• August 17, 2022

Roseman: Offensive Line Is Deep And So Is Defensive End Position

The Eagles will not be using their first round pick to draft an offensive lineman and I think that’s a good thing. They’re not going to be able to draft Florida center/guard Mike Pouncey because he will be gone by the 23rd pick, so it seems that they’ve reconciled themselves to the thinking that it’s best to address the offensive guard position in the second or third round.

On Thursday, Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman met with the media and he stressed the depth at the offensive guard position. I agree with him. I like some of the youngsters rated down five, six or seven spots deep at the guard spot.

In addition, I don’t think it’s good use of your picks to be drafting a guard with a number one pick. A guard has to be very special to be worthy of being picked in the first round, so it was good news to me to see that the Eagles have no plans of doing that.

The Birds are also slow to draft cornerbacks in the first round unless he’s exceptional. They did draft Lito Sheppard with a first-round pick and he gave them some good years and made some big plays to help put them in the playoffs. I keep hearing about red flags concerning Jimmy Smith of Colorado and I don’t see any other cornerbacks who are worth picking up that high.

I think they’re going to trying to trade down because Roseman said that they have quite a few players with the same grades in spots from 20 to 40. That means the Birds think they can get the same level of player from the 20th pick in the draft through the top eight of the second round at number 40.

He’s basically saying the Eagles would have no problem giving up their 23rd pick to move down to the first ten picks in the second round as long as they get an additional pick or two for their trouble.

I could see them using that pick to grab one of the defensive ends. Roseman said the defensive end crop is very deep this season and I would agree with him. Purdue’s Ryan Kerrigan, Adrian Clayborn of Iowa, Cameron Jordan of California, Cameron Heyward of Ohio State or Arizona’s Brooks Reed could be the target depending on how the Eagles have them rated on their draft board. They’ve all got an outstanding combination of size and speed. They’re not all giants, but they’re bigger than the DE’s, Brandon Graham and Daniel Te’o Nesheim, the Eagles picked a year ago.

There are five defensive ends rated ahead of the five I just gave you. A number of these guys could wind up being major difference makers, who have an immediate impact on the league. Normally you don’t have this level of talent available to you so late in the draft.

I would love for them to grab Alabama’s James Carpenter in the third round. I saw him kicking butt during the week leading up to the Senior Bowl. He played tackle in college, so he would have no problem moving inside. He’s a tough football player and good athlete who was trained under Nick Saban. Say what you want about Saban, he trains players to be hard workers and disciplined. He could come in here and start from day one, but you wouldn’t have to give up a first or second round pick for him.

I could see a couple of local products becoming a candidate for the Eagles right guard position. I like Will Rackley of Lehigh. He would have to deal with a major upgrade in competition, but I think he could handle the jump. I like Ben Ijalana of Villanova even better and he would be a good choice for the Birds. I like the thought of getting a youngster who was able to play tackle in college and making him a guard in the NFL.

It’s much easier to play guard than to play tackle. These guys have the size and quickness to play tackle, so at a later date you might be able to move them out there if you need to do so. You don’t have to be as quick or technically sound to play the guard position as you do to play the tackle spot. Strength is important because you’ll be going against a lot of bull-rushers, who have tremendous power.

All these guys will likely be available in the second or third roun


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  • Nice article G and spo on about the Depth of the OL and DL where I can the Eagles can get good players to step in and contribute right away in the 2nd/3rd at these positions..
    This is also why I have the Eagles trading out of the 1st Round all together if they can find a partner.. The Oakland Raiders have no 1st Round pick this year (part of the Richard Seymour trade with the Pats 2 years ago).. If I were the GM, I would offer Eagles #23 Selection for the Raiders 3rd Round pick in 2011 (#89 Pick) and a 1st Rounder for 2012 Draft.. Then I would look to offer some of the Eagles 4th/5th Round selctions to teams that are in need of more Draft Picks this year (Saints,Seahawks,Redskins only have 5-6 picks where the Eagles have 11) to move up and maybe squeeze 1 or 2 more 3rd ROund Selections.. The Value of this Draft is from about #35-#125 and then once after the 4th Round, the quality really drops off..
    This Draft is deep in quiality at OL&DL which the Eagles need help in and should conentrate as many picks in these areas… It’s not very strong in the Secondary,TE,QB areas.. Eagles would be better to utilize their picks in the strengths of this Draft and then obtain a top flight CB/LB via free-agency and maybe a back-up experienced QB if they do plan to trade kolb once a CBA is in place… Another positive is that if the Eagles can Trade Kolb for a 1st Round pick in 2012 Draft along with trading out this year for the Raiders #1 pick as well as their own, the Eagles could have 3 1st Rounds Selections in 2012 when chances are, there will be a Rookie Salary Cap/Slot system in place which means next year the Eagles could get 3 Stud players without breaking the bank which allows them this year to go out and Sign CB Asmogaoh, and extend Vicks & D-Jax’s contracts..

