• May 17, 2022

Eagles Disregard “D” Talent On The Board And Get Guard With 23rd Pick

I must admit that I was shocked that the Eagles selected Baylor right tackle, Danny Watkins with their first pick to come here and play right guard for this football team. Howie Roseman was obviously blowing smoke when he said the offensive line is deep in this draft.

How could they draft a right guard with their first pick despite the fact that their defense was historically bad at keeping teams out of the end zone?

There were a number of outstanding defensive players still on the board when the Birds picked, but the Eagles grabbed a 26-year-old fireman, and former hockey-playing Canadian. Watkins who will be turning 27 before the season, starts has only a few years of playing before he’s reaches the magical age of 30.

Watkins has a mean streak and he can be a dominating player.I think he’s a good football player and will do a good job at the right guard spot for the foreseeable future, but that’s not the point. The point is that we need immediate help on the other side of the football.

How do you explain the team not addressing a more pressing need on their defensive line? There were numerous defensive studs still on the board. What about Cameron Jordan, or Cameron Heyward or Da’Quan Bowers or Jimmy Smith?

Yes, they needed help at right guard, but why couldn’t they have gotten a good right guard in the third or fourth round. You’ve got to be big and strong to play guard, but unlike at the offensive tackle position, you don’t have to be an outstanding athlete.

If the Eagles were a running team that needed a monster at offensive guard like Shawn Andrews used to be, I could understand using a first round pick on a right guard, but the Birds don’t run the ball. All this guy is going to do is pass block and get out in front of screens.

Pass blocking at the guard position isn’t the toughest job to do. Most of the defensive tackles in the league can’t rush the passer. That means we used our first round draft pick to come in here and pass block defensive tackles, who can’t rush the passer.

I thought they needed to get some defensive help with that pick. This defense can’t rush the passer and I don’t care who is coaching these guys, they can’t rush the passer.

The Birds are trying to sell all us on the belief that new defensive line coach, Jim Washburn is going to make everything better. Am I mistaken or did Tennessee head coach Jeff Fisher get fired last year despite the fact that Washburn was his defensive line coach?

We know that Trent Cole is going to start our fast next year, then get worn down and run out of gas. Juqua Parker will also start our strong then run out of gas sooner.

When the playoffs come around, the Eagles defense will enter it without a pass rush and we will be experiencing the same disappointment we have dealt with for the last decade.


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  • Interior of the line needs some help. I liked this pick. Solid pick. O-Line needs more talent for sure….

  • I can’t judge this pick until the draft is over and when free agency is over I think Jason Babin and a Vetern Cornerback will be pickups once free agency starts so Gcobb relax a little.

  • This was not as bad as Jerome McDougle or Freddie Mitchell….but if you’re going to go OL, why not draft Camiri who is 22 yrs old so you get a player for the next decade instead of the next 5 years? This kid better be able to come in and start over McGlynn right away or it was another horrendous pick.

    I understand passing on Bowers and even Jimmy Smith, but with Price dropping like a rock, they should have moved up 5 spots and taken him before our rival. Maybe this means Nhamdi is free agency?

    Good thing is, I believe this is Reid’s last draft!

  • I just dont understand this pick…… First of all……. Remember the Portland Trailblazers “OLD” rookie of the year Arvydas Sabonis…….. Well our Eagles team just followed suit with a 26year old MAN KID who plays in a very brutal sport the NFL may I add……. So when he’s 30 he’ll be a 4 year veteran and Deshawn Jackson, J. Maclin, and L. McCoy will still be younger than this guy with experience under their belt……. When I saw those troops coming out on the stage during the draft I thought we picked someone from Navy or Air Force University……… Please I hope I’m wrong on this one here??????

    The clips I seen on him didnt impress me too well……. They were blocks at the line of scrimmage but no running down field blocks……. The Man Kid has a young face but he’s 26……. A team who praises age and youth just put us in a twilight zone once again SMH!!!

    Gabe Camari was on the board still…….. Jimmy Smith…….. This was an obvious reach!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m not against the pick either. It’s certainly not a sexy pick but as I’ve been saying all along, if you don’t protect Michael Vick, this team won’t be going anywhere. Our o-line gave up the most sacks in the league last year (I think) and Vick is fairly injury prone so protecting him should be the MO. I was hoping more for Jimmy Smith but perhaps this forces the Eagles to spend big money in free agency on Nmandi.

