• August 15, 2022

If Da’Quan Bowers Drops, Could Eagles Go After Him

Here’s an article that just went up on Rotoworld.com: “NFL Network’s Albert Breer has spoken with one team in the top half of the draft that has taken Da’Quan Bowers off its board completely. The team’s doctors failed Bowers. Speculation around the league is that Bowers will be a “one-contract” player due to long-term concerns about his knee. The Bucs at 20 are a popular mock choice, though GM Mark Dominik has hinted that the Patriots are a team to watch. Per Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, Bowers’ knee condition is “bone-on-bone.”

Think about. Da’Quan Bowers is the same defensive end who many scouts had rated as the number one defensive end in the draft and to many he was all considered the number one draft pick. Much has changed since then and much of it has to do with Bowers and his injured knee.

The talented defensive end underwent arthroscopic surgery on his knee just before the NFL Combine, so he was able to workout with all the other top players. It also meant he would need to workout for the NFL scouts shortly after his surgery. The workout didn’t go well and neither did the examination of his knee by a number of NFL team doctors.

That all brings us to a chance that tonight Bowers falls in the draft to 20th or later. Could the Eagles possibly go after him?

Ray Didinger of CSNPhilly.com just penned an article about his belief that the Eagles might move up and grab Clemson’s Da’Quan Bowers, if he starts to drop into the teens. He could be right, but it all depends on how the Eagles rate Bowers and how they feel about the health of his knee. I think it would be a great move by the Eagles because Bowers was considered a special player at the end of the college season.

Would you the Eagles be willing to draft a guy in the first round who will give them four years of a great pass rush and then retire? I say yes. Andy Reid knows that he’s not going to be here past four years, so why not go for a championship with a guy who could dominate.

The Eagles drafted Florida tight end Cornelius Ingram, who had failed a number of physicals because of his knee. The only difference is that Ingram was drafted in the fifth round, whereas Bowers would have to be acquired with a number one pick. That’s a big difference, but if Bowers is as good as they say, he would be worth the move.


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  • I’m no Dr, but if they determine the knee is ok, and he can be a player for 5-7 years, this is a great move because this guy is clearly the best DE in the draft.

  • Bowers has potential and we love to acquire discounts for injuries. I hope we move up and address the cb position.

    Talk to Carolina, Cleveland, Cincinnati and maybe shock people and get a top 10 player.

  • Bone on Bone sounds like a Chase Utley situation, stay away from Bowers.
    I would rather the Eagles Draft a DE like R Kerrigan, JJ Watt who both of these players remind me of a Jared Allen from the Vikings and Watt can actually play against the run pretty well where Kerrigen is more of pure pass rusher
    The other DE who I think will make a great Pro is Aldon Smith from Missouri..
    He has that long lean body type where he can put 10-20 lbs of strength on but not slow him down any.. He reminds me of Elvis Dumervil of the Broncos and J Pierre Paul of the Giants in today’s NFL but is further along in his development than those 2 players were out of college..COupld blossom into a Simeon Rice/Javon Kearse type on the right team..

  • Ingram was given as an example. I loved the kid and pick, but how did that work out? I’m not crying over a fifth round pick, are you kidding me with a first rounder? Bone on bone makes me cringe just saying it, let alone to expect an explosive 280 pound man to play on it.

  • No way haven’t we learned anything about leg injuries, my pick is CB Jimmy Smith…

  • This would make perfect sense. Another value pick coming off a big injury. If teams are taking him off their board, there’s most likely good reason. Eagles need to draft a healthy stud. Not someone with a big red flag.

  • 3hrs away before draft I wanna hear some stone locked predictions for what the birds will do

  • G, your logic doesn’t make sense. If he really gave them 4 years of great pass rush do you think he’d just retire? The reason they are saying one contract is because they expect him to always be hurt. Kinda like another DE we have.

  • I would rather have the Eagles draft a stud DT in the first round then ever think about spending a 1st on Bowers. Give me Corey Liuget….

    For those of you who think an under the table deal can be made with Kolb, all you need to see is what those QB needy teams decide to do with their top picks. If teams like Arizona/ Cleveland/San Fran pick Qbs with their picks you can basically cross them off the list. If they pass on somebody like Gabbert and go for another position then to me that is an obvious sign that something is going on behind the scenes.

