• May 24, 2022

Paulman’s Mock Draft #7

The draft is only two weeks away, so mock drafts are starting to look alike, nobody knows who is going to be the first pick in the draft, but Cam Newton’s name is starting to show up in that number one spot more and more. Newton goes first in this one, but there’s a possibility that a team desperate to get a franchise quarterback like the Washington Redskins, may move up and try to make a trade with the Panthers to get the chance to select Newton.

Patrick Peterson will go early but the Eagles could go after him if they get chance to trade Kevin Kolb to move into the Top Ten picks.

Da’Quan Bowers is a phenomenal talent, but he had arthroscopic knee surgery just before the NFL Combine, so it took awhile for him to work out for the scouts. It’s causing him to slide.

He didn’t light up the scouts on his Pro Day, but he’s still getting back to full strength after the surgery. It would be hard for the Eagles to pass him by despite their needs at the cornerback position and on the offensive line. The Birds might finally have the type of pass rush that they always dreamed about.

Paulman’s Mock Draft #7

#1) Panthers – QB Cam Newton (Watch for a trade with Redskins)
#2) Broncos – DT Marcell Dareus – Alabama
#3) Bills – OLB Von Miller – Texas A&M
#4) Bengals – WR A. J. Green – Georgia
#5) Cardinals – CB Patrick Peterson – LSU (Watch for a trade with Eagles)
#6) Browns – DE Robert Quinn – UNC
#7) 49ers – QB Blaine Gabbert – Missouri
#8) Titans – DT Nick Fairley – Auburn
#9) Cowboys – OT Tyron Smith – USC
#10) Redskins – WR Julio Jones – Alabama
#11) Texans – DE Cameron Jordan – California
#12) Vikings – DT Muhammad Wikerson – Temple
#13) Lions – CB Prince Amukarama – Nebraska
#14) Rams – DE J.J. Watt – Wisconsin
#15) Dolphins – OG Mike Pouncey – Florida
#16) Jaguars – DE Ryan Kerrigan – Purdue
#17) Patriots – DE Cameron Heyward – Ohio State
#18) Chargers – DT Phil Taylor – Baylor
#19) Giants – OT Anthony Costanzo – BC
#20) Bucs – CB Jimmy Smith – Colorado
#21) Chiefs – OT Gabe Carimi – Wisconsin
#22) Colts – OT Nate Solder – Colorado
#23) Eagles – DE Da’Quan Bowers – Clemson
#24) Saints – RB Mark Ingram – Alabama
#25) Seahawks – QB Jake Locker – Washington
#26) Ravens – CB Brandon Harris – Miami
#27) Falcons – DE Aldon Smith – Missouri
#28) Patriots – OL Danny Watkins – Baylor
#29) Bears – OT Derek Sherrod – Miss State
#30) Jets – OLB Justin Houston – Georgia
#31) Steelers – C/G Steve Wisniewski – Penn State
#32) Packers – DT Corey Liguet – Illinois

Paul Mancini

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  • It would be pretty easy to let him slide considering his knee swelled up over the weekend and teams are putting a “pass on em ” grade in the first round. No way the Eagles draft a d-lineman first round with the o-line being such a problem and the corner position being in need. Your gonna pay 10-15 million to a guy with a old man knee? He wont play longer then 5 years at a high level,if that.

    Bills finally get a chance to take a franchise q in Gabbert and they take V.Miller?Dude has serious leadership skills and is athletic.Seems suspect P-domis.

    Nice effort though Paul.G….if i throw darts at a draft board and come up with a mock will you post it?

  • One thing I do know. The Eagles NEVER take who most of us think they should take even if that player is available. Brandon Graham? Maclin? I don’t feel like doing the research and try to remember the last 10 drafts but what I do remember is always saying WTF? I challenge anyone to tell me the last time the Eagles #1 pick was met with pure jubilation. Maclin is OK. Hell we throw 50 times a game I think most any receiver is gonna catch alot in this offense. I just want a first round pick that isnt a surprise and wait and see. If the stud RT is available take him. I dont want a DE from a division 3 school that people scratch there head, Take the Stud RT or CB. Stop trying to think your smarter than everyone else. Sure they know more than me. But if the damn professionals are telling you Gabe Carimi is a stud just take him. I can live with that if hes a bust.