  • If we signed a 26 year old FA we wouldnt care if he was a stud frontline starter.So the age thing is gone.Plus hes a work-out warrior and a tough guy. He also has RT experience. Bowers is a no go for me. Pats didnt even take a shot at em. Camiri woulda been nice.But im giving this pick a A.

    G,the draft isnt over.How come you didnt make mention of the Miami corner?other defensive studs on day two. The chance we sign Awseomagh in FA on Monday morn?

    I like Papose’s angle…Babin?Could help.

    So why would anyone complain about this pick. Think Mike is?

  • The MAN KID did have a very wholesome smile……. LOL…… He would have landed in the 3rd round but you know the eagles…….. Other teams play chess perhaps checkers……. But the Eagles love to play JENGA with their fans once again………. SMH!!!!!

  • Yeah, G, gotta admit, I expected to see some commentary on this pick well before 9:00am today 🙂

    Also guys, keep in mind that this guy doesn’t have a lot of mileage so despite his age, it’s not as bad as it looks.

  • I like this pick, but was surprised. I think the next pick will be a CB, might have to move up to get someone though. As for a DE I think they feel the guy they signed from the CFL might count as a draft pick too. If he pans out this pick will balance itself out. Anyway hopefully we can find a CB and either a DB or LB today. Think Reid and Co. feel Watkins will be a Runyun.

  • @Erock what up fam…… I think they should have drafted Camari before this MAN KID……. The birds are so so high on youth that this makes you think about whats going on with the minds of this franchise……. Camari played against top notch DE in college and has proven himself at a high level…… But theirs a ton of ? marks with this pick…..

  • I couldnt agree with you guys more btc, and jroc. Thought it was hillarious heposts an article after 9 am, after one pick of 10, and says their d has no chance to get better. I love the pick, and OL have lasted here until well after thirty before. If he plays really well until 34 or 35, they will get 7-8 years of good pass and run blocking. I still cant get over the fact they waited until today though. BREAKING NEWS, the eagles picked a guard 12 hours ago.

  • A great pick and Eagles got themselves a player who will be a Starter from Day 1 at the RG position and possibly even compete for the RT with Justice.
    D Watkins can play all positions along the OL (outside of C) and has quick feet,a very good pass blocker and a nasty streak in him.
    I like this pick and maybe he was rated the 30th-35th player on the board but if you can get a Starter type of player at a postion of need from Day 1 who is a good fit, then I have no problem with the selection..

  • Andy Reid you really out did yourself this time… Andy Reid has to go it’s time for a change, atleast I know for fact the Atlanta falcons are serious about getting to a superbowl… What happen to all that talk about having impact draft….

  • I dont think Watkins gets out of the 3rd if we take Gabe. Interior run plays and Vick comfort will improve.

    Paul..well said chap.

  • I wish people would stop with the Babin talk…..he was here, he was a guy on the field. Not worth FA money…

  • FYI… Watkins does not turn 27 until November. He will be 36 when the season starts, unlike the article states. Anyway, I like the pick a lot. The O-Line is never a “sexy” pick, but it was a huge need on this team. Maybe not as huge as the CB need, but they clearly didn’t want J Smith and his issues. I’m sure they have something in mind for the CB position, and it will all make sense soon. Watkins is going to be a very solid lineman for the next 10 years.

  • here are 2 moves the Eagles can make……that are very intriguing…

    when the season is officially open:

    Sign CB Asomugha
    Trade Kolb to the 49ers for DE Aldon Smith (#7) pick.

    these moves would make the selection of Watkins a good one.

  • Obvious correction…He will be 26 when the season starts. My bad.

  • Yea G I totally agree with you…I dont know why we’d go after the O line with the first pick, despite the O lines shortcomings, Eagles offense still was the most explosive O in the league. But honestly, fellas I believe that the Eagles are planning on making a trade and or signing a free agent of high caliber on the defensive side of the ball…Thats the only thing that would make sense to me with this pick….

