• May 19, 2022

Eagles Continue Aggressiveness With Signing Of DT Cullen Jenkins

Today at Lehigh University, Eagles President Joe Banner said the Eagles are “All In”, meaning they’re doing everything they can to win the Super Bowl this year. He and team GM Howie Roseman have backed up their talk with action.

We knew the Eagles defense needed some help and the Birds have gone out and got it some. They traded backup quarterback Kevin Kolb to the Arizona Cardinals and acquired Pro Bowl cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

They needed help at the right cornerback position, and this was supposedly the move we expected but we had no idea what was still to come.

On Friday the Eagles grabbed more defensive help by signing Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Babin and Pro Bowl cornerback Nmandi Asomugha. They replaced the departed Kolb by signing backup quarterback Vince Young.

They’ve continued the aggressive moves today.

They just inked free agent defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins to a five-year deal for $25 million dollars. We had no idea that the Eagles were in the hunt for Jenkins. Like the Asomugha signing, it came out of nowhere.

Jenkins, who is 30 years old, played defensive end for Green Bay in the 3/4 and racked up 7 sacks in 2011. He’ll be an ideal inside pass rusher in the 4/3 on third downs. Jenkins is 6’5″ and 290 pounds.

I thought a 3/4 team would get him, but he’s just what the Eagles need in their inside pass rush. He helps to make the Eagles defensive line, big and imposing.

A few minutes ago they traded former first round draft pick defensive tackle, Brodrick Bunkley to the Cleveland Browns for a 5th round pick in 2012.

Now they have agreed to terms with veteran linebacker Akeem Jordan on a one-year deal.


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    I’m not sweating the Desean situation, were doing everything right now.
    Let’s just wait and see, and soak it up with beer and BBQ!!!!!


  • All-in meaning that the Eagles are using and pending all resources to upgrade this team by adding as many wuality players to positions of need as possibile..
    Now I don’t want to hear people or current players then complain about their Contract status.. For thosre who say D-Jax should sit out umtil he get his is BS.. He is under contract and when he becomes a Free-agent anda wants to make the big-bucks, then great, for that’s what he’s entitiled to as a Professional Football Player.. But to think you are above th eteam and want more $$ now becase you make big plays (which is your job to do) I don’t want to hear it.. If this means the Eagles were are able to sign a couple more players like VY and DT C Jenkins then the Team is better which is what I and many other fans care about.. So let’s not spoil this great week or get out and play the old Victim card that your underpaid and feel sorry for yourself, get your ass to camp and work hard to help your teammates and team win the Super Bowl…The process is, once your a Free-agent you and your agent are free to make the best deal that is out there for you… but until then, honor your contract and play ball

  • Things are lookin good G; lets keep it rolling!

  • Cullen Jenkins was on my wishlist too.Iam beyond happy guys. This changes everything on that DLine…

  • If your D-Jax why the hell would you want to miss out on this…

  • Yes i play madden lol i made all the deals for the eagles and let me tell ya, this team is serious… Cullen Jenkins is a 94 ovr at DT and a 90 ovr DE… The guy is reletless and is a monster… The eagles will sign burress and i can tell bc he would have signed with the steelers or giants already… HES COMING TO PHILLY AND I LL BE THE FIRST TO REPORT IT GUYS… STAY FREAKIN TUNED!!!

  • I remember last year, Cullen Jenkins really put some big hits on vick…. but i digress….

    Reports are that Burress is on the Jets radar… DEJA VU… EAGLES WILL SWOOP IN AND GET HIM TOO, LETS GO!!!

  • Ike Reese reported it first jon, but last time i checked burress is out in Pittsburgh right now, he won’t sign with the eagles out there

  • However, I would pass on Plax and keep my money for DJax..Nobody has seen Plax play in an NFL football game in a long time. Our redzone offense wasn’t that much of an issue last year and getting Donald Lee is a very underrated move. The guy is a sneaky asset in the endzone

    If Plax is willing to come here for cheap then do it but if he’s wanting millions than he can go back to NYG and I could care less. Eli through a recored high in picks last year when we had Patterson/Hobbs at corner…he will have no chance this year.

