• June 10, 2023

Eagles Depending On Free Agency, Vick & Offense, Along With New “D” Coaches

In what was a defensive end rich draft, the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t draft one of them. Where is the pass rush going to come from this season with a defense that was the worst red zone defense in the NFL in the last 25 years?

There’s no way the Birds can look anybody in the face and tell them that they’re sure about the talent they have on their defensive line. We know the same is true of their secondary, but they did pick a safety and a cornerback. How is that enough? Are those guys going to be impact players this year?

With all due respect, Jaiquawn Jarrett a safety from Temple and Curtis Marsh, a cornerback from Utah State aren’t going to turn this defense around next season. Those linebackers they took might be good special teamers but they’re not going to help play defense in 2011.

If I were the Birds I would have been moving up in this draft because they can’t go into this season with the same defensive personnel which got defensive coordinator Sean McDermott fired last year.

This is why I was down on the first round draft pick. Not that I’m down on Danny Watkins because I think he’s going to be a very good offensive lineman. Who knows maybe Watkins will be an All-Pro for the next seven years, but that won’t help the defensive side of the ball, which was historically bad. Any time you have a unit that is historically bad (worst red zone defense in the NFL in the last 25 years) you have to address it.

The Eagles are putting a lot of pressure and responsibility on free agency, Michael Vick and the Eagles offense along with defensive coordinator Juan Castillo and new defensive line coach Jim Washburn.

First of all, I guess the Eagles are going to make some major acquisitions in free agency to help their defense because they didn’t help it in a major way during this draft. Nmandi Asomugha would be an immediate answer to problems at right cornerback because I don’t think Marsh is going to fill that spot in 2011.

Secondly, Vick is going to have to earn every dollar they’re going to pay him because the offensive will need to outscore teams. They did address offensive line needs, so I guess they’re going to expect these guys to put up 30 points a game.

Thirdly, I don’t care what the new defensive line coach tells the players or how hard he pushes them, Jim Washburn isn’t going to be in between the lines beating offensive lineman on his way to the quarterback when the season starts.

Veteran defensive ends Trent Cole and Juqua Parker aren’t getting in younger. Last year they wore down as the season got into its second half. It’s not the first time that’s happened and chances are it won’t be the last time.

They can’t depend on any of the rookies they drafted last year to give them anything. Brandon Graham won’t be ready to play when the season starts and don’t even tell me about Daniel Te’o Nesheim, who looked like a little-boy out there against grown men last year. Ricky Sapp spent the entire season on Injured Reserve after showing us that he couldn’t play the linebacker position.

I’ve been yelling in the wilderness for years about the mediocre production of the first round draft pick at the defensive tackle position. You’ve got to get some pass rush on every down from the defensive tackles. Antonio Dixon is the best tackle on the team and he was discarded by the Redskins as a free agent. We used first round picks on guys like Mike Patterson and Brodrick Bunkley who produce one and two sacks a season.

When asked about the defensive line, head coach Andy Reid talked about expecting a big difference from moving the defensive ends a yard or two outside in their defensive alignment. With all due respect, that can’t pass the smell test.

I would have loved it, if the Eagles could swap their first and second round picks in the draft with the Giants who landed cornerback Prince Amukamara and defensive tackle Marvin Austin.

The Green Bay Packers showed us last year that you win with studs on defense, not duds.


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May 1, 2011 7:36 am

Im not so sure about what your saying G. I am a big believer in systems and situations. I believe except for the few elite that most athletes are very close in talent it just depends what system they are in. Are the recievers on the Colts gonna catch 80 balls a year if Rex Grossman was there qb? Why was Babin so explosive in Tenn? Amazing how everyone who bats behind Puljos hits .325. My point is different D-cord, position coaches and philosophy with the same players can make the world of difference. Look at the Sixers. The only thing they changed was Doug Collins.

May 1, 2011 8:18 am

AMEN G! What d lineman are free agents this year, i know bout cromartie and asa.. asmouagh…. the sick corner from the raiders. I don’t fear the eagles spending there, they tend to throw money at corners, and i’m confident they will no matter what they say. I’m worried that they have to much confidence in graham. Btw, what is there not to love bout dixon, the kid gets a great push from the middle that the birds have lacked for quite some time, kid needs help.

As much as i hate to admit it, paulman got it right a few years back, move stew back to slb, chaney in the middle, and let fokou,matthews and the rest battle it out at wlb. Anyone miss carlos emmons, i miss willie t the most, but im old and longwinded!

May 1, 2011 8:40 am

2 Runningbacks drafted for a team that does not run and has a RB in his Prime.

That’s why I call him CRYSTAL BALL ANDY. He’s sees things us mortals can’t see.

We can’t cover the TEs in the NFC East and he drafts 2 slow linebackers.

At least that superslow Gaither is history now. Ernie Sims. Since he’s out of possition on every play, I guess drafting 2 rookie LB with a reputation for playing smart is an upgrade.

If that kid from Clemson pans out, Tampa is going to make the playoffs. Add Detroit too. New Orleans one year removed from Superbowl champ, Defending Champ Greenbay and Atlanta had the best record last year. No Cake Walk in the NFC anymore.

Two Runningbacks. The Irony. Gotta luv CRYSTAL BALL ANDY.

The oldest 1st round pick in the history of the NFL.

