• May 27, 2022

Andy Reid After The Draft: “It’s Not A Finished Product”

“It’s not a finished product,” Eagles head coach Andy Reid said after completing the seventh round of the 2011 NFL draft. That statement is one of the reasons which I have a positive take on this draft the Eagles. I see quite a few reasons to be excited about the selections and I’m confident that the Eagles still have part of the hand free agency and trades to make.

1. Drafts aren’t meant to complete a team. Drafts are for building a team. The majority of the people drafted this year were selected to be backups and depth, nothing more.

2. No draft should be evaluated for years. For all we know… Jarrett is the second coming of Brian Dawkins, or Marcell Dareus is a huge bust. Be patient.

3. The defense can, and should be, addressed in free agency. This team would look a hell of a lot nicer right now with an NFL ready young right guard in Danny Watkins, plus the new acquisitions of guys like cornerback Nmandi Asomugha, linebacker Chad Greenway or linebacker Paul Posluszny, and some soon-to-be-named DE to be traded for.

4. As un-sexy as it was right guard was a need. Now, the offensive line may be sured up. This was important because the best thing about this team is its ability to outscore the Giants and Cowboys. We just helped Michael Vick and made his job somewhat easier.

5. I personally like Jaiquawn Jarrett, the safety from Temple, Dion Lewis, the back from Pittsburgh, and Casey Matthews, the linebacker from Oregeon. Those picks alone made the Eagles draft a positive.

Jason McBride

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  • Agreed.

    Had we taken a CB early or DE early we would have neglected the O Line and taken ourselves out of serious contention to land Asomough. I like the fact we got nasty upfront and got Mudd players to work with. People tend to forget that Washburn really likes Graham and Bunkley a lot. There may also be a chance we go after Haynesworth. So if we complete those moves this off season doesn’t look so bad.

    This team is built to win now and we need veteran playmakers on defense to take the next step forward.

  • Jason mcbride you are a brighht man… these fools on this site are regular complainers. Even garry cobb was complaining, I understand the cries for more defensive players that are impactful but like andy said this is just one faze. Free agency is another. That hasn’t started yet and won’t til this lockout is lifted. Just let things play out dang man my goodness pull your skirts down and dry your eyes.

    Jason I also like your picks jarrett lewis and my personal favorite casey matthews (who if healthy will outplay all the LBs at training camp and will start on that weak side, j chaney in the middle and we don’t have our strong side LB yet… most liikely won’t be bradley

  • Sounds good,
    But I don’t see Graham contributing much coming off the nasty Knee injury and surgery to until the 2nd Half of the Season if at all for the 2011 Season.. Maybe pick-up a DE like J Babin for a 2 Year dela who won’t cost an arm & a leg like Ray Edwards will..
    A couple of wildcards defensivley could be a player like V Abriami who if heatlhy which is a big Question mark can slide at a DT spot for pass rushing purposes.. Also what about Marlin “Billie Jean” Jackson, if he’s heatlhy, could he be the short term RCB until Lindley/Marsh are ready…
    And don’t forget that N Allen is also coming off a kenn injury and surgery too
    as well as FB L Weaver (who I don’t expect back) and Center J Jackson who hasn’t played a full competitive game since early Dec of 2009…
    We all can’t assume that these injuired players are going to be ready for the Start of the 2011 Season and to be honest, the longer they have to do their re-habs without Team Supervision due to lockout, the less likely that chance is in my book….This team is far from being built to win now.. far from it and probably looking at the 4th/5th best team in the NFC behind the Packers,Saints,Giants,Bears,Giants and even the TB Bucs…

  • Jason that is a sunny disposition. Do you know this team at all? The people who are down on this team know that the FO is going to have to dig deep and bid high. Don’t forget we need a CB, DT’s two OLB and a have to rely on rookie safeties.

  • Someone please tell me what grocery store they sell everything we need?

  • Oh I almost forgot we still need an OT to replace the cromag justice

  • They are better than the bears, better than the giants (proved it yr in and yr out) Better than the bucs, and as good as the saints. They are right on the packers level. They are two defensive players away from serious contention. Sounds like ur predictions for the phillies being the 5th best team in the nl.

