• December 2, 2021

A Niners Fan Asked: Is The Seventh Pick Too Much For Kevin Kolb?

Mike Sando covers the NFC West Division for ESPN and he had a San Francisco 49ers fan ask him why NFL teams value unproven college talent over proven NFL veterans. He was aiming the question at Eagles backup quarterback Kevin Kolb. Everybody knows that the Niners are in desperate need of a quarterback.

Here’s what the fan wrote:

“These are unproven, college players. Kevin Kolb has been an NFL starting QB, has had success, and has a nice upside. If he were a collegiate player, he would surely go high — perhaps even with the No. 7 pick if he were as he is today. Can somebody, anybody, please, please give me a triple Oy Vey? I’d be all teeth to see the 49ers land Kolb and it doesn’t seem like a No. 7 pick is too much of a reach, given the state of the QB situation. Of course, I’d rather trade a large turkey leg, a Prince Purple Rain CD, a sack of frozen burritos, a case of frozen Otter Pops, a BBQ-slathered porksteak, and a gigantic bowl of corn for Kolb. Smile.”

There are NFL fans all over the league, who are desperate for their teams to make a trade and obtain a quality quarterback. Right now, Kolb’s value is at it’s highest point. We don’t need him to take another snap. We need to get him on to the roster of another team with the quickness.

You know the Eagles are somewhere saying yes, he’s worth the seventh pick and they’re saying it with a straight face.

I know Kevin loves to hunt and fish, but we need to stop him from doing any hunting or fishing before we get this deal done and have the draft picks acquired. We don’t want him to get hurt doing anything before we collect the draft picks.

What do you think we can get for Kevin?


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  • Certain teams it may be worth giving up a high pick. SF is one of them. They are a QB away from being a playoff team. The NFC West is awful. Seattle went 7-9 and made the playoffs. I think Kolb, especially with Harbaugh as HC, could be a 9-10 win team next year.

    It might be worth their 7th pick. As an Eagles fan, I would gladly take that pick.

  • I’d take the trade and consider dropping back 5 or so spots and pick up someones second as well. The top 10 costs a butt load of money. 1 thing I haven’t seen talked about…. A rookie pay scale actually lowers kolbs value.

  • I think we can get a first round pick for Kolb. The Eagles might never miss him, or they might be sorry they ever let him go – but I would take the chance.

  • @stevo..Rookie pay scale doesn’t really hurt Kolb’s value in my opinion. He only makes like 1.2 million this year. Plus someone can sign him on the cheap before he plays a down.

  • songs, I hope you and your wheel barrel are ready, it’s a long trip to San Fran, man you are one dumb, agenda driven individual

  • I’ve said all along we can get a first and a compensatory 1st next year if he takes the team to the playoffs. Everybody on here just laughs me off because they’re a bunch of haters and know it alls. Our O line sucked and our Defense sucked worse and he still had wins with a good QB rating. I seriously don’t want to get rid of him. I think we should put them both on the block and see what comes back. The eagles suck at “poker” or “chicken” though so they’ll probably blow it again.

  • run, can’t keep both, the eagles made their choice with Vick, I am ok with it for now, he now must produce, but I agree with you that Kolb will be an outstanding quarterback, superbowl potential quarterback, we will see, but his projection speaks of these accolades

  • I agree that Kolb is every bit worth a top 10 pick. Given the right situation he could easily turn a team like SF,AZ or Tenn into a division winner. Now its up to those individual teams though to decide on whether thats the direction they want to go in or if they want to hold onto the pks and build through the draft.

  • i would happily accept this trade… i think kolb could be succesful with crabtree and v.davis…. and with that pick try to trade up to 2nd or 3rd to get patrick peterson if we dont land asamougha…. ive seen this guy play and absolutly love his abilties and potential… if not draft quinn outta unc…. oh and how about drafting tyrod taylor outta VT, hes alot like vick and can learn from him and be our qb of the future, and the best part is that hes supposed to go rounds 3-5

  • FLIP FLOPPERS!!! You guys change like the political winds.

  • Fans of teams that need a QB around the league are the same way that fans are for the Eagles that you see here or anywhere else. You see some saying that the Eagles shouldn’t let him go for no less than a 1st round pick and maybe another late pick, or that they should start and keep him and trade Vick to the others that say the Eagles would be committing highway robbery if they were able to get even a 2nd round pick from teams. It is the same stuff from fans all over the league. Either he is a somewhat proven QB with huge upside that is better than a rookie or someone that hasn’t proven anything with a noodle arm blah blah blah. I just want the CBA issue to get resolved so we can get the picks that we could really use this year.