  • G,

    I’ve gotta say I disagree. If you saw Roseman on Eagles.com, you heard him say he loves the Oline Talent. He mentioned Peters, Herremans, Jamaal Jackson, Justice, Dunlap, Shipley, Reynolds. He did not mention RG. Earlier this year, Andy Reid praised his right tackles, but stressed the need for improvement at RG. I feel really confident that the Eagles take a guard. In fact..


    -The Eagles will have drafted either Mike Pouncey, Danny Watkins, or Marcus Cannon in the first two rounds. Either way, they will draft a guard in the first two rounds.

  • G, Don’t discount Lee Ziemba from Auburn. Huge reason Cam was able to do anything. Big nasty kid who would fit in very well here, especially at G and can play G or T.

  • I agree that RG is the weakest position line along the OL but I don’t see Eagles grabbing one in the 1st Round even if they were to keep their pick..
    Pouncey will go between #15-#20
    Watkins is 27 years old already and will go late 1st/early 2nd Round
    M Cannon is huge at 355lbs and some Scouts fear he may have weight issues and his conditioning as he matures and gets older..

    Many Good OG can be had in the 2nd/3rd/4th Rounds
    Some names to look in addition to the ones that G mentioned

    #1) Steve Wisnewski – Penn State (played Center but can play Guard)
    #2) R Hudson – Florida State
    #3) Clint Boling – Georgia
    #4) Demarcus Love – Arkansas
    #5) S Schilling – Michigan
    #6) J Moffitt – Wisconsin
    #7) S O-Dowd – USC (Played Center in College, but many see as OG)
    #6) Zach Hurd – U Conn
    #7) Dan Kilgore – Appalachian State
    #8) Brandon Fusco -Slippery Rock (Played Center, but many see as OG)

  • agreed Paulman, but that was just my prediction. I can see it happening. I hope we go with Jimmy Smith and sign nnamdi too.

  • There is little chance that they would Draft J Smith at #23 (If availalbe) and then still pursue a top CB free-agent in Asamagoah… One or the other, I can see, but not both for it doesn’t make sense when there are other needs to address (OL/DE/LB)
    I think J Smith goes Top #15-#20 (Detroit,Tampa I can see grabbing him)

  • I said that was what Id like to see, not what they would do. I think its feasible if they were willing to spend that much at corner. You can take care of the Oline in the draft, and draft a LB in the mid rounds. Then you can target a DE and Nnamdi in free agency. Having Jimmy Smith, Nnamdi Asamough, and Asante, would be unbelievable, kind of like what the jets did with getting cromartei and then drafting kyle wilson. I think it would be huge for us, especially matching up against teams with 3 or 4 good Wrs.

  • That would be an awesome CB group, but I have a feeling we may see a
    Combo of Samuel,Patterson,Lindley and Hanson on the field instead : (

  • Ya know what. Don’t draft a DE, because they can’t evaluate talent at DE. They spent a 1st round pick on this last year he got outplayed by Parker. Dixon outplayed the other high draft picks at DT. I don’t want another wasted 3-4 picks on D-lineman when clearly they stink at drafting them. What does it tell you that they try to draft DE every year and it never pans out. All of this to make up for the fact that they shoulda broke the bank for Peppers. Cole and Peppers would have brought the D back to being dominant.

  • just to throw it out there , can we just draft the best football player/ impact player reguardless of position. if a linebacker is there ? do you? if pouncey is there and we don,t take him i will be ill. is the running back ingram gonna be there ? do you take him? just throwing it out there , i really dont want a de but if hes got the size do you?

  • Eagles will trade from #23 into the 35-45 area and get an extra 3rd and possibly 4th or 5th.

    I am a big fan of DE Jabaal Sheard of Pitt…. he is perfect for the Eagles scheme and will be available between 40-45.

  • I really like Carpenter from Bama… he is the Reid type of lineman, college OT turned NFL OG… fits into the RG position day one…excellent pass blocker!