    Just saying, I don’t see the Eagles taking a player tonight.

  • Alright my Mock and bold predictions.

    1. Carolina M.Dareus
    2. Denver: Peterson
    3. Buffalo: Gabbert
    4. Cincinnati: Green
    5. Arizona Newton
    6. Cleveland Jones
    7. S.F: Locker
    8. Tennessee: Fairley
    9. Dallas: Smith
    10. Washington: J.Smith
    11. Houston will swap picks with Philadelphia and Eagles select Prince A.


  • Pheags you sont think they’re gonna draft tonight? Cmon man they’re definitely gonna draft tonight

  • Altra, newton is going 1st ovr its a lock

  • Trent Cole is getting no younger we may be drafting his replacement this yr… he’s like 28, 29… he wears down at the end of the yr, we need a better rotation for him

  • T Cole has slipped every year over the last 3 seasons and is no longer an Elite DE, He’s good and the best one the Eagles have, but he is no longer a Pro-Bowl Claiber player It is what it is, The Eagles need help at DE

  • Jhart, I hope I’m wrong. I think it would be a mistake this year for them to trade out of the 1st round because so many teams before them are probably going to reach for Qbs, which will drop some stud defensive players to us. Based on what the Eagles like to do I just see them trading out unless a specific player they truly value drops to them.

    I would straight up take the best defensive player available, regardless of position. DE,DT.LB,CB,S..dont care. they can all be upgraded.

  • Paulman, exactly. There are plenty off ends to choose from in this draft

    Pheags, I wonder if the birds will trade with arizona for peterson

  • I would love for them to trade kolb for peterson but I’m not sure they can because peterson is not a signed player. A bunch of teams passed on QBs tho, wonder if their waiting for Kolb?

  • I called it. DRC to the Eagles for Kolb and a late round draft pick next year. Let’s go!

  • A player coming off a knee injury with advanced degenerative joint disease. Sounds like he’s going to be an Eagle for sure!! Joe Banner LOVES the scratch and dent aisle.

  • Nick fairly is slipping!!!

  • Thr lions will dominate on defense.. the birds shoulda moved up for fairly

  • If TB doesn’t take Prince I think he will be there for te Eagles

  • wow really Giants?

  • giants said ok eagles you steal brandon graham from us last year we’ll steal prince from you this year… paybacks a bitch. Not only that but they drafted a better DE than we did with the next pick!!!!

  • JPP turned out to be better than Graham, and you can bet on it that Smith will turn out much better than Prince. Prince is overrated.

  • Bowers is my guess. J.Smith 6 kids……wow…..

  • If Smith is there and the Eagles pick another DE…… I am giving up on the Eagles.

  • J.Smith sounds like trouble. Take best available player.

  • we dont need smith we should go with bowers take a chance and pursue asumonga

  • We don’t need Bowers. We need a CB MUCH more than a DE. We could take a chance and pursue Babin, who actually said he would want to come here. Besides, we drafted 3 DEs last year and 1 with a high 1st rounder….. I know he is injured, but that doesn’t mean we need to draft a rookie, we just need a stopgap and a rookie won’t provide that. You people are idiots to trash something so soon. Just throw away past picks because you ain’t happy with immediate production. That makes sense. Why doesn’t everyone do that? I mean, every rookie is supposed to come in and be a Pro Bowler right away.

  • well sportsbum we will find out in 15 mins if that was a waste pick or not. if we do pick jimmy then i guess no asumonga.

  • danny watkin, well once again, most people were WRONG WRONG WRONG not trading back, no corner, no tackle. Danny Watkins fellas. We got our RG FINALLY THE ANDREWS CURSE IS OVER!!!!

  • I called it. I said Guard. Danny Watkins

  • philadelphia eagles.com just said danny watkins is the pick

  • We can get Jimmy and get Aso…… Jimmy is a rookie. You people are shortsighted. You think rookies are supposed to come in right away and be stars.

  • I’ve been saying guard will be taken, probably in the first round and noone believed me. It IS our most important need. I wanted Pouncey, but I think Watkins is a great player too.

