• August 19, 2022

No transition tag for Akers

This isn’t terribly surprising. The Philadelphia Eagles are officially ending the David Akers era. The Eagles had placed the transition tag on him in February, but after taking Alex Henery in the fourth round of this past draft, they have no use for Akers anymore and they removed the tag. He’s now officially a free agent.

Careful with this one, I hope you know what you’re doing.

Akers is 36-years old, but he’s still a stud. Sure, he missed a couple kicks in the playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers, but that’s going to happen. Guys have bad days. Akers is still an elite kicker in the NFL and someone is going to pay him well. You think the Cowboys wouldn’t love him? Hey New Orleans, you want this guy with a metronome for a leg or Garrett Hartley?

There are awful kickers in the league and Akers is going to solve a big problem for someone. But, how he kicks for someone else really doesn’t matter. If Henery comes in and kicks how the Eagles think he will, it will all be a moot point.

But…you better be right. Having a bad kicker is debilitating.

Micah Warren

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  • Got to agree Micah, sure hope they know what they’re doing here cause Akers is still a stud and its really easy to see a young, new to the NFL, kicker missing far more tough or post season FGs than Akers.

  • Akers did this to himself, It’s one thing to turn down a fair offer back in December, but when he and his agent complained publicly about the transition tag was placed on him, he was good as gone right then and there.. The Eagle chose to move forward and obviously would not have selected the Kicker in College with a 4t hRound Pick.. Best of luck to Akers who was a solid and consistent kicker during his time in PHiyyl, But his PLayoff Misses and his erractic kicking in Cold weather prevents him from being a “stud kicker” in my eyes.. He’s good,but not a stud.. He will sign on with someone else pretty easily and will probably be looking for a dome team to help extend his career and limit his outdoor kics in cold weather.. Look for Atlanta,Saints,Detroit, Vikings and maybe even the Panthers all express an interest but not at the same $3 Million Salary Figure that he foolishly turned down in December.. What was he and his agent thinking…Time to move forward…

  • Good riddance.

  • Yeah, he did it to himself, good, bad or otherwise. He got pretty darn greedy for a 36 year old kicker and I don’t blame the Eagles. As an owner I probably would’ve done the same. As a fan, I sure hope they made the right choice.

  • They have the best kicker in NCAA history — I’m sure they made the right choice.

  • Birdo – hopefully he’s all that. Lets just say I’m glad we’re not the Raiders and spent a 1st round pick on a kicker.

  • Am I the only one who thought buying an Akers jersey and rocking it to the game or bar was ridiculous? Akers is not a stud…you cant depend on him to make a long kick anymore. On top of that he was offered a very good deal that would of paid him like a top 5 kicker and turned it down cuz he made some “bad” investments with his money over the years and needed the biggest contract he could get. Wish him luck but if he goes to the cowboys I hope he sucks

  • There’s no guarantee that he’ll get more than the very good offer the Eagles made and if he dons the star, I hope he has a complete meltdown.


  • Good riddance…This bum Akers missed key field goals and cost us a playoff win by missing makeable kicks…Get the hell outta here and point to the sky on your way out. Take the swine ripper with you.


  • Songs I agree…The makeable kicks in crunch times that were missed cost us playoff games; reminds me of Mcnabbs “feet ball” dirt passes. They make plays through the year, but when it’s time for the playoffs when it counts, they choke up on us. “Point to the sky on your way out” HAHAHA!

  • Come on guys, hit me up for an invite to the fantasy league astuckey05 at gmail dot com

  • to Scorp, is this for the GCobb Fanasy Football League..
    I signed up earlier and should be good to go…

  • I use to go to at least 3 regular season games and every home playoff games for the Eagles until I found out this team will never do what it will takes to win a Superbowl. Why freeze my ass off to only be disappointed time after time.

    If Jerry Jones had the talent we currently have on offense and defense with only a few spots to fill …..he would get the best available and think about the cap next year.

    He would seize the moment and that’s the difference between a winnng owner and Lurie.

    When The Cowboys were winning Superbowls they still added Deion Sanders anyway. They got the best in the business..no consolations.

    And since we have been conditioned …the fans now use the same lines for mediocrity when there’s player we all know can get us over the top.

    Now, some might talk this away be saying Jerry haven’t done anything in years…but folks…We have the same number of Superbowl wins as the Cowboys if you want to count after their dynasty.

