• August 16, 2022

Eagles Looking For Young Quarterbacks To Draft & Develop

You’ve got to admit that Eagles head coach Andy Reid knows something about developing quarterbacks. He also knows how to promote them to other teams and eventually trade them for top round draft picks. It seems that Reid is looking at this draft and trying to find the next quarterback to develop.

The Birds might be carrying out the theory that you draft a quarterback every year. You develop them, so you always are in a position where you have a valuable young player to trade for draft picks. NFL teams are always in need of good young quarterbacks.

Last week the Birds had the quarterback, who ran the fastest 40-yard dash time at the NFL Combine , Virginia Tech’s Tyrod Taylor, visiting the Nova Care Complex.

Yesterday they worked out another talented and promising young quarterback. I’m talking about Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick, who ran the second fastest time for a quarterback, 4,53, at the combine. He’s much taller than Taylor and is expected to go in the second round. Kaepernick is 6’5″ and weighs 233 pounds.

I like this young man’s game. He seems to have a feel for the game, is calm under pass rush pressure and he’s got a great arm.

Many of the scouts who were at this year’s Senior Bowl felt he was the best quarterback there. Washington’s Jake Locker was in attendance but Kaepernick was head and shoulders better than Locker. I think the Nevada quarterback is going to be successful in the NFL, as long as he goes to a place with quarterback coaches who are good teachers. They can’t expect him to jump in there and get the job done, they must develop him.

There’s not a better quarterback development situation than here in Philadelphia. Say what you will about Andy Reid not being able to win the big one, but you must admit that he knows how to develop a quarterback and get the most of out of them. Kaepernick might not know it, but coming to Philadelphia would be an ideal situation for him. He could sit and learn.

Kaepernick was playing in a version of the spread offense college, so he needs to learn the Pro game. You have to be able to read both sides of the field in the NFL, as compared to the spread offense which involves reading one-side of the field. The defenses you see in college are much simpler. He needs to be taught properly.

There’s no question that this young man has exceptional talent, but the key will be his development. I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that the Birds brought Taylor in last week and Kaepernick yesterday. They saw something in them that peaked their interest.

I don’t think the Birds will get a shot at Kaepernick because he’ll likely be selected in the second round, but they’ll evaluating him just in case. If he stays on the board to the third round, Reid might be so tempted that he’ll have to grab him.

They could get Taylor much later, so don’t be surprised if the Birds grab him in the fifth, sixth or seventh round if they haven’t drafted a quarterback already.


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  • Kaepernick would be a great pick and fit for the Eagle Offense,
    Has the size and strength of Kafka, but much more athletice and can extend plays with his feet which is not Kafka’s strength…
    If the Eagles can get a 2nd & 3rd Round pick for Kolb, I would not be surprised if the Eagles use one of these picks to go after QB’s Kaepernick or TCU’s A Dalton…

  • Only thing Reid Develops is a photo of him eating a massive cheese steak with Cheese Wiz.

  • In all seriousness you say Reid Develops QB’s as a head coach he’s had Mcnabb, Kolb and Vick. Mcnabb is a bum never won a Championship was the favorite to win a superbowl in multiple years and never got it done. Kolb stinks. That leaves Vick but can you honestly say Reid Developed Vick? From what I saw Marty was the guy who developed him.

  • Vri- let’s not forget favre. I can’t stand favre but if you have those 4 qb’s under your name then your doing something right. Vick never looked that good in atl, mcnabb was a great QB and took this team far, I’m also disappointed we never won the big game but neither did marino… Just saying.

  • he also developed AJ Feeley. drafted with a 5th rounder, traded for a 2nd. Win.

  • and ARi wins! As soon as I read the first line of the story I wondered what d-bag was going to bring up 1) the eagles haven’t won a Sb and 2) Andy Ried is fat – throw inthe Front office is cheap and you have the trifecta of lame logic the ill-informed spew forth as the reason for every ailment and problem the Eagles have, which will magically go away if they win the SB – – haven’t figured that one out yet – –

    Anyway – he took Donavan from an option type QB to a several time pro-bowler that led the team to the playoffs multiple times and the SB one year – take a look at how many HS QBs there are, then how many college, then how many pro – then how many starters (only 32 in the world) and Donavan was for several year one of the top – nobody claimed he made Donavan ‘perfect’. He took AJ Feeley and made hime into a decent player and took a what 6th rounder and got a second, looks like he is going to take Kolb from a 2nd rd to a 1st rd, Koy Detmer was a very serviceable short term back-up. That Hasselback guy (the brother not the Seahawk) was a decent practice squad guy that had a few decent games. It is to be expected that if Kolb goes they will go out and draft another QB, either for practice squad or 3rd string – more important question – will they sign a veteran back-up or ride with the guy they drafted last year?