  • Real talk daggolden i agree.

    Theres 2-3 safe ,stud o-lineman on the board when we draft..book-it! So take one of these dudes and go nuts and wile out in the later rounds.

  • How the hell would you justify taking a big-time injury concern guy when the right side of our line consists of Max Jean Belly Band and Nick Cole.Get outta here…they draft a d-line in the first round and the o-line looks like that there morons.And dont sell me they’ll target a 2nd or 3rd round guy for the o-line. Theres blue chippers to be had in the 1st round. Get em and then address the defensive back-field.

    And trading Kolb for next years picks would be moronic as well. No? Disagree? We need picks this year. Or make a solid deal that we trade kolb to a team after they draft a guy we want.

    All this cause these greedy jerks cant decide what to do with there billions.

  • dag – Brodrick Bunkley – that was the expectation and fan concensus according to my memory (I could be wrong).

  • There are lots of good interior OL (which is what the Eagles really need) that can
    be chosen in the 2nd/3rd/4th/5th Rds..
    I think the Eagles feel good about Justice,Dunlap and Howard all getting better with New OL Coach H Mudd
    Players like M Cannon, B Illjalana,C Bolins, R Hudson, O Franklin,J Carpenter, D Love, J Pinkston,J Barksdale, S O’Dowd, W Rackley, J Moffitt, Z Hurd, S Schilling, M Gilbert, will all be availalbe with later picks..
    There are 3-4 OL that will probably be able to contribute their Rookie Seasons
    and they will all be off the board by #23 pick (Smith,Pouncey,Carimi,Contanzo)
    Most of the others will be take a year or 2 to acclimate to the Pro game
    Same thing at CB — there’s probably 2-3 in Peterson,Amakurama and Smith amnd maybe B Harris who will probably start their Rookie Seasons and then the next 8-15 Rated CB’s are probably a year or 2 away from Starting and could be had in the 3rd/4th & 5th Rounds (similar to Lindley’s rankings of last years Draft)

  • They shoulda taken Ngata.Bunk is solid but has not dominated an entire season and even sniffed the Pro-bowl.

  • Key word good Paul. Theres blue chippers that will be there and they need to get em. Taking a d-lineman would be plain dumb. O-line and corner are the needs. A d-lineman will need to develop when some of these corners and o-lineman we could get would start. They need top shelf o-lineman who can play gaurd and tackle. Not some second or third rounder who is a gaurd and isnt a 1st round talent. Our O is top shelf with skill guys and Todd ,Jason,and center(Mike or Jamal)are legit…so why would we want a 2nd or 3rd round guy to come in here and TRY and start?

    They feel good about them but they arent saying there the starters?Howard was ok in his rookie year and Dunlap hasnt shown he can bend enough.

    Your mock pick is garbage sonion…it makes no sense from a talent and team needs persepctive.You can list all these names of so called “good” o-lineman all you want… bottomline…Birds need a b-chipper road grader/mauler…..and thats who they go after.

  • Gotta trade Kolb. I want it for a pick this year but If its not possible then next year will be just fine. If its next year than the trade would have to say if its a top 10 pick I want a 4th rounder also. If the pick is 10-20 you will throw in a 3rd round pick. If the pick is 20-32 you have to throw in a 2nd round pick. The price is higher because your getting a free year out of Kolb without compensating us. But the LAST thing I do is keep Kolb next year and let Kolb walk for a late 3rd round compensatory pick. Why in the world would anyone do anything that stupid? You drafted him as a high 2nd round pick and let him walk for a late 3rd round pick? Ill take my chances with a veteran backup next year.

  • I’m not looking forward to another 1st round DE pick. We’ve been piss poor drafting a good DE and got lucky on Cole.

