• May 21, 2022

Watkins Looks Good And Has A Vise Grip, But Are Eagles Closer To Super Bowl

First of all, I want to let you know that I’m looking at this football team and trying to figure out what is going to make them a Super Bowl Champion. This has nothing to do with Danny Watkins, but it has everything to do with the huge holes they have on the defensive side of the ball. Remember they had THE WORST RED ZONE DEFENSE IN THE LAST 25 YEARS.

Nobody could tell me that if the Eagles had moved up and grabbed cornerback Prince Amukamara to fill that huge hole at right cornerback, that it would have put them closer to being a Super Bowl Champion as compared to drafting Watkins and that has nothing to do with Watkins, but it has a lot to do with the bad Eagles defense.

I’ve seen teams with mediocre guards win Super Bowls, but I haven’t seen a team win a Super Bowl with a human target starting at cornerback. In addition if you don’t have a pass rush, it’s nearly impossible to stop teams from scoring in the red zone. They may fill those holes tonight and via free agency, but they’re very urgent for a team that wants to win a Super Bowl.

I like the toughness that Watkins brings to this football team. He’s a fighter and you can tell from listening to him and his firefighter friends. This is a good thing and I do think he might be able to improve the offense.

From everything I’ve heard from talking to reputable NFL people, Watkins should be able to a good or maybe even great NFL guard for a number of years. I’ve heard and seen him put the grip on defensive linemen. He’s also got the ability to play multiple positions. At the Senior Bowl, he showed everybody that he can play either guard position as well as either tackle position. That’s quite a bit of versatility and the Eagles need it.

But the key here is that my focus isn’t on Watkins, it’s on the Eagles front office. How can they dwell on age then ignore age altogether by drafting “THE OLDEST FIRST ROUND PICK IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL? Yes, although Watkins may turn out to be a good football player, he’s the oldest first round pick in the history of the NFL.

There are people who were in the same quandary when they Birds signed Michael Vick. The fans asked how could you sign this guy with the policy you’ve had for so many years. It was a legitimate question. How could they turn their back to players who had gotten in trouble for a minor mishap in college, but then go out and sign Vick?

I haven’t heard anything bad about Watkins and I like him even more after hearing him talk and learning more about his background. The tape I’ve seen of him, shows a physical dominating presence, but what does that do for a defense that WAS THE WORST RED ZONE DEFENSE IN THE LAST 25 YEARS.

Their offense was one of the best in the NFL, so that’s why I see a sense of urgency on the defensive side of the ball. The Eagles fired their defensive coordinator last year they didn’t fire their offensive coordinator.

If the Eagles sign free agent Nmandi Asomugha when they get the chance and also find a way to improve their pass rush tonight, I’ll understand why they used their first pick on an offensive guard.

If Watkins take over at right tackle, I would understand the pick, but if all he does is come in here and be a very good right guard, I don’t understand the pick because I don’t think it puts them closer to the Super Bowl.

Let’s see what happens tonight and tomorrow. If you want to talk to me about it, Call me tonight on 610-WIP, I’ll be on from 10pm to 1am.


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  • Let’s wait until free agency, the potential trade of kolb, and the rest of the draft before we judge ok? Thanks G.

  • No Player Movement/Transactions yet Birdo…Kolb’s an Eagle for 2011
    Also, Phils place P BLanton in 15 Day DL for sore Elbow..
    This Pitching staff is starting to run out of arms..
    Yout 119 Victories predicition is looking pretty tough to attain, Birdo
    They would have to win 103 of their final 138 Games (75% Winning %)
    Do you really think that this is possible…

  • B o B – perfect response. Yes, the Eagles are closer to the SB – why, filled the biggest hole on offensive line – shoul translate to better protection for the QB – hopefully more push up front in the run game. Now we have what, 9 picks left to fill the holes on D.

    Might not seem too sexy – but in the past few years we have had some teams (Colts, Saints) in SB that had poor defensive but strong offenses.

  • Do you really think the Braves are going to top the Phils and the Phils are going to only win 92 games?

    My prediction may be a reach, but your prediction was an outright disgusting and disrespectful spit in the face of your so called “favorite team”.