    Here is my Eagles draft (rds 1-4):

    Trade picks #23 and #118 to the Bills for picks #34 & #68. Bills move up for their franchise QB

    #34 – DE Jabaal Sheard, Pittsburgh (nasty pass rusher who fits new coach Washburn’s scheme perfectly….like him better than Kerrigan and Clayborn)
    #54 – SS DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson (Dawkins clone)
    #68 – OT/OG James Carpenter, Alabama (college LT turned NFL RG)
    #85 – CB Shareece Wright, USC (one of the top underrated corners in the draft..excellent cover corner.)
    #104 – LB Colin McCarthy, Miami FL (college MLB who fits perfectly at WIL in the Eagles scheme)

  • jott, pick for pick , i could live with that

  • Good Trade Sceneario and picks Jott
    PItt’s J Sheard is rising up the charts and may be grabbed late in the 1st Round
    I have read where the Pats/Jets are real high on him too..
    I like SS D McDaniel but I do not think I would take him at #54 and will probably ld still be on the board at #68..

    How about these picks instead based on your New Draft Selections after the trade w the Bills

    #34 — DE Brooks Reed (Arizona State 6-4 260lbs)
    #54 — LB Bruce Carter (UNC 6-3 245lbs)
    #68 — OL James Carpenter (Alabama 6-5 305 lbs)
    #85 — WR Greg Little (UNC 6-3 230lbs)
    #104 — RB Taiwan Jones (Eastern Washington 6-0 210 lbs)

    Then add a TE,OL,Kicker in the 5th/6th/7th Rounds

    WR Greg Little was suspeneded last Season at UNC as a few other players were with dealing with Agents,etc,etc,.. But in 2009 Season, he was outstainding and is built a lot like H Nicks & A Bolden and has great hands who is big, strong and doesn’t mind contact… Both D-Jax/Maclin are great young players,but they are a little soft and especially in the Red Zone, J Avant is a nice 3rd Down option but can’t run away from everyone and can be covered by most NFL OLB’s and R Cooper looks like he has potential but who knows how w bad a Contract Situation with D-Jax could become, or a lengthy holdout or even an injury to D-Jax/Maclin could occur..If Greg Little was on the field in 2010, he probably would have been a Mid 2nd Round Selection in the #40-#50 Range so getting him at #85 is a steal and selecting RB Tawain Jones who is quick,strong and a great receiver would be a nice compliment to L McCoy
    As far as addressing the CB position, The Eagles will have to pursue a NFL starter type in Free-Agency whether that’s Asmogoah, Carlos Rodgers, or some of the others that are out there.. .They already have 3-4 young CB’s on the Roster in Lindley,Hughes,Lawson, Trufant to go along with Patterson,Hanson and of course Samuel so I am not sure they they will draft another couple to add to what they already have..They need a Top-Level Starter for 2011 and they will have to fill that need via free-agency or possibly a trade with the Bengals after a CBA is in place for CB Joseph in exchange for QB Kolb…

  • Who said anything about a guard? We need an OT on the right side and we need to give Json Peters electric shock brain therapies for the left side. Sounds like the Eagles are trading back and reverting from the past two great drafts. Business as usual at mediocre Philadelphia.

  • Eagles are ok at OT (Justice was having a solid season until he hurt his knee in mid- November) In hindsight, he probably should have rested it longer and let Dunlap play, but like many injured players, he rushed back too soon and was ineffective the last few games he playerd… Coach Mudd will do a nice job with Justice, Dunlap and Howard in improving their games and techniques.. RG Is the immediate Position thats needs a replacement and depth added

  • @paulman – good picks, but I dont see Reed as a DE in the NFL, but a 3-4 OLB….Greg Little is a 2nd round pick. Carter is also rising up the charts because of the weak OLB position..

  • How long will we make excuses for Winston Justice? He have not lived up to his draft projections and is accredited with one of the worse games played by an offensive lineman in the history of the NFL.

    Players play injured and still produce!!!!!

    The question should be…Is there a player who can man the position better available? If so, we need to improve the position not waste another season just to eventually write him off as one of many mistakes by holding on to a player hoping. He was drafted to replace Tra Thomas as a Left Tackle spurning the organiztion to spend top dollar for Peters …money that could have been spent on another position of need. Justice is a back up at best. Most teams flip flop their top pass rusher to his side to take advantage of his slow feet. He’s horrible against the first step and if I can see it…so can the league. He would be better with a team that runs the ball but Justice is a liability in our pass happy offence.

  • Any GREAT coach knows you don’t have a line without a solid end. Why do you think the first thing Bill Parcells addressed in Miami was the book end? It starts and stops with right tackle. Runyan is case in point. If you have a chance to move up in front of the Colts you do it. The one round you shouldn’t mess up is the first round. This team cannot sell us the snake oil. It is just like songsr said. if he can see then everyone can see.

