• June 25, 2022

Eagles Tender Running Back Jerome Harrison And Punter Sav Rocca

The deadline for the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement is quickly approaching but they’re still busy at the Nova Care Complex making minor moves.

Today they tendered two additional restricted free agents, backup running back Jerome Harrison and punter Sav Rocca. They tendered Harrison at the second round level and tendered Rocca at the no compensation level.

Harrison had his biggest game with Birds on a Monday night blowout of the Washington Redskins when he rushed for over 100 yards. The explosive running back played for Cleveland Browns before coming to Philadelphia.

Rocca had an up and down season last year with the Birds. He continues to boom the ball consistently at training camp then be inconsistent at times during the season, but he is amongst the top half of punters in the league.


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  • Good news,
    It doesn’t appears many players will be changing teams this year does it..

  • Pauli, there are still > 400 FAs.

  • Give it another Week-10 Days Jonathon as the NFL-Players Union work under this new “proposed extension of talks”
    The number of FA will be cut in half, and if not, I will buy you a Cheese Steak Sub from your favorite place

  • Does anyone else notice, rocca every year has good and bad games, but the games he plays in cold weather he cant punt worth crap. Hes very good when the weather is right or in a dome. But once the cold weather comes around hes horrid! This guy has to learn how to kick in cold weather

  • Dawk – what cold weather game did Rocco kick bad in last year? I am looking at the seasonal game by game statistics and not seeing this ‘cold weather’ pattern you mention

  • Many of these tenders teams are applying to their best players will mean nothing if in the new CBA the 6 years of service requirement reduces back to the 4 year basis that the NFL had during a capped season. Not saying it will definately happen but it could be possible when a new labor deal is made. It would definately make free agency more interesting with more quality players available for the Eagles to go after.

  • if harrison wants to be here , i am more than happy to take him . its kinda odd he would want to be here with the limited playing time he got. he deserved to get a liitle more opportunities.

  • Rocca is Australian
    I believe ancient tradition is that you can stay sober 3 months a year.
    Roca does well with this in Sept/Oct/Nov, once Dec rolls around he back on
    the Foster’s Wagon, hence his poor performance down the stretch

  • cool – looks like the Eagles will be bringing back the same garbage as last year..Sav sucks and Harrison is mediocre… oh and they are bringing back Buckley and other USFL caliber talent.. can’t wait.

  • LOL at Cheese Steak SUB…….. I thought you said you were from Philly? And that you still have lots of family up here?

  • Oh, and I am glad they offered the tender to Harrison, finally. I like Harrison a lot.

  • jott – you crazy man.

  • Hey, the Redskins are making big signings……. They signed Atogwe. This must mean they are gonna win the division next year.

  • Paul, you are a great man I am sure, but I am glad you were wrong in an earlier post about Harrisson when you said he would be gone. I like the move, and like before I want to affirm my hope that he will stay with the Birds, and that Mudd will work some Jeti mind trick to get Andy to run just a little more.

    We have a lot of talent on offense, players that will be getting better and emrge. I only hope they could have the heart that Celek had and not make waves and get selfish for the ball when its not the right time. The more players defenses have to worry about the better for us.

    So here is to the WR’s, TE’s, RB’s play together boys encourage and back each other and lets go “Get ‘EM”.

    As always LONG LIVE THE EAGLES no matter how long the season might be.

  • Our offense is talented, and from a getting the ball perspective it is complicated. We have so many players that make a difference that someone is goingto be on the short end. But you guys are right, there was room in the book to give JH more plays.

  • By the way Paulman, you have to buy a cheese teak “sub” (LMAO) from his favorite place. The league officially ended all league business as of 4PM ET today. No signings, re-signings or releasings can happen til a new CBA is reached.

  • *steak……. and by his, I mean Jonathan

  • um, you guys realize that none of the tenders mean that the players are signed right?

  • But in essence,they are Schiller
    J Harrison received a 2nd Round Tender which means another team would have to give the Eagles a 2nd Round if they were to sign him which is not going to happen..

    Other NFL News
    Redskins sign Safety O Atogwe to a 5 year $25 Million Deal (crazy and just another reason why the Redksins don’t win.. they make bad deals )
    SD Chargers sign Safety Bob Sanders to a 1 year Deal (which I was surprised to read about and especially sin ethe Chargers had placed a tender on Eric Weddle earlier today..

  • more NFL News

    Jaguars to release WR Mike SIms-Walker (6-2 & 215lbs) which would be a nice Red-Zone Target, He’s only 26 years old and not a big $$$ player, He did catch 43 passes for 525 yards last season with 7 TD’s Pass Receptions
    NO Saints signed RB Pierre Thomas to a 4 year 12 Million Deal…
    (probably the end of Reggie Bush as as Saint)
    ***Cleveland Browns signed back-up QB S Wallace to a 3-Year Deal to back-up Starter Colt McCoy meaning the Browns are not interested in Kolb as their QB . The Browns know Kolb better than any other team and this signing of Wallace just re-inforces that if the Browns don’t think Kolb is a true #1 NFL QB, then he probably isn’t…
    I see Kolb’s Value dropping to a 2nd Round Pick at the best, just with this news alone.. Not very good news for the Eagles and Kolb

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