• May 24, 2022

Eagles Fans Suffered Irreparable Harm This Past Week

Philadelphia Eagles fans should be able to file a grievance against Judge Susan Richard Nelson, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and all the NFL owners because they did irreparable harm to this football team and therefore the teams fans, this past week. If this were a perfect world, they would be able to sue all the forementioned parties for millions of dollars in damages.

Never again will Eagles backup quarterback Kevin Kolb have the value he would have had last night, if they had been able to trade him.

Nearly a third of the league was in heat as they tried to find a functioning quarterback. They were in such heat that mediocre Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder was drafted with the 12th pick in the first round. If Ponder is worthy of the 12th pick, then what would Kolb have been worth.

This situation will never occur again. Kolb’s value will never be as high as it was last night leading up to that draft. If only the Eagles had been able to deal him for draft picks. Add to that the years Eagles fans have been rooting for the team as they tried and failed to win a Super Bowl championship, and you see the damage that was done last night to Eagles fans.

If you take away the lockout and allow the Eagles to trade Kolb, the team would have been in great position for the next few years to win a Super Bowl. That situation was damaged by Judge Nelson, Commissioner Goodell and all the NFL owners. You can’t blame the NFLPA because they had went into court to allow football to continue and they won the case.

Today the NFL will be sending around a memo to tell NFL teams what the protocol will be for trading and signing players. This should have been done at least a week before the draft rather than a day or two after the draft.

Eagles fans have a right to be angry and frustrated by this situation. All the Eagles needed was a day or two to have been able to make a deal which would have changed the face of this team and it would have greatly improved their defense, but they were denied the opportunity.

Judge Nelson, NFL Commissioner Goodell and the NFL owners shafted the Eagles this past week. First of all, Judge Nelson should have made her ruling the week before, rather a day or two before the draft. If she had done it sooner, it would have allowed the NFL to put rules in place before the draft, which would have allowed the Eagles to trade Kolb and get immediate help for their defense.

How would this football team look with cornerback Patrick Peterson, defensive end Aldon Smith, defensive end Ryan Kerrigan, cornerback Prince Amukamara or defensive end Adrian Clayburn on the roster? This would have made a huge difference.

Secondly, the owners were stalling around for a few days after she gave her ruling on Monday afternoon and focusing on getting a stay. If they had started putting rules in place, rather than merely stalling, the Eagles would have had time to trade Kolb.

I would argue that Philadelphia Eagles fans have suffered irreparable harm because of what Judge Nelson, Roger Goodell and the NFL owners did this past week and the fans should be able to receive damages for what they suffered.

We all know that’s not going to happen, but that doesn’t deny the truth.


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  • We always get screwed plus just to top it off, we draft 26yr ole offensive lineman Andy Reid has to go… I do remember getting torch all year on dimitri Patterson this is total joke we needed cb…

  • Kolb will most likley remain an Eagle for 2011 in my opinion, let’s move on with acquiring some talent for the Defense..

  • you do have a point but all teams are served the same rules. if kolb is as good as everyone thinks he is there is still a market for him. if the eagles go out and get one or two of the top defensive FA’s all will be well.

  • A game of JENGA anyone……… Thats what AR loves to play…….. No thinking games……. Just pull a wooden block and just hope the tower doesn’t fall over…..

  • Call me crazy, but does anyone else find it interesting that with so many other glaring needs the Cardinals drafted Peterson? I understand his talent, but there was a lot of talent on the board at positions the Cards needed more help with. Maybe, just maybe, a Kolb and something/someone else for Peterson arrangement could have been made…

  • Gold standard my ###…

  • A guy can hope

  • andy Reid thinks he is smarter than everyone else.. I bet coaches around league thinks he is a sucker, he is so predictable just like his offense…

  • This is the life of an Eagles fan.

    Last year we were told how stacked we were with all those picks to wheel and deal and look what we ended up with…

    and now the one year teams are starving for a QB we’re stuck with Kolb who would have yielded much more than his worth.

