• July 7, 2022

Eagles Signing Brett Favre To Backup Vick Makes Sense

I was running errands yesterday afternoon when I heard Anthony “Cuz” Gargano talking about the posibility of Brett Favre coming to Philadelphia to backup Michael Vick. He was sharing his thinking with his co-host Glenn Macnow on the 610-WIP afternoon show. It made sense, in fact it made plenty of sense to all involved.

The word coming out of Mississippi is that the longing for football is still with Favre, but his body isn’t prepared to play a full season. There aren’t any teams who are interested in bringing him in as a starter, but he could be an outstanding backup.

His arm is healthy and knows the west coast offense like the back of his hands. Favre has the experience and talent to make the plays with the pressure on in big games in place of a starting quarterback.

Favre has got a long and close relationship with Andy Reid, so it would make a lot of sense for Reid to jump on the phone once they get a deal done to trade Kevin Kolb. Truth is Reid should get on the phone now before he trades Kolb.

This won’t be a threat to Michael Vick. The Eagles starting quarterback saw the way Favre finished last year and he knows his body is beaten up, so Vick wouldn’t be threatened by a Pre-Historic quarterback like number 4 backing him up.

The Eagles want to win a Super Bowl and they know that Vick is in jeopardy of getting hurt because of his daredevil style of play. If they make the kind of splash I believe they will in free agency on the defensive side of the ball, it will be Super Bowl or bust for the Birds. They won’t want to hand this Rolls Royce over to a young inexperienced Mike Kafka if Vick were to go down.

With DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek, LeSean McCoy, Jason Avant and others, Favre would give this team a chance to reach its goal even if Vick were to go down. He would be able to sit and rest the entire season and get his body healthy enough for a stretch run if they needed him.

On top of all the football reasons, do you think the Eagles would mind signing Favre, turning the sports world upside down and stealing some attention from the Phillies?

Think about it, it makes a lot of sense.


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  • Garry, hows the crack rock tasting this morning? Farve would have to want to do it. And the phillies have nothing to do with the Eagles. If the eagles become the ‘Rolls Royce” you are predicting, and make a run for the stretch into the playoffs, then they have all the momentum/buzz/fan hype/ money etc they could possibly want as it will be after the world series. I know you work for WIP, so you are subjected to media spewn BS on a highly regular basis, but that doesn’t proclude you from using your brain sometimes.

    You also presume a Kolb trade. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Look, if I’m worng, and Farve wants to be a backup, and we need him, and we trade Kolb, and he succeeds, well GREAT. But…come on

  • Yeah this is fantasy land stuff. I mean shizz it gives us something to talk about but i dont think at all that farve will come back as a backup. I would think he would wanna start. It would be a great idea because the guy still has a gun but as martin said…… “Aint gonna happen”

  • C’Mon G-Man, stop this nonsense, It’s bad enough we have nothing else to talk about/report about due to the lockout, but having Brett Farve as the Back-up…
    If this really occurs, I will stop becoming an Eagle Fan and jump off the William Penn building in the nude during broad daylight..
    Next thing you know, former Eagles Eric Allen will be coming back to play RCB and John Runyan back to play RT.. and Seth Joyner at OLB.. Were you down at the beach G-Man, maybe out in the Sun too much and have a form of Sun Poisoning making you delirious….Good Grief…

  • You know what in all honesty id take mcnabb over him in a heart beat. Nothing about getting our interception total into the 50’s and 60’s is that appealing even as a backup. Plus you have all the drama that goes with farve. We all know Mcanbb is over the hump but not nearly as bad as Farve plus Mcnabb obviously knows THIS offense alot better. Plus even though he is getting older im a fan of a mobile quaterback. Mcnabb may be nowhere near as mobile as he was in his younger years but he deosnt have concrete feet like farve.

  • back to a serious note though,
    Many of the points G brought on why the Eagles would want or need an experienmced QB is exactly why the Eagles will end up keeping
    Kolb for the 2011 Season.. I’ve stated this since the lockout and stand by it..
    If the Eagles are truly all-in for a super Bowl Run (which I still am not buying) like many in the Media/Fans and the Eagles Organization themselves have stated, then why would you trade a proven back-up Qb who may win you a game or 2 if Vick gets injured which you would have to say is a very strong possibility… If the Eagles are really all in for 2011, then they will worry about
    2012 and beyond next off-season… Put the best Roster that gives you the best chance to win now and as far as back-up QB who is familiar with the Eagles complicated system on short notice who will end up with limited workouts/camps due to the CBA lockout, then Kolb is that man and there is no sense in taking a chance on someone who may be out of shape and too old, can’t pick-up the system in a month”s time, etc,etc… Keeping Kolb as the back-up QB and insurance for 2011 would be the smartes move for the Eagles for the 2011 Season and worry about Kolb’s pending free-agency next off-season for you never know what can happen…What if Vick gets a major injury or let’s say VIck rejects any long-term offers to remain an Eagle and wants to test the Free-agency market next off-season, then what do you do…

  • hilarious, i see what you’re saying
    but, umm…yeah lets just get mcnabb back instead!