  • To Tberry,
    Taking a CB high in the draft shouldn’t negate the pursuit of a top CB in Free-agency.. The Best teams have 3 Good CB’s and the fact that Samuel and Asmo ,if he were signed, are both over 30 years of age and are not going to play at their same high level for that much longer.. Just like when the Eagles Drafted both CB’s Brown and Sheppard the Eagles still had Vincent and the other CB whose name escapes me at the moment,still playing at a high level.. you can never have enough CB’s in today’s NFL where passing and teams having 3-4 good WR’s out in Routes…

  • we have 3 good cb’s wait we have 2? who are they?

  • it wasn’t enough for Juan Castillo to screw us on the o line. he’s moved on to bigger and better things like the entire defense. you fans need to wake up and smell tulips.

  • @ Paulman you’re kidding yourself if we’re not built to win now. Vick’s not going to get any younger. Cole, Samuel, Peters, Herremans. This team is built to win now and a few players like Haynesworth and Asomough (both 30) put’s them in contention for the NFC and an opportunity at a super bowl.

    With all of the glaring issues on Defense and O line we still managed the 3 seed and could have even gotten the 2 seed.

    So you’ve clearly just taken a cynics stance to this team which is fine but at least be honest yourself.

  • -Jarrett looks like a solid safety coming out who can tackle but is a little stiff in the hips

    -Dion Lewis isnt a bad complement to McCoy although I rather us have taken Bilal Powell (the Jets took him he’s gonna be a beast)

    -Marsh is a nice pick he has good size and is a very physical corner which we lack again I much rather of taken Brandon Harris he would of fit out system well

  • We need To sign Nnamdi in free agency for sure though

  • Eagles Starting Defense for 2012 Season

    DE Cole, DT Dixon, DT Patterson and DE ?? Babin or Edwards or Johnson
    OLB (Will) Bradley MLB Chaney , OLB (Sam) Ghentry/Fokou
    CB Samuel and M Jackson
    S J Jarret and Coleman (until Allen recovers 100%)

    OL Peters, Herremans,Jackson, Watkins, Justice
    TE Celek
    WR D-Jax, Maclin
    RB McCoy and FB Schmitt
    QB Vick

    By the 6th Game, Watkins will take over for Justice at RT, McGlynn for Jacson at C and Valeverde plays RG
    Also Harbor replaces Celek at TE as the Starter

  • SHould be for the 2011 Season

  • Don’t know about all those predictions there. Who is the DE Johnson? No way they play Marlin Jackson and CB. They will have to sign someone if they want to be good at CB.

    How about Kolb for Darnell Dockett and change?

  • Brandon Harris will be a bust and will be out of football in 2-3 Years time
    He is immature, a poor tackler and his stock really dropped by most Scouts over the last month or 2.. He got torched by ND Wr’s in the Bowl Game and did not perfoma that well at Indy Combine and Pro Day by most observors..
    He has talent, but his maturity and drive are big Question Marks ..
    I am glad the Eagles stayed away from him

    Eagles Defensively do not match up well with the Packers,Saints and the Bucs, Offensively the Eagles struggle vs the Packers,Bears and soon to be Bucs and Saints improved Defenses.. I don’t see the Eagles beating any of the teams consistently for the next 2-3 years unless they get a stud CB and DE.. Vick’s performance in 2010 was unbelivable and unexpected and will be extremely difficult to do again, I think the Vick we saw over the finsl month-6 weeks of the Season is what the Eagles will get, he will make some great plays and some poor decisions and his ball security and health will wear down as the Season goes deeper…

  • @ Paulman Bobby T. But Brown and Sheppard replaced those two the following year so the situation is different. The Eagles drafted Lindley last year that everyone conveniently is dismissing. ( Shut down the top two WR in this draft). They Like Lindley and could have their starting corners 3 yrs from now.

