• May 27, 2022

Day One Of NFL Business In Philly

On the first day NFL teams were allowed to make any transactions, quarterback Kevin Kolb was supposed to be announced an Arizona Cardinal at 10:00:05 AM EST.

Well, 12 hours later he is still a member of the Eagles and fans are beginning to worry that he won’t end up traded. This is Philadelphia, right?? When are things picture perfect???

I still think Kolb will be traded. I also believe he’s still the Cardinals first choice. Just like the labor negotiations, both sides must do their due diligence to make sure the trade is good for them.

Another storyline came this morning when quarterback Michael Vick stated he wasn’t sure when wide receiver DeSean Jackson would arrive at camp.

Neither Jackson nor his agent Drew Rosenhaus said he would holdout. If DeSean isn’t at Lehigh Univ. by Thursday, we’ll have a better idea of his plans.

I mentioned a few days ago that I wouldn’t lose any sleep if the Eagles didn’t sign any of their pending free agents. Well, it looks like the Eagles front office won’t lose any sleep watching these guys walk either.

This doesn’t mean none of them will return. I translated this as the Eagles saying “If you think you can go get a long-term deal, knock yourself out!! If that doesn’t work, this one year deal will still be on the table.”

Safety Quintin Mikell was the first reported departure, signing a 4 year deal with the St. Louis Rams. Mikell is a good player, but $27 million?? $14 guaranteed?? Glad Philly didn’t give him that contract.

While we wait for announcements that the Eagles have made trades, signed draftees and agreed in principle with free agents, they did sign 10 undrafted rookies.

Each guy has an uphill battle if they expect to make the final 53 man roster. Here’s the scoop on each player……

1. Perry Baker-WR (Fairmount St): The Eagles drafted a few players with NFL bloodlines. With the signing of Baker, they have continued this trend. Outside of good effort during the preseason, I don’t expect much from him.

2. DeAndre Brown-WR (Southern Miss.): Brown might’ve been drafted if it weren’t for his injury history. At 6’5”, 239lbs he’ll be tested in red zone situations. His work ethic and special teams will be key.

3. Graig Cooper-RB (Miami): At 5’10”, 205lbs Cooper fits the Eagles mold for running backs. He had a partially torn ACL at the end of the 2009 season which limited his production his senior year. He’ll have a chance to battle Eldra Buckley for the third halfback spot.

4. Chas Henry-P (Florida): The Eagles drafted the top-ranked kicker in Alex Henery. Now they signed the top ranked punter. In addition to his accuracy and hang time, Henry also can hold for field goals, kickoff and place kick himself. That said, he needs some competition in training camp.

5. Jerrod Johnson-QB (Texas A&M): Johnson is 6’5”, 250lbs, mobile and has a strong arm. However, his quarterback skills are extremely raw. Two words: Practice Squad.

6. Brandon Peguese-DE/OLB (Hampton): Being that he’s 6’0”, 230lbs I was concerned about the Eagles using Peguese as a DE (Another Philip Hunt??). He’s listed on their official roster as a linebacker. The Eagles LB unit is so thin he could still make the team.

7. Cedric Thornton-DT (Southern Arkansas): With the uncertainty of Jeff Owens recovery from his December injury, the Eagles need another camp body at defensive tackle. At 6’4, 310lbs, Thornton may be able to surprise some people during the preseason.

8. Terrance Turner-WR (Indiana): When reading his scouting report (not known for athleticism, runs good routes, strong hands), the 6’2”, 212lb Turner sounds like a taller Jason Avant. If he proves himself on special teams, maybe he’ll take Chad Hall’s spot.

9. Martell Webb-TE (Michigan): The Eagles kept just two tight ends on the roster most of last year. Hopefully they go with three in 2011 in case of injuries. Webb was a reserve tight end as a Wolverine whose playing time was primarily on special teams.

10. Noel Devine-RB (West Virginia): There were two speedy running backs who could return kicks that I wanted the Eagles to covet during their draft process. They were Kentucky’s Derrick Locke and Devine. Devine may have been a mid-round pick, but I believe the NFL rule changes for kickoffs may have diminished his value.

The Eagles have yet to announce a blockbuster deal, but who knows what’s brewing at the NovaCare Complex. Remember how and where we found out Donovan McNabb was traded?