  • @ JimmyJam…
    Keep posting while G keeps collecting the checks…
    @ ERock what up homie….anybody who’s complaining is retarded in my opinion…Like they didn’t see the right side of the OL parting like the red sea last year…I understand the hard on everyone gets for defensive players, but we needed 1st rd talent on that OL not projects…Danny Boy is said to be ready day 1…

  • When Cameron Heyward was still on the board, I thought to myself, yes! the Eagles are going to pick him up…Then I found myself wondering about the actual pick, just like years prior. Obviously this isn’t who most of us would of selected. But Watkins could be a solid player, pass protection was a problem for us all season, who could definitely help in that regard. Fact he only has 4 years experience, is a good and bad thing. Good that he only has 4 years experience, and he was regarded as a first round pick in many mock drafts. Bad that he only has 4 years experience, we all know that the NFL is a different animal from college, this could be a risky situation.

    Also, I thought that Andy Reid wasn’t making the personnel decisions, no more? Many of you have stated in the past…so lets not begin to place the blame on the coach here, stick to your guns, be upset with the GM!

  • Carimi is still on the board btw… If he falls a while into the second, I would be upset at all if the Eagles grabbed him. Our line would be SET, and Vick would have a better chance for success and health.

  • Andy Reid has to go….he is clueless and the wonder boy Roseman is incompetent… this organization continues to draft poorly ….when is Lurir going to pull the plug on the fat walrus…. awful selection…. for a guy who has 3-4 yrs in the tank at age 26

  • Guys – WHO MADE CARMINI GOD? The man was the first name to be the most common on the mocks – and you all took the bait like automatons! Just cause his name was linked to the eagles, doesn’t mean he was the best OL!?

    Carmini is known to be a bad pass blocker. And you all wanted him to be a bad pass blocker for the Eagles. (anyone have an inkling if the Eagles are a pass first team at all? I haven’t heard anything on that topic!?) AND you want that bad pass protector on the Qb’s BLINDSIDE?! PATHETIC – saying we should’ve drafted Carmini.

    And Carmini fell all the way to #29. if he was so good – why didn’t the other OL drafting teams take him.

  • and you all claiming for reid to go right now – you are writing off a coach because of who he drafted before the 2nd round EVEN HAPPENS?

    You should listen to yourselfs, you sound tremendously foolish.

    And those who say Watkins was going to the 3rd round – no most had him in the second, many in the first, and the pats traded back after we got him because they were hoping to get him.

  • cant climb, Babin had a great season last year – look up his stats – under coach Jim Washburn – how’s here now. You account for that?

  • G – your logic on Fisher getting fired despite Washburn’s success is terrible. The head coach is responsible for the whole team – not jsut the Oline. Look at their offense situation. Their QB situation. The rest of their defense. That’s just silly. You were clearly tired from watching the draft and emotional about the pick, not using your brain when you wrote this.

  • “G”? “G”?

    Bronze this article because it’s what the majority of Eagles fans know and you have articulated this perfectly.

    Who had the worse red zone defense in the league?

    If anyone think Juan Castillo and Washburn will change that by coaching the players we have you’re sadly mistaken.

    Common sense tells you that if your offense is prolific and your defense needs more attention, you use the high picks to address the weakest area of the team.

  • Reach !! Reach!! Reach !!! Reid thinks he outmarted everyone again !!!

  • Solid Pick. Takes into account that Jamal Jackson may not be back or gets hurt again, leaves McGlynn as top backup at center and guard…. solid, smart pick.

  • Hard to judge so early, but I never like to see a guard in the first round. Seems like they coulda traded back and still got this guy. Hard to judge any of it before FA too.

    Why didn’t they trade up to get Prince? I

  • songs, how many d linemen birds drafted first rd can’t play, check the roster, o line pathetic last year, what do you know about this player that says he won’t pan out, don’t give me age or firefighter bs, he’s a tough sonafabitch, strong, smart, will start right away, no more andrews sisters, cole max jean, outta here

  • ActionJacskon10 how are the Falcons more serious abou a title then us. THey took a wide-out after being gouged and dissceted through the air in last years p-offs? How did they get there D right with giving away those picks?

    You like all these other young buck fans out there…aint happy unless we get some young flashy hopeful playmaker. We needed BIGBOYS dude.

    And the drafts not over.I think theres another round maybe? Anyone know if theres more then one round in the NFL draft?


