• January 20, 2022

Haynesworth Could Be Trouble, But He Could Also Make The Eagles “D” Dominant

I hear people criticizing the possibility of the Eagles going after Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. They talk about him being a bad guy, along with his unwillingness to play hard in Washington and the numerous times he’s been in trouble with the law off the field.

They say he’s not worth taking the risk of bringing in here. I think the Birds should be taking educated risks when appropriate, in order to enhance their chances of winning a Super Bowl. A championship is all Andy Reid, Joe Banner and the Eagles need to complete their resume. They’ve done everything else.

I think Haynesworth can be a difference-maker and you can’t say that about very many players in the league. The difference-makers are the players who are the focus of their opponents game plans, but they can’t be stopped from dominating. They’re accounted for on each play and usually double-teamed, but to no avail.

Despite all the attention, they still produce All-Star numbers which allows their teammates perform better.

I understand the reluctance about pursuing “Fat Albert” but bringing in Haynesworth is exactly what the Eagles need to do. More than any other available player he will immediately make the Birds a better defense when he lines up at defensive tackle.

I can’t help but compare this to the Birds decision to trade for Terrell Owens.

Owens in 2004 and Haynesworth in 20011 have the same potential for dominance and as I said their mere presence in the lineup makes the rest of their teammates better. They’re both like having Michael Jordan on your NBA team. Defenses will try to double team him, but he’s still going to score 30 points and the double-teaming of him will leave his teammates open for easy shots.

With Owens in 2004, defenses would game plan to stop him, but he would catch four or five passes and one or two touchdowns, which would leave everybody else one-on-one and make the Eagles offense impossible to stop.

In Haynesworth’s time in Tennessee, offenses would double-team, but he would still beat the double-team. get into the backfield, create havoc and make everybody on their defense better. You can’t single block this guy.

He would immediately make Trent Cole better. How many times are they going to double-team Cole with Haynesworth lined up inside? I like the idea of putting Haynesworth in there with big Antonio Dixon. Let’s see if a quarterback can step up into the pocket with those two pushing back the line.

Even during the awful year he had last year in Washington, there were times when he just man-handled 320-pound offensive linemen. With Haynesworth in the lineup, quarterbacks won’t be able to step up. It’s also very difficult to run the ball with him on the field.

The linebackers will be running free and the defensive backs won’t have to cover as long. I like the fact that he’s got something prove after the Washington disaster.

Don’t get me wrong, I know Haynesworth can be a major pain in the butt, but so was Owens. It wasn’t a coincidence that the Eagles went to the Super Bowl in 2004.

The only thing the Birds are playing for is a trip to the Super Bowl. Everything else is a waste of time. Haynesworth is a risk, but if new defensive line coach Jim Washburn can get him to play like he’s capable, it will immediately make the Birds a serious Super Bowl contender.

The Haynesworth experiment will only last two or three years at the most, but they’ll have a legitimate chance to have a very good defense with him in the lineup.

The Birds need to go after a Super Bowl Title. Winning another division title won’t matter. It’s Super Bowl or bust.

If he gets out of control and won’t play hard, then they’ll be able to cut him and move on. It’s worth the risk.


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  • im not inviting this guy to supper but he’s mean and we need mean on this D.

  • I do agree with this article. Imagine hanyesworth, dixon, and cole! Dosent even matter whos on the other side. My god i have a boner right now. He would immediatley make our defensive front better. Now do i think they will take the chance after he swiped his credit card between some chics boobs. NO lol. If there putting all there chips on the table and ive been saying it for years. We need a dominate DT. I dont care what the assignments are. We need a guy to draw a double, other then cole. Haynesworth would free up so much room and help the other guys. I would love the move but i can tell you there not gonna trade for him, and i dont know if what washington is gonna due. Cause you can be damn right they are worried about playing that guy twice a year if he comes here. Because he would destroy there putrid offensive line (poor mcnabb).

  • The guy only played 25 percent of the snaps last year he has to be somewhat fresh also.