  • Why can’t the Eagles just pick the best players instead of always trying to find lightning in a bottle? Always trying to outsmart people?

  • another horrible pick

  • well done muimui

    bum – and you don’t know that Watkins was the best player? You arrogant fool

  • At least we agree on this vricchini…….

    He is 26 years old for christs sake.

  • Watkins wasn’t the best player, Schiller.

  • Sports – 0 of the draft picks this year have practiced yet. How do you know that?

  • sportsbum we draft a player turning 27 this year and we get rid of players when they turn 30!!!!!!!! how hypocritical of a organization is this!!!!! you had jimmy there you had bowers there and muhummad out if temple!!!! a complete disgrace

  • do you fools remember what Shawn Andrews did to the run and screen game? And with Howard Mudd!? And it’s Vick’s blindside.

    I CANT believe you guys hate this pick. I’m very happy. Other than corner, I saw this as a big need (RG/T depending on how they use howard and justice)

  • Great pick, fits an important need. The most important need. We can get Nnamdi FA.

  • A versatile lineman. New that was coming. That shows Roseman is full of craps. We all knew this teams o line is garbage. jimmy smith would have been nice but o line was the sure thing.

  • Andy said watkins is one tough nut and that he likes that, eww

  • Watkins is on the small side, 6’3? Ugh

  • Jimmy Smith will be in a drug rehab for codeine addiction/or suspended out of the league before he is 26

    Bowers will be done playing football at 26

    OG has been a living hell for the past couple of years. This guy should solve that issue. The Eagles could be waiting to break the bank on Nnamdi to solidy the corner

  • J Hart LOLOL

  • gabe camiri was right there if they wanted to go OL!!! they are morons and know it alls!!!! this guy wasnt even 1st round material on most mock drafts!!! This guy is a run blocker bad news is that we dont run the freaking ball!!!! how can you be excited over a 27 year old OT that does not fit our scheme!!!

  • hart – you don’t want interior lineman to be to tall, they have to stay low.

  • The draft isn’t over people relax. And on top of that who knows what they can trade Kolb for..

    There was already a report that said the Eagles were looking to trade him for Aldon Smith

  • VR – you are predicting the future off of mock drafts – MOCK F-ING DRAFTS – something NOTORIOUS for being fun, but TOTAL BULLSHIT! And THEY are the knowitalls?

    oxygen and co2 buddy, you’re tripping

  • “we don’t run the ball” really? we have vick, i think he runs the ball. i like the pick. 26 so what? you philly bitchers

  • F gabe carimiri — we got the best guard in the draft — I’ll take it.

  • and VR – Gabe Carimi is WAY more of a ‘run blocker’ exclusively than Watkins – and Carimi would play tackle, on Vick’s blindside – and Carimi is known to have pass blocking as his weakness – for OUR offense. Whereas Watkins is not peged as having pass protection as a weakness. Chill man, your fuming and getting your facts all wrong

  • The birds always wanna get mediocre guys that they won’t have to pay much… jimmy smith was the guy

  • Yea, Jimmy Smith was “the guy” — with his failed drug tests and codeine abuse. SMH. Be real. If we drafted a corner, that means all the logic of us trading Kolb for Psqrd or DRC was just talk — the hope is still alive for that. If that fails…..Nnamdi is still out there.

  • only difference schiller is camiri is 4 years younger.

  • Schiller, they don’t know where he ll play on the line yet, they could try n move him under center… andy mentioned not only guard but also RT… Unbelievable

  • For me the age dont matter but the issue I have is if you dont like players over 30 then why draft a player you only statisicly are going to keep him for 3 years! it makes no sense im not upset they went OT but this shows how hypocritcal they are.

  • Watkins will be the Starting RG for the 2011 Season and probably have a nice 5-6 year Career.. He can step out and also be an OT, but I am not so sure he was worth the #23 Overall Pick..
    I was hoping DT M WIlkerson or CB J SMith .. I was also hoping they would make a trade with Seattle at #25 and be able to select both WIklerson & Smith
    in exchange for a 3rd Round pick in 2011 and a #1 in 2012..