    Furthermore The last two games of the season we posted 14 and 16 pts I don’t care how good your D is that’s not enough points. Vick was clearly hobbled toward the end of the season (couldn’t even dunk after his Vikings TD). The Offensive Line was the most important area to address.

    Defensive help needs to be in FA where we can get some Veterans

  • Charles Johnson is an under the Radar DE from the Panthers who had 11 Sackls last season on a very poor team without mush support around him.. He’s a free-agent and was a 2nd Round Draft pick from Georgia Tech about 4 years ago.. A pretty good player in my book and probably could be had for relative cheap in comparison to R Edwards, J Babin, C Jenkins..

  • Great job on this one. I agree… birds will be BIG players when FA finally hits. I have said from day 1 that they either have a deal all lined up or they are willing to break the bank on a player we need. Trying to add a starting CB in the draft is a bad idea. I love what they are doing.,,

  • Run The Ball,

    Believe me… I’m no Eagles apologist. I’m frequently down on the Eagles. I’m also a much bigger admirer of the Giants early draft pics as well as the Bucs pics (I wanted to take a chance on Bowers).

    That said… I was merely defending the Eags in the case of this draft and how it relates to “winning a Super Bowl” this year. I don’t think ANY draft would of allowed us to say we’re there yet. I think free agency does that.

    We have an offense that rivals the Saints right now. The Saints won a Super Bowl two years ago with their offense and a mediocre D. If we can add a few free agent pieces to our defense, we can be as good as the Saints were back then.

    It’s sounds cliche but… let’s wait till free agency is over to really criticize this squad. They put some nice depth on the team this weekend, and depth is very important.

  • Paulman. TOTALLY agree with your point on Johnson. I’m not sure if you’re a Nnamdi guy like me… but I’m endorsing an all-out onslaught in free agency. Someone like Johnson would be great on the line. You add him to a Nnamdi signing and you’ve got a massively improved D. I’d go further however and sign a Chad Greenway or a Puzluzny too (sorry to keep mentioning him everyone… I’m one of Puz’s biggest supporters).

  • Nice article – Jason McBride – I put you in the category of ‘gets it’ and understands how you build solid football teams that consistently win 11 games and division champions year after year after year.

    There was no ‘one player
    that if drafted would have any impact on if/when we win a super bowl, nor is there any one player obtained via trade or free agency that will ensure a SB – the Redskins are role model #1 for constantly trying to buy the super bowl (how bout the Yankess in Baseball).

  • I like Charles Johnson, I think he’d be a good addition.

  • Guys, they are not going to go out there and pay for a premium DE, when the just drafted Graham last year. It makes no sense. Its better to get a decent guy, who can come in and contribute, and get 6-8 sacks. Our pass rush will be fine.

  • 2 undrafted free agents I would love to see the eagles sign are:

    -(S) Jeron Johnson (Boise State)- This kid can flat out hit and would make a great backup and special teamer

    -(RB) Noel Devine (West Virginia)- Devine is very small but has great football speed, good hands and can also return kicks. He would be a fun weapon for Reid to use

  • Remember WeaponX
    There can be no signing of even undrafted players while there’s a Lockout in place..
    Drafting the RB (D Lewis) from Pitt negates any need for Noel Devine who had a terrible Senior Week and dropped from a 4th/5th Rounder right out of the Draft..

  • Paulman- ravens pondering if they should press tampering charges for the wink wink deal bulger has with cards. I’m confused- I thought you said there would be no more talking?

  • Bulger is a free agent and not under contract with the Ravens, if he want’s to cut his own deal or talk wth clubs, that’s pretty hard to prevent,
    it’s not like a RAvens Front Office personnel approached the Cardinals..

    Bulger has a relationship back from his WVU days with some on the Cardinals Staff and the NFL will come down against this and probably fine, strip a Draft Pick away when the dust Settles.. I bet Terrel OWens and his agent are trying to talk to teams to see who would be interested in his services and again TO is a free-agant and not property of the Bengals anymore so who’s to stop that from occurring..

