• August 8, 2022

Super Bowl XLV Chat With G. Cobb

The stage is set everybody.  You’ve got the Ben Roethlisberger and that killer defense versus Aaron Rodgers and that savage defense of the Packers.  Of course turnovers will play a key role in this game.  I think this one is going to be exciting and high-scoring and will come down to the final seconds.

Let’s enjoy it.


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  • Did everybody see Donovan representing the Redskins in that pre game piece? They must have taped it earlier in the season.

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  • G-Cobb its pretty simple. The two best defenses play in the big game. We need players on the defensive side of the ball. Besides upgrading the right side of the oline. All efforts need to be on defense.

  • We do need defensive players. We don’t really have a dominating players upfront. Trent Cole is a good player, but he wears down and can be blocked one on one

  • Both teams have about five defensive players upfront that are superior to our guys.

  • Christina was terrible.

  • Speed is going to be a key because everybody looked fast on that kickoff.

  • Garry I don’t trust the talent evaluation on the defensive side of the ball. I think Jim masked that throughout his time here, but now it’s coming home to roost.

  • The Packers used a different set against that running play

  • the Steelers have got two hits on Rodgers

  • That RT is having problems.

  • that was a big play for Green Bay. Nelson has got to come down with that one.

  • If you can’t stop the run, they won’t have to pass

  • You’re right about the shaky talent evaluation. They don’t have exceptional people upfront.

  • Yo, what up with that dude sucking on that guys finger, then smelling the guys pants

  • We have one playmaker on defense (Samuel). I’ve thought the staff has tried to sell us a bill of goods with a lot of the players (Mikell, Bradley, Cole). I don’t trust they’ll fix it.

  • Good effort by Starks on that conversion.

  • The Steelers attack the line of scrimmage

  • What’s the best commercial so far?

  • Steelers defense is not impressing me, G. It’s a matter of time before GB exploits them

  • Woodley is coming.

  • A-Rod is not going to live that moment down.

  • That was a good throw and nice catch.

  • That was a great throw and nice catch. Did you hear the talk of balance? Is Andy Reid listening?

  • Do you think Andy would have been running the ball at all against the league’s best run defense?

  • Andy didn’t run the ball against poor rushing defenses.

  • I don’t think the Steelers are going to be able to block the Packers front seven.

  • You have to put the Steelers away because they will come back.

  • The Doritos ad bringing everything to life gets my vote so far.

  • Now it’s the Teleflora Faith Hill ad.

  • Time for the burgh to transform

  • Driver has got to get the first down on that play

  • Big ben

  • I’ve been anonymously reading on this this but it has finally let me create a user name, now i can finally type my opinions and not just read others

  • You can write all you want about this steelers defense but with the way big ben is playing it doesnt matter who is on the team. Could you imagine a big ben vs jay cutler super bowl?

  • Do you see how they get out of the huddle quickly and make the adjustments against the blitz? That was a great throw and catch.

  • Rodgers makes it look easy but big ben makes it look hard

  • You’ve got to jam that guy coming down the seam or you can’t play that defense.

  • The team that is a passing team and a bad run D is winning, 21-3. Go figure. You would think with all the “experts” on this site (not talking about you G or the actual writers), Steelers would be dominating. Must be a fluke.

  • That guy in the Chevy commercial looked like Kevin Kolb…

  • I wish that the Eagles were playing right now.

  • The Packers lost three defensive backs in one drive

  • Who’d a thought at the end of the half we’d see the Steelers with 21 pass attempts, 11 carries with 3 of the carries by Roethlisburger being flushed out. Packers with 16 pass attempts and 7 runs

  • One thing that i notice, is that the Steelers WR’s outside of Hines Ward are speedy guys but not strong enough and cannot get any seperation for the Packers DB’s.. (reminds me a lot of the Eagles WR’s. Now with injuries to Shields & Woodson, the Steelers WR’s are getting open 1st half went pretty
    much as I expected.. Packers get the ball for the 2nd half kick-off and could really tighten the noose if they put a good drive together and come out with some points.. I expect the Steelers to make their adjustments and put the clamps down on the Packer offense

  • We’ll probably see a lot more passes by Big Ben given they’re not running well right now and GBs secondary starters not able to play due to injuries. If GB doesn’t find a way to pressure and contain Big Ben then it migh be shootin’ fish in a barrel

  • Then again, without the stiff secondary GB might wind up softening against the run by setting deeper

  • Without woodson, capers loses many of his exotic blitzes. I’m excited to see what they try to do in the 2nd half.

  • Black Eyed Peas shanked this one! It sounds like crap.