    Championship Owners finds a way to make it happen.

    You can not win a Superbowl with just a prolific offense…Defense Win championships….because when you get to the playoffs..you meet defenses that can match good offenses.

    I love Vick and DJax…but their talent will be wasted if we don’t get a top defensive corner who can tackle and match up against these monster receivers in our division.

    Green Bay have too much talent on the receiving corp and will rip our inexperienced safties and suspect right corner to shreds.

    Am I the only one who see this?

    Or……Have we’ve been preconditioned to think doing things the same leads to a different result?

    I watch from my living room now….and use the internet instead of paying NFL network.

    I use to do Lehigh every summer in the 90’s..and buy merchandise like crazy..spending even when their prices are bloated during camp.
    Calendars, The Annual Yearbook with rosters…hell I even use to order the Eagles magazine weekly.

    No more…I will not put a red cent into this team until they go out and get the players needed to get us over the top…and I right now it’s ripe.

    This reminds me of the years when our defense was good and the organization refused to get a top receiver.

    We’re here again in the reverse.

    Everyone knows Asmo puts us in top contention and yet we as eagles fans are now relegated to a guy who had an horrible season last year and hope that was just a mirage.

    And if DRC isn’t good then we’re bck at square one..Close but not good enough.

    The “Almost” Philadelphia Eagles

  • Song, you should apply to be the GM somewhere, sounds like you have this thing all figured out.

    As for Akers, a simple test suffices. At the end of a game, 1 second on the clock and ball on the opponent’s 30 and down by 1 point. Are you nervous when Akers come in to attempt a 45yd FG? Earlier in his career, i would be confident, but now, I am more nervous. Eagles have a good track record of letting people go at the right time.

  • Songs, do you honestly think that the CBA during the Jimmy Johsnon (dallas cowboys coach) era is comparable to now? If Jones is such a good GM, then why has Dallas only won 1 playoff game in the past 15 years? Seriously?

  • SONGS, are you getting any signals yet, with your tin foil helmet & radar dish? You psychopath. You are all over the place. You shouldn’t be allowed in public, anytime soon.

  • Schill…read my post again…The Cowboys and the Eagles have the same amount of Superbowl wins as the Eagles after their Dynasty.

    And if they get one before the Eagles no one will surprised..and if you don’t think that’s possible..If I told you in 2003 that the Giants would get another Superbowl before the Eagles…I would have been laughed out of the city….If I would have told you in 2004 that the Saints would win a Superbowl before the Eagles the laughter would have gotten louder.

    This team do not know what to do when they’re one or two players away from competing for it all.

    To prove that…..We’re here…

    Watch what they do.

    To show you I have watched them closely.

    Paste this post.

    The Eagles will get DCR and he’ll stink…
    we’ll get knocked out of the Playoffs and next offseason we’ll say “we need to upgrade the right corner but the pool of Free Agents are not as heavy as it was last year and we are not going to overspend for average talent”…and they’ll draft a corner that will still need time to grow while our team gets older.

    Then guys like me will be crying for them to pay for a sure thing even if it means overspending because we lost the opportunity last year when there was more than one option. …and guys like you all will be on here saying.

    we can’t!!!!!

    We have to redo the McCoy’s deal.

    It’s perpetual.

    Paste it!!!!

    I’m not a seer.

    There’s trends and Every year the Eagles do the same thing.

    The one year they decided to do something different we were in a Superbowl.

  • SONGS, COWBOYS & EAGLES have the same amount of Super Bowls as the EAGLES. WTF, are you talking about ???????????????????
    DRC, doesn’t stink. He is a very good CB. BTW, have you ever watched DRC play? I have, because I have Fitzgerald in my carry over fantasy league. I’ve see all of their games the last 3 seasons. He is a good CB. Last year he was hampered by an ankle issue & their DF was on the field approximately 70% of the time.