  • That means nothing… he’s not gonna sign there he ll bea eagles… he sees all the moves were making… wouldn’t you wanna come here… don’t believe the hype man… the jets and cowboys are media whores and loved tthat there names were included in the nnamdi sweepstakes, but were embarrassed by the eagles… DON’T BELiEVe THE HYPE

  • Phillysupreme, that was directed to you… and btw i didnt even know ike reese was on the air… i try my best not to listen to wip too much, anthony G is my favorite, hate howard eskin, 97.5 fanatic is alway bumping on my radio, mike miss is the best here in philly…

  • I really thought that C Jenkins was the best All-Around DL in this Free-Agency, now his age and some minor knee concerns probably knocked his value down a bit, but you have this guy give you 30-40 Snaps a game, he can be as dominant and much more consistent and a better all around team player that A HAynesworth would be at this stage of his career.. Jenkins should also be a great mentor to help Dixon and the other young players on that DL and he can play both DT and DE and really thought he would go to a team that runs a 3-4 which really suits his style.. teams like the Cowboys and Jets would love to have him but probably couldn’t swing it cap wise and since Jenkins just won a Super Bowl with hte Packers last year, he wants to compete for another and go play for a rebuilding team… Great move for him and the Eagles and I think we may see the Eagles now trade J Parker for a 5th/6th Round pick or package him with someone else or maybe even release him.. I don’t think Coach AR will have Parker bust his ass all SUmmer only to cut him in the end, they will try to trade or release him soon so have can still try to hook with another team which should not be a problem for him as a rotational player but if your the Eagles, You don’t want to be paying the Salary level to Parker if he is only a rotataional guy and basically that’s what he is though he’s been a good trooper over the years..

  • Kelvin hayden was released by the colts

  • Mow, get Justice the hell outta here and sign a good OT and it’s gravy.

  • Songs – I would not complain if they went out and got a new RT – but I would focus on the LB situation – if Jackson can play center – you can shift McGlynn out to RT (he was a beast at Pitt at RT) or.. McGlynn can go to guard and Hermanns can slide –

    again – no problem getting one – but don’t think its top of list – I would have it 3rd (would like to see a veteran back-up RB behind McCoy.. wish we had gotten Sproles – guess you can’t get everything)

  • I see them using Donald Lee as a security net there on the strong side regardless of what they due at RT. If they make a singing that sures up the RT to the point that TE help there isn’t needed, GREAT, but I see that as a reasonable enough fallback…

  • No RT is more important than any position on this team. No Vick=no superbowl, We need to protect Vicks blindside at all cost.

  • You know any RTs available that would be better then Hermanns or McGlynn? Hermanns is a pretty darn good OT (got to worry bout the foot problems though) and McGlynn – again, was a monster RT at Pitt, he now has about 4 years in the league. If you follow your logic, why did we waste all that time on CBs and DTs etc??

    Lastly – one of the writers for Philly.com did a breakdown of all the sacks last year – the problem was RG and the delayed/zone blitz

  • Dag…I’m with you….There’s a reason LT’s have the 2nd highest salary on the offense..They protect the QB’s blindside…QB’s out..ususally no winning season.
    Well guys…Vick is left handed ..therefore the RT..is the most important position on our offensive line…period

    If getting a TE to chip was an answer most teams would use that as a cheaper option instead of paying for an athletic big man to protect the team’s highest investment.

    RT is a more important position for our team than a middle linebacker. We need a RT with LT athletics..not a slow or 2nd rate option.

  • Paul thats the point though. Washburn loves to rotate his players making subs all the time…thats another reason why we see the change in philosophy this year with the somewhat older players (30 yrs of age)…. But we have a nice mixof both young and old now… We really dont need parker anymore honestly, he can go… They have more money to spend as Banner alluded to by saying “Hell yeah!” in reply to the media asking if they have more money to spend… theyre giving us guys on this team that we only dreamed of getting… i had a wishlist, guys i felt they should go after… Cullen jenkins was one, nnamdi. burress, babin, bush, kolb trade for DRC was another… If they stopped here id still be satisfied, but there still doing deals…

  • So are Hermanns and McGlynn slow or second rate Options – Hermanns actually started at Left Tackle most of his rookie season? He played Tackle all through College –

    Again – a detailed analysis of every sack ,ast year was done and the problem was NOT the right tackle – one by one blame was placed on each and every sack, the problem was NOT the RT – the biggest issue was RG and the delayed/Zone blitz…. you guys are making up a problem that did not exist last year, the problem at RG was addressed by using #1 DP on a monster RG.