  • They have decided not to because they are not sure they can prove it. I guess they were not one of the 5 teams that were already caught. Remember paulman- this is a guy on a team RIGHT now. Not 1 of the hundreds that are FA’s. How much more must THEY be talking?

  • Yea I know there can be no transactions during the lockout but once its lifted I would like to see these guys in camp at least. That is if they reach an agreement before training camp which Im confident they will

  • But paulman- you said that noone was talking!!

    They are. Everyone is!!! I bet undrafted rookies got calls today. I bet we know where kolb is going. I bet we have FA’s lined up. You said I was wrong about all of this.

  • Now that the Draft is over and teams are mulling over their needs not met in the Draft, I am sure there will be more chatter between Free-agent Playters, Agents and teams.. With all the time on their hands, what else are they going to do. and impossible to POlice from the NFL’s perspective
    Paulman’s Analysis and Predictions of Eagles 2011 Draft

    #1) OL Danny Watkins – Starter from Day 1 at RG position for the 2011 Team and could take over for Justice at RT by 2012 Season if Justice struggles this Season
    #2) Safety J Jarrett — Starter at SS Day 1 and will eventualy be teamed up with FS N Allen (when he returns from injury) to form a very promising Safety Tandem for the next 6-8 Years..
    #3) CB C Marsh — Will surprise and open some eyes with his physicality and plays on the ball, Will excel in SPecial Teams and possibly Return some Kick-Offs and see some action in Nickle situations or to match up certain big WR’s (Nicks,Bryant,etc,etc) . Marsh wins the Starters spot in 2012 opposite of Samuel, (Lindley because the #1 slot CB and replaces J Hanson for the 2012 Season and will eventually replace Samuel in 2013)

    #4) LB Casey Matthews — Plays well in Camp and picks up the schemes quickly and it utilized as back up to all 3 LB Postions and is a Demon on SPecial Teams. Does see the field in some Pass-Coverage schemes and by 2013, he’s becomes the Starter at the SAM Position as he gets a little stronger..

    #5) Kicker A Henerey — Is the FG Kicker from Day 1 as Akers moves on and signs a Deal with the Saints. henerey have the hight kicking % od all time in NCAA history.. He has a strong leg, is used to kicking in various weather elements and is also used to playing in front of 70,000-80,000 Scremaing fans for he’s played at Nbraska whose fans are some of the most pasionate in CIOllege Football and has played in hostile envrionments playing against Oklahoma.Kansas,Texas,Texas A&M

    #6) RB Dion Lewis – Has a real shot as the 3rd RB and replace E Buckley spot on the Roster, Must play Special Teams (Kick/Punt Returns) and must show that he can Block in Blitz Pick-ups and Catch out of the backfield , then he has a great shot at making the Team and could actually take the Roles of
    both E Buckley and C Hall in one player.. If he cant block or play special teams well, then he most likey will struggle to see the field or make the team

    #7) OL J Vandervelde — The Suprise pick of the Draft.. Under Coach Mudd Coaching Vandervelde picks up the Offense,Schemes and Techniques quickly at Guard, Also gets reps at Center position in Camp and Preseason
    Competes for RG/LG Starters spot in 2012 and becomes Starter in 2013

    To be continued

  • Talk is Cheap Steve and means nothing in this Lockout environment…
    Team Owners and the NFL Office won’t allow it .. and will penalize those who break the “Code of Conduct” that’s been handed down from the Owners

  • I agree talk is cheap- I’m just glad you can now see that you have been wrong btw- phills have the best record in the NL.

  • I am going to be wrong some times, just like everyone else, Stevo
    Phils are playing well and I hope they keep it up..Expect a good game tonight and performance by Lee
    With the 1st month of the Season complete, they are playing good team ball, especially considering on how many players have been hurt.. I believe Mayberry is making a real push for more at bats to play more for the struggling Ibanez..In a stretch of 15 Divisionalgames in a row, they can really put some distance between them and the others in teh NL East though Florida is playing well also and the Nats/Braves have been up and down
    Cleveland Indians have the best record in all of MLB which is hard to believe

  • Another media Reid apologist. Here is the big picture, in 12 years, how many studs has Reid drafted? Remember, that’s a lot of draft picks. Has he drafted a single bonafide star on defense, NO! that’s a whole lot of picks to have spent not to have come up with at least ONE star. I’m not saying several, I’m saying ONE!. And don’t give me Trent Cole, he is a nice player, but not a star. That is a putrid record of drafting and reason enough to criticize him as much as we want. It is also a reason to have no faith in his current selections.