  • Paulman, you’re one to talk with all the BS you consistently spew out.

    Signing Favre does make sense, but he would have to WANT to do it. Depending on what moves the Eagles make, they are going to be Superbowl contenders this year — so why wouldn’t Favre want to hop on board and help Philly get a ring?

    Not saying it will happen, but I won’t mind Favre being our backup.

    And yes, Kolb is getting traded. If they traded the most beloved QB in team history with one year left on his contract, they’ll trade a backup with one year left on his contract.

  • I’d rather eat my own feces

  • Calling McNabb the most beloved QB in Eagle History is not an accurate statement at all Birdman, there were many,many fans ready to see him gone 2-3 Years earlier than he was and no love is or was lost…
    Brian Dawkins a beloved player, absolutely no questions asked
    D McNabb beloved, not even a close Birdo..Controversial, yes, beloved, no…
    and Yes Birdo, I do throw a lot of crap up at the walls (mostly for entertainment,humor or just to stir up the pot once in a while) but someone has to keep you guys on your toes…

    On a side note, Heres what many called a ridiculous/crazy predicion from months ago.. These Braves are looking pretty good aren’t they..Mostly everyone talked about how the Phils would dominate and cakewalk into the World Series, well here we are, just a few games from the All-Star Break and the Phils have 3 of the Big 4 Pitching very well, have their Bullpen Pitching h much better than expected led by Stutes/Bastardo/Madson, they lead the league in ERA, Shutouts Pitched, and Fielding % and yet, for as great as a 1st half of a Season as they have had, they are only 3 games ahead of the charging Braves,a team which no one has seems to notice or pay much attention to… I stand by my March Prediction that the Braves are a better all-around team than the Phils and will win the NL East in a close race
    (what happens with they get OF M Prado back, and get Uggla and Heyward to start hitting consistently…they have the deepest Pitching Staff in all of MLB with Starters Lowe,Hudson,jurgens,Hanson and their Bullpen is loaded with Kimbrell,Venters,Sherrill,Moylan )
    This upcoming 3 game series should be a good one to watch and is probably more imprortant to the Braves than the Phils at this point of the Season, but wouldn’t it be something for all the hype surrounding this team this yeer and the outstanding Pitching and Defense displayed all year long and having the best record out of the gate for all season long and then by All Star Break be in 2nd place.. who would have thunk..it could easily happen…

  • Here we go with the Braves BS again. Look, we get it, you’re a Braves fan. You like to tomahawk chop. That’s great. Regardless, they are playing out of their element and the past couple of weeks have hit weak competition.

    The Braves are playing well, but they are not better than the Phils. They haven’t been for years and won’t be for years to come. With all our issues and players being placed on the DL, we still have the best record in the league — accept it and learn how to become a fan…..nevermind, you are a fan…..of the Braves.

  • Actually Birdo,
    I am not a Braves Fan and really don’t like them at all and can’t stand the Tomahawk Chop or Chant..
    I am a Phillies Fan but as a Philly Fans whose been let down and disappointed over the years many times by many of the PHilly teams, I come to realize that nothing comes easy for Philly teams (nor should it)
    I follow the entire MLB so I know good teams when I see them and someone has to pull the punches and call the media out when teams,players are over-hyped and over-rated and it may as well be me to bring a little reality and analysis to the discussion.. I consider myself a passionate Sports Fan for Baseball & Football ,but I do follow closely what other teams/players are doing besides my favorite home town teams and since I haven’t lived the Philly area in over 20 years, maybe this gives me a less filtered view on Philly teams and why I don’t jump on the over-hype bandwagon so soon.. We all want our favorite PHilly teams to win and compete for Champions, but I don’t get blinded by the reality that sometimes our Teams are just not good enough.. This Phils are good enough (due to their Starting Pitching) but also have weaknesses, Hitting Avg,HR Power, Injuries and how does this Bullpen hold up– can the young guns hold up all year and dominate like they have thus far, which is probably a little too much to ask.. So time will tell but like I’ve stated, these Braves will be chasing and battling the Phils all season and most likely in the Playoffs too so I would not count them out…

  • I could see it, and I am not a tremendous fan of Brett either. But before he signs on the dotted line, he has to stand braced up at attention in front of Andy’s desk and swear a blood oath that he will in no case, under any circumstances make a play for the starter’s job. If Vick gets hurt and Brett plays one game, even if he throws for 7 scores and runs for two more, he goes back to a visor and clipboard the next week. He is a back-up, the number 2 guy, period, no matter what. Mike throws 4 picks a game for 3 weeks in a row, Favre gets to watch from the sidelines and wince like everybody else. If I am Andy, that;s the deal, and if you cannot do it that way, no harm done, have fun rolling around on your tractor in Kiln, Ms.