Day Two is going to be very interesting….

Haran Knight

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  • QB Hassleback has reached an agreement with the Titans so scratch them off in any Kolb trade Discusions..
    Seattle/Titans/49ers (Agreed to Re-sign Alex Smith) have resolved their short-term QB needs
    Cardinals,Vikings,Dolphins,Bengals and Redskins are about the only teams left in the Market for a Starting QB and it Appears the D McNabb will go to Vikings still leaving K Orton, V Young, K Kolb, maybe a J Delhomme and even a Carson Palmer out there for a team to consider..

  • I hope that the front office didn’t price themselves out of trading Kolb. I just have a feeling that we’ll be the ones with pie on our face after the dust settles. I like the signing of Chas Henry. I get to watch a lot of Florida football, and this kid can bomb the ball down field with accuracy.

  • Forgot to include Free-Agent QB M Bulger, Matt Moore, as possible Short-term QB players for a team also..
    If Cardinals get cold feet about Kolb and sign Bulger (which I called for all Spring) then Kolb will most likely remain an Eagle for 2011 (which I also called for) Things are just heating up…

  • The list of Eagles who will be released and annouced Thur 7/29 at 4pm will be the following and remember, These players can stil re-sign back with the Eagles but at a lower Salary than there current Contract calls for

    DE J Parker
    CB J Hanson
    FB L Weaver (or placed on PUP/IR list to make him Inactive for 2011 Season)
    DB M Jackson
    (These 4 I think will not be offered any deals to come back with the Eagles)

    2 Possible Surprises who they will try to renegoitiate at a lower Salary
    DT Mike Patterson
    OT Winston Justice

    That’s it for now

  • im seeing reports that the Eagles are asking for DRC AND a first for Kolb.. lol

    Roseman is about to ruin the whole deal because he wants to be greedy.. Cardinals are already offering DRC and a 2nd…


  • Very aggressive 1st day. **sarcasm**
    These idiots are trying to get a Kings ransom for Kolb. A 1st rounder, along with DRC. AZ offered DRC & a 2nd. Take it you greedy f^@ks, before they back out, or get Orton. You greedy fools. They better not f^@k this up.

  • Look at the Kolb deal from Banner’s point of view because that is who manages the cap. He can make the arguement of Kolb for DRC and a first because DRC has 1 year left on his contract just like Kolb. People say the Cardinals have to give Kolb a contract to make the deal work, well the Eagles have to do the same for DRC. So that means the Eagles have 2 big contracts tied up in Samuals and DRC. Hell, if your willing to put big money into 2 corners then sign Nnamdi(big $) or Joseph and keep Kolb. The cap hit would be the same and you keep an asset in Kolb. I prefer trading Kolb for a player that is signed for a few years going forward. This comment aligns with Pman’s bekief Kolb doesn’t get traded.

    I think Kolb is gone, but I haven’t heard the media clearly give the eagles point of view.

  • F^@k you Banner. Get the trade done, & move on you greedy overvaluing a$$hole.

  • OK – I am confused – so which Eagle FO guy is screwing the deal up – Rasheed1 thinks it is Roseman DDC wants to have sex with Banner…….

  • Kolb’s value was clearly the highest on draft day. The lockout caused the Eagles to lose at top 12 pick. The Eagles would have turned that high pick into 2 or 3 players. I think Jimmy Smith and Bowers could have been on this team along with the existing draft picks. You can argue Smith and Bowers, but take a late first and any second round pick from the last draft for Kolb. This would have freed up more $ to sign DJax and be way under the cap.

  • I saw some tweets from some reporter guy and he talking about roseman/Banner wanting to WIN instead of just making a deal

    here is the url – http://twitter.com/#!/timring3TV

  • Id be suprised if desean gets a deal before vick but it could definitely happen… guys a lot of the deals are in principle not set in stone, they’ll be consamated on Friday. Players from other teams can’t sign with any teams until Friday! So we won’t see any big signings until then. Trades can happen though…

    I refused to get myself fustrated this yr that’s why I’m not posting much… I have guys I want them to get though…

  • Day 2 and all is quiet on the Birds front. We’ve read for months that the Eagles have a detailed plan for post lockout transactions. So far, we’ve seen a number of rookie FA signings. No Kolb trade and no link between big name FA activity and the Eagles. It isn’t time to panic, only time to ask what the plan really is. Prediction here is the next big news out of Eagle-land is the DeSean Jackson holdout.