As Frank Sinata once sang. “I did it MY WAY”.

ANDY I know you see something in that CRYSTAL BALL. Maybe it’s a couple of undrafted Defensive Ends that will be signed as Free Agents. Maybe it’s a trade. The roster is not finished.

But last year I thought the same thing when you did not draft a center.

Look how that turned out.

May 1, 2011 8:47 am

Relax G. Right guard was a key problem. If we had waited until round 2 or 3, it would still be a problem. Problem addressed! Safety is another hugh problem. If we were to address it, we had to go early. this was a very poor draft for safeties. Problem addressed! DEFENSIVE END – I can see Washburn bringing in BABIN. (Cole, BABIN, Parker, Graham, Sapp, and Tapp under Washburn’s system will get it done). Obviously they have a plan for Right CB. Guess they preferred veteran CB to couple with those young safeties. If we don’t score a CB in free agency then you will be right. Let’s wait and see..

May 1, 2011 8:49 am

If Vick has the kind of protection that Manning and Brady have enjoyed for their careers the offense would be unstoppable. And mast the defensive woes. Remember the defense finished 12th overall. That means the redzone problems were just as much bad play calling as personel.

However, the defensive strategy was to hit Vick even take cheap shots if it meant getting him out of the game.

I was never high on trading Kolb, because of the likelyhood that Vick would get hurt. Even with all the QBs drafted there still will be a market for Kolb until the regular season trade deadline.

May 1, 2011 9:40 am

Bsm, on rbs…first off the fb, you are really complaining about a late 7th round pick!? But to say the birdz don’t use the fullback, um, do you think bush is still ?prez too? Hellooooooo you haven’t seen Weaver being used a lot and schmidty a bunch last year? What games where you watching? And is harrison even under contract? If he is great, but you need more than 1 rb in the nfl – youre the first I’ve heard disagree with that. McCoy is not hurt. But to go in to the season unprepared for him potentially missing games would be gross neglegence. If they thought there were good DLs left in the draft, you don’t think washburn would have spoken up?

May 1, 2011 9:40 am

not sure how i feel about the draft, i think it seems pretty good but we missed on filling holes. if cb and de get filled through fa i will be satisfied.

May 1, 2011 9:49 am

I agree with G 100% and have stated a few times that the Eagles Strategy should have been to stock up on 2/3/4 Ropunds where there was some real defensive value..
In the First Round as their was coming cloer and closer and there were some very good Defensive players on the Boards..
I am thinking J Smith at # 23 and then make a Trade with Seattle to get their 1st Rounder (#25) by giving up a 3rd Rd/4th Rd in the 2011 Draft and a 1st in 2012 and then select DL C Jordan or M WIlkerson or even take a chance on DE D Bowers
I was disappoiningted they did’ny package some mid to late round Selected to move up and get an additional 3rd/4th Selection adn I still can’t get over selected a Kicker with the #120 Overeall Selection…
I get the the feeling that the Eagles FO & Coach AR think the last 2 Years’ Poor Defensive Perfomance was a result of poor Coaching by DC McDermott with too complicated schemes.. I don’t believe just because they have new Coaching in DL Washburn, CAstillo,LYnn that certain players are going to be marginally betters perfomers.. You still have to have talent botton line and rifght now pre-Free Agnecy, the Eagles Defense on Paper is probably about the 8th-10th Ranked in the NFC behind

Packers, Bears, Lions,Giants,TB Bucs, Saints, and even the Redskins,Cardinals made some nice improvements in the Draft

If they don’t obtain 2 Proven Starters types at CB/DE via Free-agency,
This team will be simply above average and be a 9-7/10-6 Type of team but get bounced right out of the playoffs for not being able to stop the good offenses
I Like OL WAtkins and Valderverde and though we all complain about the Eagles OL the last couple os seasons, the Eagles havwe set Team/Franchise records for points Scored so they must be doing someithing right, but it’s this Eagles Defense trhat has needed an infusion of talent and a couple of playmakers added to it and get the Eagles to the next level and simply drafting “solid” players is not going to cut it, you Need Playmakers on Defense and all levels.. On the DL, at the LB Level and od Course in the Secondary.. The Eagles have Samuel, but that’s it.. who are the big playmakers along the Front 7 and please don’t tell me DE Trent Cole who is a good player, but not an elite player and not even the player he was 2 years ago..

May 1, 2011 10:05 am

Drafting Jimy Smith would be like adding PACMAN JONES to your locker room. Adding an injured Bowers and a rookie like Wilkerson doesn’t make your defense better than adding BABIN and a vet CB in free agency – except you still have a hugh hole at RG. I sure am glad Paulman isn’t our GM.

May 1, 2011 10:21 am

o k …let me get this straight

We will have no pass rush by the end of the season while our right corner will be getting torched all season……

But we have nothing to worry about…..with a better offensive line our red zone defense improves.

and for you guys who are claiming these areas will be addressed in Free agency…..Stop it already!!!!!!!

How long have we been trying to improve that side opposite Trent Cole?

Babin was a bright spot when he received reps but instead of giving him the job, we let him sign to Tennesee and gave away picks to trade down in the 1st round to pick Graham.

This front office gets in it’s own way.

They sold you guys Hobbs and Patterson ignoring the last line of defense for our team…and what is the result?

The worse red zone defense in Eagles history…yet you bums will tow the company line degrading Sheldon Brown.

