O was out getting that D JETS tired and there was not deep passes ,it was 10 yds to WARd and Wallace a few outs but 8 rushes for Mendallhall first drive….Steelers 7-0 so far wow 8 rushes is almost the total of …lol nevermind

  • it’s not just the Steeers D like some think,,,,the O and the D is a force…..i wish Eagles copy a few things they do

  • @ tdym….don’t you get the theme for the day…the eagles don’t copy anybody else….they “think outside the box”….forget that the other teams may have 3,4 or 5 superbowl VICTORIES….we copy no-one….understand…..we know better

  • tydm – If the Packers win the super bowl, does that mean a team can win the big one without a running game?

  • Interesting – a coach with no (or limited) knowledge of the eagles front office says Reids job is PROBABLY on the line and the Philly papers write “Andy’s job is on the line”.

  • i am not really in favor of happened yesterday, but you got to admire juan for wanting this job. i say the clock is now ticking for both of them. if this move does not click quickly they will both be on the chopping block.maybe the cba dispute will benefit us and give us more time.

  • i hope the pack win so tydm will stop bringing up these worthless stats.

  • if his job was on the line, you’d think he’d go with someone much more proven on the defensive side of the ball as the DC…when your backs against the wall you go with a sure thing…The fact of the matter is the Eagles have done a good job acquiring some new coaches…

    As long as the Eagles give Castillo a good supporting cast of defensive coaches, that will be able to help him out a little bit, and he keeps the same work ethic as far as film study, as he’s done in the past, I think he can be successful…

    McDermott, came in with the wrong game plan almost on a weekly basis…McDermott, was a good coach of making the adjustment after halftime, but game planning from the start he gets a C at best….The fact that Castillo is a hard working coach may be the key to this move!

    Castillo will be an open book, considering his little experience, its very important to surround him with good position coaches…

    I of course would of went another direction…but being the fan I am, I will be optimistic and wait and see…

  • G, You just described AR, Great during the week, Fantastic on the sidelines until he has to make a call with the game on the line !

  • lol pack’s have a running game

  • Against Eagles Starks 29 rushes for 123 yards

  • Falcons Starks ran 25

  • over all Packers run 29 times against Falcons and 25 against Bears

  • they are balanced 2 out 3 games they ran more than they threw i know that is hard to understand what we do here

  • to Tydm,
    81 of those 123 rushing yards by Starks came running around the left-side
    right at DE T Cole and OLB E Sims too…

  • against the EAGLES starks ave 6 yd a carry but that Reid D typical can’t stop the run against Falcons and Bears and for season he ave 3.5 a carry cause Steelers ran 31 times against the Ravens(knowing it would be tough against ravens) 33 against Jets so Steelers will run and PACKERS will run but Packers don’t stop it and Steelers do…

  • Most Super Champions have 2 10+ players with sacks and usually are LB’s ……MATHEWs sacked Vick first play of game,knocked out Kolb, and ave1 sack a game in playoffs(2 sacks against Falcons) But Steelers have 2 Mathews in Woodley and Harrison who both ave 1 sack a game in playoffs with Harrison having 3 in game…another edge to Steelers Funny Reid LB with highest sack total is Sims with 2

  • Are u saying we need a better DE end then Cole…nice sack total 10 only Eagle near it but if he doesn’t stop the run…….crap

  • Maybe Jeff Lurie has already seen the light and is going to Fire Reid after the superbowl and Hire Arians to bring some championship swagger from the steelers to the Eagles.

    You must be dead if you like being the owner of the second best team in your state (I am an Eagles fan but facts are facts) All you hear about is the Rooney way and Lurie may want a piece of that sort of attention.

    PS NO I don’t really expect any of that but I woulld cheer the move even if the Steelers lose the Superbowl they Know what it takes to get a consistent shot at a ring.

  • KTDawk u can gladly come up with stats or how u think Eagles can improve cause if took notice we are 9 playoff losses and each loss we ran less than 16 times……..9 out 10 playoff wins we ran 22 or more….Does it tell u something when 24 of last 25 SB champions ran ball 28 or more in a game…yes Bad teams run and lose but they are bad teams i am talkning about good Eagle teams in last 12 yrs with no real shot….if u are a true Eagle fan u will remember Dillon running over us,Bucs, Panthers,Cowboys last year oh yeah and Packers

  • I am surprised that any coach of either team is worrying about or commenting about the Eagles or any other teams situation when it comes to COaches and players…
    This SUper bowl has a very dysfunctiional feel about where players on the same team are snipping at each other about picture days, Assit Coaches publicly lobbying for other openeings around the NFL and now, he is a well respected and succesful Coach in Arians answering a question about the status of another coach for another team… I just don’t get it.. It must be because it’s being played down in Jerry’s Place… but this is getting ridiculous, but I Guess Dysfuntional is the way things are anymore all around the NFL..