  • Songs,

    You’re correct buddy; winning organizations like the patriots, steelers, and SB winning teams find a way to win like JJ in the 90’s. If Jerry Jones had our kind of talent, he would take a risk and sign a big name or 2 to get over that hump. After their championship dynasty of the 90’s we have won just as much as the cowboys “ZERO”, and we have been in the same boat with more talent and a number of playoff wins etc and we have just as much as the cowboys”ZERO” after their Dynasty of the 90’s. We have 0. Our front office gets “scrap heap fixer upper patch em up”players. Real team owners find a way to win. When we acquired T.O. we went to the superbowl. When we acquired Samuels; NFC championships once again with no complimentary right cornerback; but T.O help us get to the SB (his play not his character). We never go all in for the win is what I believe Songs is sayin and I’m in agreement 100%. These comments are the same comments we’ve been saying on here over the years because the organization has the fans conditioned to be saying and hoping the same ol same ol.

  • Point is, When our F O gets serious and get two or three playmakers and pay them top dollar, we’ll win a few superbowls nuff said.

    By the way one of those 9 signed rookie free agents is 6’2 175 lbs… kind of reminds me of another todd pinkston. That’s the difference; if we really want to win we would go out and sign Plaxico Or R Moss and win a SB, not another Pinkston.

  • Rocko – if you are correct, why have none of the winning SB teams done that? You’re saying, we need to do ‘x’ to win a superbowl. If we do ‘x’ – we’ll win a SB.

    But none of the SB winners did ‘x’.

    Do you see how ass backwards that is?

  • Rocko…you can’t have enough of those Todd Pinkston type guys.

    You Andy like throwng fastballs at the defense.

  • Schill, I’m not concerned with other SB teams who have wne already and had to rebuild/replenish or whatever in their down year, I’m talking about our front office paying the best players on the open market to come in here and help us win a SB, We always get a good offense and mediocre defense and vice versa; our front office is about lining their pockets and hoping to luckily win a SB by their half-hearted attempts at trying to bring in the so-called best players.

  • Yea Rocko the Redskins, Cowboys, and Raiders have been loading up on superbowls in the past decade with all their flashy free agents signings. Man, I wish we had those owners

  • pheag…what do those 3 teams you just mentioned have on their shelvves that the Eagles don’t?

    And even with their incompetence the Raiders were able to get to the Superbowl during our early years of Reid’s tenure. So while you would like to bring up teams who do all they can to get players to win…at least we as fans know their owners are willing to do it. I respect Snyder because he want to win..He may not be as structured compared to the Eagles but there’s no question he would get a plaer no matter what the price to try. and again…The Redskins have the same number of Superbowls we have within this decade.

  • Pheags…I actually started to respond to that until I looked under your comments and realized Songs took care of the answer for me. Just read Songs comments and you’ll get an understanding about teams that have hardwear while we don’t.

  • They won decades ago. Their teams have been in misery for years because their owners are all out of their minds and don’t know how to build teams in todays NFL.

    “winning organizations like the patriots, steelers” I think its hilarious that you mentioned the Pats, and Steelers because please tell me all the big names they sign in FA every year to please dope fans like you. The Pats won superbowls with trash worst than Pinkston and Thrash. Both of those teams just had QBs that stepped up in the big moments when it counted most. O yea the Packers signed some big names before last years run too. Instead of just hating the Eagles every second of the day how bout you guys just go be a “fan” for someone else

  • Pheags..yeah?

    And what have we won?

    and please don’t mention the Pats and Steelers….they are batting 1,000 in the first round drafts. They don’t have to go for big names in FA because they know how to draft.

    If they drafted 1st round players like Freddie Mitchell, Reggie Brown, Mike Patterson, Broderick Bunkley, Jerome McDougal, Graham and between all that decided to trade out of the first round 2 years in a row…then they would need help on the Free agent side.

    Those teams you mentioned are excellent at drafting and it’s easier to retain those players because of the the Tag options.

    But when you draft 1st round players that are mediocre and not worth retaining you must make up the talent through Free agency and try to get someone elses Superior talent to offset bad 1st round choices.

    The Eagles can not do their fA Business like the Steelers, Packs, or Pats, because those teams flat out get the most out of their 1st round selections.

  • When it comes to those teams pheags (steelers/patriots), they draft well. They draft Beasts and not”high motor” guys. They draft to dominate and win, thats why they don’t waste too much time in FA. They may add a piece here or there, but they draft to win, not to patch up holes for the short term. Plus they take care of their players. The Rooneys would of taken care of DJax a long time ago.
    By the way, I was born an eagles fan and will always be one through the down years and the victorious ones for your dam Info.