Did we have the worse red zone defense in Eagles history the season before last?

I said it once and I’ll say it again.

The Eagles have a 2 year span per blindspot and we’re entering the 2nd year of the “right corner blindspot”…This will cost us another chance to go all the way….and then they’ll overspend next year for a corner and dump the bums they are selling us now.

You guys need to stop looking at the Eagles and examine the teams in the NFC that will be in our way.

You think this defense can stop Aaron Rogers with the Corners we have on the team?

Is Greenbay’s defense good enough to hold our offense under 20 points?

You think teams will not continue to send their best recievers to the other side to avoid the better competition in Asante Samuel?

Another thing

What good is paying Asante all that money when teams can just avoid him all together and score against below average competition on the right side?

You think we’ll be able to pull comebacks continually against the Giants when it was the Giants who gave the league a recipe that slows our offense?

Don’t forget folks the Giants were 10-6 last year and their first 2 picks makes them that much more threatening.

If we go through free agency and ignore what everyone knows we need…don’t expect a different outcome.

There’s an old saying….

You can identify a fool by when he repeatss the same things and expects a different outcome.

May 1, 2011 10:26 am

If you went CB/DL with Selections in the first 2 Rounds,
There were still quality OL players like C Boling, M Cannon, J Moffitt, J Pinkston, D Kilgore were all on the Board in the 3rd/4th Rounds afte that could have been selected to fill the RG position..
I like D Watkins a lot and think he will be a solid player for the EAgles for the next 5-7 Years, I was hoping for more impact players on the Defensive SIde selected in the first couple of rounds… S Jarrett a nice player but not at #54
C Marsh at #85, again a nice player but there plenty of CB’s selected in the 4th/5th Rounds that are all developmental players like he is

To Dixie,
What happens if the Eagles get outbid for Asmo,Babin or R Edwards and don’t get these players..They are going to either have to over-pay which will piss off some the Vetrans allready on the team,,, Does anyone think Samuel won’t have a problem if the Eagles pay Asmo $15 Million per year to play CB . Or how a T Cole,J Parker would feel if they bring in a DE R Edwards and pay him th ebig $$$ that he will command… It’s easy to say lets go get the best players in Free-agency, but sometimes adding over-paid veterans to a club doesn’t solve all the problems and many times, doesn’t sit very well with the established veterans on the team as far as locker room comraderie,etc,etc.. Asmo is a high quality guy from all reports so this may not pertain to him.. But you get the point, I would think a CB like Carlos Rogers would fit in perfectly in PHilly, knos the players,schemes and opponents preyy well and could hit the ground running and help be an excellent mentor for LIndly & Marsh and other young DB’s (and you could sign him for 1/5th of the cost that it would take to sign Asmogoah..)

May 1, 2011 10:30 am

Re Bowers..

If I traded to lets say Seattle at #25 , a 3rd & 4th Round pick in 2011 and a 1st in 2012 for Bowers would be a high-risk, high reward type of move..
Let’s say I have Bowers have surgery this year and have him come back 100% next season, WHo in the 2012 Draft is going to have the upside that Bowers already has and if you end up trading Kolb at sopme point for another teams 2012 #1 Pick, then you have your 1st Round Selection right back…
This is why Paulman should be GM over Roseman

May 1, 2011 10:44 am

To Songs
1 important thing to keep in mind about Eagles Defense in 2009 vs 2010.
The Eagles Secondary gave up a ton of TD Pass too and was was just a bad in pass Defense with CB S Brown, & Company
The big reason why the Red-Zone #’s in 2009 weren’t as bad for the opposing teams threw more TD’s from outside the 20 yard line/Red-Zone on big plays..Teams were scoring on 30-40-50 yard TD’s on Sheldon that season
The 2010 Red-Zone #’s were so poor based on poor schemes and poor coverages and execution by the CB’s and poor Safety/LB play recognition.. (you don’t play 5-7 Yards off a WR when you only have 15-20 yards of field to cover like Samuel does) You also can’t allow a QB 4-5 seconds to sit back there survey the field ala Vikings Joe Webb.. Are you kidding me.. Where was the DL in th at game… Every Season as the season come to crunch time and playoff time, this Eagles DL and specifically T Cole nd J parker disappear.. I havve said this a 100 times and still stand by it.. T Cole is a good player, the best DE on the Eagles Roster and has been for the last 4-5 Years, but he is not anywhere close to an Elite/Pro-Bowler type of player that he was 2 years ago.. It’s a fact but he’s peaked and now on the downside of his career and f1 last thinkg about T Cole, We all know he is an avid outdoorsman and hunter.. If you check his stats over his Career from when Deer Hunting Season Starts (late Nov) to the End of the Season (December), it’s amazing how his Sack #’s and overall production just drop off…

May 1, 2011 11:00 am

You guys are the most whinnest fellas I have ever listened to, any of you pregnant by chance? Paul are you going with the 9-7 mediocore team horse crap again? Really?

I can concede to you guys question marks, and player desires no problem there thats all fair game, but some of you are down right bitching like old women with a pooty itch. For the record thats your right not complaining, just saying is all.

The hell with it i am just going to wait and see, then pull for my team, cause no way this team is not better than than last year even before FA’s.

