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Howie Roseman Weighs In On Backup Quarterback Mike Kafka

Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman talked about Eagles backup quarterback Mike Kafka. I was very interested in Roseman’s assessment of Kafka because this could play a role in what they do with Kevin Kolb. If they get the CBA signed, the Birds will have to decide whether to move Kolb or not.

If Kafka were to come into the mini camps and show a much stronger are, the Birds might feel good enough of about him to trade Kolb. I still think they will get a veteran quarterback if they trade Kolb, but Kafka may be able to compete for the backup role if he shows more zip on the ball.

I think they already feel good about his grasp of the offense, which is remarkable for a young quarterback.

In Roseman’s words, nobody in the NFL works harder than Kafka. The GM says this young man is always at the Nova Care complex studying the offense and trying to get better.

Roseman admits that the young man needs to get bigger and stronger in his lower and upper body in order to take the pounding which is heaped on an NFL quarterback and I would agree with him. The young man needs to put on some weight. They say he weighs 225 pounds but he doesn’t look like it.

I was very impressed at training camp with the way he picked up the offense. This young man picked up Andy’s offense quicker than any young quarterback that they have ever brought in here. He was running the two-minute drill and making pre-snap reads against the blitz, which was very impressive.

Kafka is a good athlete who has a good feel for the game, but his arm needs to get much stronger. He knows how to get rid of the ball with anticipation, which is a must with his lack of arm strength.

Roseman said that he and the Eagles feel he’s going to eventually be a starting quarterback in the NFL and develop into a very, good NFL quarterback.

Roseman recounted Andy Reid telling Kafka about Tom Brady’s story and how Brady was a skinny, frail kid when he was drafted out of Michigan. But the rookie worked extremely hard when he got to New England. Brady worked so hard that he was won an award as the “Hardest Working New England Patriot” in his first NFL offseason.

Kafka was encouraged by Reid and the Birds coaching staff that he needs to follow Brady’s example and outwork everybody else.


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February 25, 2011 12:35 pm

Sitting here trying to think of words that rhyme with Kafka.
I cant think of one word.

February 25, 2011 12:35 pm

Kafka picked up Eagles Offense even quicker than Temple’s Adam DeMIchelle?

February 25, 2011 12:37 pm

This isnt news to talk about. What is Howie suppose to say. Mike Kafka sucks and was a bad draft pick we should have drafted Colt McCoy or Graham was out of shape thats why he had a bad season. Schiller can play for the birds and Howie would find something good to say about his game.

February 25, 2011 1:59 pm

I think you bring in a vet but give Kafka a chance.

Hes smart unlike McNabb who never grasped the offense.

Colt Mccoy is a backup sorry…..just like Kafka.

February 25, 2011 2:06 pm

@ atra….just like all of the gratuitous slams against Kolb, why go after McNabb? The guy is gone, leave him alone. He won more games than any other eagles qb, but you have to take a shot at his intelligence…..let it go man.

I would agree however…I want to see a veteran qb in camp if they plan on letting Kolb go in a trade.

February 25, 2011 2:16 pm

vricchini… Don’t worry about it, the trend these days is to use words related to Franz Kafka’s literature. For example, if Kafka is ever the starting quarterback, you can say “Kafka on Trial”. If he wins by a large margin, you can say “Kafka smashes opposition like a bug”, and if he loses big, you can say “Kafka smashed like a bug”.

Gotta Luv It
Gotta Luv It
February 25, 2011 2:23 pm

…” Hes smart unlike McNabb who never grasped the offense. ”
Retarded azz statement right there

February 25, 2011 5:16 pm

Hard to do much about arm strength… but Breese is cool enough with a moderate arm, so it can be done. Should be lots of vets available as acceptable 2’s though, assuming Kolb is traded. Eagles need help on the line, LB and corner more than they need a great backup QB i think.

February 26, 2011 2:34 am

Ok I’m sick of hearing about what Howie Rosman thinks. He’s a nobody compared to the people who breath this team.