  • I don’t think you get it pman- the owners are having it both ways. They can’t talk so the do it through the gm’s and coaches. I can’t believe you don’t get this. So that makes 6 that we know of. Y has not any coach or gm been fired?

  • How about – Eagles trade Kolb to Arizona and in return get a 1st rounder and CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. SOLD.

  • Rastadoc- I’m not a big reid fan, called for him to be fired but ill take on your q- ok;

    Andrews till he went nutz
    I like jmak

    That should do.

  • Rastadoc- I’m not a big reid fan, called for him to be fired a few years ago but ill take on your q- ok;

    Andrews till he went nutz
    I like jmak

    That should do.

  • Forgot to add in my trade proposal that the cards just drafted Patrick Peterson so Rodgers-Cromartie could be available and definitely fills our needs..

  • Rastasdoc – define ‘stud’ then go through every other NFL team and define how many ‘studs’ (give one definition’) and then rank the number of ‘studs’ each team drafted the last twleve years. Without knowing your defintion of ‘stud’ – typical defiintions can mean:
    to set with or as if with studs, bosses, or the like: The leather-covered door was studded with brass nails.
    (of things) to be scattered over the expanse or surface of: Stars stud the sky.
    to set or scatter (objects) at intervals over an expanse or surface: to stud raisins over a cake.
    a number of horses, usually for racing or hunting, bred or kept by one owner
    so before you babble – define what you are babbling about –

  • Guys we really don’t need to spend money on the right corner position.

    Trevard Lindley is good to go with Patterson in the wings, and please don’t forget last offseason when Reid told us we’ll be fine with Hobbs……

    Hobbs is rethinking his retirement and could be a pleasant surprise to man the spot.

    Lurie and Banner needs to reserve the money in these times of uncertainty and just throwing money out there to lock up really good talent at the right corner would be careless.

    Like Reid said last off season, “We’ll be fine there” .

    He also told us that Kolb was his guy.

    Trust Andy

  • Mimi,
    Why would th eCardinals give up a #1st Rounder and a Starting CB for Kolb..
    no way Mimi..
    Since the Cards have 2 2nd Year QB’s on their Roster already and they like
    M Hall for the future, they will sign a proven Veteran to give them 2 Years to bridge the gap while Hall Develops
    M Hasselback would be a perfect fit and is a Free-agent and would cost the Cardinals no draft picks or players to sign him.. Hasslebeack would love to get back at Seahawks and Coach Pete CArroll for insulting him with their last Contract Offer last December from some reports.. Anyways, Hasselback loves the West Coast and knows all the teams well in that Division.. This is a no-brainer, Hasselbeck to the Cardinals and McNabb as 2nd Choice but I see McNabb probably going to the Dolphins as his only shot for a starters spot, I see the Vikings who know have a new Offensive Coaching Staff (all of Childress buddies are gone) and are implementing a new System and appear to expect Ponder to come in and run it…
    49ers gave a vote of Confidence to Alex Smith to come back and be their #1 QB and of course, they Drafted C Kaperenick to be groomed for the future.
    I see Bulger going to the Cardinals on a 2 year Deal
    I seel McNabb going to the Dolphins or staying in Washington
    I see V Young going to the Vikings or Dolphins
    I See Carson Palmer really Retiring

    I really see only 2-3 teams that would be interested in Kolb
    The Seahawks, Redskins & possibly the Dolphins
    but in the End, I thnk Kolb remains an Eagle for 2011 Season as insurance in the event Vick gets injured sinec Kafka is not a back-up levle yet and the longer this lockout goes, the more likley that Kolb remains an Eagle for who can they get at last minutes notice to learn the EAgles complicated system and be ready to back-up Vick in the event of injury, this combine with his relatively low salary of $1.4 Million makes keeping Kolb as the smart thing to do and worry about next off-season when it comes..