I don’t give a rats Arse about the Giants or the Cowboys, they both had great drafts last year and we survived them, and no I don’t care how we survived them, just that we have. And other than that collaspe two seasons ago against the Cowboys in three straight games, we have owned them to.

This division builds their teams to beat the Eagles, not the other way around, do you understand me fellas, GCobb. You think the giants draft to stop the cowboys, hell no don’t even lie to yourself, no they draft to be us Eagles because we on a repetitive bases find a way to kick their arse and will continue to whether it is by sheer skill and execution of play, or down right pure luck.

I firmly believe that if we had drafted Prince, or Smith within a weeks time you guys would be bitching about those picks. Or if they played like crap this year you would be calling Reid over weight insults by season end.

Half of the guys on this damn site could not even enjoy last season, my 401k is not tied to or invested in the Eagles, so I am going to just try to have fun every year, and pray for the best. I am not going to get bent over and twisted over the Eagles anymore. I am going to have fun, and wait and see.

Paul brother love ya but everything you say is spoken into a vacumm. Is the giants going hand us our arse this season, I can’t guarantee that statement, but my personal guess would be HELL FREAKING NO!!!! Same for the damn blasted FREAKING COWBOYS.

The only teams from the NFC playoffs that have shown the consitancy to be consecutive players two years in a row is the Packers, Eagles, and Giants. I see new comers bouncing the bears, falcons, and saints out of the way.

So what I am saying in short is MAN THE HELL UP boys, be fair in your judgement, and get ready.

Oh and GCobb whatever dude.

May 1, 2011 11:03 am

PS not saying a lot of if not most of you guys are not right, I am just saying that I am just too tired to listen to you this damn early in the season before the team is even put together.

May 1, 2011 11:06 am

Paulman..I agree..Sheldon Brown is not the player he use to be..but he’s still better than every player we replaced him with.

Britt would not have looked like the best receiver to have ever strapped up if Brown was in the position. Yes he would lose some battles but I’ve never seen an secondary more inept in my years of following the Eagles.

I don’t have a problem when the Eagles let a player go who is declining….my problem is that the Eagles don’t replace them with comparable to better talent and we the fans……buy the sh@t they sell us and we ignore the garbage they plug in for less money.

And they’re doing it again.

They’re now subtly talking up Lindley when he’s not better than Patterson….

I don’t care what they’re claiming…..I don’t want to hear about an upside….he can very well have a downside. There’s nothing Lindley have shown that proves he’s better than Patterson….They tried to replace Patterson last year with Lindley and had to go back to Patterson..Remember?

And I’m only ranting early because we’ve seen this over and over again and none of us would be surprised if we end up starting the season with the same ol garbage.

we’ll have an exciting season with an early exit.

“Ground Hog Day”

May 1, 2011 11:12 am

Also Paulman…we don’t need a player that would cost one fifth of what it would take to get Asomugha..if that was the case we could have just jumped ahead of the Giants and picked Amukamara who could start day one for less money.

If we get Asomugha …that alone would make us a favorite to appear in the NFC championship with an opportunity to go all the way.

Is that worth overpaying for one of the best corners in the game?

May 1, 2011 11:13 am

i hear ya monolith, there is a reason we are fans and not the gm. lets wait to see how fa pans out and how they perform before we judge

May 1, 2011 11:19 am

Monolith …be like the Eagles brass and pray for the best….while teams actually put better talent on the field to assure their prayer will be answered.

We’re not fans who are just happy to have a football team or relish in just winning the NFC east.

Been there

Done that

We can’t get out of the wildcard round…Remember?

That’s reality

May 1, 2011 11:27 am


To Paulman,

I read gcobb.com every day. You’re clearly a staple contributor and I enjoy your take. That said… in your monolithic postings, it’d be nice if you broke things up a bit more. See my post above, where I allow the reader some breathing room. Take note.

May 1, 2011 11:57 am

this was the perfecr draft to package picks and move up for defensive playmakers…..it seemed everyone from Washington at #10 to New England at #17 wanted to trade out and acquire more picks…..the Eagles could have landed some top defensive players, but did nothing…they failed.

for a team so close to the super bowl, they took another step backwards..

May 1, 2011 11:59 am

Give this draft a B. I dont really love it but yet I dont hate it either. A lot of you are freaking out because they didn’t draft any D-Lineman. I thought most of the Defensive Ends that were there for the Eagles to take were more of tweener guys or 3-4 system players..do we really need another DE like that. Im dissapointed that they didn’t draft DT. I really liked this class and was hoping they would get Corey Liuget but he was taken right before them. The fact is they solved the O-Line in my eyes. Watkins will be a major upgrade in protected Vick blind side and will help stop penetration up the middle of the line which has been a living hell since Andrews decided to go crazy on us.

Getting Nnamdi will improve this Defense drastically. It will esp help the average players on the Dline while Qbs will have nowhere to go with the ball which will give them more time to get there. The defense wasn’t the reason we got beat in the wildcard game but getting Nnamdi is the essential key for whether or not this teame will be a superbowl contender.

I still see Kolb going somewhere. There is no way in hell the Eagles will just let him walk and not get anything in return for him. That logic is just stupid. Yea some teams drafted QBs but so what..this class was so weak and who they hell knows how they will play.