    My take on him. I think he is a decent QB, who has potential and showed some flashes, and I wouldn’t be opposed to him being the Eagles QB if we didn’t have Vick and the our O-line issues. I would rather have Vick though. Also, if I was the team that needed a QB…… I wouldn’t trade a 1st for him. I like him, but not that much.

  • I do think that SF is probably the most perfect place for him to go besides maybe….. Maybe Minny. SF has some good young receiving talent in Crabtree and Davis, they have a good dual RB in Gore, and they have a really good, young O-line. Minny has them things too, but SF has a good young coach that has been known to mold young QBs. That is the difference.

  • Remember this my friends (and even you Runtheball)
    The 49ers has a total of 10 Draft Picks and had 2 1st Round Selections in last yaers draft that they spent a lot of money on (OT A Davis and OG M Iuapati) They also spent a lot of $$$ on long-term contracts for TE V Davis,RB F Gore, LB P Willis and they finally hired a HC with Experience in running a program in J Harbaugh who they also paid a 5 year $25 Million contract for so they are built to win now… I think losing a 1st Rd Selection
    (#7th ) overall to get a QB not only saves them $$$ in what a 7th Overall pick would cost you, but gets this team up and running for a playoff spot and could potentially domoinate a weak NFC West for the next few years…
    This move for the 49ers is a no brainer in my opinion. (in fact ,I think the Eagles could possibly get their 1st Rd and one of their 4th Rd picks)
    (since they have 3 selections in the 4th Rd)

  • Their is 1 scenario where the Eagles keep Kolb for 2011
    If they do not get a 1st Round or at least a high 2nd rounder, then they will keep him for a couple of reasons
    #1) In case Vick gets hurt and misses some action, he can fill in as opposed
    to anyone else they have
    #2) His Salary is Chump change at $1.4 million
    #3) Here’s the kicker, If he plays out 2011 with Philly and then goes Free-Agency next off-season, then the Eagles would most likely receive a
    compensatory pick somewhere at the tail end of the 2012 3rd Rd Draft

    So bottom line, they need to recieve a 1st Round Pick or a high 2nd Round Pick to even think about moving him…
    The Other scenario is let’s say the Eagles and Vick cannot work out a long-term contract for whatever reason next season, and let’s say that Vick get’s hurt of plays ineffectively, then you coule conceivably extend Kolbs contract and have him be the man for the 2012 Season and let Vick walk after 2011
    It really depends on how well and healthy Vick plays and how the teams does. Let’s say the Eagles finish 9-7 in 2011 and miss the playoffs, Is Vick worth a $100 Million deal then…probably not….

  • wheel barrel…oiled and waiting

  • I believe that the Eagles sign Vick to his long term contract before they trade Kolb.

  • Right now, no trades unless a CBA is in place,If this isn’t done in 2 weeks
    or at least b4 Draft time, then Kolb remains an Eagle for the 2011 Season..

  • I think the same thing. That is why I am hoping that they get it done within the next 7 days. I think there is a good chance, because they hired a mediation group, and they are supposedly sitting down and trying to hammer this thing out in the next 7 days. They would be done before FA too, which would be good.

  • I was suprised to hear about going to mediation but happy about it..
    (didn’t think the big bad NFL Owners and COmmish would give in that quick)
    I think they could even get a temp deal to keep things rolling set in place by
    the mediation group while they hammer out the details,etc,etc but could keep the ball rolling for free-agency,trades, the draft,etc,etc.. theres too much $$ at stake not to get something down,the players hands are ties, the agents, the teams,the GM,Personnel,Coaching Staffs, the Fans.. everyone..

  • I have been saying all along that if there is NOT a new CBA before the draft, Kolb will be an eagle next year (for many of the reasons Paulman said plus the fact that his value will go down the closer it gets to the start of the regular season). If there is a new CBA, Kolb is worth a high #1. The idea we would have to give Kolb and our #1 is a case of a fan undervaluing an asset. We know Kolb can play. Picking a QB at #5 or #7 is a 50/50 proposition at best.You miss and your franchise is set back 5 years. Kolb is the safe and smart pick if you are a GM for a team drafting that low who needs a QB.

    Question is, who would we pick at #5 or #7 or #8? My guess is a potential shut down CB like Prince A. to play along side Samuel.