  • Will wait to judge until end of draft and free agency (if it ever happens). Right now I am not happy but after tonight maybe.

    Phils totally running out of arms Paulman. Yeah right. They still have the big 4 plus Worley pitched damn great last year and will probably be the 5th starter if the Phils can trade Blanton. Also Stutes tore it up in Spring and has played well in the minors. Those are 2 solid additions to the rotation and bullpen.

  • I have to tell you G, that will all due respect, your comments are making me sick.

    Did you watch the same Packers game in the playoffs that I did? Did you not see Vick running for his life while the Bird’s defense held the Packer’s offense to a respectable score total? Did you not see the right guard looking like a turntable with blitzers whizzing by?

    Come on, man. Let the age thing go. It’s getting really old now. You can’t judge the job the front office is doing until the team is complete in September. I hope you’ll be man enough to apologize to us readers and the team come September when the final product is ready to go and you’re eating your words!

  • Paulman- im holding out hope that Kolb will be gone. The birds have talked.

  • “Bloodline” coming off the edge against Winston Justice in the playoffs.

    Aaron Rogers carving our Satey and Right Corner a new asshole.

    “G” …does that answer your question?

    Unless our newly acquired fireman is allowed to bring his water holes on the field to spray Green Bay’s offense without getting a penalized I don’t feel this pick makes much of a difference.

  • to do-
    Sign Aso
    Draft D for the rest of this draft.

    Guys, Im not a FO guy….. and i DO believe the birds undervalue Kickoff guys and FB’s and things like this. BUT…… history says……

    The birds will have a quality starting RCB this year. Its not something they usually mess with. I think its clear that CB is the #2 most important position under Andy Reid. Only the qb has had better talent overall under AR.

    Im not saying a deal is done but SOMETHING will happen. Either Kolb gets us a CB when the lockout is trully done or they have a CB all lined up in FA.

    Last year the birds were thin at CB and they took a chance and it really really burned them. I think they get a starter soon.

  • Probably more around 96-97 games..Unles Oswalt decides to retire to spend more time with his family..,then it will be back down to 92..
    Playing 15 NL East Divisional games versus Mets,Nats,Braves,Florida & the next couple of weeks.. Mets are playing better as is the entire Division lately but this would be a great team to get hot adn start putting a little distance between them and the rest of the Division
    After these 15 games, then it’s a nice little 11 game stretch vs the Cardnials,Rockies,Texas Rangers and Reds…
    So lets see how they play during this next month and how they finish after these next 26 games… If they go 18-8, then they will be playing well and on their way to a great Season, but a 14-12 stretch or worse will keep them all bunched up and will end being a fight to the end… Should be exciting games
    Is Domonic Brown playing at all, is he off the DL list or down in AAA to get his timing back… what’s the word on his recovery..

  • BTW Paulman- I just want to show you that they HAVE been talking… just like I told you. Lockout or no lockout…. GM’s are trying to get better… look at what andy said….

    “That’s the hand we were dealt. We went into the process thinking that was going to be the case. And that’s the way it played out. We knew the people that were interested in Kevin. We’ll see how things work out when everything is lifted. Who knows what’s going to happen? We’re going to keep our ears open.”

  • I think the one thing we can all agree on is that Obama is a fucking moron.

  • i have been saying a boring draft . an o lineman will do that . but it was a position of need. vick had no protection the 2nd half of season and i do not see that changing this year without help . i am sure mudd had say in this , they will fill holes tonite . i feel better about this pick then trading up to get grahme! and that has/ had nothing
    to do with his injury.

  • And if the Eagles had traded up and drafted a CB, you would’ve been complaining about how the Oline can’t protect Vick, can’t get a first down, etc. Are you sure you’re not a TATER? You sound awefully like one.

  • i agree Jon- it was a boring pick but im also fine with it. As far as the age thing goes…. OL is not an area where the birds care about age as much.

  • what is a tater. ? but seriously if you want to trade kolb , you better do as much as you can to protect vick.