    Everything can go wrong..goes wrong in Philadelphia.

    We were told for years how Nick Cole and Max J Gilles were groomed to step in yet now those bums will soon be outta here. McGlynn was drafted as a guard who could play center yet we pick up a guard and still have a serious weakness on Vick’s blindside in Justice…look for that right corner spot to be torched for another season.

    But don’t worry …a 27 year old Fireman will save the day.

  • exactly mr. cobb, these qbs taken are lucky, even the kolb critics here would rather have kolb over qbs selected, eagles could have had a first day bonanza, it can be tough to be a birds fan, damn

  • No sympathy for the Eagles,
    The Titans have the same problems with V Young
    THe Redskins with D McNabb and DT A Haynesworth
    The Bengals with C Palmer, etc,etc
    There has not been 1 team no affected with having players they wish they could trade, It is what it is and you make the best of it and it’s not like this is any surprise since it’s been going on for the last 2 months with no end in sight as far as a new CBA

  • I told you. I told you. I told you.

    Crystal Ball Andy Does it again. A 80 year old 1st round pick from canada with little or no experience playing football. Add that to Offensive line coach as defensive coordinator.

  • Still waiting for…

    Out of position guy

    Torn Acl guy

    Undersize guy

    can’t wait.

    So friggin smart. Just can’t do anything the easy way.

  • Booo Hooo Hoooo Boooo Hoooo Hoooo….
    Why dont you all stop crying!
    I didnt like the selection, I’d rather have chosen somoene on the defensive side of the ball. However, the draft is not complete, no one knows what will happen with free agents, and no one knows what will happen with trades…End the end this could make perfect sense…
    I think too many of you are jumping the gun!

  • As soon as the Cards chose Peterson, I thought The Eagles must have cut a deal to trade kolb for him as soon as trades are allowed. Glad to see someone else feels the same way. I think thats why they let Smith go and took an OG first. We really need to protect Vick and open holes for McCoy.

  • real, I think ‘jump the gun’ needs to be upgraded – the phrase just doesn’t cut it for what so many Eagles fans do.

  • Hit the nail on the head, G. But do you believe we can trade Kolb for ANY of these kids picked in the first round?

  • If a back door deal hasn’t been agreed upon (Ari or SF) then we keep Kolb for a year as quality backup. After next year we place the franchise tag on him and trade him after the season for 2012 pick. Ideally, Kolb wants out this year and does not want be franchised.

  • True indeed, Schill, True indeed! Grown me throwing tantrums, because they didnt get what they want…Guess what most NFL fans don’t get what they want in the draft either!

  • No backroom deals with the CArdinals or anyone
    Cardinals took Petersen because he was the highest rated player on the Board
    which many teams utilize this strategy.. Also I would not be all that surprised if Petersen would be worked out as the Safety position in which the Cardinals do have a need..

    One final note about D Watkins, I have a source from BC Canada who told me he was an excellent Goalie in Juniors and that the Eagles may think of loaning him to Ed Snider and the Flyers if the reach the Finals..

  • What up Real……. This was an obvious reach…… What AR has placed here is primarily how players play at the senior bowl…….. Graham was excellent at his senior bowl appearance……. This kid did the same as well but were talking about the Haynesworth’s, the Shaun Rogers, the Pat Williams etc. of the NFL…. We struggle against big Dt’s….. I just hope that this is the answer but for a young MAN KID with lack of NFL experience……. Just makes you feel a little uncomfortable…..

  • Andy has made some bad decisions/draft picks/moves in the past — but HOW MANY TIMES does he haev to prove you ALL wrong to get you to believe?? Jesus.

  • jroc – all draft picks have a lack of NFL expreience… ha I know you meant only 4 years of football, but I had to….

  • JRoc, I agree, but I think one could be optimistic with this pick. It all comes down to, will he help improve the team overrall. I think so.