  • this should serve as a bitter reminder that not all university southern california players are great. they are products of the system. this goes back to whoever said JJ was not the best thing since sliced bread. you have no idea what great coaching can do. as much as i hate bill bellichek i guarantee you if his players went elsewhere they would be the suck. don’t tell me our defense was great either because it was not that great. what did the those players that leave do when they leave system? JJ got through to those players and helped them be great.


  • hey big e, whats it like being stuck in the past? You know we’ll have a black president some day?

    – some guy you’ll meet on a website called gcobb in a few years, from the present, 2011


  • Ha, you are correct mr caps lock, uh, I mean BigE, I do mention the cheatriots often because I freakin hate them,and because I was living in Boston from 05-10 so I had to deal with those BS bandwagon (except for redsox in which case they aren’t bandwagon, just dbags) fans. And I truly believe they cheated in the sb against us.

    Anyway, BigE, once again you bring up your hate for Andy’s weight – SO irrelevant to everything else.

  • “SO irrelevant…” pot calling kettle black, huh Schill?

  • jake, elaborate – that could be read 2 ways, who’s pot and who’s the kettle?

  • Schiller I don’t hate Andy’s weight. Since he has been coach his biggest accomplishment has been to gain 100 pounds. For that you get no Super Bowl.
    He has not gone along with our Black First Lady’s agenda about eating healthy.
    Maybe he is living in the past and maybe you are sensitive to fat jokes because you were a walrus at one time.

  • ok, so once again you correlated fatness to superbowls…. and you brought in the first lady’s race…. your just a bucket if irrelevance aren’t you?

  • Schiller it was a mockery of you telling me we may have a black president someday. I think jake dog was telling you that you are irrelevant, irrelevant
    as you were the day you were born. By the way Reid is rated as #3 fattest coach. Remember you drew the parallel between ability and weight from my statements. Before you were too busy to post because you got a job. Why do I see you posting to every topic now? Reid has no excue for being a pig and a non Super Bowl winner, both mutually exclusive. DW

  • Ok Big, I actually appreciate that clarification. Man, you really follow me as close as Paulman follows the national sports headlines. I think Jake was either saying that my POSTS are irrelevant to the articles they are under (as opposed to ME). Whatever. But I am glad you finally said that you don’t corrolate his weight to his coaching/football. Thats the first time you admitted it – bravo. So now that we know that – that proves that you’re just being an ass that you mention his weight EVERY TIME you post about Reid. I don’t point it out because of me or my past, I point it out because it shows that on top of whatever relevant content you post about – the actual sports stuff – you throw in some juvenille comment just to be a dbag. Just saying, that makes you look like a real classy rational person to talk sports with – or maybe just a 10 year old.

  • Oh, and to answer you question, I’m more settled at the jobby job now so I have time to post more. That’s all.

  • Schiller I’m sure you meet a lot of 10 year olds in you visits to the park, similar to Aqualung. Oh and you must also have experience with a dbag. You can choose to ignore my posts but just like Reid can’t resist a meal ___________

  • Posting on Company time? No wonder we need a stimulus. Was you job part of the package.

  • big – what’s the aqualung reference (seriously, I have no idea). And that’s your comeback for the word dbag!? Ha, then apparently a large part of the us male population has experience with it – it’s a common phrase you know…

    Ha, no my job was not part of the stimulus. We needed a stimulus because of lack of financial regulation and Bush politics.

    And if you’re not aware, check the research (strong research at that) that the concept of working constantly for 8 hours a day is contrary to how human beings work best. Workers who take frequent breaks, including internet activities, are far more productive in terms of both quality and quantity. In countries where they work less hours and have more liberal work ethics, productivity and health are both better as compared to us. Those are facts my friend.

  • Common phrase? I haven’t heard it mentioned once on this website except by you. It’s a phrase that was used in the PAST DWad. For such a futuristic guy you need to update your phrases

    Yes I know how the SEC employees took their breaks from watching porn to clock in so they would get paid. and in my county those computer geniouses who had a contract to computerize the domestic relations bureau were six months back due to watching excessive computer porn on the tax dollar before they were fired.Go to Europe where those bums at young ages protested raising the retirement age.

  • I think that the SEC workers who took frequent breaks still got carpAl tunnel syndrome from excessive masturbation. Incidently why don’t you reference some studies as to HOW longevity and obesity and piggery(a new phrase).

  • now E, I hadn’t heard about the SEC and porn stuff you mention, if true, thats clearly an entirely different thing, for so many reasons. I’ll trust that I don’t need to spell them out for you.

    And again, if that’s true, those fools should be fired and it is truly f’d up that they did that.