  • How is it the Jets are over the cap, Have a handful of starters they need to resign and as of right now they are the front runners for the top CB in all of football? We on the other hand are 20mill Under the cap, will probly have more after some cuts and arent even talking about this guy, I dont know who those front office people are from the Jets but i think we should find out and get a few of them over here.

  • Well the Jets signed holmes for 5 years, possibly eliminating the big money for a big name cornerback… but hey at least they’re being aggressive. Hopefully that leaves a big name FA out there for us.

  • Andrew P…their QB just restructured his contract to help sign santonio holmes. The Eagles basically can’t do anything until they decide to trade or def decide not to trade Kolb…whatever they end up doing this needs to happen fast. After today, who knows what corners are still going to be left for the taken

  • Vikings have deal in place with McNabb thus eliminating another team in Need of a QB.. Paulman now changes his odds of 60/40 that KOlb remains an Eagle for the 2011 Season…
    Teams left in need of a QB are Cardinals, Dolphins, Bengals, maybe the Redsksins and there are QB’s K Orton, V Young ,K Kolb who would all have to be traded and Free-Agents M Bulger, M Moore, and re-treads like J Delhomme, B Gradowski

    Could it be another slow and fail to react posture by the EAgles Front Office that couls cause a loss of value for Kolb (Similar to McNabb’s Deal last year where they waited too late and missed out on some value)

  • News from around the NFL

    Cowboys Starting Center A Gurode had knee surgery last month and may be out for a while, The released OG L Davis and signed LT D Free to a big Contract but they have questions and age,health in the interior of that OL

    Falcons re-signed LB S Nicholas for $17.5 Million Deal..($6 Million Guaranteed)

    Panthers signed DT R Edwards from the Chiefs for a 3 Year $8.25Million Deal

    Texans resign WR Jacoby Jones and back-up OL R Butle

    Packers resign Kicker M Crosby

    Is the Eagles Front Office still on Vacation.. Somebody let them know that Football is back and it’s Free-agency time..

  • that’s DT Ron Edwards the Panthers signed, so all calm down please..

  • Andrew…..damn this is scary…I was about to ask the same question.

    You know what is is Andrew…Organizations who want to win it all find ways to make it happen..But teams who are predisposed to not winning a Superbowl always say why it can’t happen. How many times we’ve heard?? guys say..”It’s not going to happen because that’s not the way the Eagles Business”. …or

    “Instead of breaking the bank the Eagles like to target guys who are on the rise and lock them up to long term deals”.

    We qoute how they do business as if it have worked and yeilded the big prize.

    How about we go against the way they do business.

    They went out and got T.O. and Jevon Kearse immediately the atmosphere changed and it was standing roon only at Lehigh.

    National attention daily and a Superbowl appearance.

    Everyone on the team knew something was different and the players were excited because the organization did something out of the ordinary.

    The ordinary way the Eagles do business does not transfer to championships but makes them competitve enough to keep the fanbase.

    We have to stop repeating their spin as if it works.

    I told you all a long time ago when this team was talking up Trevard Lindley around draft time that the Eagles are throwing things out there now just to soften the impact when they don’t go after Asmo. The lockout gave them time to soften the fans and the spin changed from Asmo to getting multiple positions….now i remember we were told multiple positions would be the target last offseason now look.

    The fact of the matter is that teams like the Jets know how to get what they want…The Cap is only a technicality for teams who would rather not pay a player…There’s ways and Banner knows numbers. If they wanted Asmo for his price they could do it. Caveats off the books been in football since the 80’s..wake up guys..we’re being played again.

  • Songs, I don’t think Banner has very much to with who the Eagles Pursue or who they don’t … This is on Roseman and Coach AR and right now they are laying eggs…

  • quick- we need a run down of what FA players tore an ACL next year. I think we could start there as far as who we will sign.

  • More news from around the NFL

    BIlls signed back-up QB T Thigpen as back-up to R Fitzpatrick so please take the BIlls off of any potential list intersested in Kolb.. They like Fitzpatric as their QB now and for the future as I have stated many times

    Redskins signed back-up QB K Clemens to back-up Starter QB J Beck so that the Redskins off the potential list of a team interested in Kolb
    Redskins receive 2 6th Round picks in trade to VIkings for McNabb
    A 6th Round in 2012 and a conditional 6th Rounder in 2013 and many still think McNabb is HOF Material..