SF-Alex Smith had a legit chance to show what he is enough said. This team has real young talent and a QB is the only thing holding them back.
SEA-situation is a mess
Ari-situation is a mess and are desperate to keep Fitz there. Marc Bulger wont do that.
Wash-how funny would it be..but u never know
Minn-this is where i see a veteran with only about 2 years left going to(McNaBB Hasselback)

Btw, a declining McNabb got us Nate Allen, Casey Mathews, and a quality pick for next year. It also set one of our Div rivals back years..not bad at all

May 1, 2011 12:04 pm

I would love the Eagles to Sign CB Asmogaoh but I try to look at Rosters Improvement/Upgrades versus the $$$ it will cost and how that impacts the rest of the Team.. .. If the Eagles go out and spend $60-$70 Milion on CB Asmogoah, then another $30-$40 on DE R Edwards, then how are they going to give long-term big $$$ Contracts to Vick and D-Jax..
The Eagles are just not going to they that much $$$ around…

May 1, 2011 12:05 pm

One last thing about your love for CB S Brown, He will not even be a Starter this Season for the Cleveland Browns, enough said..

May 1, 2011 12:08 pm

Janoris Jenkins anyone? There is no way that kid stays at school. I wonder if the Eagles will go after him in the supplemental draft. He would of easily been a 1st rounder this year if he came out

May 1, 2011 12:29 pm

Songs your right. I am not talking against you, what you say is totally true. We have been there and have done that, still let me know when you are tired of being there and doing that. When we really do become real losers and we lose to the bottum swimmers then i will start bitching up a storm, until then I am having fun hoping and enjoying the ride.

I refuse to be the pissed off, angry negative, no hope, hating Eagle fan while my damn team is posting winning records, and beating good teams. The championship is a hellava thing and I damn sure one a couple of them, until then I am going to have fun, so SUE me if I hang out in the air condition comfort of a decent team that is trying to win, instead of fan purgatory tormented by the past.

If any person on this site belives that they want a championship more than the players or coahes on this team, well then there you go you are more insane that Banner, and you the gold standard fan.

I firmly believe that the only team that could have beat us in the NFC playoff rounds would have and was the Packers. The Giants more talent, kicked their arses, and yeah we came on in the end of those games but it is what it is. If the giants had done that to us you guys would be prasing them for having such fortitude and bashing us for being imposters.

Our second team nearly beat Garetts revised cowboys. If that was our starters being beat by the cowboys second team we would have rioted the Linc. Oh wait we were pissed of during the Viks game oh yeah thats right, so was I.

So here is to a team that draft fairly well considering they have had picks on the high end of the first round 9 out of the last 12 years.

Finally if some diety, angel or earth god somewhere came and promised you a bonafied Superbowl you need to call him up right now and demand to be paid your championship in full. Otherwise you grind it out and do your best like we are now.

And this going into the season with a weakness is not and exclusive Eagle issue, 90% of the teams in the league do so. Colts fans were bitching, Pat fans were bitching, Giants fans were bitching cause i heard them, cowboys , falcons, etc., etc, every fan base is bitching.

May 1, 2011 12:37 pm

CB Janoris Jenkins has drug charges pending and a upcoming Court Date which is his 2nd/3rd Offense I believe.. He may get some Jail Time and was booted off the Florida Team..
Most NFL Scouts had projected CB Jenkins a top #15 Pick if he came out this year and went into the Draft (Which most were surprised that he decided to go back for his Senior year to begin with) Many had him rated as the 3rd/4th CB behind Petersen/Amukarama and a little ahead of J Smith
The Eagles will saty far away from him…
Look for the TB Bucs who may lose all-pro A Talib to Jail on serious weapons charges to possibly be interested in Jenkins who is a Florida kid

Here is a quick list of players who fell in this Draft over the Weekend due to off the field issues whether legal,character or health issues

DE – D Bowers – Clemson , Fell from a Top #5 Picks to the 2nd Round due to knee problems and issues, HE apparently will need Surgery and about a 8 month Rehab at some point in the nest 2-3 years per most Medical people
The TB Bucs took a risk and selected him #51 Overall in the middle of the 2nd Round.. Now the Question becomes do you play him now and hope he can give you 2-3-4 years before his knee gives out or do you go ahead and have him get full blown micro-fracture surgey and hope to have him ready to play in 2012

DL – C Ballard – Iowa, Projected 2nd Rounder fell to the 4th Round and was selected by the Vikings .. He failed a Drug Test at the Indy Combine if you can believe that..
OLB – J Houston – Georgia Projected late 1st/early 2nd Rd pick fell
to the Chiefs in 3rd Round Due to some off the field, marijuana issues..

OL – Marcus Cannon – TCU- Projected to be a 2nd Round Pick fell t othe 5th Round to the PAtriots after he was recently diagnosed with a Lymphoma type of Cancer which is treatable and has over a 90% Success rate for people in their 20’s.. He is going through Chemo Treatments now and hopefully will rebound and be able to resume playing football

May 1, 2011 12:46 pm

I think we are going to be fine after the draft. the main thing is our coaching staff, we had a huge upgrade on deff. of line coach, and added not if the best in the game off. of line coach, and I think a lot of people are putting our new deff. of coach under the bus. I was reading an article about him and the reason he was so good at making calls on the off. of line is because of JJ! They spent three times a week going over film on deff. and off. of line to make sure they get the best out of both schemes. Everyone says mcdermitt was the last missing link to JJ I think juan is! He was some of the reason JJ blitz packages worked, so I think we are going to be fine. We need some more play makers on deff. yes but it will come. Also everyone is on use about our picks what about other teams picks, why did the cardinals take a CB patrick peterson (when they don’t need him) and not even draft a QB? Wait if they traded us that pick for Kolb we would of took peterson right? They took peterson as trade bait for Kolb when the CBA comes around and stops being retards! So I think we will make moves in free agents and make that move for Kolb. in the end it will work out!