    Do any of you guys actually read or study football – or do you just like have fairy dust pop up in your brains? Again – the problem was the RG – probably why Nick Cole and MJG were not invited to Lehigh this year


  • W Justice was having a very good Season until he tweaked his KNee in late Novemeber and obviously struggle down the stretch playing on a gimpy knee.
    SUbsequent SUrgery should clear that up but it may take a while and I would be surprised if he remains on PUP until the 4th/5th Week of the Season and isn’t 100% ready to return until mid October or so….

    Here is a list of Current RB’s available thru Free-agency who I would like the EAgles look into as a back-up and compliment back to McCoy.. I prefer a bigger RB who can get the tough yards on Short Yardage/Red Zone situations. I don;’t think the Eagles need another scat back for passing plays for they have draft pick Dion Lewis to handle that as a 3rd Stringers

    Paulmans list in alphabetical order

    #1) J Addai (Colts) 5-11 215 lbs (can run,catch and pu the blitz)
    #2) M Bush (Raiders) 6-1 245lbs (is a load when healthy)
    #3) B Jarvis-Ellis (Patriots) 5-11 215lbs (versatile and a winner)
    #4) T Hightower (Cardinals) 6″ 225 lbs (My #1 Choice,very underrated,tought and can run,catch and block and has a nose for the end-zone)
    #5) B Jackson (Packers) 5-11 215 lbs (vresatile,familiar with WCO)
    #6) J Norwood (Flacons) 5-11 210 lbs (never reached potential, has speed)
    #7) K Smith (Lions) 6-1 220lbs (never reached potential for the Lions and played with a carosel of QB’s and poor OL while he was there..)

    My top choices would be Hightower, B Jackson, BJ Ellis or K Smith

  • About Rt,
    Why can’t Jason Peters go to RT, is it that much different playing on the opposite side.. Then slide T Herremans to LT (which is Vicks front side and not as critical for if Herremans get’s beat, Vick will see and can still react to get away or just just get down to avoid the hit)

    New OL from PaulMudd
    LT Herremans, LG Watkins,C Jackson, RG McGlynn, RT Peters

  • that would work

  • Bears sign Marion Barber, wow!

  • In my opinion, i think Mudd may settle with this group but as i look at it i think they should add a Olineman… They were tryna sign Doug free but he resigned with the cowboys… so i dont know what theyre gonna do… anything is possible…

  • Theirs no way the Eagles are doing all this and are gonna stop now, I dont care what anyone says, We need a RT ! When they picked up Peters they said they picked him up cause he was the best out there and they needed the best to protect McNabbs blindside, Well Vicks blindside is on the other side, We dont have the best on that side, We dont even have average, They have to upgrade that side !

  • I agree andrew but im not sure if they feel there is anyone worth signing… Doug free is great but is back with the cowboys…

  • I think Bears will release last years big siging of RB C Talyor who did absolutely nothing for them and had a big contract.. The Bears may have actually released him but Barber’s a good pick-up to back-up Forte who is their #1 RB..

  • Roseman said during his Jenkins announcement, to stay tuned, when asked if more moves were coming. He’s a sneaky bastard! I love it. LOL!

  • Andrew – your missing the point – we have three very viable and sound alternatives ALREADY on the roster NOT named Winston Justice or Dunlap or Howard. If you have someone – fine, great, outstanding…. but who do you have out there in FA right now better then Todd Hermanns? Or Pman idea of moving Peters over, or sliding McGlynn out – out of Pitt he was drafted 109 oveerall as a 4 year starter at RT.