  • Who cares on who talks to who Steve.. No coach is going to get fired if caught..
    “Player Movement/Transctions” are non-existent for at least for another 2 weeks and probably longer, as I originally stated they would be.. That’s right, no trades, no Free-agency, no Signing undrafted players, no Player Transactions and that’s the bottom line and this will go on to at least late May-June I believe

  • Songs, your right about many things but the birds are not cheap. Just ask, peters, asam, kerse and soon to be vick. The thing is 1) they are not going to overpay for a guy that’s old… See dawk and douglas on that. 2) not gunna cave to a guy who cries like a little girl… See TO on that one. 3) not gunna give a guy a lot of money when he signed aong term deal and just wants more- see Djax on that one. 4) not gunna give a guy tons of money just cause WE think he should be on our team_ see jwalker, roy williams (1st and 3rd), moss (we tried), ward (tiny) from the giants back then, and a million other NON studs that we all wanted.

  • Paulman I thought you knew alittle about NFL Football until I read your starting line up prediction.

    “Eagles Starting Defense for 2012 Season

    DE Cole, DT Dixon, DT Patterson and DE ?? Babin or Edwards or Johnson
    OLB (Will) Bradley MLB Chaney , OLB (Sam) Ghentry/Fokou
    CB Samuel and M Jackson
    S J Jarret and Coleman (until Allen recovers 100%)

    OL Peters, Herremans,Jackson, Watkins, Justice
    TE Celek
    WR D-Jax, Maclin
    RB McCoy and FB Schmitt
    QB Vick

    By the 6th Game, Watkins will take over for Justice at RT, McGlynn for Jacson at C and Valeverde plays RG
    Also Harbor replaces Celek at TE as the Starter”

    Bradley most likely won’t be here and if he is he will be playing Sam Linebacker or Middle. He is not a Will or Weak side backer. Fokou, Mathews, Clayton or newly acquired Brian Rolle (if he makes the team) will compete for Will Backer.
    Marlin Jackson has as much chance of making the team as Reno Mahe making a comeback as the Eagles Returner. And remember Jackson was going to be a FS last season not a CB before he ruptured his achilles.
    Watkins will not play RT for the Eagles. He is a NFL Guard, not a tackle. He is not quick enough of have the optimal arm length/height for the position.
    Harbor is not taking Celek’s job. Harbor is probably a better blocker than Celek but not a better receiver.
    As far as your starter at LE the Eagles are not signing a free agent to start at that position. They Drafted 3 DE’s last year and also traded for Darryl Tapp to go along with Trent Cole and Juqua Parker. Thats 6 Defensive Ends on the roster as of now. With the acquisition of De line coach Jim Washburn I’m sure they feel as if some of these guys will improve ( Sapp & Teo-Nesheim).

    As far as this draft goes I think it sucked. They seemed to have drafted players to take other players positions that are leaving due to free agency. With their first 6 picks they are pretty much telling us that Max Jean-Gilles, Quintin Mikell, David Akers, Nick Cole, Ellis Hobbs and Omar Gaither are not coming back this season. I could care less about any of these players coming back but the only upgrade I see is Watkins over Max Jean-Gilles. It doesn’t look like they got better. Looking at Tampa, Detroit, Giants, Atlanta and the Rams, all these teams just got alittle better over the weekend. Philly not so much.

  • Eagles will keep akers as their fg kicker and have Henerey be their punter and long FG kicker. Eventually Henerey will take over as Kicker and Punter. Paulman will be traded from Gcobb.com to Cowboys.com and will become a cowboy fan and poster on their forums.

  • Stevo…you’re right..

    But unfortunately…the way they do business leads to “0” championships.

    So we do agree that something must change instead of writing things off by stating how the Eagles do things as an excuse for them.

    They’re doing something wrong.