  • Bowers and Peterson? Dare to dream. I’de love to see this thing resolved to see what Kolb would fetch. Lets just say the Eagles somehow get Peterson, they may draft 1 or 2 linebackers later that blitz because they would leave Samuel and Peterson on the islands. They could easily pay a top guard in free agency and look really good.

  • Probably not gonna be FA this year.

    Peterson would be great…but again they cant trade guys in the draft this year.

  • This will be DE J Parker’s final season.DE’s Teo,Sapp and Hunt (from Canada) are all unproven which leaves the Eagles with T Cole, Paker and Tapp and re-habbing B Gaham who can’t be counted on for a full and productive 2011 season
    Fast forward to 2012 Season, Paker will be gone, Teo and Sapp may not even be in the NFL, which leaves the Eagles with an aging T Cole, a D Tapp & B Graham and not much else..

  • Shiller- Bunkley was regarded highly by the experts and I can live with a bust like him. Even though Chad Greenway was the player people were talking about. Jerome McDougal was also highly regarded. I can live with that bust. . This team has hit 2 home runs in 12 years McNabb, Andrews. 1 above avg player Corey Simon. 3 slightly above avg players Shepard, Maclin and Patterson. 5 busts Graham IMO, Bunkley, F Mitchell, McDougal and I will add in Kolb. until he gets me a top 10 pick.

  • dag – no love for djax?

  • Re Bunkley,
    I always thought he could be a good situational pass-rusher from the DE position
    to get him out one on one and utilize that bull-rush versus an OT instead of being double teamed by Guards and Centers from the DT position
    I know Bunkley is not the quickest player, But I think he came from the outside on occasion, that he could be effective in pass-rushing situations verse certain Teams and QB’s..even 6-8 plays a game from that DE spot could generate some sacks & big plays..
    I would not be surprised to see DL Coach Washburn have him in this role a
    a little bit to see what he can do..

  • Djax 2nd round pick.

  • So was Kolb.

  • Surprisingly not a bad job Paulman. If the CBs are indeed gone by 23, I can see us going with Bowers. Andy will never shy away from an impact DE! I also agree that we will try to move up to 4 or 5 to get Peterson pending the CBA outcome. OLine can be had later and/or in free agency. If the draft falls like you lay out, don’t be shocked if we trade Kolb to Minn to grab “the Prince” at 12.

  • Kolb I consider 1st round pick since we moved down.

  • dag, so all you care about is 1rst rounders? Look how many good and great NFL players were drafted lower than that.

  • There will be no trade of Kolb this year for a pick in this years draft.

    Bowers is flat out injury concern…arthritic knee and micro surgury…impact to the i.r. maybe.

    Bunkley cant even get a sack standing 3 yards form the q when we need it…why would you think he could get one when he’s lined up 7 yards away with a left or right tackle in front of him.

    Do any of you realize there is not gonna be a FA market this year?

  • I will lay 50 to 1 that Kolb is traded before the start of the season…..any takers?

  • G-Man,
    Will you have a running thread during “Draft Weekend” like you did during some late season games.. I would be great to be able to predict,debate, hoot and hollar during the Draft while it’s happening .. At least the 1st 3 ROunds on Thursday and Fri evenings.. Anyone else have thoughts on this..

    Thnx Dixie,
    key teams affecting the EAgles are TB Bucs and KC CHiefs..
    Bucs are in a bind at CB due to All Pro A Talib arrest (which is his 2nd or 3rd offense and may be looking at Jail time or at least an suspension from the NFL)
    The Chiefs like OL and probably will grab one of the ones the Eagles like

  • Of course there has to be a FA period. Where are the 500 players who are FA gonna play? You cant force teams to keep players they had last year. So a Ernie Sims is automatically back on the Eagles? . FA will be fast and furious.

  • Shiller of course I care about lower picks. But we were talking about 1st rounders. I would think the highest percentage of stud players are taken in 1st round.

  • Do any of you watch the NFL network. How many times do you hear those dudes say…”With the absence of a FA market”…or ” No FA period”.

