• August 16, 2022

Reid Downplays Signing Jackson To An Extension

I know the Eagles will have an unhappy wide receiver on their hands when DeSean Jackson gets the chance to read the article about head coach Andy Reid’s comments about him on Philly.com today.

Reid was asked what I thought would be a “no-brainer” about whether he believes Jackson would be signed to a multi-year extension if the league had a new CBA in place. Surely Reid would be enthusiastic about signing the two-time Pro Bowler to additional years, but instead the head coach poured water all over the prospects.

“We’d have to talk about that,” Reid said. “We’d have to look at that. That’s a what if. I’m not into the what ifs. There are a lot of things that go into that that you have to look at.”

Maybe he’s refraining from saying anything positive about signing Jackson as part of the negotiating before the negotiating, but I could understand the diminutive wide receiver being upset by Reid’s answers.

Number 10 has been producing and biting his tongue for a couple of years now.

Jackson, who was drafted in the 2nd round out of Cal, was told last year by the Eagles to wait another year and he would be taken care of. He’s waited another year, gone to the Pro Bowl again, yet Reid seems to be stuttering about a new contract for the wide out.

“Yeah, I like him,” Reid said. “I don’t get into all that. I don’t get into all the contracts and talking about all that stuff, that’s just not the way to go. I try to talk to the person or the agent, and go from there.”

Reid’s comments will be nothing about nothing if the Eagles step up and get serious about extending Jackson’s deal, if and when an injunction is rendered on the NFL. I know they’re going to use the size and concussion issue against Jackson, but we’ll see.


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  • He never says anything publicly about contracts. And when you’re the side giving out the money you don’t talk about how bad you want to sign someone… it hurts negotiating. If course other teams make it known when they want a guy but this is Andy Reid. He’s been trying to keep everything a secret for how long now? I really don’t care what he has to say about contracts publicly.

  • Could Andy be thinking about a trade to the Cardinals that would send Kevin Kolb and DeSean Jackson to Arizona for Larry Fitzgerald and the 2012 1st round draft pick? Fitzgerald wants out of Arizona, and Reid probably thinks Jackson may be more trouble than he’ll be worth for the amount of money he’s going to want.

  • dont buy into it…. they will resign him, if they dont, the fans will burn the linc down.

  • I think the 2011 Season with the Eagles will be D-JAx final season..
    I do not think they will extend his contract to his liking and it will turn ugly..
    If Kolb gets traded and returns a couple of high draft picks, I would not be surprised if the Eagles use one of those picks to grab another WR…

  • well paulman is 2011 reids last season ? how many of these final year contracts depend on that?

  • Paulman,

    You must be crazy if you don’ think they will resign Djax. While I think Maclin does some things better, and will eventually be a better overall receiver if he isn’t already, DJax is one of the 2 or 3 most explosive players in the NFL. He is a game changer, not to mention maybe one of the best punt returners in nfl histor. No chance they don’t re-up this guy.

  • I may be crazy Muimuiman,but looking from the Eagles perspective,
    D-Jax has durability issues due to his size and especially with the Concussions and when you mention his Punt Return, He doesn’t even return 75% booted to him any longer in fear of taking a big hit.. Now he won th eGiants game no doubt in one the most memorable plays in Eagles History.. but at the end of the day, I don’t believe the Eagles will offer him a 5 year
    $75-$80 Million type of deal that he’s looking for .. I am not saying this is right or wrong, but I believe the Eagles will offer him a 3 year $30-$35 deal that he will be pissed at and that will eventually lead to him being dealt/traded next off-season …

  • paulman, so the phillies are going to suck, the eagles contract talks will get ugly…..do you believe that religious nut who thinks the world is going to end next year too? Get a life. Your intentional instigation is easy to see through, and it’s a weak schtick.

  • I never said the Phils will suck, they get won’t win the NL PEnnant or WS..
    They will be a good team but not a great team.. As far as D-Jax, I Just don’t see the Eagles signing him to a $60-$70-$80 Million long-term deal due to his concussions and small frame.. I truly doubt the D-Jax can be an effective player in the NFL 3 years from now after all the poundong on a small frame,
    I don’t dislike the guy, it’s just my opinion… I would trry to get another great season out of him and trade him next off-season while his value is very high,
    but that’s just me..

  • I agree with Paulman, I think Desean is going to want Andre Johnson like money and eventually will be traded.
    While Desean is a good player he is not worth 5 years vecause once the speeds gone he is done.

    As for the Phillies. They need a few more small ball players and i think Valdez and Mayberry/Fransisco can provide that. The biggest question should be the health of Lidge.