  • stevo …….I say this because everyone with sense was screaminf for the Eagles to do something about the right corner last off season before the draft and free agency.


    It became even more clear when all the chips were on the table against the Titans, Bears and the Vikings.

    They targeted the right side the whole game.

    Those games alone determined our seeding and made the difference between an early exit and a Superbowl run.

    Everyone knew Aaron Rogers would exploit the weakness and he did….

    Yet we have fans here who would be satisfied with going another season without making a splash that would not only fill the position but would put the Eagles as the favorites to take the NFC altogether.

    One season the Eagles Brass gives the fans what we ask for and low and behold…..”A SUPERBOWL APPEARANCE”

    We’re that close now.

    are we going to seize the opportunity or waste a season on the same blindspot at Right Corner?

  • If they don’t get a starting CB, ill agree.

  • Songs- they need a lot on D. I hate this D. Hate it!! Have for years. I hate the way they play D. Undersized and fast… More like weak and can’t takle. I wanted a nasty S.O.B to coach this D.

    I blame them for how they built this D but the cheap line is not true and its a rather old line to blame them for not caring like we do. I disagree with that.

  • Akers is Free-agent and will get some pretty good offers,
    The Eagles will not go back to him and offer another Deal, he turned down their offer in December which sealed his fate and ended their Relationship for all intents and purposes Do you think the Eagels would spend a 4th Round Draft [pick (#120 Ovreall Selection) to have Henery be a punter.. hell no, he’s the man and Akers is gone and will end up for the Saints and kick another 4 Seasons kicking in that Super Dome 1/2 the games and then visiting games every years in nice weather cities like Atlanta/Tampa/Charlotte

    Other Eagle Free-agents who will not be offered Deals from the Eagles
    Mikell,Sims,Gaither,Jordan,R Wells,N Cole,D Akers & E Hobbs
    and D Patterson if they pursue and get a Free-agent CB

    I do think Eagles offer contracts to Bradley, O Schmitt, Rocca and low ball deals to J Harrison, MJG and D Patterson if they don’t pursue Free-agent for a CB.. I do Think the Harrison,MJG will move on to other teams with better offers and even S Breadley may have a better/bigger offer or 2 out there

    I think L Weaver gives it a shot but ends up retiring due to his sever knee injury.He’s had 3 knee surgeries and subsequent nerve damage in the last year and itr appears that he will never be 100%, which is a shame..

  • I wish they would replace both CB’s
    Samuel didn’t earn his pay the last 1/2 of the Season, I know he was hurt be he wasn’t mucg of a playmaker either down the stretch. He got 6 of his 7 In’ts the first half of the season and then 1 the final 8 weeks of the Season and he did get picked on by the Packers/Rodger too..In fact their WR Jones smoked and faked Samuel out bad but dropped a pass which would have walked in the end-zone for a 60 Yard TD play just before the half if you recall

  • Hey Songs, please point out the fan that said they would be satisfied if the Eagles don’t get more CB help. I’d like to know who that is and when they said that. I haven’t heard it, or said it, and it isn’t true about me.

    You sir, are reading into things (going to extremes as is your MO) and putting words in others mouths (or fingers to be more context appropriate).

    Any Eagles fan that isn’t hungry for Namdi ro Cromartie or something close to that is ridiculous, thankfully, I don’t think that fan exists. If they don’t sign a free agent or trade for a guy at this point, I will be disappointed, not satisfied. However, if that does happen (and I do not expect that to be the case), I will be a man and not whine, and expect them to get something real good out of LIndley/Marsh on that side. Otherwise, I’ll agree with your assessment of that position and the way the team handled it. But you see, I will not assume what they will or wont do at this point because it’s ridiculous.

  • Paulman, did you forget to take your medicine again?

  • Wow paulman- please stop. Asam is all we friggin have and you are bitching about him? First djax and now asam. You kill me. Is asam perfect? No but he was much better this year.