    Why would the Birds trade a valuable back-up for a pick in 12′ ?Forget Andy love Kevie?

    FA will be like the last beer while your in the pi$$er….your probably not gonna see it.

  • Trade proposal…. Paulman,a case of Noble Pills,a bag of footballs and a life time membership at Delilahs den for Logan Mankins.

  • Add in 10 hoodie sweatshirts and a book on how too look and sound even more annoyed in your press conference.

  • @ Paulman –
    nice stab at it… however, Da’Quan Bowers knee is not good… he has an arthritic knee that many think will cut his career short and eventually require more surgery… teams have already taken him off their boards…. why draft a player who is out of football in 2 years…
    I really think we will be surprised by how many Qbs are taken in round one….look for the following to be drafted in round #1… Trust me!

    QB Cam Newton
    QB Blaine Gabbert
    QB Jake Locker
    QB Christian Ponder
    QB Colin Kaperneack
    QB Ryan Mallett.

    there is going to be a trading back into round #1 starting with the #21 pick… teams are going to jump at getting their QB of the future… teams like the Bengals, Jaguars, Titans, Cardinals, 49ers and Bills.
    Again, as I stated before, the draft has 18 players with first round value…. look for the Birds to trade out of round one if they get an offer that includes a 2012 1st rounder.

  • 2 things……

    1. You mention about the Eagles not drafting O-line Paul, because they have Howard Mudd and are happy with who they currently add. Ignoring the fact that they also picked up Washburn.

    2. They drafted 3 DEs last year, 1 in the 1st…… No way they draft another DE in the first if not at all. See, Reid doesn’t like to admit when he makes mistakes. He always waits too long to fix a “mistake”. You see it over the years with him keeping players too long because he doesn’t want to admit he made a mistake with them. Drafting a DE in the 1st round this year would not only suggest that he made a mistake once, but 3 times and 1 huge one in the 1st round. That just isn’t Reid.

  • A couple of things Sports Bum

    #1) I am not saying they will not Draft An OL, just not in the 1st round
    (COach Mudd is used and thrives of turning mid Round picks to Starter material)

    #2) As far as DL and in particular DE position goes, How much longer do you expect Parker to play.. In these days of a pass-happy NFL, you need to have about 5-6 good pass rushing DL and I only see about 2-3 on the Eagles Squad
    (I don’t think TEO is strong of big enough and R Sapp has an outside chance and has put on about 20 lbs in the last year to get up to 260 lbs so maybe he has a shot.. ) and T COle has about 2 more good seasons left before he becomes a situational player himself..

    And don’t forget that this Draft is only deep in 2 Areas– The DL and the OL and pretty average everywhere else once you get past the 3rd Round or so..

  • Interesting Jott,
    I see 2-3 QB’s taken in the 1st Round (Newton,Gabbert and Locker)
    the others will be 2nd & 3rd Rounders (I will include A Dalton from TCU also)
    The Strength of this Drafdt is in the trenches along the DL and OL and many teams have new COaches with new systems in place and many of these teams will be allows a year or 2 to develop their roster for future good teams.. I really don’t believe any QB from this class is going to make an impact their rookie season so I believer most struggling teams will be more likely to build strong foundations at the line of Scrimmage as opposed to forcing an average QB to be their new face of thge Franchise.. Also take in account that there will be some short-term QB’s on the market who could brifge the gap for a 1-2 year time to help a team get over the hump.. QB’s like McNabb,V Young, Orton, Kolb, Palmer, Hasselback, will likely be on the marker for someone to consider..

  • One last note about QB’s taken this Draft is with the uncertainty of a prolonged holdout,missed OTA and LAte SPring Camps.. Is a team with new Coaches and new systems a good spot for a Rookie QB to land when there may not be any Practices until mid to late summer,, If I am new team in need of a QB, let me build the team in the trenches and sign a Veteran as I get my Team together.. All of these Rookies could lose a lot of time which would really hurt a Rookie QB the most.. Many of the bad teams of 2010 will be building their teams for the 2012 Season for they are not too liklely to do much in 2011 with new Coaches,Systems and limited time practice time with all the moving parts of a team let alone with a Rookie QB.. ..