    I however have a job that rely’s purely on consult – I’m there to help trouble shoot problems as they arise, and sometimes I need a break, or there just aren’t many problems at the time.

  • Schiller my friend read below as American worker is most productive
    and not due to your bogus study reference.

    U.S. Workers Ranked as World’s Most Productive
    Thanks to longer workdays and better training, U.S. employees generate more overall value than those in other nations.

    “And if you’re not aware, check the research (strong research at that) that the concept of working constantly for 8 hours a day is contrary to how human beings work best. Workers who take frequent breaks, including internet activities, are far more productive in terms of both quality and quantity. In countries where they work less hours and have more liberal work ethics, productivity and health are both better as compared to us. Those are facts my friend.”

  • big e – ok. So first, that last sentences ‘there are numerous studies that you haven’t read’ —-here comes a shocker —– I COMPLETELY AGREE. I mean, hmmm. Fin DUH. There are BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of studies. If I’d read them all or claimed to, I’d have to have 0 social (including this site), sleep, eating, pooping, etc… activities – it’s humanly impossible. So of course that’s the case.

    But man, you’re trying to rebut 5 internet links to content with sources, by posting a small paragraph with no citation or even mention of where it’s from, that’s equivelent to me saying

    “the philadelphia Eagles are a girls tea party team based out of zimbabwe who address the american problem of over employment, healthcare funding surpluses and who’s mission is to chip away at the perfectionist grammar and spelling of one Garry Cobb, internet blogger for the New England Cowboys”

    See – I can write paragraphs in these posts too – doesn’t mean they’re legit. Give the source man!

  • I have a few available sources if you fellas are looking for any… ha ha

  • Schiller- you did not give any sources on the studies you mentioned in you catotonic ramblings.”If your not aware check the research” This is your quote no reference to any sources dimented one. Maybe paulman can set you on the right course as he has numerous times in the past—oops sorry i said past
    future boy.

  • Regardless “Howie” has a girlyman nauseating voice, even thought it has nothing to do with his draft assessments.

  • oh E, you’re so consistent – gotta respect that. I didn’t include sources initially, I assumed you’re capable of performing a google search – perhaps I assumed to much and you’re incapable of a google search. But then when you asked, I gave you 5 links. You however, posted a rebuttal that is not only a fraction of what I provided, but completely uncited – it’s worthless.

    and ‘catatonic’ – ha, again, if you knew how to look things up (here you have TWO ways to look it up, online dictionaries and hard copies) – you’d be able to find out that it means something entirely irrelevant to how I post – it involves remaining completely still. And it can only describe a person or living thing, not my posts. By definition, anyone who posts something on this blog cannot be catatonic. Ha, I love how you said ‘catatonic ramblings’ – that’s an oxy moron. Like ‘fast slowness’.

  • Schiller as usual you are misguided (mania-extreme flexibilty of the limbs)
    see below. You are less adept at googling than a monkey.
    cat·a·to·ni·a (kt-tn-)
    An abnormal condition variously characterized by stupor, stereotypy, mania, and either rigidity or extreme flexibility of the limbs. It is most often associated with schizophrenia.
    You didn’t originally supply any links. You google and find out why American workers are most productive and it is not because they have time to beat off on the internet.

  • big – so your claiming that my posts have limbs? What’s up with that? And that my posts’ limbs are either extremely rigid or flexible? That sir, makes no sense at all.

    And as for you request for me to google it – I did so, and the first main link (study does support the headline, but not your arguement) says two key things about WHY: ‘Only part of the U.S. productivity growth, which has outpaced that of many other developed economies, can be explained by the longer hours Americans are putting in, the ILO said.’ AND “America’s increased productivity “has to do with the ICT (information and communication technologies) revolution, with the way the U.S. organizes companies, with the high level of competition in the country, with the extension of trade and investment abroad,” ‘

    Notice, they’re saying it’s not the longer hours that makes the difference. Also, they are measuring purely by $ – not quality or amount of work. My job isn’t to make my company money – I don’t work in business. And, the study says nothing of how those longer hours at work are being spent – therefore doesn’t menion anything about internet breaks or lack there of’ hence it doesn’t support your argument at all.

    But nice try fool. Enjoy the sixers tonight.

  • I was picturing you in a herky jerky typing position sort of like an octupus using a keyboard in a spastic frenzy. Your really dense. As for you studies whih propably waste taxpayer dollars, workers in all fields have been taking bathroom, coffee, smoke, sex, phone, and all sorts of breaks for years now. The doofs you quote are reducing common sense into studies that they get paid and promoted and fools like you quote them.

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