    Teams needing a QB are now down to Cardinals & Dolphins
    My update is that Kolb is now 80/20% to remain an Eagle for 2011

  • I hope it all falls through to show how incompetent this organization really is. They had 6 months to plan for every scenario concerning Kolb and still get this done once business began. Teams are filling their needs at QB and soon the Eagles Brass will get a reality check that life goes on with or without you.

    They think they have acheived so much that players will take less to play for the Eagles. Look..The players fraternity spread things amongst themselves and all the players around the league know how the Eagles do Business. They seen the way Dawk was done..They seen the way Trot was done in his prime…They seen how T.O. was dealt with after they got him on a technicality, and seen the way the all time Eagle great Mcnabb was done and will not come to Philly to play for less money than what they can get on the open market. There’s other teams who can also challenge for it all…..Like the Jets. A playoff team with great talent and a coach the players love in a big market city. The Eagles Brass have really over valued themselves and If they want talent they better prepare to pay for it.

    How can the Jets minds come together to make a run at Asmo and we just do nothing.

  • More NFL News

    WR Santonio Holmes signes a $50 Million Deal for a 5 Year with $24 Million of it in Guaranteed $$$$.. DOes anyone seriously think he’s worth this amount of Monaey and don’t you bet you bottom horse that Agent D Rosenhous and D-JAx think they are worth more than this… We are all so glad to have Football back, but this may just end up being a long,hot summer for Eagle Fans as this roster slowly starts to fall apart and teh Team Chemistry and Locker room may be filled with lots of unhappy campers
    (Kolb doesn’t want to play here behind Vick but guess what, it appears no one else really wants him either, and the D-Jax situation and then if the Eagles go out and overpay for a CB which is very likely, then Assante Samuel is unhappy)
    Can the Current Andy Reid regime be crumbling in front of our eyes.. Is a total new look needed with ‘fresh eyes” and in the end, Maybe this Eagle Franchise is just simply not as good as they tell us they are..Time will tell

  • The Birds are playing a very dangerous cat and mouse game with the Cardinals on Kolb. If the Cards sign Orton, Kolb walks after the season for nothing. And, while playing this game, they are getting scooped in the FA market. I hope all of you like last year’s defense, plus the young faces from the draft. If Vick and the O can’t generate 30 points a game, this is an under .500 team.

    GET BUSY BIRDS!!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t know if this was posted, but Ike Taylor re-upped with Pitt. Still would love for the Birds to go hard after Joseph even though Cinci will probably re-sign him. Joseph and Edwards = happiness.

    Did they release the financials on the Posluzny deal to the Jags? Wish they woulda mad a run at him too.

  • More NFL Agreements/Signings to Announce

    LB T Spikes leaves the 49ers and agrees with the SD Chargers
    Center D Bass leaves the 49ers and agrees with the NY Giants
    (are the 49ers clearing up $$$ to go after CB Amsogoah.. I believe they are)

    Reports are the LB S Tulloch has received many offers which he is mulling over and right now word on the street in Motown is that he’s leaning to sign with the Detroit Lions over the Eagles to reunite for former DC Schwartz who now is the HC in Detroit and has a better offer from the Lions as far as guaranteed $$$ are concerned.. how aoubt this front 7 that Detroit is building with Suh, Fairley,Van Boshman,C Redding … wow…

    Stay tuned

  • Don’t worry guys…our big signings were Washburn and Mudd.

    All is well…..That was counted as free agency for the “Shekel Hoarders”

  • Redskins agree on a 1 year Deal with WR D Stallworth, they re-signed S Moss yesterday and drafted a coupld or WR this past Draft (Hankerson) so their WR should be much improved which figures after they trade McNabb…

  • How is it the “G Men” could set a meeting with Plax on Wednesday yet no other team can entertain players?

  • Songs- they cant. That meeting was called off

  • See Songs, that’s a great example of how the media says one thing, and you take it as fact. You eat up everything they say and don’t questions it, take it in context, or treat it like speculation if it isn’t confirmed one bit, not at all. You’re basically a fool that falls for everything the media says. – But most of it is speculation and misinformation.