  • tydm.

    Thanks bud. You hit the over.

  • TYDM…..not that it really matters but Biship sacked Vick first play of the game….not Matthews.

  • But anyway, on this story…..why are people asking Pittsburgh’s O-line coach about Philly’s DC 3 days before the Super Bowl? And why is he even aware let alone responding?

    Here’s my take on it, which is basically worth the same as Bruce Arains (aka nothing). I don’t like the hire. I don’t care that he is “a defensive coach stuck coaching offense”. A supposedly contending team isnt the place for someone to learn on the job. Guys who work the fryer at McDonald’s have to do some training before they get the reigns to cooking all those delicous fries.

    BUT….and this is a big but, we did sign arguably one of the best d-line coaches and o-line coaches in the game…….so let’s say we get the a great secondary coach and LB coach. At least he has a ton of talent around him and to guide him with any questions he has. And I will say it takes very large balls for Castillo to even think about putting in for a DC position. Let’s hope his defense shows up to play as big as their DC’s balls are.

  • Randall, he is aware and responding because he has too much time on his hands, too many media types there, not enough stories for all the reporters

  • At least AR is on his way out of the door; this is just as bad as promoting McDermott to DC. We should have gotten a true DC – the front office is to cheap. Another year of “almost and if only”.

  • The Eagles are like no other Philadelphia franchise. We have the three stooges running the show or maybe the Marx Bros. At least the cheerleaders have uniforms designed by Vera Wang and Jeffrey and his wife are possible emmy winners for their documentary and Howie is excited about the possibliities in the draft and Joe knows they have the best coaching staff in the NFL.

  • BigE, true, and what bothers me is the disconnect of Lurie, banner, Rosen, and Reid, to the fans, it is really not a Philadelphia franchise

  • The problem with your theory TYDM is……. Most teams tend to run more when they win because they run at the end of the game to run the clock out. You wouldn’t know that though, because you are a simpleton who has a one track mind and can’t think on a higher level. Basically, I am saying you are dumb.

  • Of course you will come back with the same stupid response you have been saying too, because you are an idiot and lack the brain to come up with anything else. It is sad that you are so mentally challenged that you repeat the same thing over and over again. Probably something that you didn’t even come up with. Something that you probably read on another site. That is why you repeat the same stuff, because that other person probably has given up on it, unlike you, and by him giving up, he hasn’t given you anymore information that you can regurgitate here.

  • The other sad and pathetic thing about you is that your life has to be completely horrible. That is why you come on here and repeat the same stuff to get on everyone’s nerves, because you are frustrated with your sad existence that you come on here to get on everyone’s nerves to feel better about your pathetic life. It is okay though…… Nothing you do or say on here will change that. Once you get off the computer, you will have to live your sorry life.

  • If you think tydm is a sexually frustrated homo with half a brain…….. Post after me.

  • So who has a better running game – Philadelphia or Green Bay with Starks?

  • sports bum, who the hell are you to attack tdym, are you some phi beta kappa dude, lmao, no, just someone willing to wait it out, Reid is good, blah, blah, td is frustrated, his frustrations are welcome here, your ass kissing is not, get it?

  • Time for a celebration Gang! “This is Big Red’s last Year”; Whoohooo hoorayyy! Time to get a new general in here with a pair of steel balls to lead the troops. Whohoooo!! (at least I hope it’s his last year)

  • LOL, I am pretty sure jakedog that plenty of others have stated their feelings on his constant posting of the same sh-t. Who are you? His lover that is trying to protect him? I don’t care that he is bitching…… I didn’t respond to him the first 20 times or so. He is posting the same sh-t over and over again, spamming the board. Besides, what the hell you gonna do about me posting here? Nothing, so continue sucking his dick and shut the f-ck up.

  • @DixieFan – Green Bay of course but only because they do run the ball. A gun does you no good in a gun fight if you never pull it out of the holster.

  • careful sports, vigilante moderators are watching you, leave tydm to his posting, they are redundant but for the most part on the money and reflect the sentiments of many of us here, unlike your drivel supporting the regime for no articulable, sound reason, now do you finally get it?

  • If you can’t avoid personal attacks you have no business posting on this site. Debate your point, even get fired up but leave the personal attacks in the grammar school yard.