  • Jroc – and how was he obviously a reach? He was the best interior OL, most NFl ready OL (at least what they’re saying), and projected in the 20s, where they picked him. There is just no evidence to support it as a reach other than comparing it to the useless far in advance mocks or the overblown overgeneralization that ‘guards dont go in the 1rst’ – He wasn’t a guard in college until senior year – he was a tackle. Same with Shawn Andrews. And Herramans.

  • The Senior Bowl is nothing but a on job training interview……. Do good for today……. Give it your all…… And when the real real deal happens in the big leagues……. Some will fold like a bad hand in a poker game…… Thats what Reids doing……. He’s so high over the senior bowl impression that he forgot to look at the all around attributes of a player…….. Thats my take

  • It’s not about throwing tantrums, aren’t you tired of coming up short every year? That’s basically Andy reids resume 12 years of short comings, it’s time to move on…

  • Jundabus: I was thinking the same thing when the Cardinals skipped on a QB and took a CB. When Smith was available I though he would be taken but when they picked up an OL I started wondering what kind of deal would warrant leaving a need on the board for a position that this draft was supposed to be deep at. Then again, if nothing else the Reidtard is consistent at leaving at least one glaring weakness each season which will end the season short of a Championship.

  • @Shiller…… Before a boxer fights professionally…… They are amateur boxers…….. They fight up to 40 to 60 fights and make their pro debut…….. This kid had no experience as a youngster and perhaps when it comes to real 330 lbs. big boys who have that background of EAT SLEEP and LIVE football attitude…… This may not be cut out for a guy who doesnt have that football was my first choice desire attitude……. I’m not saying the he does or feels that way but guys who dont have experience and are at a pro level dont seem to pan out too well……. Unless your Deion Sanders or Bo Jackson etc…..

  • This was a safe pick and Seattle would have grabbed him at 25 if we traded down. This will give our o-line flexibility if we need to move Todd to RT and McGlynn to guard.

  • jroc – that’s a valid point. But the man wasn’t into gardening or chess before football. He was a CANADIAN HOCKEY/RUGBY PLAYER for crying out loud! AND a firefighter. Sure that’s not football, but it’s atheltecism, toughness, endurance, discipline……

  • @Shiller…… yea I hear you….. He comes from a good background to help his resume……. But this is Sunday and Monday night spotlight football…… And a team like Baylor who I think didnt get a Saturday game on ESPN makes you scratch your head……. Gabe Camari and the Badgers are a team who have had that big post game in front of thousands of people…… I think that Gabe Camari at 21+ Howard Mudd= Success for the young Gabe Camari……. Now a 26year old rookie – lack of experience + played Canadian Hockey/ Rugby- 3years away from being 30 years old = Andy Reid’s plan for disaster!!! JUST MY TAKE

  • @Shiller…… Please do the math on that…….. Not being a smart ass about it….. But we are a team who so call loves youth…….

  • jroc – Baylor is in the big 12. I say that’s comparable competition if not better than the Big 10. And Carimi is considered a POOR pass blocker – why do you want that on the Eagles, and Vick’s blindside. I just don’t get that.

  • jorc – you do the math, how old was runyan when he played his last season with the Eagles? Tra Thomas?

    Yeah, that youth and 30 rule thing is based in truth – generally the Eagles see players declining around that age and move on. But that’s in general, and if you actually think that the Eagles have a birthday program on their computers that rings a bell when a guy hits 30 and then they don’t think and just walk to find him and cut his ass at that moment? your trippin.

    Juqua Parker is 32.

    When is the last time the Eagles cut an OL who was playing well and nearing the age of 30? Do the math (I’ll give you a hint, the sum of the totals looks round and rhymes with the last name of the Philadelphia Pops director – Peter NERO).

  • jroc – aren’t you one of the guys who always wants the team to do something to ‘win now’? Then why are you worring about the end of the career of a draft pick, before the 2nd round of his draft?