  • runthe – HELL NO, we can NOT all agree on that. AT ALL

  • Stevo, good point they don’t pay that much attention to age on oline… look how long they kept runyan and trigga tra thomas… I’m comfortable with the pick

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  • RTB,
    You need to run your balls off this site you a*^clown. That’s our president you stupid “Bird-Turd”. Stop hatin and get a real life, or go to your buddies at “Sly-Fox” news for that crap.

    Anyway, back to the real deal at hand. This bracket is what we’ll hopefully build our D off of.

    Round Pick Overall How aquired?
    1 23 23 Eagles pick
    2 22 53 Eagles pick
    3 21 85 Eagles pick
    4 7 TBD Donovan McNabb trade
    4 23 TBD Eagles pick
    5 18 TBD From San Diego in draft day trade last year
    5 22 TBD Eagles pick

  • Adam shef reported on twitter that eagles and pats are talking a trade

  • When I posted, things got compressed…hopefully it doesnt happen again.

    Round Pick Overall How aquired?
    1 23 23 Eagles pick
    2 22 53 Eagles pick
    3 21 85 Eagles pick
    4 7 TBD Donovan McNabb trade
    4 23 TBD Eagles pick
    5 18 TBD From San Diego in draft day trade last year
    5 22 TBD Eagles pick

  • Oh well..my bad

  • Cards are looking more and more like the eagles trading partner, now they took a rb in the 2nd round

  • Runthe – I’m aware – you know where else socialism exists? The United States (of America) VA system. And the US law that requires everyone to have car insurance. Yep learn up

  • first safety JUST went off the board! I bet we grab one. I really would not be surprised if we take a safety with this pick…

  • Did the nfl gms declare a stay on bowers and mallet?

  • Rocko kiss my ass. You need to run your ass off to russia.

  • Schiller, there are no good safties this year… last yr was the yr… rahim moore is iight not anyone to go crazy over

  • run, if you think there’s nothing in between US capitalism and russia – you don’t understand the politics of 80% of the rest of the world.

  • what about Gilchrist? This kid played both Safety and CB…. I like that kid

  • you dumb little children on here have no clue whats going on right in front of your eyes. i could care less if this is a football site. i speak up at all times against tyranny at every point throughout my day. now back to the draft. go read a book about your country. you dont know what i went through to get here and you little shits take it all for granted. you make me sick that you are so uninformed.

  • Schill, he’s a good tackler one of the best ones at safety, versatile and reads qb well

    Weaknesses: shedding blocks, backpeddaling and diagnosing plays

  • Why do we have to pick behind the giants and redskins? Ugh

  • I guess the birds really didn’t want Bowers

  • I remember when the 1st round of the draft was a highlight with much anticipation and the Eagles have managed to even take that away with how they pick…. McDougal, Graham, Reggie Brown, Freddie Mitchell, Bunkley, trading out of the 1st round and grabbing Kolb, and top it off by picking up a 27 year old fireman to play guard.

    This Eagles organization have sucked the life out of the 1st round excitement


  • told y’all safety! Temple kid

  • Jarrett… hmm another solid pick

  • Bye bye Q Mikells

  • Now we have a tackler to lay some wood similar to Dawk. Jaqoin Jarrett can hit

    I must say I think he’ll make a greater impact than the fireman

  • songs, pinch yourself, you just said something positive

  • We have our safeties for yrs to come

  • I still want them to nabb Casey Matthews in one of these rounds

  • whoa der j…a little early eh?

  • I’m not sold on this temple guy he hasn’t face real competition…

  • 2 decent picks , now if you like a guy gamble with one of your fours and move up!

  • J Hart,
    I was thinking the same thing. For a minute I thought we just drafted a safety last year, then QM popped up in my head and I said goodbye to Quinton. At least were gettin younger and Jarrett is a sure tackler who is tough. now we need a good corner, i don’t know if we’ll get Nmandi or not but i feel something special brewing here (hope we get him or another stud CB).

