• July 6, 2022

Eagles May Not Be Able To Resist Talented Defensive Linemen

The Eagles have urgency issues at the offensive line and cornerback positions but they may not be able to resist the incredible depth in this draft at the defensive end and tackle position. The Birds act like they’re happy with their defensive ends and defensive tackles but you and I know that many times they can’t get to the quarterback without blitzing.

Right now the first of the two groups of defensive tackles and defensive ends are working out at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis and they turned some heads with the speed of their 40 yard dash times.

Nobody can have a bigger affect upon a defense than a dominant defensive tackle, who has to be double-teamed all the time but still finds a way to make plays. There are three defensive tackles who have stood out above the rest, so far in the workouts.

The first is Nick Fairley of Auburn who dominated offensive linemen as the Tigers marched to a National Championship. He’s got extremely long arms and has exceptional quickness to be used as a pass rusher inside. There have been questions about his work ethic because he dominated all year in 2010, but wasn’t nearly as dominant in previous years.

Fairley is a very good athlete and moved like a linebacker in the agility drills. The big guy dropped in a back pedal during the agility drills and moved with ease before turning on his closing speed at the end of the drill. His speed in the first 10 yards of the forty yard dash was under 1.8 which is exceptional for a guy his size.

He’s got the body structure to get stronger and put on more weight and he weighs over 300 pounds right now.

Marcell Dareus of Alabama was a more consistent playmaker throughout his career with Alabama as compared to Fairley. He’s a big and talented 320 pounder, who showed great, speed and quickness in all the drills. Dareus is a bull inside who can push back the pocket in a quarterback’s face or he can outquick a guard or center with his ability to get off the ball.

North Carolina defensive tackle Marvin Austin didn’t play this past year because he was involved with an agent and suspended for the season, but he’s a tremendous talent. His raw power and athleticism at 315 pounds is rare. He made plays all over the field in 2009 with the Tar Heels,so he’s intent on getting some attention today.

He was probably the most athletic of the defensive tackles who worked out with the first group.

Cameron Jordan of California shined on the agility despite his size. He’s got the long arms and big frame needed to play the defensive end position in the 3-4. His ability to anchor against the run and rush the passer again makes him an ideal defensive end for a 3-4 team.

Purdue’s defensive end Ryan Kerrigan separated himself from the competition with his 40 yard dash time and his surprising agility. He’s got great size with long arms and will likely be used as a pass rusher in a 4-3 defensive end, but the fact that he ran a 4.67 40 yard dash will make 3-4 teams consider using him as a pass rushing outside linebacker like the Cowboys DeMarcus Ware.

The advantage of having a linebacker the size of Ware or Kerrigan means that the offense can’t use their running backs to pick up the linebackers. There isn’t a running back in the league who can pick up Ware or Kerrigan.

Adrian Clayburn is capable of playing the defensive end position in the 3-4 or in the 4-3 because his combination of size and speed. He’s got the long arms needed to play 3-4 defensive end, but he also has the speed to get around the corner on pass plays, if he was picked by a 4-3 team to play defensive end.

Clayburn is nearly 290 pounds but was able to run a 4.81, which is amazing.

Standouts On First Defensive Line Group
Marvin Austin – 1.63, 4.89
Adrian Clayborn – 1.66, 4.81
Marrell Dareus – 1.81, 4.92
Nick Fairley – 1.76, 4.82
Cameron Jordan – 1.69, 4.71
Ryan Kerrigan – 1.65, 4.67
Corey Liuget, DT – 1.71, 4.88


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  • A few more players worth checking out along the Defensive Line
    That will be availalbe in the 1st/2nd & 3rd Rounds that could be a good fit

    At the DT position

    #1) Phil Taylor – Baylor (6-4 340 lbs – Projected late 1st-early 2nd Rd)
    #2) Mohammed WIlkerson – Temple (6-5 310lbs Projected late 1st-early 2nd)
    #3) Jarvis Jenkins – Clemson (6-4 315 lbs — Projected mid 2nd to 3rd Round)
    #4) Stephan Pea – Oregon St – (6-1 315lbs- was projected a late 1st Rd, but tore his ACL during Senior Week)
    #5) Drake Nevis – LSU (6-1 295lbs – Projected late 2nd/3rd Rd).
    #6) Jurrel Casey – USC (6-1 305lbs – Projected late 2nd/3rd Rd)
    #7) Kenrick Ellis – Hampton (6-5 340lbs -Projected 3rd Rd)
    #8) Jerell Powe – Mississippi (6-2 320lbs – Projected 3 Rd)
    #9) Sione Fua – Stanford (6-2 310lbs – Projected late 3rd-4th Rd)
    #10)Ian WIlliams – Notre Dame (6-2 310lbs – (Projected late 3rd-4th Rd)

  • Muhammad Wilkerson of Temple is shooting up the boards and could be the #3 DT off the board and maybe the best of the 3 when their careers are over. He can play DE in the 3-4 or DT in the 4-3 and is an explosive pass rusher. He could go as high as #12 to the Vikings and would look nice in the Eagles rotation at DL at #23.