  • @Shiller…… Like King Dunlap and Winston Swift Justice is any better…… He’s not going to protect Vick’s blindside…… And Gabe Camari could play guard…… as well……. I just think picking up a older guy for a young beast with the same attitude as well who you can rotate in to guard or tackle……

  • I want to see judge nelsons birth certificate and roger goodells college transcripts.

  • run, that’s good stuff.

    jroc – Watkins can do both, and most analysts say Watkins is better. Period.

  • Any chance the Eagles and Cardinals have a deal in the works that will swap Kolb for Peterson?

  • But look at the age difference……. Some eagle fans are quick to say “AWWWW man he’s too old he’s 31 years old what can he do”!……. Yea he’s 26 going on 27 years old and he maybe a stud in the NFL……. but for the eagles to select a person who has to come in asap and play pro football with not a ton of experience is asking for a bit too much…… We play Vince Wilfolk, the Jets front line, the Giants, the Cowboys, etc. and for Jamal Jackson who is a big ? on his career is asking a bit too much for a kid like watkins…… I dont want another offensive line merry go round nonsense we’ve had for the past 3-4 years!!!!! As a fan is that asking for too much????

  • Can this kid get us over the one yard hump that seems too plague us every year….. Can he block on screen plays down field to create YAC…….. The big question is will Andy Reid make it easy for this team to make games more balanced to help players like him……

  • What I’m saying is that if Jamal Jackson isnt up too par…… Mcglynn will be back at center and Watkins will be the right guard………

  • Why would the Cardinals draft a QB at #5
    They have 2 Rookies (Max Hall and John Skelton) from last years draft on their Roster already…
    Stop the wishful thinking about backroom deals concerning Eagles Kolb..
    To me the writing was on the wall when Cleveland Browns signed back-up
    QB Seneca Wallace to a 3 year deal in FEbuary to be back-up to Start
    Colt McCoy..
    With new Browns Coach Shurmur and GM Heckert who drafted,coached and seen more of QB Kolb than anyone in the NFL, if they weren’t interested in pursuing Kolb over either mcCoy and Wallace, than this tells me that Kolb is not all that good in their eyes and again, they have seen more of Kolb than anyone else in the NFL
    Bottom line is that Kolb is a quality back-up who knows the Eagles system and will only cost them $1.5 in Salary, with the CBA Lockout and who knows what kind of off-season OTA/Practice and SUmmer Camp schedules will exist , I think the Eagles will keep him as a cheap insurance policy in case VIck were to get injured and worry about 2012 next off-season..

  • jroc – it’s for those particular reasons that they drafted him. Everyone is saying he’s the most NFL ready OL. He’s the best G. He’s a tough blocker…etc.etc.etc. BETTER THAN CARMINI. So you admit the need, say it’s going to be tough this year, and then don’t like them picking the best player for that spot? You’re all over the place.

    And the ‘one yard hump’ (is that a dance? in the kama sutra?)….is OLD NEWS. Hasn’t been a problem since Vick, Weaver, McCoy, Harrison, Buckley, Schmidt. It’s just a falsehood to say that that has continued in the past 2 years. —– it WAS a problem because Westbrook wasn’t an inside runner and Reid’s lack of run focus (blah blah blah)

  • There’s nothing to worry about here guys….Most teams promote their offensive line coach to defensive coordinator and use their first round picks on 27 year old men.

    This is business as usual in the NFL.

    We must trust this organization…after all

    Look at the productivity we got out of Brandon Graham after the high fives and fan fare this time last year!

    Trust Andy…

    Damn Britt just scored another touchdown

  • Nothing to worry about guys, Songs has all the answers. We should have faith in the man who is still on the ledge after a year of psychosis following the McNabb trade. How could we not follow the gospel of Mr. “McNabb was traded for Kolb, the Eagles will never win a football game again!”