  • The key to the game will be whether the Green Bay defensive backs can play in the second half. If they can’t the Steelers are going to throw the ball. The Packers pass rush hasn’t been able to get there

  • I still cannot believe the Packers depth… It seems like they have had 50 legit guys that can play and possibly start on their team this year, plus huge lines, and some stars… translates to a Super Bowl winner…

  • I think both defenses will be more agressive in the 2nd half. The Packers will be in trouble if both Woodson & Shields can’t play and may go to a soft cover 2 which will open the middle of the field.. I think Steelers are ready to amp it up a notch and really comee after Rodgers. 1st drive opening the 2nd half will be critical for both teams on what team sets the tone for remainder of the game

  • Black eye Peas are not my cup of tea..how about some rock n roll…

  • @paulman – good points and GBs 2nd half opening drive could be the difference in the game good or bad for GB.

  • I’m expecting a lot of delayed blitzes with clay matthews in the second half

  • It’s all going to come down to whether Woodson, Shields and Collins can play or not

  • No woodson means they lose a versitile piece to their defense

  • It seems like every greenbay corner is good

  • That woodson injury is HUGE

  • In hindsight McDermott didn’t do so bad.

    Green bay scored 21 in one half……isn’t that what they scored all game against us?

  • A big thing I noticed also is the field conditions, I believe the freezing temps all week have maybe made the surface blelow the tuft very hard.. I noticed players loosing their footing and many players are getting hurt once hitting this hard surface..(reminds me of the surface at the Vet a bit)

  • can’t believe he dropped that !

  • I think Mcdemott was fired over things we couldn’t see. I think it could of been over players not buying into his system or his lack of leadership with the players. Other then that i don’t think he was given enough credit for the game against the packers

  • seeing a lot of slipping for this field by both teams.

  • – paulman didn’t see you post while making mine…

  • Another big drop by Packer WR Jones which probably goes as a TD, now after punt return the Steelers have got the momentum and if they put up 7, this game is theirs ..

  • I think Mendenhall broke his hand on the end of the run…Players are dropping like flies.. He comes my MVP Steeler RB M Moore

  • Mcdermott made the defense too complex, they wanted someone in there that was a good teacher and that simplified things

  • Packers looked gassed and lost without Woodson on the field.. their body language,positioning and technique look poor

  • Suprisingly the steelers are attacking on the ground with the packers missing key parts of the secondary

  • haha with castillo at helm i dont expect anything less than a simple defense

  • Capers better get real creative to keep the Steelers down in this half and he hasn’t found it yet. That was way too easy and it looks like GB has lost their edge on both sides of the ball.

  • New stratagy for the steelers: keep the ball out of big bens hands until after the two minute warning, just keep giving it to mendenhall

  • This just in guys!!!!!

    To steal the Super Bowl thunder Andy just announced he’s signing “Mini Me” to return kicks and kick field goals.

    2 positions he played in pee wee league and he’s been telling andy for years hoping the opportunity would come.


  • Keep an eye on the return game.. Packers without Shields and probably don’t want to use Tramon Williams so they are losing a little bit with J Nelson returning kicks..

  • @ PhillySupremacy. Hahaha in all honesty we don’t have any smart players besides asante, they had no choice

  • Packers receivers aren’t helping Rodgers, that’s for sure.

  • I think I spoke too soon. LOL, but I rather have Pittsburgh win anyway. Can’t stand GB.

  • The impact of getting hit across the middle eventually wears on the WR’s
    PAckers Receivers are playing with the yelps right now.. Driver hurt, Jennings took big pop on the TD reception and now Jones/Nelson both drop catchable passes because I think their were worrying where the hit was going to come from..Intimidation does not show up in thet Stats,but it’s effect and impact do when facing a physical secondary.. I remember and it was not long ago, when the Eagles had a physical secondary..but no longer do…

  • The Packers have lost the momentum. They’re a very talented group but they don’t focus for an entire game. It’s going to be very tough for them to hold off the Steelers.

  • We all need to root for GB.. THEY BEAT US

  • Gcobb your right but they lost woodson the heart and soul of that defense, that effects the entire team

  • It’ll look pathetic for us if the steelers win their seventh super bowl when we don’t even have one.

  • I think the Packers will tighten up here on D. Looks like it will come down to the end. Aaron Rodgers seems to have gotten onto a little cold streak…

  • Big Bwn missed that one. Should have been a TD to an open WAllace.. Now a hit to Ward open 15 yda in the middle.. PAckers are on their heels big time

  • @PhillySupremacy – I hear yah but can’t agree. It already looks pathetic with them having 6 to the Eagles big fat ZERO

  • Hines Ward……he’s over the 30 yr mark

    Do you think he would still be on the Eagles at age 35?

    Eagles are loyal to coaches not players

  • That was a Oh Yeah, he still has the ball, I’ll go tackle him!

    Nice Stop!