  • That meeting may have been cut-off, but discussions can go on between Free-Agents and Teams, they just can’t formerly announced and signed until Fri 7/29

  • Believe me…they’ll still meet

  • How is it that other teams like the Jets and 49ers be in a bidding war for a guy that would take up 20 % of the cap space?

    Any answers guys?

    I mean ..with a guy asking for so much it should be impossible to sign him …right? The Jets have no room yet is bidding for his services….

    Any clues Schill?

    or any other Eagles Brass lacky will do.

  • songs – I have a clue – you’re eating everything the media feeds you, but we know nothing. So the reason a bunch of bs is confusing to you, is that its a bunch of bs.

  • Songs, your stupidity really scares me. The only way the Jets sign Nnamdi is if he takes a MAJOR cut. He may be willing to do that for the non-football opportunities he might get. The 49ers have money and DON’T have Michael Vick and Desean Jackson to RE-SIGN! WHAT ARE YOU NOT GETTING YOU F’N MORON?!

  • According to pft.com Jason Babin said the eagles are in his top 3 teams hes talking to… He ll probably be back… but there are so much going on behind the scenes itsdifficult to pin point anything right now until it actually happens…

  • Babin is not a big deal.
    This just show more incompetence,
    He was here and could have been resigned for much less, so they let him go and waste a pick on Graham that could have been used to get Earl Thomas…only to sign him for more money?

    A dog chasing it’s tail

  • Songs your right… but they have a new proven Hall of fame type Dline coach in Jim Washburn who under him babin was able to have a pro bowl yr… the eagles have there Safeties in place so im not mad about that anymore though i do feel they reached with the graham pick when thomas was there still… But Babin knows the way wash wants his dlineman to attack… Id like to have him back… but he may ask for a huge amount of money so i really dont know whats gonna happen… this FA is insane!…

  • I don’t blame Babin for his non-performance when he was in Philly before, Remember who was coachign this DL unit for the last couple of Season.. R Segrest, who perhaps, may be the worst Football Coach in the NFL in the modern era…How this guy kept a job with the Eagles for the last 8-10 Years is a head scratcher and has really hurt the development of some young talented players along the DL in my opinion


    THIS JUST IN!!!!

  • Camp opens tomorrow with no FA signings, no DeSean and Kolb in Eagles Green. They need a big 2nd half rally to get back in the game..

  • Jon please don’t buy the company line…Washnurn is as good as the players.

    Every time Babin got time on the field he was productive..it was our incompetent staff that couldn’t see the talent in front of their eyes.

  • Songs – check this out – another example of how you really should take what the media says as solid fact until deals are signed:

    from profootballtalk right now:

    “In a surprise move, quarterback Matt Leinart has agreed to a deal to stay with the Houston Texans, a day after reports circulated that Leinart would sign with the Seattle Seahawks.”

    It’s a crazy time right now and the only real sensible thing to do is wait and see how things ACTUALLY pan out – not to panic and jump to conclusions.

  • songs, you are hilarious. You just made the point that we should resign Babin. You realize that right?

  • Hell with DCR….i’m going on record now like I did last season against Kolb…I told everyone Kolb would have a 2 game leash and would beoutta here after the season…We’re trading one pronlem for another problem.

    DCR is not the answer against the strong, big, fast recievers in the NFC East….I looked at a few games the last 2 days and this guy is a pump fake bait waiting to happen..and he tackle absolutely nothing in the open field.

    Don’t let them sell us this 950,000 dollar bum QB’s including those in that weak division completed 65% of the passes against him.

    Don’t let them sell us this as the aggressive move!!!!!!!

    We will be in the same position.


    You’re whole point about DRC is that he can’t stand up to the big bad wrs on the other NFC East teams. Ok, so you’re saying that it could be as bad as last year, were those big bad NFC East wrs torched our secondary to the dismal result of THE EAGLES WINNING THE FREAKIN DIVISION!?

    If the Eagles won the division last year, with Patterson/Hobbs/Hanson at RCB, McDermott as coach, etc..etc..etc… and the result was winning the division – you’re telling me that we need to fear the division rivals’ wrs even with DRC —– that sir, is STUPID. Your whole argument is worthless. It’s based off of fear for something that produces no harm.

