• August 17, 2022

Report: Salary Cap Set With Lockout End On Horizon

The NFL and NFLPA have wrapped up yet another week of negotiations in hopes of securing a new CBA deal. The two sides issued a joint statement that they are “in a good place”.

I’m pretty sure the majority football fans are in agreement when I say “Just get the season started!!”.

According to sources, most of the financial issues have been resolved. Included in that is the return of the salary cap after a year hiatus. For 2011, the cap is reported to be around $120 million.

With the negotiations still ongoing, this cap figure is yet to be set in stone.

The Philadelphia Eagles spent the uncapped 2010 offseason preparing for this moment. With their current payroll, Philly should enter the new league year with approximately $25 million in cap space.

That puts them in good position to proceed with their ‘aggressive plan’.

With the two sides lawyers working out the fine print, the players and owners will likely vote on the new CBA by next Thursday.

Hopefully, we’ll find out the truth to the countless rumors by Monday when free agency begins.

Haran Knight

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  • I read where the Salary Cap will be set at Approx $120 Million and that Teams are mandated need to be at 90% of Salary Cap which is approx $108 Miilion..
    I am not sure the amount of Salary for 2011 already committed, but the Eagles should have lots of $$$ availalbe and be in great shape to sign 3-4 Big-Ttime players and to extend key current players.. They need to take advatage of this and not screw this up..

  • That’s good news for the Eagles because the last cap was 128M in 2009. I think some teams were figuring for 125M in 2011. Many teams are over the cap at 120M. The Eagles have about the the 5th lowest cap number (Vick may not be figured in that number). They can be aggressive while the Giants, Cowboys and Packers have to cut some players to get below the cap.

  • Let’s win the SB in Jan, not the pre season salary cap title.

  • Teams like the Jets,Raiders,Redskins,Cowboys,49ers,Giants all have Cap Issues and will have to release some veterans if they want to pursue other players to free up some Cash

  • this gives me the chills every time i watch it…. how many of you stopped watching the game after the giants went up 31-10?


  • Per a good source of mine who works in the South Jersey Real Estate market,
    CB Asmo was looking at some Property down by T Cole’s place in Woolrich Twp for whatever it’s worth..

  • I hope the Eagles don’t go after the “crippled” goodies when they sign players.

    Hopefully they can trade Kolb for Cromartie and maybe sign Plaxico, Rogers, maybe Portis as a backup.

    We need to address our secondary and hope Vick stays healthy.

    Hopefully their aggressive plan has plans for Broad street.

  • “Crippled Goodies”.. when was the last season that Portis was healthy
    I see lots of good back-up RB’s out there who should be availalbe
    (A Hightower, M Barber, M Tolbert, R Brown, C Williams,B Jackson)

  • Paulman – good to hear except Cole lives in Mantua and it’s Woolwich. He can move in with J Rollins in Woolwich.

  • In Mantua… Is that restaurant “Cap’n Cats” still around…
    Use to love their Flounder and Chips with a Cold Beer or 2 for lunch…

  • YUM, BEEEEER! & Irish car bombs. Sweeeet! Sorry it’s been a long week already, & it’s only Monday.

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