  • Desean is 24 years old right now, so that makes him 27 in 3 years. You think he’ll be done by then? I agree, he might not have a lifespan like Jerry Rice lets say, but I think he can play until he’s 30. I think they’ll give him something like 5 yr 60 mil. Its not like he plays a position like RB where he takes a pounding. Receivers are taught to go down before taking hits. His concussions were partly unlucky, and one of them was a horrible throw by Kolb. The only thing he has to worry about is concussions, but I doubt they will end his career early. Trust me, he’s going to be an Eagle for a long time.

  • D jax will not step foot on the field this year without a new deal and I support that 100%. The dude is 1 hit away from being out of football. My only hope is that he won’t do situps in the driveway to get it. The new CBA will make teams spend A LOT more than in previous years and so this should be a no brainer. So paulman…. This will NOT be his last. Either he gets a new deal or the birds will be stupid and trade him this off season.

  • DJax will get a deal similar to Miles Austin 6 yr $54M with $20M guaranteed

  • stevo – whoa there buddy. You’re making some aggressive assumptions there. So you currently know how Desean Jackson will approach his contract negotiations next year, already amazing because it’s predicting the future, and in the most unpredictable off-season in recent NFL history. I mean, you know that he will sit out next season, while the rest of the country doesn’t know if next season will exist. You see how that’s a BIG reach? And so far every indication has been that he will try to play fair, be a company man, and let the contract stuff work itself out – which indicates the exact opposite of your prediction…..

    And then you know what the new CBA or temporary situation for (the ever so undefined and nebulous) next year will be? Also a big reach – and again, your prediction is contrary to every indication – the owners want to reduce players’ portions. Players are fighting to keep their portions the same. But you say instead of keeping it the same or meeting in the middle that players will get MORE money? Where did you get that? Unless you’re saying it will be another uncapped year?

  • Tb4 ..that number sounds about right..but do you think he’ll accept ? …LOL…I can’t wait to see what numbers Drew ” The Shark ” Rosenhause will throw out there

  • Oh and yeah if he’s not re-upped I think he will hold out too

  • Paulman is constantly talking about how bad the Phillies are, how old they are, how their lineup isnt good, how they have no bullpen, how 5 teams in the NL are better than them, how Oswalt is going to get hurt, how because of a minor collision in the outfield is a sign of the season, how poloncos elbow is shot, how d brown will never come back from the broken hand, how lee is overrated, how great the giants are, how great the braves are… and oh yea how the eagles are going to trade their top two picks to move up 5 spots and draft so and so… TRADE ALERT

  • Paulman, please allow me to clarify and qualify my statements to you regarding the Phillies. I think I have a better way to express myself without being too harsh and while being more succinct – It would be like waiting for a very important occasion for people, say a family reunion, where they are gathering for their favorite meal, great mood, everyone is excited to see each other, and the word is that this time, special masterful chefs were brought in and so it’s supposed to be the best meal yet. And you come along, you’re not even in the family, you’re the boyfriend of some slutty teen girl who’s not in the core family, and you walk around the party, saying ‘I have a strong hunch, based on nothing, just my feelings, that your meal is going to be really bad. You won’t be satisfied, it won’t come near your hopes and expectations.’ Then people respond appropriately saying ‘that’s obnoxious, rude, and out of place’, to which you respond by walking around, saying it again and again, to the same ears.

    You see how that would suck!? Let us enjoy our damn phillies season, IT HASN’T EVEN STARTED YET.

  • I could say something about that slutty teen girls douche-bag brother, but I won’t.. How’s that for succinct…

  • Paul, I assume by this hypothetical teen’s brother you mean me.You’re welcome to disparage me. If the things I’ve said to you over the (has it been years? I’m seriouosly wonder how long our posting back and forth has been going on..?) years… has you mad at me or whatever other emotion, and you want to vent, go for it. I probably deserve some of it, and I can surely take it.

    But feelings aside, do you see my point? Most Phillies fans, myself included, are excited for what may be a very fun season to watch our team, recent WS champs who are considered to be a serious contender if not a favorite, with unprecedented top-notch talent on the pitching staff, have a good season. I think it’s fair to say (whether one is a ‘predicter’ – like you – or not so much – like me) that most Phillies fans aren’t concerned with the end of the season/WS right now, they’re more looking forward to enjoying the game again,and in the context of these great pitchers. You are messing with that joy/anticipation/excitment. You are entitled to your opinion, and you may very well end up being correct. But YOU HAVE REGISTERED YOUR OPINION/PREDICTION! We all heard you LOUD AND CLEAR. MULTIPLE TIMES. Again and again. We got it. Now let us enjoy the moment, and maybe even the opening ptich of the season before you start being all debbie downer ‘i have a prediction, I want it to be heard, and I want to be right becuase it rubs my ego oh so nicely’….