    Andrew P – again as Pman said, and statisctics and data from last year back up, and detailed review proves conclusively, Justice was actually playing WELL (that typically qualifies for above average) prior to hurting his knee – the heavy sack number WAS NOT BECAUSE OF THE RT – this city just can not get over the fact that several years ago on a Monday night, with some serious help from the Eagles coaches he had a horrid game

    The next person that clamours we need a RT just answer me one question – name the opposing left DE that got a sack against Vick last year –

    chirp – chirp crickets

    delayed/zone blitzes and RG

  • im not trying to sound like big shot paulman, but i would sign leonard davis if possible and maybe shift herremans to RT?

  • ok i hope arizona finishes last and cleveland finishes second last. i wish i would have bet the eagles to win the superbowl when it was at +1200 it moved to +600 in two days

  • If we don’t sign a RT or LT (if Peters is moved over) with the injuries we have had on the line I would like to sign an experienced G and have McGlynn be the backup at C or G in case of an injury

  • To Eagles4life..
    It’s ok if your a big shot, (we all are on the internet..ha.ha)
    The think Herremans could play RT with a right-handed QB, but whoever is going to play RT with the left-handed Vick needs to have healthy,quick feet and be the most athletic of the OL since thay are guarding the blind-side of a left-handed QB and will see more stuts,blitzes and other teams best pass rushers from that side.. I think Herremans can do it on a spot basis until WJ returns but is not the long-sterm anser at RT..
    L Davis a huge guard (about 330 lbs) and is really not the tpye of OL that Mudd likes to have or coach, He likes the leaner,light on their feet and agile blockers on the interior and can get out on screens,pulls and trap blocking.. L Davis is more of a straight ahead mauler type of blocker and probably would not git very well in the Eagles Scheme .. (think of the Stacy Andrews experiment) ..
    Anyone wonder if Alan Faneca would come out of retirement to play Guard.. he probably has a little juice left in him…
    A dark horse pick-up would be OL Charlie Johnson wfrom the COlts who played LT for the Colts when their High Draft Pick T Ugho failed to hold the job down afer being a 2nd Round pick and became a bust, but Johnson’s natural position is at Guard and he would not be very expensive and played for Coach Mudd for the last few years in Indianapolis abnd probably could transition to the Eagles/Mudd’s system relatively quicky..



  • I am not too familiar with Mathis JH.. but it appers that maybe Herreamans will be getting some reps at the RT Position

  • Mathis is a 7 year Veteran at 6-5 307 lbs so he is long and lean which his how Coach Mudd likes them.. He went to University of Alabama and has played some Tackle in College

  • Jon Hart..Now we’re talking…Look for Justice to be traded or released.
    In hindsight it seems the Eagles were out in front of everyone as far as their homework goes, on how to take advantage of an opportunity with so many Free Agents coming free after the CBA was done. It seems their modest approach last year was due to the talent possibilities of 2011.
    This Eagles team were the first to know how to maneuver and stay competitve under the last agreement but let that advantage slip away once the league started mimicking their FO practices. Now, they are out in front with an opportunity again and they’re seizing this opportunity while other teams are still finding their way under the new rules.

    Hats off to the Eagles ..It’s about time we as Eagles fans be rewarded.
    And as much criticism I’ve had when they refused to get the one piece when needed in the past…I must give credit where credit is due.

    The Front office have sent a message that will trickle down to the players. The message is that they will do what it takes to win it all…and even if things don’t pan out….We as fans can not say they didn’t put it all on the table.

    Now, if Andy can give us a little more in the running game, I think we’ll definately win a Superbowl this year. And as for DJax…I thought about it.
    His opportunity to come in and pad his resume with a blockbuster team could not be better and can transfer into an even bigger deal if he comes in.

    Andy needs to call him a say just that….

    We do have options…and if you don’t get in here..we’ll trade you to Cincy for a high draft pick and sign Burress or even Braylon Edwards.

    Cincy with no offense would kill any opportunity for DJax to get the money he would yield if he just played ball on a championship caliber team.

    I’m not saying the Eagles shouldn’t redo his deal….I’m saying he should come in and practice like a good soldier while the Eagles open up talks with him for a new contract.

    Right now, the National media have it’s sights on Philadelphia… and what better opportunity for DJax to get national coverage to express his wishes than now?