  • Haynesworth playing at a high level for 2-3 more years.. What are you guys smoking up there in Philly.. The man hasn’t played hard or wekk for a complete season for the last 2-3 years..
    Give me DT’s Barry Coefield and or Brandon Mebane who are 3-4 years younger and hungrier,healthier and more motivatd than Haynesworth is.. Too many of you are living in the past.. Next article will be on how the Eagles can use RB Tiki Barber in certain situations.. or QB Mark Brunnel as a back-up QB or WR Burress or Moss … Time to move on and not backwards…

  • We’ve lost tradition on this defense……. Am I right…… Because I can argue with anyone with this situation…….. WE’VE LOST TRADITION DEFENSIVELY!!!!!…….. We are not the fearsome defense we once had in the 90’s……. Ravens kept tradition since they were a new franchise in Baltimore……. The Steelers kept the same Steel Curtain tradition for many years and still till this day have the same attitude…….. KNOCK YOUR BLOCK OFF MENTALITY…….. Haynesworth will bring attitude to this Eagles Defense am I right……. Bunkley and Patterson aka BP gas brothers aren’t going to cut it…… I say Dixon and Haynesworth…….. Trade Patterson and keep Bunkley Laws Dixon and Haynesworth……. Pick up another DT in free agency and lets get it crackin……. We lack attitude on this defense……..

    Runyan kept our offense with a nasty attitude on the O-Line…… Dawkins and Hugh Douglas kept the Defense with a killer instinct as well as Trotter……. Other than that Sims was hitting his own teammates for what reason I dont know…… He was suppose to bring attitude but we were proven wrong…… We know what Haynesworth can bring to the table so why not take a shot if he’s released by WSH…….

  • Its is time- it is CLEAR what needs to be done. They need 3 good FA’s to add to this team (or 2 and Kolb trade brings us one).

    they have the $, they have the need, they will upgrade. Bring on the big boy.

  • So the skins are just going to release him?They’re not gonna look to get anything in return?

    If and when they do its a no brainer….i dont care if he shuts down the Tastycake factory from Sep-Dec….get him on our d-line and we’re top 5 d in the league easy.

  • Pman- i near you BUT- our new Dline coach wants him “BAD”!!! thats all i needed to hear.

  • Erok- its cause he is still due lots of $$ there in washington. its possible someone will grab him BUT- thats alot of money to give to a guy who may kill your team if he’s not happy.

  • Haynesworth actually pushed an offensive linemen in to a QB and got the sack by WRECKING BALLING an O-Linemen……. Has anyone on this Eagles DT roster has ever done such??????????????? Hmmmmmmm??????? NO!!!!!!! It’s funny how Bunkley said that Dixon is going to be a problem on this defense…… Yes he is going to be Bunkley when he takes your job and your on the bench sitting and wondering WHY!!!!!….. The BP Gas Brothers are running on 87 regular…….. Their not running on Premium like Dixon and Haynesworth…… If Haynesworth is released which I’m thinking……. We should hop on it like Kim Kardashian to Black Entertainers……. LMAO!!!!!!!!

  • Paul your assertation of him playing hard is b.s.. Did you watch all the Skins games last year? No. Haynesworth beat the heck outta Mcgyln and our other interior o-lineman(they’re pros too) a few times last year and you cant judge a guy who is just eating space in a 3-4.He’s a classic 4-3 tackle with upfield ability. They wanted him too eat space.Did he slack? Ok,if he did im sure Wash will call him on it. And he’s better then any of those gutys listed in your post. Hands down. Dont give me Coffield or Mebane. So you mean too tell me they hit the FA market there getting big dollars liek Fat Albert.Not even close.

  • You can put Haynesworth on the outside…… I remember the Redskins doing that against us and Hearramans was man handled by him like a MAN vs a BEAR……… ARE U SERIOUS…….. Haynesworth demands double teams……. That can free up an extra man to make a play happen……. He talks trash and backs it up as well……. Get this man and it would help our pash rush and run game as well…….. The stats dont lie……..

    FOR WHATS IT WORTH FOR HAYNESWORTH………. IF RELEASED……. A SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONSHIP……… I’m making T-Shirts with that slogan!!!!!!!

  • Word Steve…that makes sense.

    Good point jroc.Dude makes d-tackle plays only All-Stars do.

  • What up E…….. Look I like attitude……. Every team needs a guy with a nasty side about them…… B-Dawk had a warrior mentality…… Very spiritual side off the field but was a monster during game time……. What ever Haynesworth does off the field is an issue but some guys need that positive atmosphere around them to keep them cool……. The Pacers were a team of distruction when Artest was a part of that franchise……. He went to LA with a Hall of Fame coach and Hall of Fame player and they won a championship……. Proved Shaq wrong……… Bart Scott’s attitude is to perfection…….. CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!! MAN I CANT WAIT till this season happens…….