May 1, 2011 12:46 pm

Everyone needs to relax. The defense isn’t going to be championship caliber by drafting rookies. They Need veterans on Defense to come in and help them. If they can land Asomough and Haynesworth no one will be talking about what they didn’t get in the draft. Those two players instantly upgrade the defense into a contender. Bring back Babin or maybe splurge and grab Ray Edwards and now you really have to pay attention to this defense.

It’s premature to bash them for not taking DL when there is significant evidence to suggest their scouting of players was not the issue but rather coaching. (Babin, Clemmons) Also, Washburn loves Brandon Graham and Loves Bunkley. So let’s see if his new system can maximize these guys potential.

We had to address the O line and we had to go after a completely different type of players because of Mudd. Had we wasted picks on DL or CB we would have taken ourselves out of FA and once again neglected the Offensive line which is the reason why our offense can be explosive.

May 1, 2011 12:48 pm

Hey Paul, we only need to spend $$$$ on Asmogaoh, Vick, and DJ. Don’t get dellusional. Two shut down corners will stall 98% of the active QB’s enough to allow us that split second that we were missing qb’s last season becasue they were torching us in the air.

You over estimate you views. I aslo think that Babin will be coming back and that Washburn is going to play him consistantly and create a powerful rotation that is going to collaspe the edges of almost every team we play through attrition becasue few teams are going to run well on us, and few will be able to out score us.

Steelers and Raven could overpower us, Packers might out depth us in stamina, Pats might all around out good us, but we will serve noticed to every other team in our path. The good thing is Steelers,and pack are not on our table this season until the playoffs at the most.


May 1, 2011 12:57 pm

1st round picks should start . unless your are grooming them such as QB . we drafted a starter . i am ok with the pick , this guy will be on the field game 1. last year reid said grahm will slide right in our rotation , we paid premium picks for a guy who wasnt going to start . the rest of the draft you can nitpick abut where they were drafted . i like the safety and the kicker and can live with the rest!

May 1, 2011 1:04 pm


You are telling me that the coach who has the highest Pass/run ratio in the history of the NFL should draft 2 RBs when he has no talent on the defensive line? You are saying that you have confidence that washburn would have had him draft a defensive player if one was available?

Were you thinking that last year when we went into the season needing a center and never drafted one?

Were you thinking that a few years ago when we went into the season needing a kick returner and lost the opener because we did not have one?

Were you thinking that a few years ago when CRYSTAL BALL said he was happy with the WRs we had?

Your argument of depth at RB would make more sense if we actually used the RB. Please, Weaver was blip on the radar. CRYSTAL BALL could not Identify a RUN if it committed a murder and was standing in a lineup right in from of his face. (Of course I am joking there, because the Eagles actually fall right at #16 in the league in rushing attempts last year.)

My point is, that we have a PRO BOWL caliber RB and a good back up on the roster, whether he is signed or not. WE have much less talent at Defensive End. Competition got J. Parker fighting to get his job back, and “no push patterson” and “all bunk bunkley” need the same. They are pathetic for 1st round draft picks.

It’s your kind of blind devotion that keeps them comfortable feeding us a steady diet of “5 NFC championship games”, like we actually won something.

May 1, 2011 1:12 pm

Disagree, why would the Bucs be interested in a corner who has off the field trouble to replace a corner who has off the field trouble. That logic makes no sense and I think they would be fed up by nowby getting screwed like that…The Eagles have a QB who is on federal probation so I don’t think the baggage would bother them. Its what they would have to give up for him. We know they don’t like to give up draft picks. And it would also save the Eagles millions by getting him and passing on Nnamdi.

May 1, 2011 1:27 pm

To Mono,
So the Eagles are going to Spend $100 Per year on 4 players (Asmo,Samuel,VIck & D-JAx) .. I don’t think so my friend..
I also think the TB Bucs,Saints,Giants and even the Packers have improved their rosters and addressed some needs more so with impact players than the EAgles did . I think teams like the Lions,Caridnals and Vikings are all improved and can make playoff runs if they stablize their QB situations..
A big thing to take in mind is that next Season, all opponenets are going to be game planning for VIck.. He and how he played are not going to sneak up on anyone like he did the first 4-5 games he played, but when you wath tape of the Games from Chicago on, He didn’t really play at that same high level as the better teams were better prepared for his game as the Season went along.. . I thought VIcks plays actually cost them the games versus the Bears and Vikings, but he did win some games on his own also (the Giants game)
The Worse think about no CBA/Lockout to me is not being able to able to trade Kolb for some Draft Picks this Draft (which would have been great) but the fact that Eagles young players and QB Vick will miss all this time in OTA’s, Scheme changes and having VIck spend an entire off-season as the #1 Guy.. then when you add so many players going into their Second season where many people say that players really take a jump in development is all lost… Can M Vick,R Cooper,C Harbor,O Schmitt,McGlynn all improve in their 2nd Season with the Eagles like J Maclin and L McCoy did..
On Defense, lots of players returning from Injuries, like B Graham,N Allen,S Bradley and then other 2nd Year Players like Coleman, Anderson,J Cheney, Clayton, Teo and Ricky Sapp, D Tapp, T Lindley and even D Patterson .. if these players all make it back and step it up in Year 2, then the Eagles have a good thing going, but is that too much to expect from so many young players without any Team Supervised Practices and Learning sessions with the Coaches and Video/Class Room work..
All teams are in the same boat, but when you look at Eagles Roster and the fact that they have so many Players that played last year, were in their 1st seasons playing for the Eagles and are now missing that Team Run/Supervised and structured Off-Season Programs to Improve..
I count about 20 players which is about 40% of the Roster..