  • Ravens just got a shut down corner. So what he smokes weed WHO HASNT!

  • the bottom feeder drew rosenhaus is the agent of jimmy smith. silver lining.

  • Just a little info for some of you Eagles fans that are crying about Watkins age.

    Jon Runyan was born in 1973. He was drafted in 1996. The Eagles signed him in 2000. Jon Runyan was 27 when the Eagles signed him.

    Case closed.

  • The Bonehead move/trade of the night has to go the Falcons..
    Went from #26 down to #6 for WR J Jones when they have DL and CB deficiencies on Defense.. and the gave up their 1st,2nd & 4 in 2011 and
    a 1st and 4th in 2012.. Cleveland make a great Deal there…
    I like what the Redksins did also, traded back from #10 to #16 and picked up an extra 3rd Rounder in 2011 and still got a very good player in DE R Kerrigan so now they will have Orapko and Kerrigan pass rushing forom both sides…
    No brainer move for Cowboys in getting OL T Smith who needs to put on 15-20 lbs to play LT at the NFL level but he will be a good one for years to come
    The Giants surprised me selecting CB Prince Amurkarama but I guess he was too good to pass up still being on the Board even though they have issues at OL/LB

  • ok so Dimitri Patterson is soooo much of a better player than Jimmy cause Dimitri dosent smoke weed and has never has a DUI so ill just have miles austin catch 15 passes for 150 yards cause the guy I like likes to live a righteous life. SMH

  • the last time codeine addiction was linked to a player his name was jamarcus russell..

    I’ll take Nnamdi over Jimmy Smith

  • Vricchini — if you think Dimitri is going to be the RCB for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011 — you’re the only one that is smoking something around here.

  • Another good thing about Watkins is that he’s only played football for about 3-4 years so his body is not beat up like a 27 yearr old.. He will be a starter from Day 1 and has a little nasty in him.. The Patriots were real high on him too per Draft reports
    CCarimi is not a very good Pass-Blovker and if you play OL For the Eagles you must Pas protect first for thats what the Eagles do which is part of the reason players like W Justice, MJG haven’t done better sin ecthey were more run blockers out of College than pass-protectors..

  • Word coming out that the Patriots traded with the Saints because Watkins was already gone.

  • I would have signed him too if I had the offensive line we had in 1999. Total difference in signing a proven 27 year old NFL player to an unproven 27 yr old college player.

  • vricchini, just take a look at Aqib Talib. Great corner on the field but complete dumbass off of it. He prolly wont be allowed to play this year at all. That’s why those things matter.

    Also, do you want vick as your QB or do you wan’t Kafka? Vick would never survive behind this line. it needed to be addressed

  • My POINT vricchini since you seem to dumbfounded by the pick to understand…..is that Runyan got signed in 2000 at 27, and gave us 8 great years. I’ll take 8 great years from Watkins as well.

  • Pffft, who cares how old he is? In 5 years the whole team roster will turn over anyway. If he plays well it is a good pick. They only get rid of older players that are beat up and spent (Brown, #5, Tra, Duece, etc). Half the people posting here will be dead by the time this young man finishes his career. Jimmy Smith + Rosenslob, yeah, that career is going places, right. Straight to detox. Again. Year round drug testing will end his stay in the NFL. Rapidly.

  • The eagles try to be like the patriots too much

  • vr – you’re taking that 30 thing as set in stone – too far. Sure, its a true trend of them. But what about on the OL? Yeah, they let Runyan and Tra Thomas go – and NEITHER of them had good football left in them – you can’t argue that….

    Both were over 30 on the line. Andy himself said that the 30 thing doesn’t really apply to OL.

    You’re taking that WAY too far.

  • you guys are gonna look at this draft next year and say “Man we could have got that guy”…

  • vr knows everything. He’s a fucking psychic genius

  • Paulman, I told you for weeks we’d go guard!

    All of you that hate this pick, stop complaining. This shows the iggles want to win now and have a player that can step in RIGHT NOW and contribute at a high level. All of you that say that the pats always beat us, well we beat them to this guy tonite!