  • Braves will fade like last year.this phillies season is a blast to follow. Sorry for you paulman, mired in negative thought

  • Maybe so or maybe not, maybe it’s the Phils turn to fade this year (though recent history says they will only play better ball come Aug/Sep/Oct as they have th elast couple of years) and you are right for it has been a great season to follow thus far which is why Baseball is a marathon.. If the Phils can hit and average 4.5 Runs per game, they will be difficult to beat out over the long haul or come playoff time.. But if that runs scored average dips in the mid to low 3’s per game, they will be in trouble to win it all…

  • nobody cares about the braves here
    if you do, then you are a nobody here lol

  • Back to Brett Farve,
    Does anyone seriously think that Farve would get in shape and go thru all the media scruntity to come back jus tto be a back-up QB in the NFL..
    You guys are crazy.. I could see him coming back, but only to be a Starter in the NFL (maybe for Titans/Dolphins/Cardinals)

  • Gary, this lock out better end soon, because your drug use is getting worse! LMBO! Just kidding! Tell Gargano’s, to get out of Favre’s colon. He’s been on Favre’s jock, for years. I’ve been sick of hearing about this guy for 5 years now, go the f^@k away. I don’t who is more of a Favre ball slurper, ESPN or Gargano. Give me a f^@king break already. This JO wouldn’t even mentor Rogers, when he was in GB. What makes you think he would now? Why in the f^@k would you waste a cent, on a guy who is 5 years past his prime, with all of the holes they have? Also, IMO, he is by far the most overrated, overhyped player, in sports history! WTF has he done in the last decade, but throw brain damaged interceptions, that cost his team countless games? GTFO!!!! I’m happy for Rogers, winning last year. He was vindicated & stuck it in Favre’s a$$!!
    Come on Gary, I think you have more sense than this.

  • I hope this article was a joke or your just being sarcastic. Bringing Mcnabb back would make sense 100% but it depends on how cheap he would be. The Redskins are hoping for a 3rd round pick at least which I would not give up for him. 2 5th rounders sounds about right.

  • *shakes head and leaves thread*

  • SHEED, LMFBO!! The post of the century!
    šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

  • paulman you do realize the offense has yet to get going? or that our 2b missed how many games? this team has been injured all year and STILL has the best record in baseball. Yes the Braves are playing well but to say their big time players will turn there hitting around and the phillies wont is just bias. Even if they do turn it around pitching trumps hitting in the playoffs every year. I am pretty sure everyone would rather take 2010 Cy young, a pitcher who gave up 1 run the previous month, and a top 3 lefty in the game over the Braves staff in a series.

  • let brett favre do his wrangler commercials and sit his ass down on a john deer tractor trailor….. And besides favre is helping out Cam Newton here in charlotte and he’s waiting on him to get injured so he can get that ITCH to play in charlotte and ruin the franchise worse than it already is….. Favre doesnt care about anything but himself……. He’s the Charlie Sheen of football and the only one who’s WINNING is Brett…… SMH……. Damn Brett Favre……… LMAO @Shiller

  • We dont want this guy messing with any of the female interns here in Philly…… Let him ruin another franchise somewhere else….. Give this Brett Favre news a rest for once……. But its good to make up TALL TALE every once in a while for us kids…….. SMH!!!!!! I thought this was a man site……. Guess I was proven wrong!!!!!

  • Brett Favre? lets see people are complaining about Vick’s age but yet lets bring in a forty something QB as the backup??? LOL I agree Sheed I was flabergasted when I read the title of this article…

    But lets play a game, look at the free agent QB’s in 2011…who would you want to be the backup? lets even include Kolb in this…

    Kolb, T Jackson, S Wallace, D Dixon M Bulger, C Simms A Smith D McNabb…off the top of my head those are the QBs that come to my mind, but the list is way longer…

    I like D Dixon, I believe Pitt offered him some tenure, though not sure of the details…but I think he could fit the system pretty well…

  • i would take Favre in a wheelchair before Kolb..He have a strong arm and can run the offense effiencently

  • To dsm841
    I think the Phils are hitting pretty close to what they are as team..
    Ibanez/Francisco/Brown are all about .240-.250 Hitters
    Rollins/Ruiz/Howard are about .260 – .270 Hitters
    Victorino/Utley/Polanco are about .280- 290 Hitters