  • @Shiller how am I all over the place when it’s obvious that we state our opinion about the eagles drafting a much older player in this years draft????? Yes he maybe the next best thing since slice bread…… But come on……. This happens every year with AR and his so call nonsense projects…… Mike Vick made our O-line better with his skills and being mobile……. But look at all the Td’s we gave up between Ellis Hobbs and Dimitri Patterson on that RCP…….. I think we were 31st in the league on that side of the field when it comes to opponents scoring……. With Maxine Jean Gilles and Nick Cole guys who are solid 3rd stringers for any other team in the league Vick made it to the playoffs with him passing the ball well over 60% of the time with the ball in his hands…… We needed to address the cornerbacks position and with a hurt Nate Allen there are more TD’s to come on that side of the field…… We could have picked up a OG in the 3rd round perhaps 4th round or even trade for a veteran in the league today…….. But we go out and Pick up a 26 year old guy who says “I’m kinda relitivly new to this sport”, sooo….. This is something that I planned on doing”!……. But this is your first pick?????

  • Remember this Eagles fans about having bad luck because of the Lockout, No CBA, and about being uable to trade QB Kolb, etc,etc.
    The Eagles were very fortuante last year to have and play QB Vick, who no one saw coming back this strong and to play at an All-Pro Level.. Most would consider the Eagles very lucky to even have QB Vick and work out as it did.. Now, it’s just another bump in the road that the Eagles have to overcome as things tend to balance each other out over time…

  • jroc, You think they won’t address DBs with 9 other draft picks and all of free agency? Do you think, if you find a solution (ala, successful replacements at CB, S, DL…etc)…does it matter which one you drafted in round 1? Let’s say the Eagles get a really good CB and S and DL at somepoint in the rest of the draft or FA… do they stop short of making good plays because ‘the birds took a guard with the #1 pick”? HELL NO. If we get those solutions elsewhere (which is totally possible and probably), then it doesn’t matter. We don’t know that Prince is going to be a great CB in the NFL. We don’t know that Watkins will turn out to be a great OL. But it sure seemed like Watkins at OL was better than an CB on the board at the time (considering Smith’s baggage)….and it was a good pick.

    Breath buddy, maybe a glass of water will help?

  • Agree with Schiller 100% on this,
    Let see how the rest of the Draft goes before everyone jumps off the Ben Franklin Bridge… The filled a big need along their OL with a quality player and person with thier 1st Selection.. What’s there to bitch about… 1 pick out of 10
    does not make a Draft…

  • Sorry Shiller…… I prefer gatorade……. We turned out pretty well with getting Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown some years back……. We thought Ellis Hobbs would work….. WRONG…… Dimitri Patterson…… WRONG……. Joselio Hanson at corner….. UMMMM WRONG…….. And besides with this ever so much coaching core we have in place this year is suppose to help young talent prevail with the likes of a team CALLED THE GREEN BAY PACKERS who’s corners are young but shut down great WR’s……. You can say what you want but getting another guy in the late rounds only says disaster to play one of the hardest positions in the NFL……. Shaun Jones was a great safety here in Philly also……. Owwww what about Q. Demps he was a real ball hawk safety here in philly……… Say what you want but our defense gave up a ton of points through the air for the past two seasons……

  • I agree we need O-Line help and I was totally fine with a lineman 1st round Reid specialty…but Not this fat ass…Tackle is much more of a glaring need than Guard …Gabe Carimi should have been the pick here…Vick was pressured from the edge last year both by DEs and 3-4 LBs (which the NFC East is filled with) Dont understand how a Guard is gonna help against Demarcus Ware off the edge or Orakpo or Justin Tuck and Osi….Terrible pick TERRIBLE and to top it all off he’s gonna be 32 in 5 years