  • Sorry , believe me i try not to repeat i am just telling unbiased stats but blame reid not me he didn’t do this or that but 12 years same crap adds up….but i am done with this….tried to do interesting facts that’s all i won’t comment on here anymore See ya guys take care,take care GCobb, God Bless you

  • Do you get that I don’t give a f-ck what you say, jakedog? Do you get it? Do you get it? Do you get it? What? Is tydm your alternate posting name? Repeating the same sh-t over and over again? Do you get it? Do you get it? Do you get it? Do you all really lack the brain to come up with anything new? Do you get it? Do you get it? Do you get it?

    I don’t give a f-ck about the mods. I posted here long ago and stop posting here for like a year. I don’t care if I get banned or whatever. I don’t NEED to post here. I post here for fun, but I don’t wanna go into every article and read the same thing posted at least 5 times by tydm.Do you get it? Do you get it? Do you get it?

    We get it. We all know Reid doesn’t run. We all wish he would run more, but it isn’t happening. Reid is still a very good coach, the best the Eagles had, top 5, if not 3 in the league. Reid gives us a chance to win a SB almost every year, by getting us to the playoffs, which are a crapshoot. There is no exact science that will guarantee a SB. If that was the case, EVERY team would do it. The Steelers always are predicated on running and stopping the run, and they don’t win EVERY year. Regardless, we all know that Reid needs to run more, but not necessarily to win the SB….. He needs to run more to have a more balanced unpredictable offense. Like I said, I don’t care that tydm posted what he did. I didn’t even respond to him the first several times, but now it is just annoying. It takes longer to read through everyone’s responses when you have to scroll through pages filled up with his repetitive replies. Do you get it? Do you get it? Do you get it?

    You know what I do get though? You are a hater of the Eagles, who has more fun bashing them than being a fan. I’ve given my reasons for my support of Reid and the team, and I backed them up soundly, but you are too retarded to get it past your hate into the part of your brain that actually stores knowledge. Do you get it? Do you get it? Do you get it?

  • give me a solid reason to support reid like you, winning against a weakened NFC east, one and done in playoffs the past two years, before that bad record in NFC championship games, yes, we aspire to more, tydm does, you do not, you are the perfect propaganda machine for the “gold standard”, making profits over winning, preach on tydm, maybe the this bum will expire again

  • LOL, you are the classic moron. Who doesn’t want to win the SB? That is how stupid you are. You think that if I or anyone isn’t constantly bashing the Eagles, they don’t want to win the SB, that they are just drinking the kool-aid, or kissing Reid or the FOs ass.

    I want to win the SB, but unlike you….. I know that winning the SB isn’t as easy as going out and hiring a coach that can win the SB. You know, because that happens every year. Teams fire their coaches, and go out hire new ones then win. Idiot. The playoffs are a crapshoot, a lottery, luck of the draw. Do you get it? It isn’t exact science, there is no perfect formula, there are no guarantees. Do you get it?

    Reid gives us the best chance to win the SB than any coach besides Belichick and Tomlin that coaches in the NFL right now. They are the only coaches in the NFL that have a multiple SBs. Belichick and Reid are the only coaches that have more than 5 years coaching and have a 75% success rate at making the playoffs. Tomlin has only coached 4 years, and although there are several other coaches that have done well in their early coaching tenures……. They also have landed on teams that had a recent history of winning before them coaches joined (Harbaugh in Bal, Ryan in NY, and Tomlin in Pit).

    Now, me saying all this doesn’t really matter, because you still won’t listen and you still will say I have not given a solid reason. I don’t really care though. I come in here to post about the topics/articles at hand. You don’t see me going into every thread repeating the same shit about Reid being the best coach and all his winning seasons, etc. Like you and other haters go on every thread regardless what it is about to say Reid sucks and he should be fired, or like tydm goes into every thread to say how Reid doesn’t run and we would win if we did and if we stopped the run. You people don’t have the brain power to form a conversation about anything other than your “propagandas”, hypocrite. Do you get it now?

  • Oh, and I forgot Caldwell in Indy along with Harbaugh, Ryan and Tomlin. Just another coach that was lucky enough to land in a successful franchise, and only Tomlin has won the SB.

  • I love the Eagles, like I said if Reid goes okay fine, if he stays okay lets go play ball. But hell don’t try to make Reid out for some villian, he beat the Steelers the last game they played, playing his style of ball, hell we sacked Roth like 4 or 5 times right. The point was this team was no good before Reid, the hell with weak NFC that charge can be laid on many a team in both conferences, but to hear a Eagle fan use that as a case against his own team is very telling. We loses to the Rams in the NFC Champ and people from philly were saying that the Eagles let them down….see you just came mega losing seasons, and games you got whipped in, you make it to the big Conf game lose close and your feelings are hurt.

