• August 8, 2022

Report: Eagles To Sign CFL Defensive End Phillip Hunt

According to Adam Caplan, the Eagles will sign CFL defensive end Phillip Hunt.  He must have been quite impressive on the video tape because the Eagles are one of the many teams interested in him.

The Houston Texans, New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns and Minnesota Vikings have all expressed interest in Hunt.

Hunt was drafted out of college, so he headed north to Canada.  He dominated Canadian football in 2010 as a pass rusher.  He led the league with 16 sacks while playing for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The former Houston Cougar was an outstanding college pass rusher who was the Conference USA Player of the Year in 2008.

He’s got to make a decision by February 15th.

The Birds are trying to reproduce what the Dolphins did with Cameron Wake, who had 14 sacks a year ago and went to the Pro Bowl.


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  • Here’s some of his video from his draft workouts….


    Notice the tackle he’s working out against is Fenuki Tupou. Now I imagine he’s stronger and bigger now so maybe he’s good here…… Pressure with the front four is the goal and you need to challenge these De’s since it doesn’t appear that we’ll be drafting any this year.

  • Totally different game there. Hopefully he can be a steal. We need to stop looking under rocks and take some chances.

  • 6′ 2″ 260 went undrafted. signed with cleveland as a free agent and was cut. Then went to the canadian league.

  • If washburn thinks he can play then make it so. As wide as the canadian field is they should be able to find a cornerback too.

  • Looks like a rotational player but at 6-1″ 250 lbs and another fastball could
    be a nice addition to Cole,Parker,Tapp,Teo & Sapp at DE for 2011 Season ..
    Most likely DE B Graham will not play the early part of 2011 and maybe miss the entire season as he recovers from his late season Knee Injury/Surgery so I think this move helps solidify the position and this also tells me that the Eagles
    will remain small and fast (Coach AR likes it) and is not going to change whether Washburn is coaching the DL or not..
    Didn’t NFL Sack leader Cameron Wake from the Dolphins come from the CFL..

  • Everyone wants to come here now with this coaching staff! I hope Kevin Kolb can recruit another Houston alumn tearing up the arena football league.

  • Aaron Rodger just peed his pants a little.

  • Aaron Rodgers sits when he pees.

    Im so tired of the term “fastballs”…more like wiffle ball fastballs.Stop with that..it was relevant when we had more then one d-line who played with fury and caused problems.

    He’ll get cut by the Birds and go too TB and finish with 12 sacks.

    But seriosly..like b-vid said…if Wash likes him get em on the field AR.

  • He was listed as 6’1″ and 248lbs. The Eagles are hell- bent on proving that their philpsophy works.This guy was a free agent with the Browns and went to CFL.
    Maybe they expect another Reggie White. Only a handful of CFL players were successful in the NFL. I’m sure he has a high motor and that Howie is excited to sign him.

  • Well that cinches it. They fixed their D

  • i love this move

  • I’ll tell ya…from the video on the right he looks damn quick off the ball.

    I know he prob going against scrub lineman…but he looks quick off the ball and that is a Washburn staple

  • Now if they can talk OT’s T Tomas or J Runyan out of Retirement
    this team may have a shot at next year’s SB…
    I heard this fellow Hunt could play a little OLB and return Kick-Offs…

  • under the direction of juan castro , this guy will end up with 22 sacks and be defensive mvp of the nfl . that is if there even is a season!. maybe they will all be playing in the cfl next year!

  • Just had to laugh
    Anyone notice the OL blocking him during last year Senior Bowl week drills was none other than Oregon’s Feniku Topou who was drafted and re-signed by the
    the Eagles… good grief.. What goes around comes around I guess…

  • I have an idea. How about Hunt and the Eagles play in the CFL. We can win a championship! I’ve love a parade with the Grey Cup trophy down Broad Street. This is a step up from Jawworki’s arena bowl championship. The road to the Grey Cup has officially started here in Philly. Let’s knock the crap out of some Canuck’s.

