• June 24, 2022

Eagles Draft Temple Safety, Jaiquawn Jarrett, In Second Round

I think this young man could be a good player, but the Eagles could have drafted Temple safety Jaiquawn Jarrett in the 3rd or 4th round. I know they need a safety, but they drafted this youngster much sooner than they had to.

I think the reason they took him so early is because this draft if very short when it comes to safeties.

Jarrett has a reputation of hitting people but he’s not a speedster. He ran a 4.65 in the forty-yard dash, which isn’t a good time for a safety, but he supposedly plays faster than he times out.

He’s not the biggest of safeties either. The youngster stands 6′ and he weighs 198 pounds.

The Temple Owl safety is a very smart player, who detects routes very well and does good job of reading his keys and reacting to them.

Andy Reid and his staff will expect this young man to be ready to play next season. Last year’s second round pick, Nate Allen is recovering from a knee surgery. The other safety on the roster, Kurt Coleman, played quite a bit a year ago and is likely to be one of the starters at the safety spot.

Veteran free agent safety Quintin Mikell is not sure whether he’s going to be on the Eagles roster next season. Veteran Marlon Jackson is also on the roster, but he’s recovering from surgery on both knees.

The Birds obviously think a lot of Jarrett and they’d better be right because he’s going to have to play in the upcoming season.

— I think the Giants are having a good draft with cornerback Prince Amukamara in the first rond and defensive tackle Marvin Austin in the second round.


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  • wow…Eagles reach for a safety who would be available in round 4… and we wonder why the Eagles can’t win a SB and slowly start to fall into mediocrity and move farther away form the elite teams in the NFL…..who know how to draft and get value players… the Eagles had a chance to add some quality defensive players to an explosive offensive team, but have failed. I know they still have plenty of picks left, but c’mon, from what I have seen so far, I dont want to see the garbage they select later in the draft…. FIRE the whole damn front office!

  • I’m just glad we didn’t pick Aldon Smith. Only an idiot would want that.

  • The giants always out draft us of late… they got 2 guys the birds coulda took anf needed… the birds better have a master plan

  • Jott –

    1) How do you know he would have been avaiable in the 4rth – article here confirmed very few safties in draft

    2) Have not and can not are two totally different things. 31 teams will not 1 team will win the SB – you tell me the eagles shortcoming I will show you a team that has won the SB –

    3) if mediocrity is winning 10 and 11 games and qualifying for the playoffs the last two years – you will have officially changed the definition of that word

    4) garbage seleected later in draft – wow – should I list the quality players on this roster (Cole, Celek, Hermanns, Coleman etc. etc.)

    Dude really – fire the FO for pluggin the biggest hole on offense RG with the #2 ranked guard in the draft (selected as the #2), and then plugging a potential hole at S with last years FS out with knee surgery and last years SS an unrestrcited FA that didn’t do so well last year?


  • @muimuiman –
    Aldon Smith will be one of the top rookies in the NFL this year.

    Watkins is a 2nd rd pick and Jarrett a 4th…. Eagles scouts blow!

  • question…..would you guys rather have our picks or the giants?

  • If you don’t like this pick, you are an idiot and are OUT OF TOUCH with the philadelphia sports scene! Jarrett is an animal and I didn’t think the Eagles would choose him but they did! I’m saying it right now, this guy is BABY DAWK!

  • Found this comment about Jarrett – for all the ‘we need to get tough’ crowd

    Jarrett excels at coming downhill against the run, and his ferocious nature will add toughness to the unit. If

  • Songs you poor ignorant man – are you ever happy. Do you spend your whole life coveting what every other person, nieghbor or team has.

  • answer the question Navy…would you rather have our 2 picks or the Giants?

  • I’d rather have ours…..cause that means we’re going to get a CB either VIA trade or free agency — and we all know what that means.

  • I’d rather have the Giants picks and it isn’t close. Losing to them last year might have been better if I knew Prince and Austin would fall to where they did. The Eagles draft has been poor, again. Reaches, no bold moves, just really weak.