  • You are correct DixieFAn,
    I think the Eagles would go for CB Prince A or DT M Dareus at the 5,7,8 Selection or if they were real smart could in turn trade down and trade that #5 to the NE Pats for one of their 1st Rd picks and one of their 2nd Round picks . (Patriots have 2 picks each in the 1st/2nd & 3rd rounds)

    Imagine if the Eagles ended up with #17 (from Pats) #23 (their own)
    #33 (from Pats) and then #55 (their own) …
    You could address CB/DL/OL/LB with 4 good players in the 1st 2 Rounds

  • @paulman There is no justifiable scenario to keep Kolb and Vick. Besides I liked what I saw out of Kafka in pre season. I’m sure I’ll catch hell for that statement too but the dude looked solid, granted it was against second stringers but still…

  • Kolb will not be an eagle next year. No way!! Even if its a first and third for next year kolb will be gone. They will not allow him to walk away. Won’t happen.nope.

  • I was all for Kolb when the season started, but the team is moving forward with Vick. A 1st round draft pick is much more valuable to this team at the moment than Kolb. Given the offense, this team could contend if they have a strong off-season (FA and the draft). If you can get a 1st rounder for him, you gotta do it.

  • G:
    We can get a Super Bowl with Kolb. For him we can get at least a first rounder. I’d rather keep him. Vick will get injured next year. Book it! If it’s serious, Kolb would step in and keep us winning. I really believe that. I don’t necessarily think it’s foolish to keep him, but we’d have to do really well picking a back-up QB before I’d trade him. Maybe McNabb as a back-up?

  • Think about this folks…We wasted a pick years ago to get Kolb when there was talent out there that could have made it on the field to help us the same time Kolb was holding a clip board waiting for an opportunity. Now, we’ll hopefully get a pick back to get a player that can actually help us in areas which are weak….So it’s fair to say we’ve wasted valuable time on a clipboard holder taking up cap space, and a key roster spot. This nightmare of a project ends soon and we can only hope the front office use the picks we get in return better than when they traded down with Dallas and picked Kolb while there was glaring needs in other positions. Kafka have a better upside than this fraud and I’m glad the organization is finally admitting it’s error with not trading Kolb, but I don’t know if I trust them to do the right thing with the picks in return. They may just draft another Defensive lineman that’s average at best instead of getting am intimidating Linebacker or addressing other glaring needs on the team.

    We’ll see…. but the grim reality now is that our fan base don’t trust what the Eagles will do in the 1st round because they have failed miserably with those picks.

    You only need half of one hand to count the 1st round picks the Eagles have drafted within the last decade aho made a pro bowl and that’s sad.

    I heard Banner excuse their pathetic choice in linebackers claiming Stewart Bradley was chosen in the same spot Trotter was picked years prior, but he forgot to mention Trotter was projected higher and fell only due to a surgery on his knee a year before he was drafted.

    You need an intimidating force in the middle of your defense to get a tough identity. You can’t have a bunch of average players and think you can compensate with good coaching.

    And I’ll say this…McDermott was thrown under the bus.

    If you give him better players at the linebacker position and a good right corner we all have been screaming for when they let Sheldon Brown walk without an adequate replacement, We’re not talking about the worse Red Zone defense in the league. You can not put lipstick on a pig and sell to the fan base “Beyonce”.

    The Eagles Brass are the reason we have not won the Superbowl. Kolb put us back years…..

    Poor drafting in the 1st round put us back years

    Getting rid of players who were leaders without adequate replacements destroyed moral and put us back years.

    Along with poor game management.

    Will we finally address these glaring mistakes?

    Juan Castillo is gliding on a sparkling Rose on his upper lip as we speak.

  • Look Kolb is what he is. I wish that all this hype would stop about getting picks for him. If the Eagles would had did their job by selecting players that could helped them moved to the next level maybe they would had been Super Bowl champs.

  • Can we agree if the Eagles didn’t find “lightning in a bottle” with Vick last year, that they were basically a .500 team and probably don’t even make the playoffs.. This team has many issues and updgrades needed over the entire roster in my opinion, Now they have definitely updgraded the Coaching Staff which was a need for a coupld of seasons (since JJ’s tenure) and there inability of upgrading that side of the ball definitely caught up with them..
    Now with the new staff in place, they need to go out and get another 3-4 veteran playmakers (DL/CB/LB/OL) to go along with another strong draft class and then be in good position to compete in future seasons..

  • Paulman and others –
    The 49ers are not retarded to give up the 7th pick for Kolb….Kolb is NOT worth a #1 pick regardless how poor the draft is at QB…
    Teams are going to look at Orton because he is established and will only cost a 2nd or 3rd round pick. The Eagles will be stubborn and insist on a #1 & #3 for Kolb and they wont get any takers…Kolb will be an Eagle in 2011.
    Kolb has average arm strength and has never played a 16 game schedule…. no one is going to give up a #1 pick for him.

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