    Frustrated no we are not frustrated, we are spoiled, arrogant, and feel entitled. I get what TYDM is saying and have no complaints about it, but if someone expresses the fact that they like the consistent winning seasons, then the all or nothing crowd calls those other guys kiss butts, stupid, FO guys, you can’t have it both ways Eagle fans if you want respect give it or hey take your shots like you give it.

    I am thankful for every wining season and every Conf champ game win or lose. At the same time I see the problems with this organization, and would be fine with the changes that you guys suggest should be done.

    See how that works we all disagree, but at the same time we agree, WOW. The die is cast like I said unless you are serious enough about your conviction to launch a fire Reid campaign then hey carry a towel while you piss in the wind.

  • Final remark, I love you guys, your fun, this site is fun, the Eagles are fun. We need to get over us.

    With or without Andy Reid….As always LONG LIVE THE EAGLES

  • I have examined this Eagles decision carefully and now conclude our Eagles would have been better off as kevin Kolb at the Helm for one reason………..

    ‘without Vick’s exceptional talent the world would have seen how overmatched Reid is as a coach and how average our overall talent is on the team. and after a 5 or 6 win season we as fans would have been relieved to finally see Reid outta here and maybe Lurie is now at this time waiting for a good coach from one of these teams in the Superbowl or one step better, calling in Dungy to get us back on track.

    But no……..

    Reid have escaped like David Copperfield by pulling off the greatest illusion possible.

    The switch and bait of Vick for Kolb have us here again hoping but in reality knowing that if this team is in a meaningful game with Reid at the helm the chances of us actually doing the things it would take to win are slim to none.

    At least with Kolb there would be no tricks or miracles to mask deficencies the team would have been horrible and I can live with that if it means a change in the way this team do business.

    But because of Vick’s play….we’re stuck.

    We’re stuck with a team that don’t know how to pick in the 1st round…(The Steelers are batting 1000 in the first round in the last decade while we trade up and down more than any other team only to wind up with lesser talent).

    because of Vick’s play….we’re stuck.

    Reid not altering his philosophy with his approach to the run game.

    because of Vick’s play….we’re stuck.

    With Reid’s constant blindspots ignoring a position of need…I mean how could you go into a year without addressing the middle linebacker or Center position after having two major surgeries on those positions?

    and don’t say they knew Jamar Chaney would be this good….if they did then he would have been starting in front of Bradley in the season opener…we lucked up

    And because of Vick’s play….we’re stuck.

    with Reid hiring offensive line coach Castillo to be the new Defensive Coordinator.

    And because of Vick’s play….we’re stuck.

    With Andy Reid…..

    We should have started Kolb

  • let me ask you this SportsBum….how many more years of Reids same results should we be willing to accept?….he will have us just competitive enough to mamke the playoffs…..maybe win one playoff game (but more recently failing in the 1st round)….just competitive enough…..how many more years of the same old thing?

    Please don”t not start with the overused “be careful what you wish for” warning….this isn’t the global economy we are talking about here…this is NFL football and the team that we all support….but how many years of slightly above-mediocore outcomes should we be willing to expect?

  • @Monolith – agree

  • Jeff Lurie says —– BUT YOUR TICKET SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE #$%^ UP
    Jeff Lurie says —–Want Andy fired $%^& you PAY ME
    Jeff Lurie says —–Want Andy to run more $%^& you PAY ME
    Jeff Lurie says —–Want Andy fired $%^& you PAY ME
    Jeff Lurie says —–Think I care about the Steelers $%^& you PAY ME

  • songs, earlier in the season I thought it was the opposite, Reid responsible for the transformation and elevated play of 7, but on reflection and seeing how it played out against better teams, starting with the giants, you are correct, 7 had to cover up for reid’s deficiencies in talent selection, game plan, and Vick essentially had to win it by himself, it never works that way

  • Haha west Philly, that’s right, you have it figured out

  • Another thing…I’m looking at Hines Ward in that photo and wonder…..would he be and Eagle at age 35 paid amongst the elite recievers? No

    The Eagles would have said he lost a step years ago and replaced him with a cheaper draft pick and we as fans would have ate it up and repeated the FO spin to justify such a move…..Think about it. The Steelers traded their first round pick Santonio Holmes who is faster, younger and clutch to the Jets ..yet held on to Ward.


    If you speak to Holmes he’ll tell you that working with Hines Ward, helped him to become the player he is and attributes his transition from college to the pros to the study and worth ethic he learned by watching Ward.