  • we took a fire fighter! lol a guy who didnt even like football growing up

  • Steelers with another great pick cameron herward, DE… Now packers are up they’re almost identical franchises…

  • A Canadian that prefers to play hockey! great pick andy

  • The eagles mimick everything the pats do….even down to the scouting and evaluating… what is the eagles identity?

  • Hey guys – I have 2 questions right now.

    1. Name the biggest weakness on Offense right now. You gotta think don’t you. I’m presuming that Watkins is gonna be a great guard for a long time (admittedly getting ahead of myself). I’d say RT (unless Watkins plays there). But plug in Mudd with a better guard next to Justice or Howard, and I say we have a SOLID across the board O roster (and that’s not counting any FA or draft pick additions from this point on.

    2. That said, how much more opportunity for change on the D side? You got all the projections of the young D guys last year (for better or worse), all of Free Agency (it WILL happen SOMETIME). AND the rest of the frickin draft. Let’s go get some DBs, LBs and DLs. It’s shopping time.

    Ok, I’m throwing in a 3rd

    Who’s the next pick for the Eagles? I will assume one of the 3 I said up there – DL, LB or DB.

  • how about the jets taking muhammad wilkerson! 6 5 300 pound beast Boy that team knows how to pick players. Big strong physical guys that can beat up chumps like your 6 3 fire fighter. I mean shit you had Camiri there and he is 6 7!

  • Give me Ras-I Dowling in the second round

  • Sciller is allowed to have a crystal ball (Schiller: Watkins is gonna be a great guard for a long time) but as soon as someone gives their insight on the future were nuts.

  • The guy the eagles picked will be 27 when he starst to play NFL ball and in 3-4 years he may be too old according to Eagle standards.

  • 27 years old with only 4 years of experience. Possible lock out coming up he has a good chance of missing a year. Its possible he could have his 29th birthday in his rookie year.

  • vr – it sounds like you wanted carimi first. And that you see him as the concensus best OL (or that was going to in our range). I ask you, why – OTHER THAN THAT HE WAS THE FIRST COMMON NAME IN ALL THE MOCK DRAFTS FOR THE EAGLES.

    first – that shoulda told you right then and there that he’s not who the birds would draft.

    second – that doesn’t at all make him the best player for the Eagles to pick.

    answer that question for me

  • listening to who you guys see as satan – o…. I mean spadaro…. ‘rick gosling of the DALLAS morning star just said ‘Watson is by far the safest pick in the draft. He’s the only guarantee to be a probowler in 2010.’ – this from the rival city’s paper….minutes after the round…

  • vr – You are allowed to do whatever you want. You totally are and I never said otherwise. And I’m aloud to react.

  • the eagles have played old players, and they’ve done it recently. You lazy negadelphs are just hooking onto that one thing that is not an absolute. I’m disappointed in you Big and VR

  • Schill, I ts tru they have played older guys of late… jaqua parker for ex. Olinemen last a long time in the league too… I just hope the address there other needs… maybe LB next… akeem ayers if there… I think they have a deal on the table with the cardinals for a cornerback for kolb but we ll see

  • No Schiller its a good pick but not at 23. if he was there if we would have traded out who knows. im not disappointed in you. I like your train of thought. Your a smart guy I just see things different

  • Coming on this site everyday everyone was big on 2 OL players Pouncey and Camiri I have not read one person that was hype over this guy what happened?

  • Schiller, I wouldn’t be suprised if we went OL again in the 2nd round

  • Vr – cool man, no disrespect. I just think you’re reacting way to confidently in evaluating a 1rst round pick before the sunrises on the day when round 2 starts. I’m not saying I know he’s going to work out. But I am saying that I’m happy and excited about the pick. You (and I know you’re just expressing yourself), talking like you know whats what about these players. Time and time again we all learn that it’s silly to judge drafts too early – and that’s usually something to point out when their rookies years are over. It ain’t even sunrise on round 2. FA didn’t start. Way to early for certain negativity

  • mui – I would, I’d be a bit disappinted.

  • but how about this guys – Reggie Bush just said that with Mark Ingram drafted by the saints that ‘it’s been fun new orleans’….. what do you think,…..keep him healthy and extend his career as a backup to McCoy? What do you do with both of them in the backfield or one with the other as a WR?