  • Big Ben isnt playing too well? For the past two weeks the analysts were raving about how his experience is invaluable but with all of those missed throws i’ve concluded that winning two super bowls doesn’t get rid of those butterflies.

  • The steelers aready have more than us were not catching them anyway

  • 3rd and 13–play of the game so far, Sack makes a further FG.. Bad play there and need to get at least 5 yds on that play.. Missed FG means good field position for the Packer Offense

  • Pittsburgh had better not be relying on that kicker to win it all.

  • This game has been all mendenhall and jordy nelson

  • Questionable play call on that, why throw to a 5th string WR in Swain..It would be like the Eagles ounting on Chad HAll to come up with a big play
    I sense a little panic with the Packers…

  • Another bad pass by Big Ben, Wallace was open and ball high and behind him..Neither QB is playing at a Super Bowl Level right now …

  • I wanted the Eagles to draft TE Quarless last year.. I think he has a bright future in the NFL

  • The packers are playing messy and without any foundation whatsoever. They have to go back to simple routes and gain more momentum

  • WR Swain, never had possession of the ball, no catch,no fumble, 4th Down

  • Random thought
    Are there no Barber Shops in Green Bay.. What’s the Deal..

  • @paulman I guess the packers and the vikings are friends after all…

  • They just keep giving them short fields but this one was too much. Can GB keep the points off the board on this drive? Not likely.

  • Green Bay can’t find one guy to catch the football. All #16 had to do was catch the football and sit on the ground.

  • Just keep pounding around that right side.. Steelers are getting 4-5-6-7 yrds every time.. then a play action pass and the big pass will be availalbe.. watch for that drag route by Wallace again or maybe they will use Randle El to the opposite Sideline which will be open

  • The penalty by #53 cost them about 25 yards. Do all these guys know the rules of the game.

  • Steelers dont want to take the lead until after the two minute warning so i expect 3 kneels

  • you got that one right G. The receivers are killing them!

  • I can appreciate the way the Steelers are tough mentally. These other teams aren’t as tough and that’s why Pittsburgh is likely to win their 7th Super Bowl title.

  • These defenses are almost identical

  • They friggin’ kept them from scoring!

  • Wonder where WR G Jennings went.. wonder if he got a slight concussion on the TD reception he caught and then get smacked by Palomula..Haven’t seen Jennings even have a pass his way since then..

  • Green Bay can’t put together a drive

  • Troy P is a monster…. packs on the move

  • If GB comes away with no points on this drive I cant see them winning

  • Whats the record for most drops in a super bowl?

  • Steelers corners can’t stop Nelson but nelson keeps dropping everything

  • Dumb play call, looks like the EAgles..on a 1st and goal from the 2..

  • Aaron Rodgers is the best in the league idc what anyone says. As of right now he is the best

  • There he is Paulman

  • Paulman spke too soon

  • It’s amazing the Steelers D is this good with this pair of CB’s they have..
    They look lost all gamge and Polamula has not been the same player sinvce getting injured in Early December, he’s out there but you can see he has very little explosion and top end speed that he usually has..

  • Finally somebody caught the football. I’ve never seen a team drop so many passes in a Super Bowl

  • Think about all the injuries the packs have and they haven’t missed a beat unreal

  • Paulman the Steelers DB stink. They cant cover. The pressure helps them out alot. #20 Keenan Lewis and Townsend stink. They arent any better than the Eagles DBs.

  • Here we go.. Big Ben needs to make plays down the field as do the Steeler receivers.. Down by 11 points and 2scores, I would come in with 4 Wr’s and spread the field out and run a hurry up right here…Steelers only have 1 Time Out left, They need to pick up the pace…

  • Steelers are dominant bc of there Dline and Linebackers not corners

  • Its all about the pass rush and the scheme. The steelers have a pass rush that doesn’t require any blitzes but they do anyway to cut the time in half. Its amazing how good the pass rush makes their secondary look

  • Steelers are taking way too much time between plays here,,

  • Big Ben is going to get picked off on one of those bubble routes if he’s not careful, They need to keep attacking the middle of the field without Woodson playing..

  • looked like an Ellis Hobbs cover d

  • Clutch TD Throw by Big Ben

  • nice play call on the 2 pt conversion

  • Beautiful pass and catch on that TD, nice 2 pt conversion play..
    Does anyone think that Chad Halls takes that pitch into the end-zone..

  • After watching the packers and steelers D, I’ve decided that rory segrest was why mcdermott got fired, Imagine having one of these pass rushes on the eagles,

  • Green Bay is breaking down and not staying focused mentally. They miss Woodson back there to put his foot up some of those guys butts.