  • You idiots are media whores. Stop listening to what these so called “experts” say and do some research for yourself. The “Prince” is going to be a major bust and will be the most penalized DB in the league if he starts. Austin will be arrested by week 6.

    We got an Olineman that is just an animal and a hometown product that I dubbed BABY DAWK a long time ago. I’m giving this draft an A so far.

  • Birdo…and if we don’t sign a CB through free agency or trade for one?

    what would you think?

  • Birdo, whoa whoa whoa a baby dawk????? Are you nuts? Just bc he hits hard?

  • Songs – OURS –

    You know that DT they drafted didn’t play last year – yet again you are caught in one of your ever changing BS stories – if the eagles drafted a player that didn’t play last year in round 2 you would be on this site screeching like a cat in heat how F upd the FO was – but someone else took him, he must be special.

    now boy – I answered your question – you got any more?

  • Because he has instincts and is the QB of his defense. Learn your players.

    @Songs — if we don’t get a CB through free agency or trade, THEN bitch about it….until then, STFU. It’s retarted to complain about it when we don’t know what they have brewing.

  • Baltimore and Giants are having a monster draft…and how about the real “Golden Standard” patriots?

    Drafting Mallett to learn from Brady is genius..

    I wonder if there’s a 30 year old cop we can possibly reach for in the 3rd round?

    those public servants are wired for good team play according to Reid.

  • Navyeagle — no matter how many times the Eagles prove this idiot Songs wrong, he won’t ever learn. I don’t understand why ppl become fans of teams just to BITCH about them like females bitching about their men.

  • birdobeamen songs is a moron. don’t bother arguing with him.

  • Birdo..that wasn’t my question…My question to you was….

    What would you feel if the Eagles didn’t get a CB in free agency or through a trade?

  • Birdo, that’s not even a solid reason, how dare you call that young man a baby dawk? Bc he barks out calls and hits hard… doesn’t make sense at all

  • wish we had bill bellichek to teach andy how to get early round picks instead of these late round jerk off picks.

  • Kc chiefs are having a quiet yet productive drafts… the pats always draft well. They could coach a bum to a probowl there unreal… eagles finally traded back

  • I’ve noticed “the Andy could do no wrong” crew are the same guys who claimed “The Ham Ripper” would be the next Aaaron Rogers.

    come to reality instead of towing the company line.

    It’s alright to criticise and a team that takes pride in mediocrity

  • It’s an irrelevent question Songs because they will.

  • the eagles got 4 great early rounders recently. (not including Allen or Graham. Name the patriots great early draft picks of late.

  • there’s the CB

    Big Fast.

    Guys, check him out on scoutsnotebook.com

  • Birdo…I knew you would avoid the question..

    The possibility of them not getting a corner in free agency is too grim to even except …right?

    Well let me help you buddy.

    They have been talking about Trevard Lindley the same way they were talking up Hobbs when they traded Sheldon Brown.

    Remember this post.

    They will go into the season without addressing the right Corner position.

  • Curtis Marsh — good pick. I like the kid. Will probably be a legit PR/KR.

  • Former RB. Moved to CB in 2009 and then became full time starter this year. Looks natural at CB. Good size/speed combo. Can play in the slot or out wide. Talented cover guy, but still sorta raw. Has good feet. Can really jam receivers and use his size. Good hitter, tackler.

  • I don’t think this takes us out of the running for a FA CB. But I’m sure that’s what songs will say. Hey songs – there goes your blindspot theory.

  • Alright Songs, lets start putting our money where our mouth is. If the Eagles don’t address RCB position, I will never post on GCOBB.com again. If they do, YOU will never post on GCOBB.com again.

    Feeling froggy chump?

  • Marsh is a good player… but they like wright from usc more

  • He’s a big corner 6’0 ina half too, he’s a baller

  • Marsh will be used in the dime to start off ala Matt Ware ……we may use him a bit in the redzone too against taller receivers depending on what happens with RCB.

  • Birdo…that’s a deal…..that includes a public apology in the last post and an agreement not to come in under another tag.