  • We can say the birds will draft well later in this years draft……. But we all know that the O-line was terrible last season and the Eagles did little to nothing to help that out…… So NOW they want to draft a real stud in the first round but seem to keep the A.Q Shipley’s of modern day trash on the roster to protect your once FRANCHISE QB KEVIN KOLB????????……. Are you kidding me SHILLER????? Ohh so now it takes a concussion to your so call Franchis QB……… LOST HIS JOB…….. A very Mobile qb in Vick and he’s sacked on one side so often that the o-line just didnt get the MEMO…… OK…… But the Quinton Demps and S. Jones, the Dimitri Patterson’s, the Ellis Hobbs, and Joselio Hanson’s of late were the answers for the past 2-3 years??????? This isnt eagle defense…… What happen to bend but dont break?????? Thats why the steelers and Ravens keep their tradition……. Because they stick to the task at hand…….. Something Reid knows a little about…..

  • WeaponX20…….. A round of applause from me to you,,,,, We couldnt stop A. Winfield on a simple corner blitz……… SO we address the middle……. this sounds like a game of musical offensive linemen game we played a few years back……..

    No trust in dunlap put herramans at tackle…… Take todd herramans back out of tackle put him back at guard……… ok he’s healthy peters is hurt put Herramans in LT and make Mcglynn play LG…….. Ok hes ok put Peters back at LT lets put Herramans back at LG……. OHHHH NO Justice is hurt….. Well damn put Herramans at RT and put Mcglynn at left guard and lets get A.Q. Shipley to fill in for a few snaps and see what he can do……….. SOUNDS FAMILIAR!!!!!!

  • jroc – get your head out of the past – it’s messing with you.

    You seem, like songs, to EXPECT 22 STUDS on the field at all times. Guess what – 0 teams have ever done that an 0 ever will.

  • Well thank you Jroc757 someone understands where Im coming from… Its gonna be another interesting season if Winston Justice starts all year

  • weaponX – we all UNDERSTAND where you’re coming from – you’re coming from being misguided and zealous.

  • History repeats its self Shiller…… Heve you heard of that saying…….. Whats been the Eagles history in 12 years…… The same ol same ol……. Get us hype to end up getting the pipe…… That same history is still on the Eagles team……. And thats Andy Reid…….So I guess Reid was the Baylors mascot during saturdays games………

  • Shiller…… For someone who always want facts/solid proof…….. You seem to be a real history nutt/or live in the past i might say…… So for you to always want proof and facts or Internet warrants for you to search and seize evidence……. For you to say I dwell in the past……. It kinda hurt me LMAO!

  • You don’t know shit schiller…what makes you more right than anyone else…NOTHING..everyone post their opinions and your are some of the worst…let me ask you this question HOW IS A GUARD GOING TO PROTECT VICK”S BLINDSIDE? Cuz last time I checked Guards are interior lineman

  • Weapon – The blindSIDE does traditionally mean the tackle, I agree. But it’s a SIDE – as in left or right. Having a very good RG makes the RT better (there’s not a single NFL coach EVER that would disagree with that. And guess rushing toward the QB from that side of the field, regardless of whether they go outside or in, are attacking Vick’s blindside. AND watkins may play tackle.

  • Schiller- an upgrade a RG isnt going to make Winston Justice or King Dunlap win their one oon one matchups with Ware, Orakpo, Tuck, Osi, etc. And if Watkins plays tackle thats a joke. He’s a projected Guard in the NFL for a reason he will get beat on the outside going up against NFL caliber DEs

  • Weapon, I desagree. Imagine you’re the RT, if you have Ware or Orakpo coming at you, and next to you the DT is blowing past Cole/MJG or even worse, they’re pushing a crapy OG into you, your job is harder. OL do not operate in a 1 on 1 vacum. That’s not how it works.

  • jroc – there’s a difference between knowing what happened, being willing and able to look it up and letting past emotional disappointment dominate your present and view of the future. You, and many Eagles fans, wallow in your frustration/dssapointment/anger/hate whatever it is, and that f’s up your ability to reason and be level headed about the present and future. It really does.