  • If GB wins its going to make me sick thinking about how close we were to beatin them..Im predicting a clutch drive by Rodgers here to put it away

  • The packers havn’t run the ball since the first half

  • Wonder if Andy Reid is calling the plays for the Packers.. 9 rushing attempts and probably 2 since their big lead of 21-3

  • I spoke too soon

  • Do the Eagles have anyone WR who can make that type of tough catch in coverage when you know you are going to get hit…

  • This #22 for the Steeler is horrible, He never knows where the ball is..

  • Kind of like the Eagles, I don’t like throws to WR short of the end-zone.. too risky

  • the championchip belt celebration is coming

  • with two minutes left big ben has to score a touchdown. This is all that he is good for. The packers dont want to be in this situation but the one timeout will help them.

  • If the packs would have scored a TD it would have been game over now they’re giving ben a chance to march down the field

  • I hate to say it but this is prime for a steelers come from behind victory. Needless to say, GB specil teams and D better come up really big here…

  • special teams did there job.

  • You’ve got to stay humble and not take those penalties

  • if you think of all the drops that Packers have had, this game would have not even been close, so much for the vaunted Steeler Defense
    LB’s Woodley,Harrison and safety Polamula have not had very good games or made any plays…

  • Damn the last thing I wanna see is the other team in the same state as us get Another ring..This is what Big Ben does at the end of big games and what McNabb couldn’t do for us

  • Here goes Big Ben, this looks very familiar lol

  • I still see the packers winning, the big ben isnt giving off a winning vibe

  • Game over, eagles have lost to the best

  • wow, GB held them! Great game by GB! Especially considering the injuries they had in this game alone.

  • Not a good series by Big Ben or the Steelers Offense.Congrats to PAckers.

  • Tramon Freakin Williams again, the packs are a great great team, THIS COULDA. BEEN US YALL

  • not enough contact…that is a catch mike wallace has to make

  • I always said whoever won the eagles vs packers matchup would win the superbowl


  • Come into the Chat room. All you need to do it click up at the top of the page. My I.T. guy just put in a Chat Room during the game.

  • IF we had half the injuries the packs had we wouldn’t of won this game

  • @EaglesBirdGsng – I love the Eagles but they were no where near the team that GB was this year so, no I don’t it coulda the us yall.

    Congrats the the Packers and McCarthy – great coaching this year!

  • The better team won this game.. You cannot make 3 Turnovers in the Super Bowl and expect to win.. stupid penalties too, that one on the kick-off was a stupid one.. Big Ben just didn’t have that good of a game all day..Threw a few good passes here and there, but they didn’t attackt the wounded Packer Secondary early enough in the 2nd half to take advantage of the PAckers being short-handed in my opinion

  • Does anybody not see the Packers making it here again next year? I mean they just won a Superbowl without Finley,Grant,Barnett,Woodson, Driver u can keep going…Unless Rodgers goes down the Pack are the top team right now. The Eagles better look at this and load up in Free Agency

  • Brett Favre is officially having the worst year ever

  • I don’t even see the Eagles in the Post-Season next year at this point..
    They need at least 3-4 Fee-agent pick=ups on Defense at DE,LB,CB,S as well as upgrades to the OL and get at least a RT or RG

  • Stopped in to check you guys and what do I get a whole lot of Eagle Bi#$ching, see you guys later, damn Eagles Fans Vocal Minority, forget it I am tired of listening.

  • Everybody should come into the Chat Room. All you need to do is click on chat room up at the top of the page.

  • There goes the theory you can’t win a SB without a running game. The Pack ran the ball likke 11 times the whole game.

  • Dixiefan i agree, now we’ll never be able to convince AR n MM that you have to run the ball.

  • Dixie I was about to post the same thing. Cant wait to show tydm and drummer. 11 times is all the Packers had to run it. And we complained for 2 weeks when Andy only run it 12 times in the playoff games. Hmmmmm?

  • yeah but they ran the ball 20+ times against Eagles,Falcons, and bears so to get there 3 out 3 they ran,,,this SB Big ben gave them the game, hell packers started at 50 like 3 times

  • so now 24 of the last 26 ran ball 28+ lol

  • if Steelers play their game and not think ben was montana and have a more balanced attack there is a diff outcome,,,,ben passed 40 times and mendanhall ran 14 ……Packers with the turnovers only played half the field alot so there would not be much runs….lol but if any QB can get away with throwing Rodgers can ben can’t…..besides Packers still have my big three or atleast most of it 1) 2 players with 10+sacks or more(they have 1 in Mathews) Reid has no great LB’s let alone ones that blitz 2) run 28+ times Packers ran 23+ 3 out of 4 playoff games Reid would not do that 3)QB have pocket passer with 65 passing % Packers HAVE rodgers Reid QB with has 61 % this season and 56 passing % in playoffs

  • Please STOP mentioning Brett Favre!!! Let him MOVE ON!!!

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