  • If you were on here yesterday night you would know I was fuming about this pick. Gary said basically most of what I was saying yesterday. But you know the more I watch video of him the more I like him. I love the fact that he dominated at times and to do it in such a short life of football (4 years) but the fact remains could we have gotten him if we traded down? should we have addressed one of the worst secondaries we have ever had? I dont know… Will they address that tonight or in free agency? I dont know. Was this a good pick? yes but was he worth it at 23?…You look at the teams that drafted OL after the eagles pick you had 3 teams! so I say no he wouldnt have been there so eagles got their man.

  • If they can make the move with Herimans and he plays well at tackle, then this is good pick. You cannot have it both ways, being that you stress over better protection for Vick, then complain when we pick that player up. If we trade Kolb, then we better darn well have a solid offensive line otherwise, its kafka time. Hopefully the ealges plan on making moves via free agency or plan on trading up. At picks 54 & 85, there probably will not be much talent available

  • The only question i have is his age. Was he more phyically mature and stronger than the average “still growing” college player he went against….so he is closer to his ceiling than the average draft pick….

  • Erock look at it like this…

    The Falcons finished first in the NFC last year. Imagine that team that finished first and add oh I dont know Julio Jones along with Roddie White all the sudden you have on paper possibly the best WR core in the league. There are coaches that address needs and there are coaches that draft the best player available and they did just that and added a huge beast to an already 1st place squad.

  • reviewing both Mel Kiper and Tod McShay’s final mocks – they both had him going in the first round, one has him at 25….I buy the idea that the Patriots wanted him (can anyone say Logan Mankins’ replacement), but traded back once we swiped him….

    All I hear is that he was the most NFL ready OL in the draft, and the best interior guy – Period.

    The same guys that always criticize Reid and Co for taking too much risks, this is the LEAST risky draft pick they’ve taken in a long long time. But you all fell in love with Carimi because he was the most mocked….shh

  • So what is the answer at corner if we don’t sign Asomugha in free agency?

    What will stop these teams with serious recievers from running their best to that side away from Asante?

  • Cant Climb there are some that dont care which I think is ridiculous baring injuries and his motor is concerned for years to come. I have no doubt that he has the potential to come in now and be in great shape but for the long haul is what I am concerned with. But let me ask you this… If he gave us 5 solid years would this pick be worth it?

  • Not a bad pick, just not the best YET. a couple things can happen to make this a great pick
    1. we sign nmandi
    2. we trade kolb for peterson(doubt it’ll happen but never know)
    3. we trade kolb for Aldon smith DE from MIZZO #7 pick by 49ers
    4. we get two stellar defensive players in the second round by trading back into 2nd round. (CB’s Williams(TEX), Harris (MIA), love harris. LB Akeem Ayers(UCLA) and numerous DEs
    If we dont upgrade on defense today, bad pick, but right now i’m more dissapointed then mad at the pick. Watkins will be able to man handle a lot of DTs.

  • songs, that’s a great question – and I too will be very pissed if they don’t add one. (though I am hopefull for Lindley). There are 9 more draft picks and other free agents besides Namdi too…. Got patience?

  • Common sense is the knack for of seeing things as they are .and doing things as they ought to be done.

    So if they took a corner you could make the point they shoudl upgraded o-line.

    And all this whining will be nill when they sign #21.

  • Songs

    If we drafted Jimmy then your question would be who would protect vick? its ashame we only had one pick so far sadly when you draft your not allowed to draft 3 players instead of 1. Im waiting until this is all said and done before I make my grade on them

  • vr and cant climb – look at how Runyan did it – many others – OL CAN last, if they take care of themselves right. But the precedent is SO there for OL to last far into their 30s at a high level.

  • Falcons are still a one and done team to me. Turner is getting older and Jones isnt gonna be rookie of the year and hasnt been covered by NFL corners and hit by NFL safeties.

    They were blown out by the Pack. In there own building.

  • A Texas writer who is in the football hall of fame said that this OL will be in the ProBowl after 1 year in the NFL. With our offensive line coach maybe he will be. I would have like the eagles to trade up and get Prince at cb. Just to keep the Giants from getting him. After listening to Didinger, he’s so high on this guy, maybe he’s that good. Crystal Ball Andy makes me sick, but if Vick stays healthy because of this pick, I’m on board. Just think they could have gotten a good OG later.