  • The problem Paul is, what you see and what the Eagles see are 2 very different things.

  • @Paulman – agree that OL and DT are deep thru 5 rounds this year. I dont think DE is that deep after round #3. I think the world of Aldon Smith in the Eagles system, but he is projected to go anywhere between 10-18. We might need to package picks to move up. I am not against it, but it makes it easier if we get a #1 pick for Kolb. Also, I think LB Bruce Carter of North Carolina is the type of 3 down LB the Eagles need. We need to add playmakers on the defensive side. Also, agree that other than Cole there is nothing special at DE….DL coach Washburn isnt thrilled either with the talent at DE.

  • I realize that Sports Bum, and it’s probably why they haven’ t had better Drafts over the years also.. Always trying to find that bargain, that diamond in the rough, trading up, trading down moving more selections from the early rounds to the mid and later rounds to get more “value”…I say, select the best players on the Board, which will make you a better team..
    To Jott
    I agree with you that DL Washburn is not going to be real impressed with the current roster of DE’s which is another reason you may see Bunkley line up as a DE in certain passing situations and also why I think they will Draft another DE early in the Draft to give him some more talent to work with..

  • paulman = eskin = spadaro = bogus sources = ridiculous mock drafts & trade rumors.

    who did you have them taking last year? I GUARANTEE you it wasn’t Brandon Graham

  • they’re going to draft scoob noodles, a 6’1 230lb DT from burger king tech and switch him to FB. he’s not going to be listed in any draft guides and he’ll be coming off of major shoulder surgery. then they are going to tell us how great all of their past picks were compared to the Steelers’ picks and how this will be “the year”.

  • To RR
    I had the Eagles staying at #23 last year and selecting CB Devin McCourtey who went to the Patriots at #26 I believe, and became an All-Pro in his Rookie

  • To RR,
    I also had the Eagles selecting C/G Maurkice Pouncey in other mocks last year, who ended up being Drafted earlier by the Steelers at #18
    Another name I had, was CB K Jackson who went #20 to the Texans
    and CB K Wilson who went # 29 to the Jets
    I thought the Eagles were weak at CB position last year and that there was a pretty good crop of CB’s available at their Draft Position..
    This Year I think the Eagles still need help at CB postion, but there are not as many good CB’s worth selecting where they are at this year at #23, unless a Jimmy SMith drops to them which is very unlikley)

  • paulman,

    my point being is that the eagles are as unpredictable as women…will never be able to figure them out..

  • I agree with you 100% RR..
    This is why Coach AR and the Eagles haven’t won anything during the past 12 years..Draft the best players availalbe that fit your “System” and if that’s what Coach AR anda the Eagles state that they have been doing over the last 12 years, then maybe it’s time to change the “System” and get away from the typical undersized but fast DE’s & LB’s and stay away from the overly large and heavy OL that they have continued to draft over the years.. Get more Beef on the DL and a little more athletic and in shape along the OL (Peters is overweight, J Jackson is overweight, N Cole is overweight, MJG was overweight..) If these guys were 15-20 lbs lighter, I beliver they would have move endurance and play lighter on their feet that what they have done.
    PeE and LB

  • Look Guys!!!!!

    It’s time we get off of this organization’s back.

    If this organization have taught us anything….we at least have exciting football.

    A team really don’t need top playmaking linebackers, safeties in our scheme. Yes we keep drafting fastballs that amount to nothing!


    At least we have the persistence to stick with the plan even if it amounts to nothing.

    That’s consistency!

    See, our squad thinks 5-10 years ahead of the curve and the front office is smarter than any in sports.

    We drafted Kevin Kolb knowing he would be a clipboard holder that could be cashed in for a better pick 4 years later.

    Now that’s foresight!

    So What, we went into last season with a CB one hit from paralization and a Center coming off major knee surgery?