    What you got for that songs?

  • Ok so it seems like Orton is going to Miami and Kolb is going to the Cards.

    Songs, I think your just mad that Kolb is going for much more than McNabb just went for. All you do is call Kolb trash yet he is going to bring us back a 25 year old young lighting fast corner who has a probowl on his resume and prolly a mid range draft pick as well. If you think he is as bad as you say then this trade, if it happens, should be the biggest steal in NFL history. Yet your lover boy got traded for a bag of peanuts…6th rounder in 2013?? That is sad to see. And on top of that were giving ourselves more cap that were going to have to spend on other pieces by making this move.

    Your nuts if you think DRC is what you saw last year. Playing on a good team and for a new contract will change things. But I guess the excuse for having a bad season cuz of being on a horrible team only works for McNabb and nobody else.

  • Schill I’m not answering your questions until mine are answered. You were calling me a fool when I said Kolb had a 2 game leash before he’ll be benched….Remember?

    So give respect

    When tis question is answered I’ll galdly answer anything you have to say.

    How can the Jets who have less cap space than the Eagles be in a bidding war for Asmo services when it’s impossible for the Eagles to sign him because of the cap?

    Before you answer….keep in mind all teams have the same cap.

    So is it because the Eagles don’t want to pay him his worth?

  • Songs – I already answered that question – the jets are not in a bidding war for him (or they mgiht be, but that hasn’t been reported). The jets may or may not be discussing him. We don’t know that they’ve met with him or if it’s his agent and/or the jets leaking rumors for contract purposes or anything at all. You are taking what the media ‘reportedly said from a “source”‘ and running wild with it. There has been a grand total of (wait, carry the 0….) 0! 0! 0! reports out there that the jets have worked out the cap numbers, have offered Nnamdi a contract or even that they have met with him.

    There’s your answer buddy.

  • ok schill…Do you think the Eagles can be doing what the Jets are concerning Asmo?

  • songs, get off the kolb thing, but with asante in place in the secondary, don’t you think a more pressing need is in the front, to sign johnson, babin or get haynseworth, or even at linebacker, i respect your passion as an eagles fan and critic of this fo, but what’s up with the love affair with asmo?

  • Jake,,,no. The pressing need is opposite Asante because it thwarts his effectiveness if the QB can complete 65% of his passes against the other guy.
    We need a corner that will have QB’s throwing to asante’s side to maximize his worth.
    We were told that Teo, Sapp, Graham, the CFL guy were drafted and with the Coaching of Washburn that the line would be fine…especially if Hayneworth were thrown in the mix.

    Did the Eagles lie? Are these players what they said they would be?

    If so….Let’s go out ans sure up the last line of defense on that corner with an impact player.

  • and JaKe…I’m going to stay on the Kolb thing…I was on it since they drafted his weak ass and sold him as the heir apparent when we were only a few peices from competing for it all.

    Kolb shows how the inner workings of flawed evaluators.

  • Good points Pheags i concur

  • Songs – with the jets – YOU STILL DON’T GET IT. You are infattuated and obsessed with what the Jets are ‘Doing’. Well let me ask you, what in hell is it that they are doing? We DONT KNOW. Why are you so obsessed with an unknown that may or may not be anything at all?

    “Can the eagles also do ‘well, I really don’t know, um.. uh…thingamajigger…uh.. yeah.. uh..well…uh…'”?

    You see how that’s a dumb question?

  • Songs you are skewed. We were NOT a few pieces from winning it all in 07. We still had McNabb. This is the closest we have been to a Superbowl contending team since 2004. THIS is the year. DRC and Asante, lets ride!

  • More NFL News

    Redskins obtain WR J Gaffney from Denver for a reserve DT
    Bronco’s are now in serious Negiotiations with Miami to trade K Orton
    Bronco’s appear to start the Tebow era and don’t be surprised if the Broncos pick-up Veteran QB J Delhomme who was released by the Browns to act as a mento for Tebow (Delhomme and new HC John Fox are very tight)

    Taking a look at the revamped WR corps of th Redsksins
    S Moss, D Stallworth, J Gaffney, A Armstrong and Draft Pick Hankerson which is huge improvement on who they had lined up at WR last Season Throw in TE Cooley and DAvis and their QB J Beck will have some athletes to throw the ball to…

  • More NFL News
    Packers re-sign Kicker M Crosby
    Panthers sign Kicker O Mare
    Steelers sign Kicker SSuisham

    Akers probably has opportunites at Dallas,New Orleans,& Tampa Bay

  • SOme good news to report
    The Lions have agreed on adeal with Free Agent LB J Durant..
    Why is this good news, this tells me that a very strong possibility that LB S Tulloch has decided to take the Eagles Offer..