  • true Schiller but there are those that let down after 30 as well. Hopefully he is not one of them but its still a concern and remains to be seen.

  • I hear you BSM I saw an interview on Philadelphiaeagles.com with andy reid and he stated that as Prince started too fall and went to the giants it changed things a bit. If Prince was there then he would have been the pick.

  • bsm – that’s a Dallas star writer too!

  • vr – sure, it’s something to keep an eye on, but its precocious to write off the pick as bad because of that potential risk.

  • Your hitting on something improtant BSM, Mudd is a top notch OL coach and if he had a say on this pick, then you have to feel good about it. Obviously there are glaring holes on each side of the ball, but answer this- who is the most important player on the team? Probably Vick. If Vick is the most important player, then why not improve the OL? Does everyone forget how terrible the OL was?

  • birdcrap – how is this a reach – every draft pundit had this guy as the #2 guard in the draft and….. oh my god, he was the second guard taken in the draft. The position of RG was listed as in urgent need of upgrading with multiple comments about needing to provide Vick better protection…. Watkins had higher draft grades then several of the people taken before him, and lower then some taken after him…….

    So if anything – this pick is boring, unsexy and well….. predictable. Over half the major draft guides had the Eagles picking an OL …

  • boss – I think people get blinded by the mock drafts – many saying CB, though there were plenty predicting OL…

    And Reid said not only Mudd, but Castillo loved the kid. Remember guys, there were essentially 3 OL gurus in the Eagle’s draft planning rooms….and they all loved this kid who the analysts agree about…

  • i will be laughing in fury if andy pushes him to the outside. if you drafted him for a guard thats fine i guess but this was a reach. they should have just hoped vick would have straightened out jimmy smith. baltimores defense just keeps getting better and better.

  • it was a reach not for player but for concept. we need a tackle. big dummy justice is trash. he belongs in cave with fire and pterodactyl

  • Best picks/move in the 1st Round so far..

    #1) Saints — #25 DE C Jordan and traded for #28 fw/PAtriots and tool RB M Ingram(2 All-Pro type of players for the Saints at positions of need..)

    #2) Redskins — Traded down from #10 to #16 with Jaguars and picked up a 3rd Round pick and still got one of best all around DE’s in Ryan Kerrigan at #16

    #3) Browns — Traded down from #6 to #27 with the Falcons and recieved
    a 1st/2nd & 4th Rounds picks in 2011 Draft and a 1st and 4th in 2012..

    Questionable moves/selections

    #1) Falcons giving up all those Draft picks for a WR when they have many more needs along DL/LB & Secondary
    #2) Vikings selecting QB C Ponder at #12 – Most had him projected late 1st/early 2nd Round at the earliest and doesn’t posess a big NFL arm and has a history of injuries throughout his College career..
    #3) Seahawks selecting OL James Carpenter at #25 when many Draft observors ranked him as a Mid to Late 2nd Rounder at the earliest

  • i really think andy reid is lineman pervert. i think he has secret rooms with pictures of lineman and lotions

  • paulman find a tree and talk to it. no one cares.

  • run, justice is less than ideal. But I’m comfortbable saying that RG played wors than RT for the Eagles last year. And either way, both need improvement, and having this kid in there will help the other. AND Watkins can play both T and G. So your point is moot.

    They drafted him for OL – he played tackle for 3 years, G for 1.

  • Initially I was shocked by the pick and disappointed by them passing on all the defensive talent left on the board but I had time to digest all of the info and it wasn’t a bad pick, it actually made sense for theyy needed more depth on the oline and a starting guard tho I feel they woulda been fine going in thiis year with there existing line.

    We better see some defensive guys come off that board today… were hurting at LB CB SS DT DE K

  • schiller learn more about football. guard was garbage because where it begins was garbage. it begins with the tackle. maybe you like dunlap and justice. they bring nothing to table. my point is not moot. this is a little right tackle. do not give me the low to the ground bull crap either.