  • Schill, I should say that’s the birds plan and its obvious bc they too 2 safeties in the 2nd round 2yrs ina row

  • I notice a few things the bears jump in front of eagles to select DT, Arizona still hasn’t pick a QB the redskins drafted DT… Something’s up with Arizona I think eagles are going after haynesworth and asomugha, Kevin kolb maybe heading to Arizona…

  • They said this kid needs to get coached up a bit but isa a good player…

    Actionjack, we can say the same about wilkerson yet he was picked in the 1st round

    Rocko, I’m wit you man all the way, I hope they have a masterplan… nnamdi would be a great fit, peterson too

  • I believe asomugha and haynesworth is headed to Philly, Kevin kola is definitely headed to Arizona I see the light at the end of the tunnel…

  • ajax, that’s what I was just saying… zona is in play for kolb… adam shef elluded to it today… the birds must want haynesworth huh? Nnamdi isa given but haynesworth got a sex charge…

  • The Eagles cannot trade Kolb to Az for the cb. Peterson is not under contract, not going to be any time soon. The league has stated that “back room” deals will be met with fines and forfeit draft picks. He is not going anywhere. Stop worrying your pointy little heads about KK, he is an Eagle, staying an Eagle, not helping us this year. Period. Namdi A is not coming here either. They have to pay Vick and Jackson this year, they are not getting the highest priced free agent on the market. They’d have like 20 million a year tied up at the CB position. Not going to happen, no team in the league could do that, there is going to continue to be a salary cap. No chance, not coming here. Trevard Lindley is the new right corner, scream and cry, pull out your hair, but that’s the deal. I repeat, Kevin Kolb is not not not getting traded to Az for Peterson.

  • Arizona hasnt grab a QB the redskins drafted haynesworth replacement, eagles haven’t grab a cb something doesn’t smell right…

  • ajax, the redskins drafted hanesworth replacement because he’s going to be in jail or playing for some other desperate team.The eagles don’t need to be messing with him

  • Arizona will give the eagles a 1st round pick next year, haynesworth has gone on record to say he would love come here and eagles haven’t even touch one cb so far in the draft somethings up seriously…

  • I wonder if there’s still anything we do about trading the Ham ripper?

    what are the options?

  • eagles next pick probally be Casey Mathews if someone doesn’t beat them to the punch…

  • ajax – are you just combining all your fantasies? Or are you saying some sort of 3 way trade?

  • again a position of need , mickel is gone , we need a safety, they are doing fine.

  • Dam packers just drafted another wr lol…

  • Casey Matthews hopefully will be an eagle… birds may need to move up for hiim… they’ve yet to make any trades

  • I see things developing just watching draft it’s obvious eagles are going after asomugha and Arizona needs QB something is brewing behind the scenes… I laughing my tail off typing because Adam shiefer just said eagles,redskins and cowboys are going after asomugha…

  • Were currently in the 3rd round… I picked casey matthews to go this round or fourth

  • Arizona pick again didn’t even grab QB mallet I see the light…

  • This is laughable the raiders just selected cb with 4.28 speed lol the raiders never learn…

  • Cmon birds Casey is the grab him!

  • They traded the pick wtf

  • What did we get for the trade…

  • I still think eagles will draft Casey Mathews..

  • Ravens gave up there 90th and a late round pick

  • Curtis marsh is a good player

  • Wright was the corner the birds liked too

  • I think the Eagles were hot after RB/WR J Jernigan at the #85 Selection
    then Giants took him at #83 and Eagles decided to drop down 5 spots and gain a 6th Round pick from the Ravens in return since th erun on CB’s hadn’t started yet.. But I think they were origianlly targeting Jernigan from Troy at #85

  • To ActionJAckson10
    Cardinals are not picking a QB in this Draft, they already have 2 Rookies from last years Draft on their Roster (Max Hall and J Skelton) plus verteran Anderson.. So why would they pick another young QB this Draft and especailly one that needs 2-3 years of being groomed, they already have that on their roster so forget about your pie in the sky trade of CB Petersen for QB Kolb.. It ain’t going to happen …

  • Nice developmental cb but I’m pretty confident raiders cb is coming here…

  • action….I’m laying 50-1 that the Eagles will not sign the raiders CB..they really feel they’re alright there.

    Worse red zone defense in Eagles history and the right corner got torched regularly but..Andy feels it’s alright.