  • Per Vinnie from Ontraio
    The Toronto Argonauts are very interested in QB K Kolb…

  • could andy win the grey cup ? with that big open field up there he would probably run the ball .

  • another fastball that couldn’t make an NFL roster.

    There was a guy named Julius Peppers last off season who the Eagles thought was not worth outbidding Chicago for….If he’s on our team …..Chicago does not make the playoffs and we’re probably holding a trophy right now. But don’t worry guys. Washburn will turn our players up front into the 86′ bears. “Sheesh”..Guys for real.

    Have you all ever seen such fan fare for position coaches?

    We’re really grasping at straws and it’s beginning to look pathetic.

    Sign freakin players with high pedigree!!!!

    When you have veteran leadership on the team…..Pay them!!!!

    Position coaches can not do a damn thing if the players are not better the the other team’s players!!!!!!


    I’m reading about a guy from the CFL and Juan Castillo as Defensive Coordinator?

    we promote the guy who coached the worse part of our team last year. The offensive line was atrocious and we reward the coach by handing over the defense to him.

    I wish this was horseshoes ..Now, that’s a sport you can actually win it all getting close.

  • Come on now. This is another one of the numerous DEs the Eagles would bring to camp to be cut or not even play because he can’t or the coaches are dumb. Where are all the guys that were drooling over the Derrick Burgess resigning. They should be really hyped on this, right?

    Just stop it with the undersized “high motor”, speed guys that wear down at the end of the year and get pushed around. In my opinion, they need to get pressure from the DT position. You get pressure there it helps your DEs a lot more than adding another rotational guy.

  • We always have to go after the guys that come from a small school or cast offs like this guy and Rod “he hate me” Smart. Just stop it. Please.

  • Songsrme2–Julius Peppers made it clear BEFORE FA started that he was going to Chicago. Philly wasn’t in his plans–ever.

  • I agree bobbyuk
    Eagles had no chance at Pepper’s.. He was not intersted in coming to Philly
    Just like Asmagoah this year..

  • For all of you who are complaining, whining, bitching and moaning about this – GROW UP. The Eagles lose 0 —– 0! from signing this guy. It affects their ability to sign other players how much? Not at all. Not a tiny bit. It presents a possibility for upside? Sure it does. Great one? Maybe not, just a CFL guy…

    But you guys act like the Eagles think this was a huge steal, and a big FA move. Nope. They know it’s taking a flyer on a guy that either could be a nice surprise or nothing – a training camp cut.

    So no risk, potentially high reward. If you’re a GM, you do that. If you’re a fan complaining about it, you just plain DONT GET IT.

  • Does everyone still think that Schiller is really Joe Banner…
    C’Mon Joe, relax, it’s a Friday and have yourself a cocktail…

  • I am holding a Karma clinic this coming spring. Hey Jakedog (If your out there) how are you doing brother? Anyway we are having an Eagle Nation citizenship drive if you are interested.

    Nah just being silly fellas, Schiller is right though they lose nothing by bringing the guy for a look, well maybe some pocket cash but now of us is footing that bill, and if he turns out to be another Walker then “Imagine that!”

  • Let’s bring in all the high motor guys in the world with nothing to lose and all the upside potential in the world. It’s like dating a bus load of sweat hogs hoping that one will turn into a ravishing beauty with a little luck.

  • paulman
    February 11, 2011 – 6:40 pm
    Does everyone still think that Schiller is really Joe Banner…
    C’Mon Joe, relax, it’s a Friday and have yourself a cocktail
    They are cleaning their pencil protectors and retaping their glasses and sitting down to a nice cup of hot chocolate and fantasizing about money.