    This does not include signing a bum from someone’s scrap heap.

    Asomugha or the Jets Corner opposite Revis.

    Is that a deal?

  • Blind Spot year 2!

    Right Corner…….Book it

  • It’s a deal. I finally get to rid this site of you. Good riddance.

  • And its any legit corner at RCB. Not someone you state is a “bum”.

  • Jets got big DT HAMPTON


  • yes Birdo…must be a legit Right Corner…not a reject picked up off the srap heap. Not a player that use to be good coming off injury….If they sign Oaklands or the Jets corner I’ll write a long post gracefully bowing out and will never post again….

    If they don’t sign em……you will do the same.

  • Andy said: with our coaches marsh will be a starter eventually

  • For one, those aren’t the only corners available.

    For two, you stated it was going to be Lindley. I’m telling you it isn’t. Get ready to bow out of gcobb.com

  • Marsh is a solid pick..
    the Jarrett pick was a reach.. he is a 4th rounder who struggles in coverage. Average speed, good tackler, tries to make the perfect hit.

  • @navyeaglefan – talking about this draft douche…

    Heckert was the talent evaluator and look what he did for Cleveland last year and this year… Roseman and Reid are f-ing idiots!

  • what other corners are available?

    Birdo let’s put iy out there right now so there’s no excuses.

    What other right corners would suffice outside of the 2 i mentioned?

  • songs, they addressed your blind spot.

  • Jonathan Joseph, Brent Grimes, Josh Wilson…..I wouldn’t be pissed if we got Drayton Florence — if Kolb gets traded per rumors to ARZ, you already know the deal there, you’re a media whore so you should. Plenty of options at RCB that can get the job done over there.

  • @jott1972 — was it heckert that got us Chaney AND Coleman in the 7th round too?

  • I like all 3 Selections by the Eagles so far…
    As far as what number they are chosen really is irrelevant to, as long as they are good players that fill areas of need and so far, all 3 Players do just that..
    I expect OL Watkins to Start at RG from Day 1 and aslo expect Safety Jarrett to Start at SS by the Seasons start. (he and Nate Allen could make a dyanmic pair for the next 6-8 years)
    CB Marsh will need some development time but has the work ethic, the size and athleticism to contribute in some 3-4 WR Sets and with his Size 6’1″,can maybe challange some of the big WR’s the Eagles face every Season
    I can see in 2-3 years time a CB tandem of Lindley and Marsh as the Starting CB’s..
    So far, with the players they have chosen, can tell us a few things…
    #1) Safety Q Mikell is a goner as they will not even offer him a Contract
    #2) OL R Wells, Nick Cole will also be goners and not offered Contracts
    #3) The DL Players will be given every chance under Coach Washburn to improve and to get better but will be on a short leash.. Players like Teo,Abiamri,Bunkley,Laws,Tapp & Sapp probably have this 2011 Season to prove their long-term worth in remaining with the Eagles.. This will be J Parkers final season as well as he is now approaching 33 years old..

  • Schill exactly…as I mentioned…we will get torched again at the right corner position.

    So I’ll wait for Bird to name the other players we’ll possibly sign outside of the two I mentioned so we can get this bet done that will quarantine this loser going forward.

  • I already named them. And your STATEMENT was that we were going to go into the season with Lindley at RCB. I disagreed. Don’t backtrack now. The RCB position will be addressed and when it is, you will be gone.

  • I’ll tell you what Bird…..we’ll use the names you just mentioned along with the two I’ve metioned and if they do not sign any of those players then your ass is outt here. deal?

  • i am going to take a guess here.

    james carpenter for kevin kolb?

    anybody think this is possible?

  • Teams having great Drafts so far…

    #1) Saints
    #2) KC Chiefs
    #3) Tampa Bay
    #4) Bengals
    #5) Packers
    #6) Texans
    #7) Ravens
    #8) Colts
    #9) Bills
    #10) Browns

  • run, nobody is going to be trading guys they picked. Come back down to eart

  • No deal. Your STATEMENT was that they would NOT address the RCB position. That we would go into the season with LINDLEY. In order to call you out on how dumb of a statement that is, I’m calling you out on it. Don’t backtrack now. This isn’t up for discussion. The Eagles WILL address the RCB position one way or another — period. Accept it or STFU about it.