  • Kolbs status,
    Now that 49ers,Bengals picked their QB of the Future tonight to go along with the QB’s selected in the 1st Round by the Panthers,Titans,Jaguars,VIkings, the Market for K Kolb has become very small..
    The only teams that would possibly be interested or have the need would
    at this point be the Seahawks,Cardinals,Redksins and possibly the Dolphins and chances are the Price tag would most likley be a 2nd & 4th Rounder in 2012, but nothing will happen to at least July and I still predict that Kolb will remain and be a member of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011
    Remember that V Young, D McNabb, M Hasselbeck will all be in the market for new teams and maybe even K Orton..
    I see the Vikings making a play for Orton/McNAbb for a short-term while they get new Draft pick Ponder up to speed
    I see Hasselbeck staying out West and signing a 1-2 deal with Arizona so he can stick it back to the Seahawks since they couldn’t come to an agreement last season to extend his deal..
    V Young is the wildcard, Does Miami take a chance with him.. very unlikely
    I can see V Young going to the Bengals on a 1 year Deal since Coach M Lewis likes the challenges of bring in guys who had had off-the-field issues and Young may be able to bridge the gap for a year of 2 while new QB A Dalton gets up to speed.. Coach Lewis said tonight in an interview that Carson Palmer told him he was retiring, and Lewis said the Bengals are moving in…
    Kolb stays in Philly for 2011 and actually plays a few games due to Vick getting injured and missing a couple of games, Kold then tests the Free-agency Market next Off-Season.. With a shortened training/Summer Cap Season, who else is going to he VIck’s back-up.. IS Kafka ready, probably not until 2012 and who do you bring in to learn the Eagles complicated Season in a few weeks time before the Season.. Thre Eagles will use Kolb as “insurance policy” in 2011 in the event that Vick gets injured..It’s the smart thing to do given this off-seasons lockout/CBA mess.. If it was a regualr off-season, yes, he would have been traded last night and then you can bring a Veteran to camp who would have 2-3 months to learn the Eagles System, but this does not appear to be the case for this off-season and the Eagles are better off hanging onto Kolb for 2011..

  • Curtis marsh is a project I be shock if eagles don’t get raiders cb in free agency…

  • Secondary Coach Lynn will coach these CB’s up and Eagle “high motor” DC Castillo will come up schemes never seen in the NFL before which will confuse
    opposing Offenses the 1st half of the Season until the League catches on
    DC Castillo wins Assistant Coach/Coordinator of the Year award at the Maxwell Club

  • I don’t see it happening, The Cowboys/Redskins will overspend for him
    Redksins are ghaving a nice Draft so far but still need to address their OL/QB/RB but their Defense will be tough

  • Paul, what has that coach lynn accomplished in this league? We get excited about new faces but what has he done? Washburn/mudd are HOFs but let’s wait and see what lynn can do b4 we get ahead of ourselves..

  • I think Coach Lynn has been fired from more teams for having poor secondaries.. He was fired by the 49ers, the Rams,the Ravens and Giants over the last 10-15 years if I am not mistaken,but he’s a nice fella with a “High Motor”
    and has a lot to prove..

  • I wouldn’t exactly call nate clemens and michael lewis poor DBs on the 49ers guys he coached yet they still were one of the worst in the league

    Again I’m just saying what has coach lynn accomplished that tells us he’s gonna come in here and coach these cornerbacks to success when he hasn’t achieved success anywhere else?

  • Paul, and you think they wanted that rb, um why? Because he’s similar to westbrook/shady becaise he can catch? They’re not gonna get evert receiving rb now! What’s your reasoning?

  • Coach AR just loves these small dynamic running.return threats and this kid can return kicks/punts/ run the ball and split out wide in Receiver sets.
    Think of a W Welker type but more top-end speed.. He probably would only be involved in 10-12 plays a game but could be a potential big playmaker every time he would ttought the ball.. Playing Special Teams would also save D-JAx from extra punishment and Jernigan also could be a back-up plan in th eworst case scenario if D-Jax were to have an extensive holdout or demand a trade if unhappy with his contract deal..

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