  • Believe it or not, some complaining about his size have actually over-stated his height weight. He is actually 6 foot even, and weighed in last yr at 235lbs. So he is beyond a “bit undersized” and if he plays DE in our 4-3 system, he would be the SMALLEST DE in a 4-3 scheme in the entire NFL. Now that doesnt mean he cant play, but it does mean its just another BIG strike against him. My only reason for optimism is that Washburn wanted him, and there is no risk on our part. The ONLY comparison to Cameron Wake is that they both played well in the CFL. Wake was the MVP of the league 2 years running, this guy led the league in sacks for one year. Wake is also the size a DE should be (even he is on the smaller side and he is 6’3+ and 250lbs +, so even though Wake is tech “undersized”, he is over 3 inches taller and over 20+ lbs heavier) Now don’t get me wrong, I want him to be the next former CFL player who becomes an NFL star more than ANYONE. My issue is that the Eagles philosophy of drafting severely undersized DE’s has proven to be ineffective, yet the stubborness of Reid and Co. still goes after the tiny guys, and this guy is the tiniest of them ALL. I dunno what to thunk anymore. I will admit that I am not NEARLY as willing to just go with the “andy knows best/Andy obv knows more than I do so I will continue to have faith until he gives me reason not to” line I went with for so long, bc Andy has now given us a multitude of reasons why we shouldnt have blind faith. I dont see how letting him compete is a negative thing, but I hope Andy isnt considering this “the answer” opposite Trent Cole until Graham is ready.He is smaller than Fokou, and I just dont see how it is even possible for someone of his size and stature has a chance of being successful against guys who have 6 inches and 1lbs on him. Guess well see, but it seems like Andy is OBSESSED with bringing in guys who are suited for a 3-4 pass-rushing LB and putting them out of position as a 4-3 DE. Time will tell, but odds are beyond against him…

  • Paulman, very funny. But fact is, you ignored the content of my post and went for a surface level joke/jest. If you’re not man enough to address the content of my post, so be it. But that deserves to be noted. I post something legit, you go with a juvenille joke. What does that say about your content and the point you’re making. It’s fun to say stuff like ‘ha, you butthead’, but how does that contribute to the discussion, or does it at alll?

  • I guess we are ready for pitchers and catchers and the draft…. this is much to do about nothing. A 235 lineman playing in a pass first, second and third league against Flutie-sized lineman is not worth writing about. Paul, I think Runyan just got elected in Jersey, so he is probably off the radar screen. Darn, Birds need the dude’s moxie.

  • What’s the point Schiller,
    I wouldn’t say signing this player is of any significance do you..

  • Paul, the point is that what I said was common sense, entirely unrelated to support for the team/FO or lack thereof. The move is of significance TBA. Man, sometimes I think you have a unique, entirely different sense of time than most humans Paul. Pickup a dictionary and lookup the word (trust me, it’s in there even if you haven’t heard of it) “F U T U R E”. “Future”.

    Any situation in any professional domain (not just sports), where an employer hires (or ‘signs’) a person, that hiring or signing cannot be judged for how good it was BEFORE THE PERSON REPORTS FOR WORK! Especially MONTHS before the first second of reporting for work. With the date and time of that first second not even determined clearly at the moment.

    What about the next president of the united states. Was that a good election by our country? I don’t know yet, but given the way you see things, you already know right?

    I’m not trying to be an ass or condescending or anything. I’m trying to point out that we don’t freaking know anything about what this guy will or will not do for the Eagles. I also don’t know what I’m going to do next year on 2/12/12. But I do know that it is possible Hunt does good or great things for the Eagles, and that signing him presents 0 risk to the Eagles and/or their ability to improve the team otherwise. Yet you, and others here, want to criticize the team anyway.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, It’s that frivolous, senseless negativity in, and in your case about, Philadelphia, that I believe plays a role (maybe not a huge role), in messing with players heads. Key players at key times. Like Donovan, Iverson, coaches too… etc. If people just throw critique around that is baseless and it’s accepted (and not pointed out like what I’m doing here), it just perpetuates and reinforces itself. And the negativity builds (anyone disagree there? I doubt it), and permeates the psyche of the town. Hence phrases like ‘the Eagles will never win a SB under Andy Reid’. Aint true, it might become true, but it cannot be a true statement at this time.