  • The redskins will still suck, there oline is still really bad. I dont fear them at all, and paul whats with all these news reports? When can go to nfl.com or twitter just like you do to get it lol… “More nfl news”??? ugh, please just stop man your not a reporter…

  • Now Snyder has 4 #3 WR’s. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! What a black hole organization, with a Jacka$$ running it. He thinks signing quantity is better than quality.
    Hey Songs, is that you really running the Deadskins? Two peas in a pod.




  • Jhart, we don’t need your news flash in all current articles, WTF, and jersey Joe, cool gcobb head name, nice

  • JH,
    It’s way to early to be posting in CAPS, C’Mon Man…

  • You have to think the way the eagles think… they are a team of order to a fault… they want to sign there draft picks, then kolb trade, then announce the new additions thru free agency, this is the way these guys have been for 12 plus yrs, nothing has changed… Why does everyone expect something different every year? They keep everything close to the vest and dont tell the public much…

    I will say this that andy did appear to be alil different at training camp press conference, a little more joyful and playful which is a good thing, maybe he has something to be happy about that we dont know… Lets stay tuned…


  • Babin?…ok…so when will the aggressive offseason begin?

  • It has began songs…. Today thru the weekend… I work for the eagles and i ll probably lose my job for saying that….. but we have here a Pro bowl defensive end with a 5 yr deal probably full of incentives, i gotta take a look at the deal… but keep in mind that they already have Graham and he said hes 95% healthy… babin can start or be rotational…. the eagles had to make this deal happen today after losing there chances on acquiring Haynesworth bc believe me they wanted him…

  • LOL….This cat is ridicolous!

    Babin, very good pickup! Teaming with Cole, Eagles will have one of the best DE combo’s in the league. Maybe with this addition, we’ll see Cole not “slow down” toward the end of season….

    To see all of the transactions in the league thus far, check out the below link.

  • Jon question

    Didn’t they have Babin..when they thought releasing him and drafting Brandon Graham would be an improvement?

    The same Brandon Graham that could take the starting job away from Father Time?

    Graham picked when a beast named Earl Thomas was sitting right there?

    Listen Jon….You won’t fired

    You guys are made for each other there.

  • Listen songs, you gotta get off that earl thomas rant its old now… We havent seen the best of graham yet, hes still young hence the fast recovery, 95% healthy right now… They did have babin but he didnt fit there scheme, it happens all the time in the nfl, what are you talking about… you sound like a drunk…

  • Hell…we could of given up a 3rd round pick or 2 for Haynesworth seeing as that we always end up releasing our 3rd round picks anyway.This is nothing new. We’ll be sitting here next year talking about woulda coulda shoulda as I predicted last year.

  • Rocko – that’s a big assumption to think that Shannahan and the skins would have made a deal to the Eagles for any amount. That’s a reach…

  • The skins would not trade such a dominant player to the eaglesor anyone in the nfc for that matter, so the idiots that they are go and send him to the pats making there defense dominant again. there solid at every position and have strong depth along that line….


  • Shanahan, said in the DC papers, in no way shape or form did he want Haynesworth with the Eagles. That’s why he went to NE for a 5th rounder in 2013. Die Shanahan, you & your alcoholic face!

  • I hate shanahan…and thats why were still going to dominate them this year…

  • Shanahan, blows elephant’s & rhino’s. He only won, because he had arguably the greatest all time QB. Then TD put him over the top.
    Shanahan, f^@king sucks!

  • LOL@DDCAR , they also had a killer ground game, that was back then, they cant run the ball or play defense to save there lives… were gonna rock them this year… same way vick made history on them on monday night football hahaha

  • That’s 2 wins on the schedule. John Beck & 4 # 3 WR’s?!?!? WTF!! BWAHAHAHA!!! Snyder never learns. Quantity is not better than quality, you smacked a$$!!

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