  • Indeed son…the only attitude on this d is Tent Cole. And he’s a silent type attitude. Sante brings swagger but he couldnt tackle me in the open field.Stew had that attitude but wtf has he been.I do like this new MLB so lets see what kinda tude he has this year. Ultimatly your right…we have lacked a serious aggresiveness on this d for a while.Lets get back too mean ass Philly d that hits your q late and take the yellow flag smiling. As long as its not 3rd down or after the half.Ha.

  • Eagles Defensive Tradition ????
    What did Buddy Ryans’ Teams or JJ Defense ever do once it was Playoff Time..
    That’s right, fold up like a Soft Pretzel. The Eagles Franchise is unfortunately stuck with the same label as the City of Brotherly Love has been known as
    and as many of it’s fans are.. The City of “Loser’s” .. It’s sad,but until the Eagles win a Super Bowl and get that big cheesesteak off it’s back, it remains wha it’s been since 1960.. even depsite the recent Phillies Success.. Hopefully the 2011 Season will be the years the City,Fans and Eagles shed this label..

  • We need a guy that’s nasty on our line. I don’t like the stuff he did in Wash but we all know down there something wasn’t right. As many players down there that rose up against the coaches tells you a lot. Not that I agree with that they did but that stuff doesn’t happen for nothing. Haynesworth would play for his old coach and Andy won’t take any crap. This is a different organization that the Skins and I think Haynesworth can be dominate again with Cole on one side and Dixon on the next. With those 3, Paulman can play the other DE spot and we’d be good. I’d take a chance and give him a contract that’s heavy in incentives that would make him easily disposable if he has any problems that are not football related. We need to go for it all now. I’m tired of seeing new coaches and young teams come up and pass us. We need to win now.

  • Paulman, I disagree with you about Haynesworth but I agree about the “defensive tradition”. Our defense disappeared just as many times as McNabb did in the big games. Good regular season defense…. getting sacks, INTs and wrecking havoc. Get into the playoffs, nothing. The Lebron James of NFL Defenses. That’s what separates our defense from the Steelers, Ravens and Jets….. they come to play all year long. So many times people want to act like this defense never let us down or never did anything wrong. Dawk, Trotter, Hugh Douglas, we can keep naming them….. which one of them has a memorable playoff play? And please don’t say the Dawk INT when Brett Favre just threw the ball in the air like a punt. We need some real play makers on this side of the ball. Give me Haynesworth and Nnamdi and I’m good.

  • @paulman, so your telling me that bunkley, patterson and dixon are all better dts then fat albert??

  • im just curious?

  • My 1st Career Sack was while playing for the Voorhees Vikings versus the Lindenwold Chargers in 1979. My final sack was for Paul VI High School against Camden Catholic back in 1981.. I bet I can still bring it like Fat Albert..

  • I am telling you Fat Albert is a part-time player due to his lack of conditioning, stamina and self discipline, so yes as of today, do you want players on your roster who are committed, in the best shape that they can be in and focused and readly to play a full game.. If you do, then Fat Albert does not fit this bill..It’s a shame and waste of talent and maybe he will turn it around, but I am not planning or expecting that to occur.. why should he, he’s already stolen 0-$50 Million from the Redskins.. Jus another head case like Shawn Andrews was and still is…I called it then and I am calling it now..

  • paulman, what kind of rot gut whiskey are you swillin’ in boone county, north carolina, what the hell, buddy ryan’s defense in philly among top 3 in nfl history, and last I checked the city celebrated a world championship in 2008, man you are one bitter old mfer, and the weed up here is good, real good…

  • I have to agree with Paulman. What has Fat Albert done in the last three years to make us think he is the same dominant DT that played hard during his contract year? The guy is old, fat and overrated. I am not hitching my cart to him if I am the Eagles FO. If he pops free on the waiver wire, I could see throwing an incentive laden contract at him. But as for paying him what he will want-forget that. The guy has not been a good DT for at least 2 years and his older and richer which equals a slower, unmotivated player.

  • He’s a difference maker.Get him.

    outside of the one year they won a SB against a pathetic Giants team,wtf has the Raven vounted d done.Jets?There the same as the Birds….AFC title game and lose.So dont give me anything but the Steelers as far as defensive dominance.The Ravens got lite up plenty of times last year and so did the Jets.