  • Hey, I don’t like Dunap and Justice that much. But I do like Mudd. I do think Justice played much better than he had in the past last year until his knee thing… and I think having Watkins will improve those around him. I don’t agree that it starts outside. If a DT LB or SS blitzes inside, the Tackle is still responsible for the DE. So your blanket statement that ‘it starts outside’ is weak.

  • ok schiller. i just go by what football greats say. go argue with bill parcells then. what nfl team do you coach? oh nevermind. thanks.

  • Justice actually was having a good season until hiurting his knee in mid-November and then was never the same afterwards and really struggled his last 2-3 games which in hindsight, he probably was 80% and shouldn’t have been on the field..
    Eagles Starting OL for 2011 Season
    LT Peters, LG Herremans C Jackson RG Watkins RT Justice
    (Reserves Dunlap & Howard for OT, McGlynn, MJG and Topou for Guard
    and McGlynn for Center)

  • Stop hating on the pick. We can grab help on the DL in the 2nd round. Marvin Austin or maybe Daquan slips..

  • gcobb ur losing credibility with ur first round reaction.
    talk about the pick, and let the rest of the draft unfold.
    you sound likje an impatient girl watching a game or a little kid thats bored.

  • im with you wmonell. and he deleted all of the comments criticizing his breaking news on the draft 12 hrs late. He just immediately hates a pick because its not on d? What if they did what i thought they should do and traded out? How mad would he be then?

  • @paulmoron….Justice was having a good year? I see you still know nothing about football chump

  • Paulmans list of Top Defensive players availalbe in the 2nd/3rd/4th Rounds

    CB – Aaron WIlliams, Brandon Harris, Davon House, Brandon Burton,Curtis Marsh, Ras I Dowling,Curtis Brown, Rasherd Carmichael,Krey Lindsey

    SS – Rahim Moore, Tyler Sash, Duenta Williams, M Gilchrist, D McDaniel

    LB – Martez Wilson, B Carter, A Ayers, D Moch Q Sturdivant, K Shepard ,
    J Houston, M Foster, KJ Wright, C Mattherws, Rolle,

    DT – S Paea, M Austin, D Nevis, K Ellis, J Powe, J Jenkins, L Guy,
    J Casey, D CArter, T McClain

    DE – D Bowers, J Sheard, C Ballard, B Reed ,P McPhee, G Romeus,
    A Bailey, S Acho, R Elmore, P Allen,

    Lots of good defensive selections and If the Eagles can get 3-4 players from this list, they will have had a good draft I believe..

  • It’s quite obvious why the Eagles took an OG… they knew that unless they could protect Vick (or Kolb), their offense wasn’t going anywhere. Vick is 30, Kolb is 26 and you saw what happened to him in the 1st GB game. Is it not important to keep some NT or DE off our QB’s? Still believe the Eagles have time to shore up couple defensive positions in remaining draft and free agency. And if the football season is shortened, what does it matter really?
    At least Watkins will be STARTING at RG, not playing behind Cole, Gillies or McGlynn for 3 years. Mudd will have him ready and the kid will bust heads. Yes, 26 is still a kid and a man physiologically doesn’t reach his peak strength until 30’s. Watkins doesn’t have a set of 40-y-o knees on him at age 22.

  • targets at #54:

    DE Justin Houston – every kid smoked pot in college…c’mon..slight chance he is available
    DE Jabaal Sheard – may be there, should be gone before 50
    CB Marcus Gilchrist – will be available, can play S and CB
    LB Bruce Carter – perfect for WIL on Eagles D should be there
    DE Allen Bailey – can play DE and DT – should be there

  • Nice list Paul. Good dialouge today men. Even dudes i dont agree with its still pigskin talk…ill take it . Even if your misguided.

  • Paulman’s Predictions for Eagles 2nd and 3rd Round Selections

    2nd Rd #54 — Trade down to the COwboys for a 3rd Rd in 2011 and 3rd in 2012
    3rd Rd #74 (from Cowboys) — Trade down to the Browns for 2 5th Round
    Picks in 2012
    3rd Rd #85 (Eagles own pic) — Trade down to the Redskins for a 2 4th Round picks in 2013

  • On a Serious note
    Eagles picks for tonight

    2nd Rd – #54 Overall – Select OLB B Carter from UNC
    3rd Rd – #85 Overall – Select CB C Marsh from Utah State


  • I hope we go OLB or DE.

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