    That’s the difference between Steelers and the Eagles. Steelers do show loyalty to their players while Reid show loyalty to his coaches.

    Dawkins was older but was filled with knowledge that could have helped McDermott’s transition.

    Look at how Green Bay use Woodson. Where do you think they get that from?

    That’s how JJ used Dawk in his declining years and don’t think Woodson is not in part responsible for the success of Green Bay’s young secondary. They said in a Superbowl interview that Woodson gave them a wealth of knowledge and talks to them constantly on how to play in the secondary and study film with them on a regular.

    You need veteran know how on a team to be successful.

    The Eagles betrayed their veteran leadership and with that….Betrayed The Eagles Fan base.

    But don’t worry folks…..He have been ever so loyal to his coaches.

    He have padded his resume with wins and care more about his coaching fraternity than players and loyal fans and gets off by all the press about his coaching tree getting jobs around the league.

    He want so much to eclipse his mentor Mike Holmgren.

    Well Andy will never Eclipse Holmgren no matter how many jobs his coaches receives because Holmgren stayed loyal to his player as well as coaches……

    And Holmgren lifted that Lombardi ………and it didn’t take over a decade for him to do it.

    Remember the aging Eagles Holmgren signed from the Eagles? Reggie White, Seth Joyner, Keith Jackson…Green Bay was more loyal to our Eagles stars than any of our Front offices.

    Now Green Bay have rebuilt their team and will probably lift another Lombardi.

    When will we learn?

  • Pittsburgh pinched pennies for a minute too…ask Rod Woodson. But they learned from their mistakes. Man I miss Dawk he could’ve taught these young guys how to do it. can you imagine Jim in a roll like Woodson at a hybrid lb/s. There is so much pressure on Andy this year…this is a do or die year.

  • i like the choice
    i wanted jj (or myself)
    cant have either 1 i wanted so i’ll take some1 who used to work with jj everyday
    some1 who jj bounced his ideas off of for a near decade
    i’ll take it

  • bruce arians couldnt keep a job at temple
    who cares

  • andy’s job is on the line every yr yet he surpasses managements criteria year in and year out i suppose
    longest tenured coach in nfl and i swear his job is on the line every other year
    so ask yourself
    do u think andy gives a f about what we or the media think or feel

    he benched kevin kolb in a half he knows how much yall wanted him
    andy dont care
    earned my respect
    wont let media or fans coach his team
    still terrible on gamedays though

  • winning a SB would greater respect from me PW……aren’t you getting tired of the same ending EVERY year?

  • agreed but im also tired of complaining about it
    ive said for yrs andy’ front office material
    i love how he runs the ship 1 of the best
    i just hate how he navigates it when we r on a mission
    gameday coaching and adjusments terrible
    to be honest its like andy needs a coach to coach him

    we cant get andy out green i know u have learned that

  • agreed agreed agreed PW…..there is no reason to believe that he will every change his gameday tactics and failures…..I don’t give him as much respect on the FO side….I hate the small defensive linemen that he favors picking, but he has done pretty goodlately with the DJax, Shadey & Maclin picks…..don’t like the All-ACL teams that he tries to put together either….but you are correct, our complaints will go nowhere since that is the same place that Andy is going…nowhere

  • game day adjustments, terrible
    personnel selections, terrible
    record against winning teams, decidedly terrible
    time management,terrible
    public relations, terrible

    and reid didn’t make decision to bench 4

    mr pw, i bet you are also a fan of capt. smith(titanic)

  • greenfan,

    It depends…… If this decision to hire Castillo as the D-Coordinator fails…… I expect him to be gone by the end of his contract…… If the Eagles improve to the point where they make consecutive deep runs the next 2 years, I would want him to get an extension…… It isn’t me being satisfied with only getting to the NFC championship game or the SB….. It is me understanding that there are no guarantees to win a SB.

    If Reid is able to get us that close year after year, I will bank on him eventually getting there and winning a SB. I would rather keep a coach that gets us that close every year and gives us a really good shot, then start over with a new coach in hopes that they will be the one. If Reid kept making the playoffs, making deep runs into them……. I can guarantee that he will eventually win a SB. It would just be a matter of time.

    Finding good coaches isn’t as easy as you all think, and if you think that this ownership is as bad as you say they are…… What makes you think that they will EVER find a coach that is anywhere near as good as Reid? You won’t put your trust into Reid, but you will put your trust into the same ownership that you all criticize. Doesn’t make sense.

    This is the same fanbase though that used to bash Manuel and Phillies ownership year after year, then as soon as they won…… They care about the fans and Manuel is a great coach.

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