    The D in the 90’s had no offense to score points.Buddy drafts a few goog lineman and we have a title in Philly. instead he told Randal too jus run around.

    Paul…who cares what he’s stolen form the skins? Im glad he did…i support stealing from d-rivals.

    Wash would make him a monster among boogie men. All you guys keep stating your point that he wouldn’t be a sasquatch on crystal meth on this d and come week 3 when he’s killing it ill sound like some of you on a daily basis…….I PREDICTED IT….YACK YACK!!!

  • PMan: Haynesworth isn’t coming here unless he’s released first by Skins, because we’re not trading for him. Second, Washburn will be the primary man interviewing Albert if he is available and the Eagles aren’t going to hire any “parttime” guy unless there are assurances. Even a contract can be drawn up based partly upon performance during training camp. It’s pretty easy to tell when talking to someone if their heart is no longer in the game.
    The article assumes if AH is in right mind and body and available, he’s worth taking a shot at if there is no other strong DT available through FA or trade. If all that AH is looking for is more money, he won’t be coming here.

  • True…wtf are you calling a city of losers? We have a sports title…see 08′.You dont even live around here and talk smack like a media bag.Colin Cowherd wannabe wad. Yes,the Birds have yet too hoist the L-trophy but dont tell me we’re not closing in soon. We played with the eventual champs.Build on that.

    Loser talk in abundance on here.

  • The City is Boone,NC, the County is Watauga,NC.. Some good BLue Ridge Moonshie…
    The Phils won in 2008 and have a great shot at winning this year too, but Philly is a Blue Collar,bring you lunch pale to work type of Town and at it’s roots is still a Football Town at heart, so until the Eagles win, the City will continue to have this label on being losers..I am not saying I agree with this, but that it’s the perception that out’s there for the the City and it’s Fans..

  • pman- you went to vorhees? Did you ever have Arlene Galetti in middle school? not sure she was around back then but she still lives there. She has a son named Jason.. he’s prolly like….. 35 now. She was almost my step mother.

  • Great article Gcobb!!! You read my mind word for word.I been tryng to get through to these knuckle heads paulman and schiller today about the impact Haynesworth would have on this defense. If you look the defending champs defense they have a Fat Albert of the own in BJ Raji, the guy is a ManBeast… he has taken there defense to a different level.. he has freed up space so that players like clay matthews and others can freelance, allowing that defense to be flexible and do alot of exotic blitzes and disguises… I see the addition of haynesworth creating that for the eagles. Hes only 30 years old, he has a good 4-5 years left to play in this league if not more, we just need him to be motivated which i feel he will be because he has something to prove after what took place and washington… Expect haynesworth to be released from the redskins being that they wont be able to get a trade partner for him, and haynesworth will sign with the eagles for lesser money, being that he has already made all his big money for his career he wont get another big pay day i dont think but i could be wrong being that he has the ability to change an entire defense from mediocre to dominant….

  • Look Haynesworth’s contract was for him to do his thing…….. When Jim Zorn was head coach……. When Shanahan became the head coach……. We all knew Shanahan doesn’t like big boys for one thing……. He set up a 3-4 scheme which totally went against Haynesworth’s contract clause…….. Yes you get paid millions of dollars to do whatever……. But Haynesworth has never played in a 3-4 system…….. Thats a ton of wear and tear on an individual…… He played years under Washburn and he could do the same in Philly…… Some guys on this site seem to be happy on what Patterson and Bunkley has done for our defense??????? WHY IDK??????

    He hasn’t done anything in 3 years????? He made Andre Carter have his best season……. That Redskin Defense was fearsome…… In his first season……. There offense sucked balls but that defense was something else……… Look at the stats when Haynesworth first came to WSH!!!!!

  • hahaha haynesworth is not old, he JUST turned 30 and hasnt played since 09…. anyone that sees a negative side to signing him, is an idiot.

    30 is not old for a DL.

  • pman- i have said over an over that JJ’s D came up short in the playoffs…. i would agree about Buddy as well. BUT- those teams had heart an they had pride and they knew they came from a long line of hitters. Andre waters used to go for the knees…. trotter played angry cause he felt snubbed….. Dawk played like his life was on the line. Reggie played like someone stole his cookies. Seth joyner and all those guys played for buddies job and for J Brown. All those guys played for Philly!! It was a D team that also plaid some O sometimes. Bottom line- when you plaid Philly… you knew you were gunna wake up sore.