  • Sorry guys I hate Reid too much to give him any compliments.

  • Let’s keep in mind how different this oline will look with howard mudd here. Similar to the colts oline for the past 10 yrs. Mudd along with the colts offensive coordinator (name slips my mind) created what we see with peyton manning, so mudd will do the same thing here. The offensive line will be geared towards vicks style of play but if they were to put a kafka in there someone less athletic they’ll still protect and will be probably easier on them, so I’m not sure the eagles will need a crazy athletic qb in there anymore running for his life when the protection breaks down. Mudd will solve a lot of the problems we’ve seen on that oline

  • Navy, are you the only enlightened fan on this blog? Some of us are offended, disgusted with Reid’ s obesity, the front office, and a host of other issues with the organization

  • again, Reid will trade out of round #1 for future picks then take a QB early when the team has several holes to fill. The guy simply doesnt value some positions and it comes back to haunt them in the playoffs.

    I loathe the fat guy and want him gone.

  • One thing to keep in mind about new OL Coach Roger Mudd,
    remember that he built that OL in Indy with a classic “Pocket Passer” in
    Peyton Manning, It’s a whole different deal with the scrambling type of QB that VIck is.. It will be challenging and interesting to watch on how Mudd schemes for a QB who is so mobile and can run on any play where as in Manning, you are basically worried about protecting a “Specific area in the Pocket” where Manning throws 95% of his passes from… Vick throws from all over the place based on his mobility so there will have to be adjustments made…

  • I agree, who did he develop other than mcnabb? Favre? I think Favre perhaps the most over rated quarterback of all time.

  • I read last night the patriots have 2 picks in first 3 rounds. That is pure bullshit.

  • Paulman, taking what I say word for word huh At least just say you agree with me Don’t write what I said word for word my goodness lol give props when props is due

  • 2 first rounds 2 second and 2 third rounds. Unbelieveable. This Bellichek. He is some piece of work huh. He makes other coaches look like damn fools. We have a bunch of picks also but we will blow them. How many more years do we have to go without quality line backers and a weak safety?

  • Being a fan of philadelphia eagles is like being a slave. I only joke. Nobody get the panties in a bunch

  • Paulman, I ll admit I was wrong. I understand the point you was making it was similar to mine but different. I had to read your post over

  • LOL@Vricchini……. I’ve been having the same type of hate for Reid for the past 2yrs. now……. I feel u on your comment…… It’s like enough already with Reid’s philosophy!!!!!

    I say get Tyrod Taylor in the later rounds perhaps maybe undrafted….. He’ll learn a ton from Mike Vick…… I think the Birds will stay young at the qb position by not signing a veteran…… No more projects for andy reid this season…..This Juan Castillio transition is a real “masterpiece” Reid has brewing for the works??????

  • jake, if you can’t get over Andy Reid’s obesity and your disgust or offense to it, then you too have a problem. It’s entirely unrelated to his coaching. 100%. Unrelated to football altogether.

  • Jake – YES! I frequently feel like the only informed fan on this site.I read stupid lame lazy comments from people that refuse to even do 10 secs of research to actually gain a clue – an example, the eagles always trade out of the first round, the eagles draft process is terrible, the eagles can’t cover TEs…. and I actually print stats, data, facts, information and the next day the next dip weed posts some nonsense and almost always on the same three lame topics,

    how does a front office ‘offend’ – did they fart in the car and roll the windows up, did they pick their nose and wipe it on the chair – or did they just not win a super bowl (those bastards) or were they cheap? You mean they made decisions that you, the mighty Jake Dog didn’t agree with?? As for ARs girth, does the dude jog around in a speedo? is he frequently photo’d topless – are you planning on sleeping with him? HE is a big guy – I ain’t exactly petite. But unless he is busting out of a pair of strecth pants or I have to sit next to him in the middle seat of a flight – that’s his problem.