    With persistance we can prove science wrong and not address the Nate Allen’s or Graham’s roster replacements after major knee surgeries for the new season.

    We’ll prove once and for all that a player can play lights out within 7 months of recoverying from reconstructive knee surgery.

    Another thing..

    Time management is not really a problem here.

    Genuises needs an additional 2 minutes to get a play in …being so complexed with the most difficult playbook since football was invented.

    The league need to add an additional 2 minutes between plays for our Genius sake.

    So guys…Get off of our “GOLDEN STANDARD’S” back!

    Even if we waste another real good running back’s career by not running the ball…….We’ll be exciting!


  • songs its a decent post, but how bout consistantly could have been a little better. foresight would be knowing 2011 would be DE strong. i have not heard a 1st rate safety in this years 1st round. last year there were 2 and one was sitting right there for us. we did not quite improve the kolb pick yet. and the ” golden standard” is the one who said multiple superbowls. may be they need to change a little bit.

  • As some one astutely pointed out the WTF factor. I think the Birds will move up for a cb in the first not Peterson but Amukamara, Reason being, they say the knock on peterson is that he is not really good in man coverage, they already got a zone cb in samuel. I think if someone doesn’t bite on locker before 20, I think the eagles will move up to get him, figuring they could trade next years first and probably still get a first for kolb when a deal is struck.

  • HA Ha Ha Songs! LOL I like dat one buddy – A CB one hit away from paralyzation (not that I personally want to see someone really get paralyzed) and the Golden Standards; Classic! We can do all the mock drafts we want but we’ll probably trade our first round pick for 3 “”trash heap” players who’ll get injured in the preseason anyway, or pick a first round bust. the usual stuff as you guys know already.

  • songs, for someone that complains about Reid being stubborn and predictable, you sure are a freaking broken record. You sure are freaking broken record. You sure are a freaking broken record.

  • Songs, great post in terms of brining up new, insightful points, but just for contrast, can you do a greatest hits of Andy Reid complaints? Because there really has been a lack of clihce, you know, was a novel idea 5 years ago posts about Reid on this site.

    Much appreciated

  • Who in here really expect a game changing defensive player from this draft?

    Let me do a comment for 2012 to reflect the news spin at that time…

    Can McDougal…I mean Graham bounce back from injury after a disappointing debut?

    Did we trade up for Mcdougal too?

  • can’t have enough fastballs…I got som fast balls for you right here!!!

  • Schill remember I said Kolb would be Bobby Hoying Jr.?

    One and done?

    Negrodomis strikes again

  • To Songs,
    To keep the racial tones off the this site, How about if we call you
    “Obamadomis” instead of “Negrodomis”… You ok with this…
    (sounds like something Donald Trump would say…ha ha )

  • Songs, you are a beauty, some classics there

  • To Jakedog,
    Where’s your Mock Draft…

  • @Paulman – I have Newton, Gabbert, Locker, Mallett and Ponder going in the first round. can I send you my mock?

  • Sure Jott1972

    You can post it here and then maybe G man will pull it up to make a sepearate article/thread on it…(that’s how my got on here)
    or you can send to my e-mail at paul@skycountryinc.com .. thnx

  • songs, interesting that you equate ‘1 and done’ with NFL teams willing to trade for a guy. Done means done, rumored to get a #1 pic + does NOT equal ‘done’.

    You sir, have once again jumped the gun too early.

    Glad your Ego is doing well though….

  • songs just can’t think clearly with the mere mention of Kolb’s name, other than that, the cat is pretty much dead on

  • @paulman, I don’t have time to waste to figure out what players the eagles will draft that they shouldn’t

  • jake – good for you about not having time to worry about who the Eagles will draft. Becuase guess what, no matter how much Pualman types or any fan predicts/argues/ etc… etc. etc…. it all doesn’t mean a thing because the Eagles will do SOMETHING on draft day, and at that point, we will be talking about what they DID do or DIDN’T do – and at that point, all this Might/Should etc…. will be null and void…

  • right on schiller

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