  • Schiller- obviously I’m stating my opinion. That’s all any of us do on this site… Noone here is reporting anything. But I stand by my opinion.

  • Schiller, thank you. Stevo, your prediction? That of which DJAx wont step on the field? Highly unlikely the Eagles will put up with hold out BS. They have good recievers with or w/o him, and DJax cant sit out the whole yr or the season wont count towards his FA, see Vincent Jackson. Hopefully it doesnt get there, he signs an extention that is fair (Highly unlikely) and plays good soldier. He whould want to win a SB right? Now is his chance, so work hard, and show the world on a contract year why you deserve to break the bank.

  • stopgoat- i agree that the birds wont put up with it. My hope is that Djax will continue to operate this thing with class. He is on T.O. and for that we are all glad.

    The tough part is that they will have to come up with some kind of deal. In my opinion, he has outplayed this deal and should be concerned about his new deal. A serious hit will really call in to question his durability (if not already). You cant blame a guy for wanting a new deal.

    The eagles have tough q;s to answer with him. I think Macklin is only getting better but i think Djax opens things up. You have to keep an eye on everyone if your playing the birds.

    a fair deal is going to be tough to come by. Here is to hoping they find a way to get it done.

    PMAN- if that was a cheap shot at Schiller you should man up and say sorry. We all rip on eachother but that was over the line. Be classy.

  • Your are right Schiller,
    I will tone it down and stop being so negative about the Phils..
    I promise for the remainder of Lent Season and thru the Easter Holiday not to voice or type any negative comments..It’s a brand new Season and we all should be excited about the possiblities of this Club..

  • The last time the Eagles let go of such a talented player so early in the player’s career was Trotter. Desean is way more of an impact player than Trotter and would probably tear it up anyhwere he goes, unlike Trotter. I just can’t see it happen. He’ll probably get a slightly better deal than Miles Austin.

  • Paulman, thank you. That is greatly appreciated.

    Muimuiman, good points. And the thing with Desean is that it seemed like his MO was based off of the Eagles hinting that the only holdup was the CBA crap. I see no reason to believed that in the event of a CBA resolution, that they won’t sign him.

  • To Muimuiman,
    To Raise the minimum wage,
    A better analogy may be when the Eagles got rid of a TE Keith Jackson who went on and had several good seasons playing for the PAckers.
    MLB Trotter was more a product on JJ’s system I believe for he really was not the same player after leaving Philly the 1st time for the Redskins whether it was the big $$, injuries, not playing with talented players or what..
    I think D-JAx is one of the most exciting players in the NFL, but I question
    his durability in 2-3 years time and I would be unwilling to play him top $$$ with a lot of guranteed $$$ in it if I were GM..
    I would offer something like 3 years $36 Million with $10 Million guranteed,,, then pay $7.5,$8.5,$10 Million in Yearly Salary over the 3 years

  • Paulman-“I would offer something like 3 years $36 Million with $10 Million guranteed,,, then pay $7.5,$8.5,$10 Million in Yearly Salary over the 3 years”

    and he would do situps on your driveway.

    The thing to remember here is that its not what WE SAY HE’S WORTH…. its what the Teams, owners, Gm’s say he’s worth. This really the same thing that we are finding with Kolb…. its not what we think he’s worth…. its what other teams think he’s worth.

    Djax will get paid. If not by us…. then by NE or some other team. I think the New CBA will help us folks….. it sounds like teams will have to spend money. I dont think the birds are cheap BUT…. they work the cap in such a way that seems to save them money. They will use the extra cash (remember…we r at the bottom of the spending chart right now) to pay Djax and vick and bring in 2 FA’s.

  • Stevo, your comment exceeded the allowed amount of rational thought on this website. I’m concerned about the consequences… this is unprecedented.

    I think however that there are some people who aren’t able to think beyond their own heads, so the concept of a player being worth something other than their own opinion is too hard to grasp…

  • It’s funny how the Eagles get a bad wrap for being cheap by the local media and fans.. Here’s Paulman’s list of the real Cheap Franchises in the NFL over the last 10 years or so..

    #1) Cincinnati Bengals
    #2) Buffalo Bills
    #3) Carolina PAnthers
    #4) San Diego Chargers
    #5) Tennesee Titans
    #6) Pittsburgh Steelers
    #7) St Louis Rams
    #8) Green Bay Packers
    #9) New England Patriots
    #10) Cleveland Browns

  • Paulman- if you re-read what I wrote you would see that I did not call the birds cheap…I said they were smart with the cap. Just saying in case you were talking to me. I would agree with your list although I know nothing.

  • Not sure about the steelers or the pats.