  • Ghost busters people, I’m talking massive negativity, metropolis size negativity. GhostFREAKINbusters. It has an effect on the sports teams, a bad one. It holds them/us back from getting championships – not alone, but it contributes.

  • another waste of a project…. if the Eagles were decent at drafting defensive talent they wouldnt be scouting this clown…

  • just more lame excuses Schiller, putting the cart before the horse, look across the street at the bank, no “massive negativity” there, this fo and this coach, including his once star pupil, no.5, have earned our presumptions of futility, could it change in a heart beat?, maybe but unlikely, so until significant changes occur on the field, like songs I am not going to be overly excited about coaching changes at the position level, more negativity and presumptions of futility, deal with it

  • Jake, suit yourself. Guilty until proven innocent. That sounds backwards to me. Not a perfect metaphor, but I am truly an optimist. And notice, I’m not saying they will win a sb, I’m saying we can’t know they won’t.

  • 12 years of guilty verdicts schiller

  • There goes Schiller again,
    Preaching to all the fans not to 2nd guess anything Coach AR or the Eagle FO does and to keep drinking the Eagle Kool-Aid..
    Well Schiller, Maybe you like to shower in the Kool-Aid, but many of us fans are way beyond frustrated with many of the moves Coach AR/FO have done over the years that have contributed to the Eagles not winning a Championship. more Improtantly, it is our right as fans to express concerns,opinions, future predictions for that what passionate fans do…
    Are we supposed to wait to the end of the Season and say, well if we only had a Kick Returner, A FB, more Pass Rushing from the front 4, Better CB’s, a Heavy Hitting Safety… Or after a bad game and say, I wish we had a more balanced attack and utilized one of the biggest weapons in RB McCoy more than we did… .I am not so sure why you get hell bent in telling people that can can’t predict the future, we do it all the time in society like predicting the Weather, the Financial Markets, Growth Industries, Food Crops and prices, Demographics, Political winners and losers, a Music Band’s Setlist,etc,etc,…
    This just sit on our hands wait to it happens that you embrace and then we can discuss it, is Un-American and not definitely not what a Sports Fan is …

  • Paul, I by no means intend to tell anyone what they can or cannot do, say, think, believe etc…and I haven’t. And there isn’t one objective definition of a sports fan. That’s utter bullshit. There are billions of different people and billions of different sports fans.

    Yeah, we predict shit all the time in soceity. I’m not saying we don’t. I’m saying we do it in spite of the fact that we suck at it. And since we suck at it, there is no reason to put any stock into predictions, jumed to conclusions, and assumptions. Yeah you, and others, predict correctly sometimes, but rarely, and only due to chance. Hey, you clearly love doing it, your the champ of making predictions. But when you or anyone treats a prediction like fact, that’s what I take issue with. When we let assumptions and predictions color how we perceive things, that’s problematic.

  • No arguments there jake. But what does that tell us? That reid hasn’t won a superbowl for the eagles for all twelve years. That’s all that tells us. Anything else is a subjective assumption.

  • I predict Gasoline Prices to rise to about $4-$5 A gallon within the month as chaos ensues in Eqypt and the secure passageway of Oil Tankers from the Suez Canal become threatened… Then the Oil Tankers will have to sail around
    the SOuthern Tip of Africa (Cape Horn) to get to the US causing 2-3 weeks delays in shipments causing a spike in Gas Prices…

  • Here’s a predicton Schill….you can tell us if this prediction will happen.

    If Andy Reid and the Eagles brass continue to do what they have done in the past…..We can predict that we’ll see the same result.

    No Superbowl win.

    Can we agree that this prediction is correct?

  • Paulman you are correct…but when the gas prices go up, don’t expect them to come down.

    The American people are being squeezed abd will lose their minds once they figure out their retirement, pensions, and benefits were sold to the banks during the so called Bail out. Get real friendly with your foreign troops on american soil…and get ready to bend over while russia and china get ready to stiff you.

    They had to wait for a black president to sell the american people to hell.