  • schiller- Theres no seeing eye to eye with you, you were probably someone who thought Kolb would actually be good

  • I thought Kolb had a chance to be good. And I still do. But not behind last year’s line. Kolb has a better chance of succeding if he ever plays for the eagles with Watkins aboard. I’ll tell you that confidently.

  • Kolb needs a new change of scenery, he will never be a good quarterback you can quote me on that but he does deserve to start somewhere for a few years until a team realizes he’s just not that good

  • O K……how can you predict Kolb would be good behind a line with Watkins at guard?

    Is that possible to predict?

    And if you can predict this……

    Is it wrong to claim others can not possibly give predictions or have a crystal ball as you put it?

    please answer the questions for there’s a follow up to this post

  • Kolb is ass and will soon go into football obscurity,,,, and you know what?

    That would surprise no one.

    When Graham was just a rotational player (before the injury) that could not out right take the job from an aging Jaqua Parker who is in the declining part of his career,,,did that surprise anyone?

    It didn’t surprise me and many others here who wanted Earl Thomas.

    When Kolb’s ass was benched for looking like he didn’t belong in football against Green Bay….

    Did that surprise anyone?

    Not many who said Kolb should not have been given the job without competition…Those are the same people questioning the pick today.

    We’re not questioning whether or not the offensive line needs attention. We’re questioning the fact that the organization had an opportunity to address a greater need with players there who could have been a vast improvement in a spot of greater weakness RC.

    Schill….I’ll stick with our crystal ball for we have been more right than you “wait and see” guys.

  • Songs – glad you have a response prepared, that way I know ahead of time that you won’t read this and only talk back…. but for sh*ts and giggles —- I didn’t predict that Kolb will be good. I made a comparison – between last year’s line and this year’s line and said I think Kolb would be a better QB behind this year’s line than last. That’s all. Can you tell the difference? Hope so

  • schill…your qoute

    “Kolb has a better chance of succeding if he ever plays for the eagles with Watkins”

    How do you know Kolb have a better chance with Watkins?

    How do you know Watkins will not be ass?

  • Songs, I see how you are trying to ‘give me a dose of my own medicine’. But I said ‘has a better chance’ – granted, it’s still my opinion/guess, but that’s not the same as the way you predict as if you know facts about the future. You don’t use words like ‘better chance’, you say things like ‘will’

  • Paulman’s Mock Draft for 2012

    #1) Eagles — QB A Luck – Stanford
    #2) Bills — S Michael Barron – Alabama
    #3) Panthers — LB – J James — USC


  • Schiller just owned all you chumps.

  • I am going to write and make a movie and call it “Schiller’s List”
    I will hire actor David Schwimmer (from “Friend’s”) to play Schiller…
    any other suggestions for characters..

  • Schiller I believe that you are spending excessive time on the internet and would
    not support the results of any study that would promote internet time. Your excessive usage would disprove the study. The Eagles would have a better chanc of winning a Super Bowl if they had better players, coaches and frony office personell.

  • funny E, good thing I know you understand that studies would have to look at data over time, and they’d account for this ‘spike’ in any graph of my usage as an outlier – attributed to the draft.

  • for those who didn’t know..Schiller and BirdoBeamen are to same person.

    Hey spuds…it’s not working

  • @shiller…. i don’t display anger about what the eagles do lol…… you my friend display anger on peoples opinion………. that makes you a opinion-hater in my book…….. we need u on this site though……. We need a heckler to get the juices flowing on this site…….. This is America JACK……. Freedom of speech and the right to post comments on anything…….. Are we in Cuba Shiller?????? Or is this America????

  • remember the show OZ on HBO……. @Songs……. I think this is Vern “Shillenger” the guy who was a real prick…… He just shorten his name to Shiller on Gcobb…… Much respect Shiller lol!!!!