    This Phil’s team is Hitting about what I expected and don’t see any real 2nd half of the Season spikes or heroics outside of Howard and maybe Utley will add some power back..They just don’t have much power as a team..
    This Phils Outfield is one of the lightest hitting OF’s in all of Baseball in terms of Power #’s. 3B position is not a power source with Polanco playing there and Polanco’s continued problems with his left Elbow is a major concern and has limit his power #’s over the last couple of seasons.. Who else besides R Howard and maybe Utley scares opposing Pitchers/Managers
    This is why I dubbed the 2011 Version “Phillie’s Light” back in March/April and stand by my nickname for this teams overall batting and production is on the decline and has been for over a year now …

  • very sad

  • Desparation and fantasy talk. No body want this interception machine who could
    quit after one hard sack backing up Vick. This guy needs to put his back up to a rocking chair and sit their and watch porn.

  • Come on Songs, I hope your kidding!?
    He had the fork stuck in him 5 years ago. There is still a possibility of Kolb being a very good QB, in the NFL.

  • when i look back on a sb win buy the eagles( hopefully ) its bad enough to have vick take us there, in a perfect world, kolb or mcnabb would make me happy, even garcia would warm my heart .
    but the reality is is a team sport, and I HATE BRETT FAVA, HATE … this sucks, i wish mcnabb had these weapons when he was here.

  • I can see Reid wanting Favre, but I doubt he would get the permission from the brass to actually make the deal happen. It’s more likely they’ll go and get Jeff Garcia. Having said all of that…I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again it wouldn’t surprise me to see JeMarcus Russel in midnight green considering his infractions pale in comparison to Micheal Vick’s or potential Eagles Plaxico Burress or Albert Haynseworth. If the Eagles nest has truly become the nest of redemption all of these things are in the realm of possibility.

  • JEMARCUS RUSSELL!?!? WTF!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Stop it butch your killing me. :D:D:D

  • If the Eagles trade Kolb (which I am not so sure will occur) they will need a legitimate back-up QB who can learn this Eagle System relatively quickly
    I see the following QB’s out there would would be good fits due to their athlecticism and for being a quick study who can run this EAgle Offense

    #1) QB Tavaris Jackson from Minnesota where they ran a very similar offense with common formations and terminology under former HC B Childress
    #2) QB Troy Smith from the 49ers who has been a little unlucky in the Pro Career so far and has bounced around from the Baltimore Ravens to the 49ers lasy Year.. Is known for being smart, and a good locker room guy who is atlhletic enough to run this Offense.. May be a under the radar signing who could end up being a Starter down the road for the Eagles if Vick were to have major injury..
    #3) QB Dennis Dixon from the Steelers, comes from a winning orgainzation and is very athletic with a strong arm, ran the spread/west coast offfense very effectively in college when playing for University of Oregon.. Definitely needs more experience but has more upside than M Kafka..
    #4) QB M Bulger could step right in play as a back-up, not very mobile or athletic and is not going to make any plays with his legs which the Eagles Offense kind of demands that a QB does once in a while..
    #5) QB Drew Stanton from Detroit, has seen playing time the last 2-3 Seasons while Franchise QB Stafford keeps getting hurt.. has good mechanics,a good arm with quick feet and a natural leader type with the proper QB Coaching, could develp into a good consistent back-up QB/Spot Starter..

  • Paulman- “Many of the points G brought on why the Eagles would want or need an experienmced QB is exactly why the Eagles will end up keeping
    Kolb for the 2011 Season”.- um…. no. He is not experienced. He’s a project. He makes bad throws…. runs for his life….. not a vet.

    If you were building a young team and needed a qb to grow with…. Kolb is your guy. If you are trying to win RIGHT NOW….. you need a vet to back up vick. Id rather have Tjax.

  • i have made this known for years- I hate Brett favre (ok… not hate but w/e) they cannot do this. They just cant. The answer is no.

  • Didn’t you like my back-up QB list from free-agency Stevo..
    I am just not sold that the Eagles will get in return what they think they were going to get for Kolb which may mean in the end, that they end up just keeping him.. If the Cards/Seahawks don’t offer at least a 2nd Rd and a player or a 2nd and a 4th Rounder in return, then I think Kolb remains an Eagle for 2011 because it would be the smart thing to do at that point.. Coach AR is not going to simply give/trade Kolb away for nothing..

  • If they sign Favre I’ll become a Giants fan :)! As you can tell I can’t stand the guy. He’s overrated. Always throws too many INT’s. Especially at critical times in the game. DON’T DO IT ANDY!

  • G:
    No. McNabb. Not Favre.

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