    Now- the game has changed….cant hit knees… cant get that extra shove in. Its also become more of a throwing team…. you need faster guys.. lighter guys often…… BUT…..we have become an all offense all the time kind of team that has NO HEART on D!!

  • *played

  • And labeled by whom…Philly is looked at as a passionate sports town…close the book.Titles are tough to come by…eventually hardwork gets you there.

  • jroc- if we can get him.,… GREAT!!! but foe me…. its like the 3rd thing we need to do. 1) Get our new RCB 2) Get a DE.

    as far as the currrent dt’s- if we upgraded at CB and DE…. id be ok to see what the new coach can do with what we have. Not because they are good… but because theyve never had a coach.

  • what Pman is talking about i understand because i also live away from Philly now. In MN when i bring up the birds…. we are known for 3 things….. 1. Being drunken idiots who would kill their own grandma is she wore a cowboys jersey. 2. Being passionate and knowing the game. 3. NEVER WINNING THE BOWL.

    i hear it EVERYDAY. i mean it…. EVERDAY. In THAT ORDER!!

  • To Steve,
    The Galetti name sounds familiar.. I am about to turn 48 years young so I was in Middle School back in the 70’s… I admit that I have a pretty good memory to about 20 years back, but after that it’s a crap shoot…

  • I hated the bend and dont break system……. But you know what….. I’ll take it now…….. This defense has been bending/breaking/back flipping/cartwheeling/somersaulting/doggy styling for the past few years…….. Gentlemen….. We’ve been nickel and diming with the D. Patterson’s and the Ellis Hobbs of the league today……. With first round brunches like Patterson and Bunkley…… We need to win now……. Get tradition back in Philly……

    Green Bay hasn’t lost their tradition…… They continue to draft well and keep a solid receiving core……. The same with the Steelers who continue to draft well within their organization……. Sterling Sharp…… Donald Driver etc…….. They keep a great TE and a solid defense……. The steelers who draft well on both sides of the ball and they have championships to prove it……. NE drafts well on both sides and will test the FA market to get players within their system to perform…… So why not Philly making the bold moves to make this organization successful……. Charles Woodson received a contract extension that made everyone Shake their heads but he’s performing at a high level……. Darren Sharper as well who has a SB ring or 2…….. Haynesworth is not old…… Pat Williams is like 38 years old and still has a productive season each year…….. SO STOP THE AGE NONSENSE!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  • Nobody noticed this I guess, but the writer likened Albert Haynesworth to Jumpman. Bro, Jordan worked harder than everyone else his whole career. Dont ever, ever make that comparrison again.

  • @Stevo…. I feel you…… RCB position should be 1st priority…… But if Haynesworth falls in the hands of Philly……. We could be an Elite team for years…… i dont want 1 championship……. I want the birds to become a dynasty……. Win multiple championships for years to come……. The Birds need to realize that and take advantage of this opportunity…… Get the guys to help us get over the hump……..

    After Akers who’s else on this roster to stop this curse since 1999……. I’m being very realistic…….. We have a bunch of young talent for years to come that just needs a little veteran big brother/been their and done that applied to this team……. Nnamdi and Haynesworth and perhaps maybe Burress would do wonders for our franchise……. Lurie has to know the Eagle fans are getting restless…….. Last season was our season…… The only team to give the packers real hell besides the Detroit Lions…….. We should have won both games if you ask me……..

  • Jroc- yes… if hes there for the taking… jump on it. But i dont want to hear that we have to have Trevor L as our #2CB cause our 2 contract guys were on the phone trying to get Fat A for a 6th instead of a 5th.

  • A motivated Haynesworth sounds great, just remember this guy laid down & quit trying to chase down a Vick scramble last year. Flat out quit & that let Vick throw the TD.

    Don’t think we need any dogs on this D…

  • Paulman is really the only one with the faulty reasoning on here about haynesworth, we all for the most part agree that though this guy can be kind of a head case, when motivated to ball hes the best Defensive player in this league, i cant understand how paul could say haynesworth is out of his prime, he also said that reggie bush is out of his prime and hes only 26!!!