List of 1st Time players for the Eagles last season
Offense M Vick, O Schmitt, J Harrison, M McGlynn, C Harbor, R Cooper
Defense B Graham,N Allen,Coleman, LIndley,Cheney,Clayton,Tapp,Teo,
C Anderson, D Patterson and players like Abiamri, R Sapp, A Howard
And I am sure i missed a few more, but you get the point..

May 1, 2011 1:31 pm

Eagles #16 Rushing Statistic is bit skewed,
Take out the Vicks Scrambles from the pocket on passing plays to avoid a sack
and pass rush and that play get’s catergorized as a “Rushing Attempt” even though it was orgianlly a “Pass Play”.. How many times a game and over a course of the season does this occur with Vick at QB… That #16 is probably more like in the low 20’s ..

May 1, 2011 1:52 pm

Paulman you are correct..but that leaves us with an early playoff exit.

No Aso…no Superbowl

May 1, 2011 2:01 pm

I guess we are all better talent evaluators than the Eagles.

We watch 5 min video highlights on youtube, that isolate that player’s best plays over the last 2 or 3 years, and make our decisions based on that. The Eagles watch loads of film. They’ll take that same player, and watch each game that he plays, and watch each and every play multiple times, noticing every little nuance. Believe me, the Eagles are a legit organization compared to most in the NFL.

You can’t judge this draft because there has been no free agency. But I trust that these players are talented and will fit the system. Some will bust, but some will be very good to great. We all know the need a CB and DE via free agency, so if they don’t do that, they are delusional. But wait until FA is over until we grade this team.

May 1, 2011 2:14 pm

Paul man, I think they will for the time being. I think in 2 years, they’ll get rid of Samuel and put in Marsh or Lindley, or draft some guy if they don’t pan out. I think theres a good shot we sign a really good CB.

Here are the top CB’s and DE’s available.


1. Nnamdi Asomough
2. Jonathan Joseph ( may be franchised?)
3. Antonio Cromartie
4. Ike Taylor
5.Chris Carr


1.Ray Edwards
2.Jason Babin
3. Matthias Kiwanuka

As you can see, there’s not a lot of DE help. At corner, I want the big guy, Nnamdi. I think Jonathan Joseph would certainly help us, but he is shorter and would have a tough time with the big Wr’s. Cromartie is often a hit or miss guy and, I reallly don’t like him personally. Joseph would def improve our D, but a guy like Nnamdi would be the kind of stud that transforms our defense. Signing him would make all those players we drafted this, and last year, so much better. Our D would have a shot to be elite.

On the DE side, I’m not as down on our DE’s as some of us are. I think Bowers would have been great value, and I personally would have gone DE later in the draft, but we arent as bad as most think. Cole is a perrenial probowler for the next 3 years I think. Graham did show a lot of talent, just needs to be coached better. He’ll come back halfway during the season. Juqua always starts the season off really hot, and we can’t argue that. Tapp, is talented as a situational guy, and we’ll see about the CFL guy. Teo is probably a joke so I’m not big on him. DTs are pretty solid, and with Washburn, I think a guy like Laws steps up his game. Don’t get me wrong, I think we could use another guy. It may be too much to get a guy like Babin, who is going to want a lot of money and is older. I think Edwards would be a good addition, and even Kiwanuka. I think the offseason revolves around nnamdi. Sign nnamdi, and pass rush becomes less relevant.

May 1, 2011 2:15 pm

OT is another position we may add at. Any ideas what you think we’ll do at that position? Justice Dunlap Howard?

May 1, 2011 2:25 pm


We may see by 2012 , An Eagle O/Line something like this

LT Peters, LG Herremans, C McGlynn, RG Vandervelde RT Watkins

remember Coach Ar did not discount that Watkins could be a OT in the future

May 1, 2011 3:04 pm

G- “They can’t depend on any of the rookies they drafted last year to give them anything”.

So they should have drafted a DE this year and expect him to be a star? If you drafted one now how could you try and trade or sign a FA as well? That would be 4 guys that expect to start at DE. I would much rather they get somone proven at that spot.

As far as the overall point about this D- I AGREE!!!!! they suck and have sucked for YEARS. I dont want to hear anyone say anything about how great our D used to be cause it has ALWAYS not shown up in the playoffs. And frankly, i dont trust their drafting ability in regards to Dlineman. Grab Edwards from the Vikes and now we have that spot locked for years. Grab Aso from Oakland and use Kolb to land a LB.