  • No ,
    I’ve never been a Samuel Fan since his Patriots Days..
    He’s always been that “Do your own thing” kind of teammate and player and I hate that on a team sport environment and even though he’s clearly the Best Eagle CB on the team, I just don’t like how he plays so passively though I admit he was more physical last year after Coach AR called him out after playoff loss/end of season message from 2009
    He has 2 more years on his contract I believe and he will not be offered another one by the Eagles once his deal is up, (and by this time Lindley,Marsh and whoever else will be ready to be Starters..)

  • Go troll on one of your panthers sites for a day or 2 and give us a break already.

  • Not to change the Subject, is it me and does it seem like the Phils always struggle verse this Pitcher Chris Young.. He has shut them down again for the 2nd time this year for the Mets and back when he was with the Padres, they would always struggle against this guy..another wasted strong outing by a SP but little to no offense..

  • Panthers had a lousy Draft from top to bottom in my opinion.. That GM Hurney has run that Franchise right into the ground, just like he did for the Washington Redksins before he took the Panthers job..

  • Schiller…it was Paulman….He said we can’t sign or overspend for Asmo if we are looking to lock up Vick and Djax….and threw out some asonine name.

    But that was Paulman….I digress

  • You don’t want to “assume”? That’s all you do pman- your silly trades and 24 hour b.s. About what the birds are doing. Only thing that makes you different is that you think your reporting. We know we are full of sh#!.

  • Eagles are hoping that Marlin”Bille Jean”Jackson saves the day (like Ellis Hobbs was going to last year before his injury)..You heard it here and reporting for GCobb this is Paulman signing off…

  • Yes shiller, songs is right… Pman said the birds would not spend. Said they were set at CB.

  • Pman- I give you crap but in all honesty, peace to you. I hope you know I hold no real hate for you- just for what you say, lol.

  • When you have 600-800 free agents hit the market at the same time, I’m not sure there will be alot of over paying (except for a handful of guys like Nnami).
    The key will be the size of the salary cap – if there is one.We need a RCB and another DE (Babin?).

  • I don’t think. Babbin is coming here. It would be a huge oops for andy and I just don’t see it. Also- do we really think he’s amazing and that the eagles just didn’t see it? I don’t. Unless there is some kinda trade that brings in a DE, I think its all about the cb.

  • Songs, gotcha, I admit that I completely didn’t account for that…. for 1 simple reason…it’s rare that I make it all the way through most of Paulman’s long posts and I often ignore them. Can anyone blame me? We all have to do other stuff sometimes…

    But, that doesn’t really negate my original point – no EAGLES FANS believe that. And even if you wanna count pman as an Eagles fan (he’s litterally the only person I ever acused of not being an Eagles fan)…then that’s fine, but if you count his comments on here as either representing something valid OR as worthwile….than I call foul.

  • Down goes Bin Laden! Down goes Bin Laden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ten years in the making, well worth the wait, drinks all around!

  • If Paulman really thinks Marlin Jackson is going to being a starting corner for the Eagles let alone make the team this year he might as well stop watching football, cuz he knows nothing

  • Asante has another 2-3 yrs left… this is what I was tryna tell schiller hrs ago… this is why they drafted marsh and drafted lindley last yr… the eagles have been relatively successful bc they don’t think only about the here and now they look to the future… they seen how fragile asante is and that chronic knee swelling he gets, also he’s not getting any younger they gotta look to the future… we shouldn’t expect marlin jackson to contribute anything but hopefully just depth purposes and not as a CB, he has 2 bad knees let’s just hope the man can stay healthy bc we have no clue what we have in him on the field…

  • Have you guys lost your sense of humor..
    I am kidding about “Billie Jean” being the CB for the Eagles..but if he is truly healthy (and that’s a big if) don’t be suprised to see him in the mix. and maybe even at Safety until Nate Allen returns 100% and/or for J Jarrett to get up to speed
    Didn’t the Eagles rely on E Hobbs last year who was coming back from injury to play CB, what make’s it different this year, that Marlin Jackson isn’t in the mix…He earned a good paycheck last year while being out all season, Eagles will give him every opportunity to get on the field,, now if he’s hurt, then he’s done
    but if he’s healthy and can play, they will find something for him to do..

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