    This is a Drew Rosenhaus dream to be in front of the cameras and get a piece of the the attention our signings are garnishing at the moment.

  • I think with D-Jax needs to realize that all of these Free-agents the Eagles just signed and the others that are signing around the League had to wait their turn and wait until after thier Rookie Deals were complete before getting the big bucks (unless you were a top 15-20 pick in the Draft or a QB), It’s just the way the system works.. Osi just reported back to Giants Camp yesterday.. If D-Jax has a prolonged Holdout and especialyl after this long NFL Lockout , He will look like the bad guy, the selfish one and to to be honest, will hurt D-Jax’s marketability for future endorsement.. HE should come and embrace the teams upgrades and hit the Season running if he and his agent were smart.. (the Eagles are not the type of team you want to put into a corner when it comes to Contract Situaions/Extrensions,etc,etc) for when you do, it never works out and the team will look to Trade/Release you the 1st chance they get.. (See how it ended for TO, Michael Lewis, Lito Shepard, J Trotter the first time around, H Douglas the first time around, S Brown, & most recently Davis Akers) One thing I do know about the Eagles FO is that they will not cater,cave in to any one player and I don’t see them doing that now with D-Jax..
    The longer he sits out, the more Free-agents the Eagles will bring in and will end up spending all their Cap $$ and won’t even be able to re-sign him if they wanted too.. So D-Jax needs to stop spoiling the great week the Eagles have had and join his teammates to get ready for what could be a historic season… It’s a shame that HBO doesn’t cover the Eagles on that Camp show/series “Hard Knocks” this year.. I bet their rating would have been thru the roof..

  • Paulman.. “Hard Knocks” asked for permission to have it in Philly….We refused a while back.

    Andy is too secretive and would never allow cameras behind the scenes..Hell, a reporter can not use a phone during press conferences, let alone cameras in dorms or in his private meetings concerning players.

    No teams have won it all after doing an Hard Knocks in the preseason.

  • I am so happy that they are now “ALL IN”. This only supports what me and others on this site have said in the past. They were not trying hard enough.

    Bunkley and Patterson both 1st round draft picks have been medicore for years.

    Being a Eagles fan does not mean you follow them blindly. They have deserve critisism in the past as much as they deserve praise right now for being ALL IN.

    Almost everybody has been let go the past few years except Reid. I said at the end of last season that his job was on the line contract or no contract and his actions this summer are that of a man who knows he’s on his last leg.

    Eagles fans must continue to demand a Superbowl and not keep glorifing a spot in the playoffs.

    I am thankful that this summer they have gotten away from

    Project Guy
    Out of Position Guy
    Torn ACL Guy

    Now put Herremens in a right Tackle and end this foolishness of king dunlap.

    Vick is our ticket to the superbowl. He can’t run away from a hit he does not know is comming.

    Keep up the good work Howie and Crystal Ball. Give the Eagel fans everything you’ve got.

    You are rich because the Eagle fans have given you everything they’ve got.

    It’s your reasonable service.


  • JH,
    Yes he is, which leaves W Braylon Edwards availalbe for someone to sign..

    Songs, I remember reading about that, but with all the action and high-profile players on baord now, maybe Coach AR and the FO may have a different look at it to increase the “Eagles Brand” Nationally and make even more $$$ if you know what I mean…

  • We have enough money to sign him but that would mean desean is gone…
    I really think the eagles should have signed him… i really wonder why the eagles didnt decide to get him…

  • Tulluch signs with lions


  • Tulluch deal to lions $3,017.000, deal including 1.8 gtd


  • Jon …Where are you getting the news on Barnett possibilities?