  • Songs and Rocko, since you two are so into Superbowl history and what teams have ‘on the shelves’ – then tell me this – what actually is the different between the NFL championship and the Superbowl? Tell me

  • No S*** they draft well..That was my point. That is how you win today. You don’t win superbowls today by buying them in free agency

  • See here’s the Eagles problem..

    They do just enough not to be called cheap and not enough to win it all.

    That Eagles in one phrase

  • Pheags…I don’t undstand…How do you compare the Eagles to teams that draft well?

    Don’t understand why you would bring them up in a discussion concerning the Eagles.

  • Rock, I will say it again. Slowly for you. They could not do a deal last year that Jackson would have signed. There were rules in place due to the uncapped year that made it not a possibility. The league rules were such that DeSean Jackson was caught at a bad time, and he could not get a long term deal worth significant money. Not because the Eagles did not want to do a deal, but because any deal he would have signed would have violated the rules established by the CBA. The NFL has rules that are collectively bargained, the teams and players cannot violate those rules. There is no “long time ago” because he has only been in the league a few years. Since when do 2nd year players get deals redone, unless it is on VERY team friendly contracts? Plus, the Steelers are very well know for letting players walk at the end of a contract. They frequently do not sign second deals with players, and never just because they are nice guys. I will repeat it, Desean Jackson could not have gotten a deal he’d have liked last year. He understood that, even commented on the fact that he know the CBA situation was holding up his getting a reworked contract.

  • Songs, you have yet to answer my question – show me a team that won the superbowl by spending. You have failed at that test that defines the validity of your thesis in life.

    Prove yourself. fool

  • Schiller… 51 years (since 1960 eagles championship), a head coach name buck shaw, american football league and the national football league merger of 1970, since before the majority of bloggers on here were born, since WHO GIVES A DAMN ABOUT A CHAMPIONSHIP; We want a real superbowl with the real glitz and glamour of winning the real deal. Stop livin in the past and get with the here and now …damn a championship,I want a ring by todays standards. Every other team is getting a ring and glory and we still sittin here bickering without a ring

  • Anderson…where did you come from. This is gettin too hilarious. I didn’t read your comments because I’m tryin to get schiller straight on the championship/superbowl thing. But, since you joined the party and barged your way in, you gave the answer without me even having to offer you my view. You said” Since when do 2nd year players get deals redone, unless it is on VERY team friendly contracts?” My answer to that is that the Eagles better start getting pretty ‘team friendly” with their contracts HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Point is; PAY THE MAN WHAT HE’S WORTH.They sucked up to Kolb the unproven, paid him handsomely and now are ready to dump him while in the midst of DJAX the supastar gettin paid crumbs. Our front office can’t draft for crap and got yall suckas conditioned for this crap every year.

  • Rocko – once again, thanks for clearing that up for me. I care about football. You’re into glitz and glamour…ok….um, I think there’s website where they talk about fashion and all sorts of glittery sparkly stuff – check it out….

  • Schiller I scrolled back here to find a statement by birdobeaman and saw your response and must admit i’m cracking the hell up man…this is too damn hilarious. On the real you know what the hell I mean, Holding up a damn Lombardi SB trophy lol!

  • I will repeat, he could not get “paid” last year. He could not get a new contract last year that he would have been happy with, under the rules that were in place. Then they could not do new deals because of the lockout. One more time, there has not been a chance to get him a new deal, so he does not have one. IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE TO DO A NEW DEAL FOR DESEAN JACKSON LAST SEASON. So he will get a new deal now, nobody is saying that he does not deserve one, but do not make like there was any choice in the matter for either the Eagles or him. I do not know why you care what he makes anyway, he does not care what you make, and I am 100% certain he is not going to give you any of his money. He is the one who couldn’t get himself drafted in the 1st round, so he did not get a monster rookie deal. Now he will get a better deal, like what he has earned. But it had absolutely nothing to do with whether or not the Eagles wanted to give him a new contract last season. It was about the CBA, as it stood then, as bargained by the NFL and NFLPA.

  • Team friendly contracts anderson, team friendly…

  • If he wants to sign for less money to exhibit his generous and kind nature to toward the Eagles, that is up to him. Ibanez just about blew out his knee catching a long fly ball. Stellar catch.

  • No chance of Akers Returning, he’s done and gone as I stated back in Jan/Febuary..You do not cross or piss off this Front Office and remain an Eagle to tell about it.. It just doesn’t happen to anyone..

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