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NFL Combine Highlights For Day One

NatgThe offensive linemen and tight end ran the forty yard dash and worked out for the scouts today. Cam Newton and Ryan Mallett talked to the media today, so everybody kept busy.


Media members are really down on Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett. He was described as being disagreeable and angry. This isn’t going to help this young man in the draft. There were already questions about Mallett’s character, now they’re going to grow with the media punching holes in him.

Defensive Ends:

The defensive ends didn’t workout today, but that didn’t stop Alden Smith of Missouri from becoming a sizzling hot prospect. He’s tall, quick and still developing. I think teams see him growing and developing into a monster. He has 28 interviews scheduled, so that means just about every team in the league is interested in him.

Tight Ends:

The guy who stood out the most in the first day of workouts at the NFL Combine was Nevada tight end Virgil Green. He ran a 4.6 forty yard dash. He shocked everybody with a 10’10” broad jump, 42.5″ vertical jump which is off the chart.

Green looked stiff in his upper body during the route-running part of the workout. He doesn’t change direction well, which will hurt him down the road.

Offensive Tackles:

Colorado offensive tackle Nate Solder ran his forty-yard dash in 5.05 seconds, which was quite impressive when you consider the fact that he’s 6’8″. He was outstanding in the drills with his quick feet and tremendous body control.

He’s going to be challenged by pass rushers with a bull rush because they’re going to think they can get underneath because of his height. He’ll need to put on more muscle and get stronger. He’s so tall it may take some time for him to play full time in the league.

Defensive Tackles:

Alabama’s Marcell Dareus is bigger than the other top-rated defensive tackle, Nick Fairley. Dareus weighed in at 6’3″ 319, while Fairley weighed in at 6’3″ 291, which is two inches shorter and 7 lbs. lighter than he was listed. These guys won’t be lining up against each other but you can believe that they realize they really will be competing against each other for that top rated defensive tackle spot in the draft.


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February 26, 2011 9:18 pm

I would select Dareus over Fairley..
Dareus has been consistent and the anchor of that tough ALabama defense for the last couple of seasons.Anyone who plays and excels for Coach Saban down at Alabama is going to be mentally tough and in great physical shape. Fairley needs to get stronger and I am not so sure that he will be the impact player that many project him to be at the NFL level.. Give me consistency over flash anytime.. especially down in the trenches..

February 26, 2011 9:24 pm

TE Lee Smith at 6-6 265lbs from Marshall is rising up the charts also.
He was among the Combine leaders in reps with the power lifting drills (that included offensive lineman) He can block and is more nimble on his feet than you would think for a player of his size. He was originally Projected a 6th/7th Rounder who may move up to a 5th Rounder, but having him at TE is like another OT for Short-Yardage/Redzone Situations and would be a big target catching to ball to in the Red-Zone.. I would like the Eagles to check on this kid.. I am sure a team like the Giants/Steelers/Falcons will be looking to add a physical player at the TE position who they can groom..