• August 8, 2022

NFL Hall Of Fame Voters Spend Over Seven Hours Debating

The NFL Hall of Fame selection show will be coming up in about half an hour.   According to Tony Grossi of Cleveland Plain Dealer the reporters who are voting on who will go into the Hall of Fame took 7 hours and 25 minutes to decide on this year’s selections.

He broke down the time which was spent one each perspective member.

The people who are going t vote  He said they had their longest discussion about Ed Sabol who created NFL Films which has helped to popularize the NFL to fans worldwide.

He said they talked 37 minutes about Sabol, who I believe belongs in the Hall of Fame but not with the players.

The player who they talked about the second longest amount of time was Deion Sanders.  He said they talked about Deion for 32 minutes.

Next up was wide receiver Andre Reed, whom they talked about for 31 minutes.

• Running back Marshall Faulk: 22 minutes.

• Running back Jerome Bettis: 19 minutes.

• Linebacker Chris Hanburger (senior nominee): 19 minutes.                            

• Running back Curtis Martin: 17 minutes.

• Linebacker Les Richter (senior nominee): 16 minutes.

• Defensive end Richard Dent: 15 minutes.

• Center Dermontti Dawson: 14 minutes.

• Receiver Cris Carter: 13 minutes.

• Defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy: 12 minutes.

• Tight end Shannon Sharpe: 12 minutes.

• Offensive tackle Willie Roaf: 11 minutes.

• Receiver Tim Brown: nine minutes.

• Defensive end Chris Doleman: six minutes.

• Defensive end Charles Haley: six minutes.

After reading this, who do you think will go into the Hall of Fame this year?

I think Marshall Faulk, Deion Sanders, Dermonti Dawson, Charles Haley, Jerome Bettis, Cris Carter, and Ed Sabol should get in this year.

Who do you think should go into the Hall of Fame?


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One Comment

  • I think the following 6 Players should be Voted in

    DE’s Richard Dent and Charles Haley
    RB’s Marshall Faulk and Jerome Bettis
    CB/PR Deion Sanders
    WR Chris Carter

    The Others are all very good players but are not HOF worthy at this time
    in my opnion..

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