  • well why didn’t seattle draft a qb yet?

  • That’s a good question Run. We will soon see.

  • Teams with some questionable trades and selections

    #1) Falcons — Trading 5 picks to move up 20 spots to pu WR Jones is too much..
    #2) SD Chargers —
    #3) Broncos — Von MIller is a stud but 2nd/3rd Selections are ???
    #4) Vikings — QB Ponder and TE Rudolph 1st picks, where’s the help on Defense where they have aging DT’s, DE R Edwards probably leaving for Free-agency, 2 starting LBs who are Free-agents also and a suspect Secondary

  • schiller don’t make me check your birth certificate.

  • I think Seatle would make that deal, but I don’t want that. I think it’ll be for 2012 picks.

  • Giants, chiefs, ravens, lions, saints, patriots are all having great drafts

  • I dunno Birdo… I could see us go in with Lindley, because they are stubborn. I think theres a 60% chance we get Nnamdi, but if not then it could be Lindley.

    Good call paulman on the Vikings. They already have Shiancoe, I dunno what was up with that pick.

  • i was not saying that it was a possibility i was saying it might already be a for gone conclusion. this deal could have been done with a hand shake and a wink because of all the bullshit going on.

  • Bird…you think I’m going to say yes to a bet lose and because the Eagles bring in some damn bum?

    The premise in your original statement insinuated that we did not get the top corners in the draft because there’s plans to get better options through free agency.

    Now if you are just speaking of any guy the eagles might bring in then that’s only stregnthens my point that the Eagles are going into this year with another project at right corner.

    Asomugha and Cromartie are not projects and would immediately make our Corner positions solid.

    we’ll take them on a short list with the naes you mentioned and if the Eagles commit to any of these ….I’m out.

    Deal? or do you know this front office like most of us?

  • Birdo….what is your definition of addressing the RC position? Because Hobbs and Patterson were signed to address the position and the position was not addressed.

  • I think these are great pics. Jarrett can be a solid immediate safety starter. I think they could potentially be a great tandem ( Jarret/Allen). Marsh and Lindley give us size, and I think we sign Nnamdi, Asante for two more years, and then one of these guys takes over. Nowadays, you need lots of corners. This is great so far, and what I predicted.

  • Is it me or is this one of the worse drafts in recend memory? I dont remember such a dropoff in talent after the first round like this one, I’m one that believes you build through the draft but with such a lack of talent the Eagles have no choice but to dive head first in FA, other than our first round pick we have no one that can come in and make an impact except on special teams and im not saying it cause the Eagles drafted bad, theirs just no talent this year, I agree with those that say we have to get Nnamdi from the Raiders, that would be a great move.

  • i would agree this draft was dumb. if theres no season this year we’ve got a 28 first year lineman. good thinking andy you big dumb retard.

  • andrew….the Redskins and the Cowboys in a bid for Nnamdi…Do you think our Eagles would dare jump in and outbid them?

    think again

  • I disagree with you about the Giants, G. Take a look at Amukamuras college numbers and you’ll see a guy who was torches regularly. Marsh is a better CB than Amukamura.

  • I promise you, Jackson will be torching Amukamura as long as he’s still breathing.