    Paul didnt have his meds today…

  • Washburn will have big boy eatin if he comes to Philly……. What did Haynesworth say when he signed the contract with WSH!!!! “Were gonna kick some butt”! LOL……… If he’s in Philly green and plays against WSH……… WOW He’s gonna kick some false teeth out of Shanahan’s mouth…….. Polident wont help this time Shanahan!!!!!!!

    The guy plays the game CRYING…… NOT CRYING IN FEAR…….. Crying because he want to KILL……. Would you wanna fight a guy like that…… HELLLLLLLLL TO THE NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Bring the man here to PHILLY with this atmosphere it would be through the roof……….

    I seen the game when T.O. was on the sideline in a 49ers jersey and we had beat the 9ers pretty decent and just seeing Philly fans embracing T.O. and how he was over their bobbing his head loving the Philly fans and smiling just made you feel good that a guy in a different uniform is enjoying himself…….. Low and behold he got traded to the Ravens and then we know the rest of the story………. I could see Haynesworth being the dominant player of old here in Philly…….

  • @JohnHart……. Personal Paulman is a guy who likes to get personal like knowing whats on players minds……. If they have family issues or if their father use to spank them when they were kids……… Or the players mom was a prostitute etc…….. Personal Paulman is a guy who thrives on his mind set to label an issue on a player……… It makes me laugh if you ask me…… I remember when D-Jax had made a comment about his contract and Paulman said something like D-Jax’s father didnt spank him enough or something of that type???? LMAO…… It was sometime ago but we all know Personal P too well…….

    Personal P is now what I call Paulman!!!!!

  • Aye Personal P…….. Did Ray Lewis’s father have a history of violence???? Anger issues??????…… Hated Crying?????? Worry about the crime rate in such?????? Did he beat ray lewis as a child or better yet SPANK HIM?????? LMAO……. Had to mess with you Personal P!!!!!!

  • It’s amazing to me how Fans will continue to state “Well Haynesworth is one of the best Def/Line players when he wants to be or that Albert used to be one of best players,used to be this, used to be that etc,etc… I used to read the same type of wishful thinking about about Shawn Andrews..
    Once a player loses his heart and passion for the game, he’s done.. There is nothing Coaches,Teammates, Media or the Fans can do about it..I truly believe that Albert Haynesworth has lost his desire to compete at the highest level and therefore is not going to bring the things that it takes to play at the highest level and instead of just another big slow,out of shape DT on your roster…

  • Haynesworth looks like a slim 360 pounds with the Redskins. He looks over 400 pounds dominating in the Titan uniform. I’ll take a 380 pound mean SOB looking to earn a ring with something to prove. I know the guy is a jerk, but I’de rather him fighting on my side than against me.

  • Haynesworth, Shaq and Leonard Davis are just enorous human beings. I just hope Haynesworth can still play.

  • Paul you loss on this one buddy, like G said none of the avaiable FAs can have the same type of impact. He’s a speciial player, there aren’t many DTs in the league that have the same type of impact. Warren sapp used to get criticized regularly bc of his weight and they’d say he was dogging it on plays, so this isn’t uncommon to hear about players at that position…but I feel that haynesworth will be a motivated driven man this bc of all that happen in washington…

  • @ Paul City of Losers? @#$@# Get out of hear Personal Paul (JRCO you don’t mind do ya), city of losers my A$#%#%#. There is only maybe 5 cities in this whole dang country who can even talk against Philly in regards to total body of sports histroy both in regards to championships and base seasonal competitiveness.

    If your city doesn’t even have a sports team shut the hell up. We don’t have a superbowl but we have won a championship in every major sport. They change the name of the football championship from NFL Championship to Superbowl and the blood and sweat of the past victories mean nothing?….yeah well what ever brother.

    Some of the finest athletes in histroy has graced our city as sports representatives, Boone has warped your mine, and the carolina country sensibilities have made you like the nice furry fellow in the wizzard of Oz who swore someone was pulling his tail.

    CITY OF LOSERS? Gosh dang son of a….@#$@#$@#.

    @ Erock good points brother, same to you JRoc.

    @Stevo, brother I dig where you come from most the time, but if any of those guys that rag you got something to show for their effort while they are talking smack to you, brother you need to ask them to show it forth with, because you know what, theeir teams are losers more than we could even imagine.

    And for the record fellas that “Superbowl Won” issue is indeed a sore point and Dang gone Reid and the players need to fix that, so no more SOB’s can use it against me when I am showing some Eagle pride.