  • Schiller and birdo are the same person…. what a loser if its true

  • Not true J HArt..
    I take it no one liked my Movie Idea…

  • Where’s our fellow poster from Minnesota..
    What’s the Local Press/Fans up in Minn think about Vikes selecting QB Ponder
    at #12 when most had him ranked anywhere from #35-#45 Overall players..

  • ha, me and birdo have argued, A LOT, many times. If you guys go back and do the research (I’m not going to, oh god, this is like Obama and the certificate….ugh)

    You funny simple people ‘if two people have similar arguments, they must be the same person’….ha

  • lmao — Schiller and I are the same person now? gotta love it.

    Schiller and I have argued before, but I still respect his opinion more than some of you imbeciles on here because he backs it up with facts not “Kolb is trash” or “Turner is developing” or “Reidtard this, Reidtard that”.

    @JHart — doesn’t surprise me one bit that you believe that you gullible toad.

  • ha,.by that logic, Songs, phillywill, weaponx, (so many others) are the same person.

  • Either birdo and schiller are the same person or there dating

  • They just like comin on gcobb.com and have there verbal cat fights, then they “make up” later

  • I heard they actually gave each other the nicknames birdobeamen and schiller… ugh

  • Wow – where did this WeepingX come from. Oozing all over the boards acting a fool. Slow down there little man – long season ahead of us.

  • JHart — ur three attempts at making a joke were obviously epic fails. Give it up and find the highest bridge you can find before jumping off.

    Your daddy shoulda skeeted on the sheets.

  • And Songs – really – didn’t we read all your (changing every day) BS last year. Are you or are you not a Redskin fan? Did you or did you not, several times last year, quit as an Eagle fan?

    So Songs – serious question – Did Kolb look like ass and pass like ass on the weeks he was named the NFC Offensive Player of the week? IS Kolb ass if the Eagles can trade him for a 1st round pick (if/when that happens so give me a hypothetical (that’s a big word for your best guess)).

    And I do think lots of PROFESSIONAL talent evaluators and coaches will be shocked if Kolb fades into football obscurity. But then, its easy to be a douche bag hurling negative garbage (kind of like you going to be a Redskin fan – how did the skins do with that great running game, DMac and that SB coach of theirs and all the crap you wrote last year turn out?) and then back track like the bitch you are when things turn out the way you wrote (oh Vick saved them) I Gotcha …

  • lmao @ navyeaglefan — I bow down to you for that complete and uttler obliteration of the man known as Songs. Whatever happened to “phillywill” aka “washingtonwill” his co-partner? That dude b*tched up ever since I called him and pulled his card.

  • navy….not once did I say I’m a skins fan and I mentioned the skins would have a better recored if Kolb was the starter…but it worked out with the thrashing he took in week one.

    Second…When Kolb do well..you losers give hime all the credit…but when he’s ass you guys blame it on everything but him.

    You seen that loser against Dallas?

    Go ahead and blame it on the back ups but it was his lame ass trying to improvise and got molested by D ware.

    Throwing ducks up and single handedly giving the ball to the other team in key points in the game…So I stand by my words unwavering and still believe if Vick was not the starter…not only would we have not made the playoffs….The Skins record would have been better than ours.

  • BoB – no need for bowing, just raise a pint and think good Eagle thoughts.

    team and organization has enough problems without the masses inventing stuff, Now – draft focus – need serious D help.. CB, LB maybe some DL. Later scoop up a practice squad QB/Blocking TE (yes one that is a horse and can block unless Todd Hermanns works on his hands)/3rd RB

  • This site is starting to smell from all the “ass” being hurled around. But I understand why a couple of you guys are pissed you’ve been excluded from the special cabal of Kolb-worshippers and ass-sniffers. I’ll see you guys at the Corn-Kolb smoking ceremony on Wednesday night when we will sacrifice a couple more wild boars. Sorry songs, you can’t come.

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