If you think that and is content with what he has right now on D then your not paying attention…. look at what he has done. 1. Fired a guy who was a team player and was loyal. Andy does not dpo that. 2. Brought in a coach to take over the D line that was OUTSIDE of the andy reid coaching tree. Andy does not do that. Im telling you people…. relax… the birds will get us AT LEAST a new starting CB.

May 1, 2011 3:07 pm

yes Muim- the #2 priority under AR is the Corner position, I dont think he lets it go again this year.

May 1, 2011 3:08 pm

Starting to become very Negadelphia with the articles here lately G. And most of the time its wrong and unwarranted. Quote:

“The Eagles aren’t going to take an offensive lineman in the first round of this year’s draft.”

All in all the draft came before FA this year. Any other year after FA has settled we wouldnt be scolding the Eagles for not filling holes because we know they will do so in the draft. So when this all plays out in reverse we shouldnt scold them until after FA begins and we see who they sign..

May 1, 2011 3:09 pm


I am a little confused, you call Andy Reid CRYSTAL BALL yet you say that changes in the coaching staff won’t make any difference with the performance of the existing talent on the defensive line? Perhaps you should share your CRYSTAL BALL with AR since you seem to know something that no one else could possibly know at this point.

I am not saying with certainty that the DL will be better than in previous years just b/c of Jim Washburn coaching them. But my experience of playing and coaching football tells me that coaching absolutely can make a difference and have players who were not big performers something different just by using them differently and asking them to do different things.

The Eagles under the late Jim Johnson and later Sean McDermott employed a two gap system with their DL. This allowed for them to have more flexibility to create more complex and exotic blitz schemes behind it. With Washburn it will be an attacking style one gap penetration scheme with the DTs and wide 9 techniques for the DEs to keep contain on running plays and put greater pressure on an offense’s edge protection. Time will tell if this change will affect the Eagles DLs overall production. But my point is that no one knows until we see it whether or not it will work.

May 1, 2011 3:39 pm

SONGS- “buy the sh@t they sell us and we ignore the garbage they plug in for less money”.


Asam cost more than lito.
Vick WILL cost more than Mcnabb or Kolb
Peters cost more than Tra

I agree that sometimes they let talent walk away, but MOST of the time…. that talent is slipping and overpriced-see Dawk.

Songs, it was time. I loved Dawk too but the kind of D they wanted to play needed more than a glorified LB. He was hardly on the field the last chunk of time he was here. The birds screwed up…. but lets not pretend that dawk was in his prime.

May 1, 2011 3:41 pm

yes mim- we were told over and over again on this site that Andy was losing all his power… and that McD was fired without andy backing it and that the new d cord would come from outside Andys control. So what happens?? Andy makes his Oline coach the D cord. That was ALLLLLLLL ANNNNDDDDDDYYYYY!! im looking at you G a and paul.

May 1, 2011 3:42 pm

btw- im not a FO or Andy guy…. but they were wrong about that.

May 1, 2011 4:39 pm

You’re right that Washburn doesn’t line up against the Giants’ OL. But he HAS to improve these guys. That tall bald headed failure is gone and he was exactly that – a FAILURE. I’m especially interested to see how Bunkley does this year. I still think he can be a good player. But he obviously wasn’t coached well at all. And he’s exactly the type of player that needs coaching. Some one to tell where to be, and how to get there. I know it’s instinct in the interior line, but hand and feet movement, placement and jacking up your man needs to be honed. I do think that is underestimated in the game.
Despite all of the rumors, if the Birds cannot land marquee free agents, here’s hoping last year’s defensive draft choices improve greatly. Hope springs eternal, I guess.

May 1, 2011 4:48 pm

Stevo – way to call them out on that.

G – you are making gigantic assumptions – do you realize that? You are sure of your own assumption of what these draft picks will do this year. I say that’s f-in ridiculous. We’ve been surprised by the play of SEVERAL eagles draft picks and acquisitions in the recent past, but you sit here confident that you KNOW what’s going to happen this season. That’s irresponsible as a media guy.

And BSM “and a good back up on the roster, whether he is signed or not” – uh, do you realize how ridiculous that is? Read it aloud to yourself. If he’s not signed, he isn’t on the roster. That’s the whole point of being singed. And to say we don’t need running backs because we don’t run that much, um….how bout receptions by RBs? We do it at TON. Are you BLIND? And if McCoy goes down, our options, according to you are Buckley, or somehow magically play Harrison even though he’s not on the team…

And you really think there was that great talent at DE in the mid to late rounds? How da ‘f’ do you know? You’re just saying get a guy at that position because you need ones. Drafting a DE in the mid-to-late rounds because you need one is pointless if your scouting tells you he won’t play well at DE for you. If they get Babin (and he plays anything like he did last year under Washburn), and Washburn uses Cole, Graham when he comes back, Tapp, Parker, and whoever else makes the team effectively, I think the D can be a lot better.

But you don’t just pick de’s because you need one, if you pick a DE, you do it because you think, the guy has a chance to help your team.

May 1, 2011 4:48 pm

nsid- im with you. Im not sure these DT’s are no good. We really dont know, theyve never had a coach here. If they didnt grab a DT early, i think washburn thinks he has something. I mean- he took our cast away DE last year and made him a pro bowl guy. Thats kinda a big deal. Also- the way to get to the QB is to take away the recivers. We have not had a strong RCB- lock it down and we should be better.,