  • I did not say that You stated they are cheap, but a large % of Eagles Fans and the local Media have said this over and over for the last 20 years and it’s relly not true.. Now last yeat their payroll was significantly down due to not having players like McNabb, the Andrews Sisters, Westbrook, D Howard, S Brown,etc,etc not on the roster and the fact they have 10-11 1st year players on their active squad.. but the Eagles have consistently been a fair paying franchise with big contracts out to players in positions that they value .. QB,OT,DL,CB & RB.. They were defintely cheap before the Lurie/AR era but when looking over their roster since they have come in, they have paid pretty well as a team.. (J Kearse,J Runyan,T Thomas,D Howard,A Samuel,L Weaver,T Owens,J Peters,Stacy Andrews) were all very highly paid players that they brought in which some of them didn’t really earn their salary..

  • Agree pman

  • paul, generally agree with that list, but what about arizona? They belong there solidly.

  • Good catch Schill
    Missed Arizona and they need on that list for sure and are probably a Top 5
    even the Dolphins, have had tight purse strings..I think the Dolphins new Owner (D Ross) have been spending $$$ recently with big contracts to WR Marshall
    and LB K Dansby..

  • I remember reading a few years ago that the cardinals were the only nfl team to not pay for replacement shoes for players. They buy a rookie 1 pair, and that’s it. I’m not talking walking around shoes, cleats. Something critical to quality execution of the sport…

  • Paulman, the Eagles are cheap because they are consistently at the top of cap room and STILL have not delivered a Lombardi. If you say you’re the gold standard, spend the money to be the gold standard. Over the last ten years, we have been one or two players away from winning the big one and have come up short because we didn’t spend the money to get them. The one year we did spend the money, 2004, and grabbed a key free agent and traded for another one…..what was the outcome?

    This is why I want them to spend the cash and get Nmandi. Depending on Djax’s contract situation, this may be the last year we have an EXTREMELY dangerous offense — we need a defense to match it.

  • They arent at thee top of the cap room birdo. They usually have about the same amount of space every year. Its not Laurie’s fault the team hasnt won. New stadium, competitive team every year, with ever changing players. FA signings on the reg. THEY ARE NOT CHEAP, just havent gotten the job done.

  • birdo – ‘the Eagles are cheap because they are consistently at the top of cap room and STILL have not delivered a Lombardi.’

    That pretty much sums up your point, but it shows that you aren’t understanding the NFL.

    Forget about where their cap room status is… YOU CAN’T BUY A LOMBARDI TROPHY. Show us the last time a team won the superbowl due to spending a lot of money that year?

    You point out 04, but TO wasn’t playing in the playoffs.

    And Lombardi trophies aren’t ‘delivered’ by owners and GMs… they’re won on the football field.

  • DJax is a playmaker for sure. But he disappears in too many big games. And he Maclin look for places to fall down. I never thought I would say this in Andy Reids time in Philly but the Eagles have depth at WR and could draft a speedster from Oklahoma, LSU, Texas, Florida, or from the MEAC.

    Djax has value but get in line behind larry fitzgerald the packers wrs, the colts, steve smith, and about 12 other wide outs.

    He is an NFL WR who is smaller than many high school WRs. His stats are the same as Pinkstons were when pinkston lead the nfc in average per catch.

    Lift some weights. So that you are dedicated to being more durable. Unlike us average people you have access to the best food, supplements and equipment and the time to do it. If power 90 nobodys can transform their body what is stopping a professional athlete?

    I would love to keep DJax, but the Eagles could have given him some money along time ago. They are holding back for a reason. Crystal ball Andy gets on my nerves, but I am going to have agree with them on this one. Look at the steelers and packers wide outs. They are built to play in the cold.

    TO was the best WR the Eagles have had since Mike Quick. I would like to see them use Riley Cooper, Maclin and Avant as well as their TE. Quit going for the home run all the time. The good teams can stop Jackson.

  • bsm – sure, they could have given him money before.. and their motivation would have been…. what? There was no reason to do it. They most likely would have locked him up last year if not for the whole uncapped/CBA/30% rule. I think you’re missing the point if you think they’re not going to try to resign him. They just were hit by some very very strange circumstances. That’s all. And this ‘comment’ by Andy Reid was less significant than a bum asking me for change at broad and walnut this morning.

  • This is a non-issue. He decided he wasn’t wasn’t getting involved in “What if” conversations relative the CBA…I mean once he would actually answer a question like that it would open the flood gates someone could easily ask something else like “If the CBA weren’t in the way would you be going after Haloti Ngata?” and nobody in the organization wants to answer questions like those publicly. It’s clear that Reid has no interest in pre-negotiating a player contract in the media because it’s not beneficial to the organization and also, because that’s ultimately not his call. He doesn’t want to say it’s not his call, but clearly it’s not at this point.

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