    Worth a toss around the noggin.

  • bush or no bush, I say we are going to be a good screen team again. With Herramans and Watkins at guards…. Vick and McCoy….

  • Andy Reid you really out done yourself this time lol, what happen to that impact draft eagles was talkin bs…

  • Schill,

    I feel you, but our Oline was horrendous. Justice is decent, but we could use an upgrade. Our D needs a lot of help but we can def sign a corner via FA (Nnamdi I hope). Safety we can get later in the draft. I’m hoping either DL or OL here. Bruce Cater OLB is a choice too. Gnite yall.

  • I agree we’ll be a great screen team. Bush would be great as a backup/WR on this team, along with Buckley as the bruiser/

  • Only Philadelphia….Drafts a 27 year old firefighter when the best cover corner in this draft class is still on the board.

    Don’t worry folks.

    When we don’t address the corner position in FA and the golden standard start talking Trevard Lindley as the 2nd coming of Champ Bailey maybe you’ll all recognize how incompetent this organization really is.

    Watch what Baltimore do with JJ at the corner.

    Blindspot year 2….”THE CORNER POSITION”



  • This is the worst web-page!!! Not one artical on the draft pick yet??? G your a joke

  • @Jimmyjam, logout permanently and go screw yourself

  • Congrats to the eagles for making a good pick without moving up or down. Resembling the packers and steelers.

    I’m receiving word that Free Agency will begin Monday… more news coming soon

  • haha jhart, but birds don’t need stud o lineman because i thought they were already solid accordding to your posts, vick and kolb relieved, this is a good pick,big, tough, strong guy, and for all you draft nerds with your mock drafts, scouting reports, none of you got it right, all of you wasted your time

  • My sourcrs have the Free-Agency Period beginning Sundat 5/8 at 2359pm and going until Friday 5/20

  • That would be the following SUnday May 8th at 2359pm

  • Watkins was a very good pick, He will be the starting RG from Day 1 and may even compete at RT over Justice.. HE can play all OL Positions and comes from a pass-happy scheme in Baylor so he knows how to pass protect well. He does need to increase his upper body and his rush-blocking skils but has good feet, good lower body strength and is a high-motor, kind of nasty tough guy who will end up being a starter for the next 5-6 years…
    He is also a smart guy & good teammate, Philly fans will like him

  • paulman, in your 100s of mock drafts, where did you have the birds taking him?

  • O K……. If your team have the worse “Red Zone” defense in the league and a serious weak spot in the secondary that get exploited regularly for big chunks of yards, do you address this by Drafting

    Jimmy Johnson?



    Don’t worry folks……The Eagles will sell Trevard Lindley as the next Deion Sanders.

    Don’t get your hopes up in Free Agency folks…remember last off season.

    With our 1st round selection the Eagles picked a player not one person anywhere predicted that did absolutely nothing for us. remember how excited they were? They told us during Free Agency that they’ll address our needs in the draft..Hobbs was the starter for the year they sold us…the way they’re selling Lindley now.

    Now they say they’re not finished…Free agency is coming ..watch these clowns do nothing in Free Agency and we begin the year with the same weak spot at corner.

    Another thing….was there anyone anywhere who had this Watkins graded above Camiri and Pouncy?

  • To Jakedog,
    I never had the Eagles selecting D Watkins..
    I had the Patriots at #27, Steelers at #31 & Packers at #32 selecting him in various Mocks

    By many observors, Watkins had the best week down at the Senior Bowl
    over OL CArimi,Constanzo and SOlder and was more versatile for playing OT & OG…

  • Jakedog, in all honesty they did need more depth on the line… they could of went into the season with there existing roster but saw fit to upgrade and I’m not mad at them. This was the 2nd time in 12yrs that andy actually took a oliman in the 1st round.

    It was an unexpected pick but makes sense the more I’m thinking about it

  • Yea and Paulman in 5-6 years he’s gonna be 32/33….Carimi would have been the better pick over Watkins…I personally wanted Jimmy Smith but I would have been more than happy with Carimi he was the best tackle in the draft in my opinion

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