    But I do hold out hope –

  • We aren’t going QB in the 2nd or 3rd round. Maybe 5th or 6th. We already spent a 4th on Kafka last year and we have WAY too many needs to worry about drafting our future starter. Possibly in 2 or 3 years from now. Here is how my ideal offseason would look for us, assuming a new CBA is in place soon.


    Sign Nnamdi Asamough (CB)
    Sign Jasin Babin (DE)
    Sign Journeymen QB that is familiar with this offense

    Trade Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals for 1st round pick (#5 overall) and 4th round pick (102 overall).


    1st round (5th overall)- Nick Fairley (DT)
    1st round (23rd overall)- Gabe Carimi (OT/G)
    2nd round (54th overall)- Tyler Sash (Safety) – Iowa (can share time with Coleman. Mikell will probably not be back)
    3rd round (85th overall)- Johnny Patrick (CB)- Louisville (possibly nickel corner with Lindley)
    4th round (102 overall via kolb trade)- Casey Matthews (LB)- Oregon (can challenge for the 3rd LB spot.
    4th round (103 overall)- Pernell McPhee (DE)- Mississippi State (add to DE and can replace Juqua Parker eventually as teams only “big” DE)
    4th round (119 overall) – Demarcus Love (OT/G)- Arkansas
    5th round (146 overall)- Kendall Hunter (RB)- Oklahoma State (might not be here so may have to settle for Dion Lewis the RB from Pitt
    5th round (150 overall)- Tyord Taylor (QB)- Va Tech ( may be a reach here)
    7th round- probably will pick an O-lineman here and maybe LB.

    How would this be for defensive “retooling”

  • @Paulman

    I’d think it would be a less challenging for Mudd having a QB like Vick…In fact I recall Mudd saying something about his concern being giving Vick time to pass….and if Vick scrambles, he scrambles thats what Vick does…you can’t come up with blocking schemes if Vick decides to take off on the fly….

  • Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Famer Chuck Bednarik is in serious condition in a hospital near his Pennsylvania home.

    A nursing supervisor at St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem would not provide additional information on the condition of the 85-year-old former star.

    Bednarik played linebacker and center for the Eagles long after the heyday of two-way players. His game-saving tackle helped the Eagles capture the 1960 NFL championship, the last title won by the franchise.

    He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1967.

  • look, this is football, it is not calculus, you draft big, talented players, players who have brains, players who are disciplined, and you control the lines of scrimmage, you have a balanced attack on offense and a punishing defense and you win a superbowl or two in less than four years, take your statistical anaylyis and shove it, look at all the pics bradshaw threw, look how few McNabb threw, football players are found on the field, not at some beauty paegent called a combvine

    and yes, Jakedog is tired of having to look at piggyboy’s fat face everytime GCobb posts an article about him. If I want to look at Reid’s face all I have to do is play a game of angry birds, those pigs look just like Reid, he probably grunts like them too

  • jake, good you vented. Hope you feel better now?

    Maybe some icecream or a beer will cheer you up? Got a wife? Ask for sex tonight. Anything that will get you to the point that the physical appearance of the coach of your favorite football team won’t cause you problems in the offseason…. for the love of god

