• May 26, 2022

Mets fielding phone calls about Beltran…should Phillies be calling?

There is a report in the New York Post today that says that the Mets have started getting phone calls about OF Carlos Beltran. The Mets are nine games out of first place in the NL East and 6.5 back in the Wild Card. They aren’t out of it technically, but we all kind of know that they are.

So, it’s not a shocker that a Mets source told the Post that “[p]eople are calling,” with regards to the former stud outfielder.

I say “former” stud because he simply isn’t what he used to be. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t play. And in fact, he’s actually playing pretty well this year. In 85 games this season, he’s hitting .285 with 13 bombs, 26 doubles and 57 RBI’s.

I have no clue if the Phillies are one of the teams putting out feelers to the Mets, but they should be. Of course, their payroll is maxed out so they would have to send some serious contracts over to the Mets and probably have them pay a portion of his salary. I admit that before I started typing this I forgot how bloated his salary was. You know what he makes in 2011? $18.5 million.


So obviously, the money situation would need to be worked out. And he’s a free agent after this season, so you wouldn’t be making any kind of long-term commitment to him.

Now, just from a baseball point of view, the Phillies could use him. He’s a switch hitter so he would provide a right-handed bat when needed. And if the Phillies have a major hole on this team, it’s the corner outfielders. Dom Brown is showing signs of development, so I’ll leave him alone. But, Raul Ibanez just can’t get around on the ball anymore and anything he gives you is bonus at this point. And please…do not, under any circumstances, bring up Ben Francisco’s name. Where are all the people that were thrilled that he was an everyday guy this year at the beginning of the season? If I watch him pop up one more fastball right down Broadway, I’ll pick him up myself and drive him to Lehigh.

This is a team that could really use Beltran to help prevent a power outage in October. If they can get the money situation worked out (and believe me, I’m not suggest that the Phillies add more payroll. I firmly believe they are maxed out), then I’d love to rent Beltran for the rest of 2011.

Micah Warren

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  • Absolutely not,
    His contract is too big and remember the Mets are in dire strais financially and would not be looking to take on any big salaries from the Phils (Blanton/Baes/Lidge/Ibanez) etc,etc.. The Mets would be looking for young inexpensive talent and the Phils don’t need to help them rebuild by parting with a Worley,Stutes,Bastardo or AAA players.. Beltran is a good player when Healthy which hasn;t been the case for the last 2-3 seasons, but at $18 Million, he is not worth it.. The Phils have already been thru signing older players for big contracts (Ibanez/Polanco as examples) only to be stuck with them as they age and their bodies start breaking down.. I would rathe the Phils move some players for OF Adam Jones or a RF Hunter Pence and get 4-5-6 good years of production from them .. to Trade good promising young talent for a player on the downside of his career making big $$$ makes no sense for this Phillie Club..

  • Beltran is a FA at the end of the year. Phils would only be responsible for 9M which is one half of his contract for this year. He is playing for a contract. remember the playoffs he had for the ‘stros in a contract year. That’s how he got his fat contract. I would also trade Brown straight up for Pence if he were available. He is a proven .300 hitter with power and a + fielder and a +++ throwing arm. With Ibanez/Oswalt coming off the payroll he’s be a great 3 or 5 hitter for years to come.

  • Simply put: No.

  • Yeah, go ahead Amaro, this is a move right up your alley. An overpaid player, past their prime, that is damaged goods. Go ahead trade your top 3 prospects for him & resign him to an overpaid extension, you a$$#ole.
    SIMPLY PUT NOOOOOOO!!!! If your even able to make a move, give me- Bell & Ludwick or Kemp, Pence, McCutchen or Quenton. But it ain’t happening gents. We are what we are! We have to get healthy & win with what we have, until the offseason rebuild.

  • HELLLLLLL NOOOO!! I want NOTHING from the NY MESS. They are the definition of a jinx. Reyes is only playing for a contract. he’s a clown. they are overhyped overpaid clowns who think they are good only because they are in NY.

  • Why does Hunter Pences name keep coming up? WOuld you people stop it. He is underpaid and 24 or 25. Hes a very good player who is inexpensive. What would be the positive of houston trading him? Oh right, NOTHING. He is not going to be moved. Beltran may be damaged goods in years to come but right now he is healthy and playing well. I would move singleton and worley for a paid rental.

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