    Obama will be on the first thing smoking when hell breaks loose….get your guns and your food now!!!!

    get a passport to prepare for life outside the U.S. …you’re living in the calm before the storm. Whether or not there will be a football season will be the last of your worries.

  • Songs, I knew I often disagree with you, but I didn’t know you were Glenn Beck.

  • I am curious what you mean by ‘what they’ve done in the past’. I personally would like to see more running because I’m a huge Shady fan (pitt alumn) and I think he’s a better runner than Westbrook – that is between the tackles. So do you mean just the run/pass thing? But If you mean just with the run/pass stuff, that’s one thing. However, I don’t see it as always the same at all. I think Andy and the FO have done different things over the years. They’ve ignored the fullback position, and then gotten great ones. They’ve had shitty WRs and then got a big free agent. They tried drafting good WRs. They’ve tried different QBs (since McNabb). They just made some drastic coaching moves, some never done before (Juan), so by my book they can’t possible ‘do what they have done in the past’.

    So no Songs, I can’t agree with that.

    Even if they did ‘do the same thing’, whatever it is that you’re referring to, injuries, new players, what the other teams do or don’t do, those all factor into it. The SB champ is determined by who wins enough football games to get into the playoffs, and then doesn’t lose any, not just by what a coach does/says (though it factors in).

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    acute.. A sliver lining is that maybe after 5-10 Years of shortages and high prices,the the US Population will not be so obese,lazy & dumb as we are today..

  • Schill…thank you for telling us what determines a SB champ…I feel so much better now that you’ve explained absolutely nothing.

    When I commented the question on how can a team do the same things and expect a different results, others on here know exactly what I’m talking about and you’re defending their decisions will not change the results. NO SUPERBOWLS.

    After “JJ”died, Reid moved an inexperienced coach to replace him and didn’t think forward with an aging coach on staff.
    Remember Mcdermott?

    how do we fix it?

    Replace him with the offensive coordinator that coached the weakest part on the team.

    Now, we have an inexperienced coach who have never called a game, and after he fails the spin machine will start by saying, “It’s his first year in the position”. “Give Juan” a break”.

    Now Just substitute Sean for Juan in the quotes.Does that sound like the same thing?

    Reid’s repetative poor game day management with timeouts and challenges are known league wide and there’s nothing he has shown to tells us things will change.. his explanation every year? “UM, My bad there”.

    Same thing every year.

    He passed the ball in the past with bad recievers and did the same this year with an offensive line that clearly could not block pass rushers. You need good recievers and an offensive line for a succesful passing game that can win it all. Not one or the other. It may work a few tmes during the regular season but the goal of winning a Superbowl will never be reached.

    Moving up to draft Defensive linemen that are average or worse and does not make an impact. Jerome McDougal, Bunkley, now Now TRex arms Graham who had no impact this year. Same thing.

    We can excuse these moves by saying the same things in response to them doing the same things.

    “Give them a chance” “It’s too early to say they are busts”….Well, apply that to a list of players we drafted in the 1st round on the defensive side. A matter of fact…apply those qoutes to all of them.

    How many of the defensive linemen we plucked or trade up for in the 1st round made the pro bowl? name one?

    Same thing.

    Every year our undersized defensive ends starts off well and fall off the map by the end of the year, yet we refuse to get big, strong, defensive ends who can make it through a complete season.

    We go out and get a CFL end under 250 lbs.

    same thing

    If you want freaking 3-4 rushing linebackers then get girth in the middle of the line and switch to a 3-4.

    get a freakin kick off returner instead of the same thing year in and year out.

    Is that enough Schill?

    or do you want more?

  • songs, please, no more, just can’t take any more….

  • Not to pile on..
    I heard the Eagles are giving/expecting Chad Hall to be the Return guy and be at the # 2 RB behind McCoy since he has a “high motor and is a good kid
    who loves to play the game” good grief..

  • Why does Andy Reid think small defensive lineman work? We need some bigger monsters on both sides of the line….come on Andy get some beef in here!

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