  • There are good solid players at the DE position availalbe in the 2nd/3rd/4th Rds
    outside to the list from G who will all be the top #30 Selections or so

    #1) JJ Watt – Wisconsin 6-6 295 lbs (Projected late 1st- 2nd Rd)
    #2) Allen Baily – Miami 6-4 290lbs (Projected late 1st-early 2nd Rd)
    #3) Jaball Sheard – PItt 6-3 265lbs (Projected 2nd Rd)
    #4) Cristian Ballard – Iowa 6-4 295lbs (Projected 2nd/3rd Rd)
    #5) Sam Acho – Texas 6-3 260 lbs (Projected 2nd/3rd Rd)
    #6) Pernell McPhee – Miss St 6-3 285lbs (Projected 2nd/3rd Rd)
    #7) Pierre Allen – Nebraska 6-4 265lbs (Projected 3rd/4th Rd)
    #8) Greg Romeus – Pitt 6-5 270 lbs (Projected 4th Rd)
    #9) Cliff MAtthews – South Carolina 6-4 270lbs (Projected 4th Rd)
    #10) Ricky Elmore – Arizona State 6-5 260lbs (Projected 4th Rd)

  • I love Wilkerson from TEmple who caould be an impact with Wahsburn’s tutelidge.. Imagine having him and Dixon as a DT pair for the next 6-8 Seasons.
    I actually had the Eagles selecting him with their #1 Pick in one of my mocks. If the 2-3 OL that the Eagles really like are gone, I can see them selecting WIlkerson.
    (I still think that DT M Patterson will be traded to the Carolina Panthers or Seattle Seahawks for a draft picks in return if they ever get a CBA in place)

  • If these idiots draft a D plug with there first round I’ll lay an egg. They better get a quality OT while they can. Just solve the Offensive line problem DEFINITIVELY and draft accordingly. I don’t care what they do after the first round because anything defensively will be an upgrade, BUT Winston Justice is garbage.

  • I love how the Gold Standard Eagles are going after the top Secondary talent available right now. After thursday they lost there opportunity.

  • There are no Free-Agents players going anywhere but re-signing with their own teams.. Nothing is going to happen (player movement) until a CBA is in place..

  • What about tommie harris he got let go by the bears. Profootballtalk said that he had an average year but last year the announcers kept talking about the resurgence of tommie harris. So im not quite sure how good or not good he was. Maybe some of you guys know??????

  • I really want them to go get clay mathews brother in the 3rd maybe. I dont know what he is projected but i know thats not gonna happen. No way in hell. Because they think we have a great core already, but truth be told our core is ok.

  • Tommie Harris was due a large bonus $$ this season which is probably why he was released (Similar to TE J Shockey, RB W Magahee, S E Coleman, RB C Portis, and soon to be other players like M Barber,C Taylor, etc,etc)

  • Paulman – the weird CBA thing prevents players who were due to beome FA’s due to their expiring salaries from signing elsewhere. BUT, players who were cut or ‘released’ – they can sign to new teams. That’s why Shockey has been doing the rounds.

    You’ve been spreading partial truths.

  • If money was the reason why they let Tommy Harris go then i say sign him and use your picks on positions that need the most attention, If Washburn is everything they say he is, Picking up Harris and keeping what we already have should be good enough.

  • Free-Agent players like Q Mickell, S Bradley,Amogoah, Cromartie etc,etc technically still belong with their Current teams under the CBA runs out which
    is Thursday (3/4/11), but a player who was “released” from their contract already (like J Shockey,Bob Sanders,Eric Coleman, and others) are “free-agents” now until Thursday and are free to sign with whomever they can make a deal with.

  • paulman , correct me on two things i might be wrong on both . 1) did the eagles ever bring grahm in for a workout before the draft. 2) grahm said at the draft he had no idea the eagles were interested in him.

  • To Nev856
    To my knowledge, B Graham was not brought in for a private workout/interview
    Coach AR and Staff did spend time with him at the Senior Bowl last January
    and obviously liked what they saw..
    Many Scouts had Graham projected as an OLB in a 3-4 Scheme where he could move around and rush the passer from a Stand-up Position as oppossed to being a traditional DE in a 4/3 Hands on the ground Rushee which is what he did primarily do in College at Michigan
    I have read many sources that the Steelers,Patriots,Flacons,Chargers and the Giants were all very high on him…

  • Of one thing we can be certain. We can expect the unexpected.

  • love it drummer – EXACTLY.

  • G:
    I would not mind if the Eagles went either interior DL or OL. They don’t have the talent there to win it all. I underestimated Jamaal Jackson’s importance at C a few years ago. Now I wonder if the young man will be himself upon his return. I still think he’s only an above-average C anyway. I think Nick Cole is a back-up. I’d like to see more of Jean-Gilles because I think he can win the job at RG. We need to at least replenish the talent on the OL at all positions, including C, despite McGlynn’s nice work there this season.
    The DL needs help. Bunkley should be a beast and he’s not. Dixon looked good. Patterson is nobody special. Teo’Neishem? Flight 86 to back home now boarding. Cole needs interior-push help, and Graham is an unknown – still.

  • nev856,

    If you remember Graham was the MVP at the senior bowl – then he tweaked his hamstring during his second 40-yard dash attempt at the combine. After that he sat out the rest of the drills, and he didn’t workout at the Michigan Pro-Day.

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