    And to that point bring Fat Albert to Philly so we can get that argument stopper fixed and irradicated from our Eagle lexicon.


    and Paul ya better check ya self, befor ya wreck ya self! yeeeee Boi.

  • They did change the name and now it means nothing.Seems suspect from a logical standpoint. We were the best in the NFL that year handing the Packers there only title game defeat.And it means jack.Oh well,we’ll get one.

    Monolith…word son.That was a masterpiece Rakim and Mark Twain would be proud of.

  • again pman- the new Dline coach wants him. If thats true….. ill take that over what you are thinking.

  • Remember 1 thing guys, this fat, slob, thug will be possibly facing suspension, when the year does start. Although he is a beast, when he decides it suits him, I don’t think it’s worth it. It ain’t gonna happen unless he is released anyways. The Birds will not trade anything for his $5.7 million salary, he is going to make this year. Also where/what in his make up makes any of you think he will redo his contract. He’s a lazy, fat slob, that already has taken his money & ran. GIVE IT A REST GCOBB, WITH YOUR WET DREAM INFATUATION WITH FAT ALBERT & BUSH! Although I respect you much, it’s getting ridiculously old now.

  • DDcar, because haynesworth came out a few months ago and said he would take less money…NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reported that Albert Haynesworth is willing to take less money to play for new Eagles DL coach Jim Washburn again. Haynesworth had his best seasons under Washburn in Tennessee, and the Eagles are expected to make finding a playmaking defensive lineman an offseason priority. A healthy, motivated Haynesworth would make RE Trent Cole that much more dangerous. This all assumes that Haynesworth is released rather than traded. The Skins will try to get something for him first…. the Skins wont find a trade partner and will be forced to release him…

  • LMAO @Monolith…….. Aye I dont mind bro!!!!!!! The nerve of personal P sometimes just kills me sometimes!!!!!! Speak your mind brother!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! The City of Brotherly LOVE always and still has a winning City…….. Personal P just got a hard on for pissing people off…….. He’s the type to put on a condom to see if it fits!!!!! LMAO!!!!! Sorry Personal P…… Had to get you!!!!!!!!!

  • JH, what Fat Albert says he wants to do & what Washington does is 2 completely different things. BTW, remember he might also be facing suspension for his stupidity. Reid is taking that into account too. I agree, Washington will not get balls for him & will have to release him.

  • DD, i believe the charges were dropped if im not mistaken. But id still take the chance on him, if he acts up the eagles could cut him. Plain n simple…

  • Albert had the charges dropped and settled out of court with some of Redksins Owners $$$, K Britt has multiple charges dropped, Braves Pitcher D Lowe had DUI/Reckless Driving Charges dropped, former Bears RB G Wolfe had Charges dropped..Big Ben Charges dropped .
    Justice in America is not a white or black issue, it’s about having the Resources ($$$) to pay enough Lawyers to get you off with reduced charges or dropped all together or large enough out of court settlement payments to the victims as in the D Stallworth Case
    Only in the Land of the Free and the Wealthy can afford Justice ..

  • Hey IF he doesn’t get suspended, IF he is released by Washington, IF he decides he wants to play, IF he is in any sort of playing shape (I doubt it), IF he stay’s out of off the field trouble, IF he excepts a low salary contract full of incentives, i’ll take him. But that is a lot of IFS! in my book to take a chance on a guy like him, I don’t know about you guys.

  • Hey Paulman and Stevo, I’m BAAACCKK, I’ve been saying this along. Stevo you said his to fat and Paulman you said you would take Dixon over fat albert REMEMBER. I’m telling you If we can get this guy and the D coach can and will motivate him THAT’S ALL WE NEED. Fat albert will open that A and B gap up so far it will be like MOSES parting the RED SEA. This will up grade everyone around him . You’ll see our LB’s produce alot of fruit; our CB’s will get more picks and I’m talking about the one’s on the roster now not bring in anyone, and we can get him at cut rate. I live and work in DC now and the SKINS are ready to get rid of him. This is it PLEASE ANDY HEAR ME. He said in the paper down here that his Idol is REGGIE WHITE that’s why he wears 92 and placed in the right environment he will play just like him.

  • To Summup,
    Welcome back and hope all is going well for you in the DC area (the nats are playing some good ball right now)
    I knew Reggie White, and Albert Hayneworth is no Reggie White..

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