  • Reid said “marsh is NOT a project”, get that thought outta ya guys minds, they struck on this one… you’ll see

  • I think there are still some very good players on the Board who will need a 1 or 2 Years of developing into solid Contributors

    Here’s a quick list of some talented players who are still available and still ahve a great shot of making an NFL roster somewhere

    DL- C Ballard, G Romeus, S Acho, P Allen, R Elmore
    LB – Q Sturtivant, G Jones, KJ Wright, Casey Matthews
    CB – B Burton, R Carmichael, ,D House, K Lindsey, B Skrine, C Allen, Jalil Brown,
    Safety – T Sash, D McDaniel, D Williams
    WR – Doss, Salas, Gates, Rodgers, Moore
    RB – T Jones, Hunter Jr, Bradford, A Allen, E Royster
    QB – T Taylor, R Stanzi, Tolzein, Devlin…
    TE – JD Williams, J Cameron, L Stocker
    OL – C Bolin, L ZIemba, B Fusco, S O’Dowd,Z Hurd, D Kilgore,T Barnes

    But as many of us Draft-geeks have stated.. the Value of this Draft was the
    from about Mid 2nd Roiund to about the Mid 4th Round and by the 5th Round, all picks will pretty much be reaches and tossing a dart.. The Teams that have concentrated their picks in the middle 2 rounds will end up with the best values as far as talent wise.. (teams like the Browns,Redksins,Bucs,Saints,Patriots,Chiefs have made some moves to give them more selections in the best part of the round which is a smart move to do..

    The Eaghles have 4 Picks from 191 to 240.. I am not sure any of these slectiosn will warrant a NFL Caliber tpye of player.. Maybe a Kicker or Punter and some camp bodies.. .Remember after the Draft, there will be no undrafted-Free-agensts that can sign with any team so after the final Draft pick is made, there will be no more added players until the lockout is lifted and a new NFL CAler is established whjich is probably 2 weeks away…

  • SONGSRME2, I will say this about the Eagles, when they really want somebody they put out whatever they gotta put out to get him, if, and remember im saying IF, they really want Nnamdi, they wont let ANYBODY out bid them.

  • Paulman, Thats really great concerning those players your talking about helping a team 1 or 2 yrs down the road but im talking IMPACT players, someone that can come in an contribute right away, Its not out there! it doesnt matter who they pick up at this point, the only player thats gonna come in and make an impact this season is our 1st round pick, thats not a knock on the Eagles, theirs just no impact players this year an we have alot of holes to fill, therefore they have no choice but to hit FA hard and get some impact players to fill those holes we have.

  • that’s not news though Andrew.. Many of us have were saying all winter/spring that this was not a very deep or top heavy Draft with “impact players”
    In fact there are about 3-4 of them (Petersen,Miller,AJ Green) and thats about it..
    If you look historically at the Dreft every year.. There are usally no more that
    8-10-12 IMpact Players.. It’s just a big step up from College Ball to the NFl and lost of talented,athletic players just are not ready mentally,emotionally to adjust.. and many times its the teams,coaches fault too for putting players with a cetrain set of skills in schemes and systems that don’t fit their skill set.. That;s not the players fault.. (example Chris Gocong) He should never have been made to play a OLB.. He was a DE with his hands on the ground and rushed the passer, Or he stood up and moved around the lind of scrimmage and blitz after the QB, that’s waht he skill sety called for, but the Eagles tried to make an OLB (Will) out of him and drop back in pass coverages which didn’t fit him or help the team)
    The key to scuccesful Drafting is selected players with the skill set that fits your teams schemes,system,and of course having talent,desire and being coachabl and high character

  • To Andrew,
    the longer this lockout continues, the less likely I see teams jumping hot and heavy into Free-agency.. If this last to SUmmer time, I think most teams will gorgo short-term success with limited practice adn camp time and fgou out and sing a bunch of Free-agents for a lot of $44 and have very little time to prepare that player for the start of the Season.. I will take my chanes with players already in the “sysstem” who are familiar with the schemes,coaches,teammates and team atmoshpher.. If this Lockout last until July for example, I see the Eagles (with a lot of other teams) standing on the sidelines and moving forward with who they have instread of speinfs a lot of $$ on players you don’t know very well, don’t know what kind of shape they are in,don’t know your system,not familiar with your opponents,etc,etc,…

  • Teams having great Drafts so far…

    #1) Saints
    #2) KC Chiefs
    #3) Tampa Bay
    #4) Bengals
    #5) Packers
    #6) Texans
    #7) Ravens
    #8) Colts
    #9) Bills
    #10) Browns

    Paulman don’t forget the Redskins!!! They are actually having themselves quite a draft this year, especially for not having a 3rd or 4th round pick before yesterday’s draft started.