  • A NICE READ **********************************
    For the purposes of this exercise, draft picks will be rated as “hit” or “miss”. Success on a draft pick is determined by whether or not the player becomes a stud, solid starter, or role player and is relevant to what round they were drafted. More is expected of higher picks, less is expected for lower picks. If a 1st round pick only becomes a role player, that would be considered a miss. But if you get solid contributions from a 7th round pick, even if only for a couples seasons, that would be considered a hit. For the “hits”, I am listing players taken in any round. For the misses, I am only listing players drafted in the first 3 rounds because they are typically the “money” rounds.
    The Hits, by round, from 1999 – 2010 (2010 draft picks are rated only on last year and could change over time):
    1st Round: QB Donovan McNabb (1999), DT Corey Simon (2000), CB Lito Sheppard (2002), OL Shawn Andrews (2004), DT Mike Patterson (2005), WR Jeremy Maclin (2009)
    2nd Round: WR Todd Pinkston (2000), G Bobbie Williams (2000), SS Michael Lewis (2002), CB Sheldon Brown (2002), OT Winston Justice (2006), QB Kevin Kolb (2007), WR Desean Jackson (2008), RB Lesean McCoy (2009), S Nate Allen (2010)
    3rd Round: DE Derrick Burgess (2001), RB Brian Westbrook (2002), LB Stewart Bradley (2007)
    4th Round: G John Welbourn (1999), SS Damon Moore (1999), RB Correll Buckhalter (2001), S J.R. Reed (2004), OL Todd Herremans (2005), WR Jason Avant (2006), OL Mike McGlynn (2008)
    5th Round: DE Trent Cole (2005), TE Brent Celek (2007)
    6th Round: No notable hits in this round
    7th Round: OL King Dunlap (2008), LB Jamar Chaney (2010), S Kurt Coleman (2010)
    The Misses, rounds 1 – 3:
    1st Round: WR Freddie Mitchell (2001), DE Jerome McDougle (2003), DT Brodrick Bunkley, DE Brandon Graham (2010)
    2nd Round: LB Barry Gardner (1999), LB Quinton Caver (2001), TE LJ Smith (2003), WR Reggie Brown (2005), LB Matt McCoy (2005), DE Victor Abiamiri (2007), DT Trevor Laws (2008)
    3rd Round: WR Billy McMullen (2003), CB Matt Ware (2004), RB Ryan Moats (2005), LB Chris Gocong (2006), RB Tony Hunt (2007), DE Bryan Smith (2008), DE Daniel Te’o-Nesheim (2010)
    Explanations for a few players that you may consider not a hit or a miss:
    Todd Pinkston – Many fans referred to him as “Stinkston” but he was a 4 year starter and played a role in the offense therefore making him a hit.
    Bobbie Williams – He wasn’t exactly a hit for the Eagles but he has been starting for the Bengals since 2004.
    Winston Justice – Take away that memorably brutal performance against the Giants, I consider him a hit because he has started the past 2 years and has been solid if unspectacular. Though there is a chance he could be replaced as a starter if the Eagles take an OT with their #1 pick this year.
    King Dunlap – He’s a hit mainly because he was a 7th round pick, but he has shown he’s a serviceable back up.
    Freddie Mitchell – Although an entertaining personality and we’ll always have “4th and 26″, he proved that his mouth was bigger than his game.
    Brodrick Bunkley – I consider him a miss because he was the 14th overall pick and just hasn’t played up to the expectations. To this day I wish we could have gotten Haloti Ngata instead.
    Brandon Graham – I’m hoping he can recover 100% from his injury and that he flourishes under Jim Washburn, but his rookie season was forgettable.
    Results of Reid’s 12 drafts:
    105 overall picks, hit on 30 = 28.5% success rate
    By “money” round:
    1st: 10 picks, 6 hits = 60% success rate
    2nd: 16 picks, 9 hits = 56% success rate
    3rd: 11 picks, 3 hits = 27% success rate
    4th and 5th rounds combined:
    35 picks, 9 hits = 26% success rate
    6th and 7th rounds combined:
    33 picks, 3 hits = 9% success rate
    As you can see, Reid’s strongest rounds are 1 and 2, and that’s good because they’re the most important ones to get right. He has only had 2 picks in the top 10 and nailed both of them with McNabb and Simon. Missing on prospects in the top 10 can really set a franchise back for a number of years. He certainly needs to improve in rounds 3 – 5 because you can still get good talent in those rounds if you have good scouting and make good decisions. Any contribution you can get from the 6th and 7th rounds is really a bonus and Reid seems to have gotten lucky on 3 occasions so far. So, how does Reid compare with the rest of the NFL?
    To really get a good idea of what the league norm is, we’d have to run these same numbers on every team over the same time span. But that wouldn’t be exactly fair since Reid is one of the few head coaches who have been in the same place during that time. The only coaches we could really compare him to would be Bill Belichick and Jeff Fisher but that wouldn’t exactly be the “norm”. I would gander an educated guess that Reid has about an average/above average success rate in the 1st and 2nd rounds, a below average rate in rounds 3 – 5, and an average rate in rounds 6 – 7.
    What can we expect this year? Much will depend on whether or not we trade Kevin Kolb before the draft. If Reid can improve his mid-round picks and not take chances on 3rd round “project players” such as Bryan Smith and Chris Gocong, he should fair rather well. We shall see!