  • C – B Fusco, QB – T Taylor, RB – T Jones, LB – Casey Matthews, CB – D House & TE Virgil Green would be a nice day 3.

  • Remember the eagles unloaded a safety just like him to the 49ers. He could hit even made the pro bowl, but was too slow to cover…

    From NFL.com scounting reports:

    Jarrett is a very productive collegiate safety, but he may lack the size and speed to make an impact at the next level. He is a four-year starter that seeks out contact in run support and breaks down ball carriers in the open field. In the passing game, he uses very good recognition skills to effectively cover the deep-third of the field despite less than ideal speed. It remains unclear if his toughness and instinctual advantages can make up for his size and speed deficiencies in the NFL, but he has a great attitude and work ethic and should be a middle round pick.

  • Bsm. Do you think BDawk lacks speed and size? Well jarrett and dawk are the same ht and speed, I’m not here to call jarrett “baby dawk” like birdo infamously did last night… but let’s not rush to judgement over what some of these analysts say, they’ve been wrong before

  • run the ball, the next time the eagles play a football game that counts, you apparently want an OL that is young. Let’s get a newborn from a hospital and put them on the OL to satisfy you – won’t have to pay even half a rookie contract. Go enjoy your youngin….

    ME? I want an OL that will block. That’s what I care about, quality football, not age.

    Do you see how my view is WAY more inline with what will help this team succeed and yours is just whining like a little bitck!?

  • Sullybg, out of that list the guy I want is casey matthews. I been talking about him sor months. He is a lot like his brother he just under achieved in college… he comes from a great football family with great pedigree, I don’t think he ll be the first poor playing family member… the birds should nabb him in the 4th round…they won’t be disappointed, some guys think he ll only be a special teamer which can’t be farther from the truth this guy may be one of our starting OLB..

  • Songs, and others, if you’re Namdi, you are going to get a max contract with any team you sign with. That’s a fact. So either way, there’s another factor – I’m sure the man wants to win a superbowl. Which QB, of the boys, skins, and Eagles would YOU want to play on the same team with? Which receivers? Would you rather play on the team that has won the division more than the others, hands down, in the past 10 years? You have to factor that in.

  • According to Reid this guy is the next Dawkins. Comparing him to Dawk went a bit too far.

  • CASEY MATTHEWS…..with 116 pick


  • I am not sold yet on Matthews, looks a little too small, but he will get bigger and stronger but he is not the same athlete his older brother Clay JR is ..More of a ILB but does has good pass coverage skills and probably will be a great Special Teamer and a dime package player in on Defense.. He’s not a blitzer or as athletic as his brother.. but maybe the Oregon Coaches didn’t scheme and ask for him to do those things, so we will see, obviously has the bloodlines.. Wishing him the best and hope anywhere close to as good as Clay Jr is..

  • Paul
    I’m sorry to hear you don’t yet, but since you compared him and his brother, look back at the photos of clay matthews back at USC he was the same size as his brother casey, they he really hit the weights and got jacked the same wiill happen to casey… andy mentiioned that casey can play all three LB positions Outside and inside… he won’t play inside he ll most likely start out as a weakside LB then after he bulks up he may be moved to the strong side, but he ll be all over the place…

    While in college he blitz 80% of the time and was successful, he has to improve his his speed but hes no slow poke at all… and has a great feel for the game great instincts and smart as heck… he’s 6’1 6’2 230, they will be patient with this one and focus on improving his game so he can be even better than his brother

    While the eagles worked out casey they told him and I quote “were gonna draft you to go up against your brother” they love the kid and so do i

  • I been watching videos of J Jarrett… Man….. he’s unreal. Confident, competitive, aggressive, reactive safety… he will knock you out! He’s a tempo setter for a defense… his 40 time is not relevant bc he’s instictive and decisive and field fast… we have a steal on our hands guys…

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