  • Reid is his own worst enemy. While he has been able to develop QBs, he’s also been responsible for their inability to stay healthy. His passing tendencies make his QBs much more prone to injury than other QBs.

  • @GottaLuvIt

    Impressive, good work!

  • To Mighty Mini,

    I like your plan and draft selections ..
    Tyler Sash is preobably the safest pick at Safety..
    It seems like the Uniersity of Iowa is always turning out good Safeties

  • Mighty Mini?

    Thanks and I think its doable. I personally would give a 3rd round pick for kolb, 2nd round if I really needed him. Def not a top 10 pick but the Cards may have no other choice. It seems the seehawks have offered their #1, so the Cards have to offer their 5th overall at the least. Surprisngly, I think it actually makes the most sense for the Cards. Their prized possesion is Larry Fitzgerald and they will need QB that can help them win now, if they want to keep him. That eliminates drafting a QB like Gabbert or Newton. Mcnabb is a very good qb still in my mind, but I dont think he fits with them, and Carson Palmer is overrated in my opinion. I dont think they’ll go with him. They need a qb like Kurt Warner to run their type of offense, one that gets rid of the ball quick and is super accurate on underneath stuff and thats Kolb. Kolb also throws lots of picks like Warner. The one thing Kolb lacks is the ability to throw the ball down the field, which is why I dont think he’ll be a “championship caliber qb” but he can be a qb in the mold of Marc Bulger, Matt Hassebeck, for the next 6-8 yrs

  • If the Eagles use the same strategy that they used for Mcnabb it sorta makes sense to go after one of the top QB’s in the draft outside of C Newton & Gabbert.

    In 3 years time Vick will be 33 or so and it could wind up being his ‘time’ just like it was Mc-D’s. If not, then you have a guy you groomed for 3 years to be traded again.. Sort of a Win Win if you ask me.

  • zuk – They did that last year in getting Kafka. I’m not saying I know how he’s developed so far/what they think of him… but if they are even 70-85% confident in him as a progressing prospect, no need to reach for a QB as a need in this draft, in my opinion.

  • i can’t see the cardinals trading the #5 AND a 4th round pick. now your just being greedy. i think it’s somewhat doubtful that they even offer the #5 pick. if all they need to do is beat the Seahawks 1st round pick which is #25 i believe, they can trade their 2nd this year and 1st next year. that is more value than Seattle’s #25.

  • hot97,

    Maybe, but I think they will want atleast a first round pick, much like last year when they wanted a top 37 pick so they could get allen.

  • Outside of Seattle trading their 1st Round Pick (#25 Overall) to the Eagles for Kolb, I don’t see any of the other teams who may be interested in Kolb trading thier 1st Round Selection for Kolb..
    Teams like the Cardianls,Bengals,Titans,VIkings,Dolphins I can see being interested but with their 2nd Round Picks.
    . Most likely these teams will offer their 2nd Round and 4th Round for Kolb
    which would fall to around the #40 Pick Overall and the #105 Overall Pick to the Eagles for Kolb which I would take in a heartbeat if I was the Eagles.

  • just to throw it out there would send kolb and the 23rd pick to the cards for the 5th pick , or kolb and and your 2nd round pick for the # 5 pick?

  • Good call Nev856
    The only way I think the Eagles crack the Top #10 Overall pick is to include
    thier own 1st Rounder (#23 pick) in return for the other teams 1st/3rd/4th Round Selections. The 49ers would be a good fit since they have 11 Draft Selections over the entire Draft

  • Could be paulman. Check out the Cutler and Schaub deals though. They were outrageous (esp Schaub) so it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  • All it takes is for 1 team that is desperate enough or likes Kolb enough,
    The only Teams,Coaches.GM’s that I see who could be desperate enough
    would be Arizona, Dolphins and Seattle..(who all want and need to win now
    and in Arizona/Dolphins case to save thier Jobs).
    Teams like the 49ers,Titans,Panthers,Vikings all have new Coaches and will probably get a little leeway and time of rebuilding their teams from the ground up and these Teams & New Coaches will most likely want to keep and use their 1st Round Draft picks to make a statesment as to what type of team and have thier new Coaches set a new tone for their Franchises..

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