  • Just a hunch songs, they need a veteran LB bad and Barnett is out there waiting…. and possibly for depth reasons a safety, i have to take a look at the list of whose left…

  • Lofa Tatupu will be released by the seahawks

  • Why is it that the eagles always have issues signing wide outs? Bc they dont like to pay them the money! Plax told the eagles he would go there if they met his price, Jets asked if same deal applied. Yes. they were told. Offer and deal… I guess this was some payback by the jets bc we stole Nnamdi away…

  • NFL News and signings annouced this morning

    LB B Rudd from T Bucs to the Titans on a 1 Year 4 Million Deal
    S D Landry from the Ravens to the Jaguars
    WR M Jenkins from the Falcons to the Vikings
    RB B Jackson from the Packers to the Browns
    LB K Burnett from the Chargers to the Dolphins
    CB R MArshal lfrom the PAnthers to the Cardinals
    RB K Faulk re-signs with the PAtriots
    WR D Aramshodou from the Bears to the Vikings,

  • John Hart – why are/were you so sure about Burress to the Eagles? I don’t buy it. I don’t personally see any proof that the Eagles every had a shred of interest in the guy. And problem signing WRs? You’re assuming they tried. I don’t have a problem buying bras – I’ve never attempted.

    And we should trust you on Barnett? You said the same thing for Burress….

    Hey, I’d love Tatupu (maybe, seems to have slumped recently), but I’m just not buying your ‘inside info’. So far your sources equal paulman’s as far as I’m concerned

  • Jhart – and also, what were the other examples where we KNOW that the Eagles were after Wrs but fell short?

  • TO contract, R Moss, now not paying desean, Adam shefter reported about eagles interest in burress and said what i wrote earlier… i dont say things unless i know for a fact… no guessing from me… And yes burress signed with the jets so another one gets away…

  • and dont compare me to paulman, he hasnt hiton not one guy yet, i hit on jenkins, kolb/drc trade, nnamdi, babin… i just didnt get right reggie bush and plaxico

  • I also said theyd get barnett so im holding out hope for that…

  • J hart – but do you admit that adam schefter reporting about some interest from the Eagles in Burress does not automatically translate to ‘The Eagles tried to pull the trigger on signing Burress and failed”? There’s a difference between what we know and what you’re saying.

  • Broderick Bunkley had a total of only 6 sacks since we drafted him in 06. Cullen Jenkins had a total of 7 last year…go figure. The next few years belong to us; its eagle time baby.

  • Read his report Schiller, im not writing it again… the interest was there but the jets were willing to pay him the money he wanted…

    Guys, guess what Nnamdi said today … that He was excited acout playing with both DRC and Asante but THAT ALSO HE SAID AND I QUOTE “I THINK THERES MORE MOVES THAT COULD BE COMING FOR EAGLES” The selling point isnt only Vick and andy, there telling these guys hey were about to get drc, nnamdi, babin this one and that one and really thats the selling point guys… STAY TUNED OMG

  • lets drop the Burress mess, it’s old news and he’s with the jets, not with us who cares.

  • Songs – does it hurt? Does it hurt to know that so many things you and your fellow hater brethren said (paraphrasing) “Eagles FO sucks” “Reid is a loser – this team cannot win with him here” ” Eagles will never win a superbowl because they’re cheap” “Only Koolaid drinkers praise this team – people outside of Philly look down upon the organization”…etc….etc…etc…. DOES IT FEEL SALTY TO HEAR THE EXACT OPPOSITE OUT OF NNAMDI’S MOUTH!?!?!?!? YOUR BOY?

  • J hart – I’m looking for his report – I can’t see any report by schefter that says the Eagles want him. I see him saying that Rosenhaus says there’s two teams interested. I see him saying that Burress told Eagles they can have him for the right price, I see rumors, I see Schefter saying that the Eagles would have huge buzz if they also signed Burress. But nothing that suggests what you’re saying – that they tried hard to get him and failed. I just don’t see that.If it’s out there, help me find it. I’m asking you.

  • Guess what Schiller, up until about, oh um two days ago, this fo deserved all the criticism songs et.al heaped on this organization and then some, if all the fans were like you this organization would have been content with the status quo, but the eagles heard the swell of discontent, the” gold standard” was tarnished, the business model failing, they saw the success of their neighbors, and they knew that ultimately their stays quo mind set would fail them because fans like songs, the increasing and not so silent majority of discontents, would not take it any longer, so praise the likes of songs, show some respect

  • jake – i appreciate you contributing a different perspective. So I am sure I understand – do you believe that the Eagles did this (needless to say by ‘this’ I mean the past week or so of moves) because of fans like Songs?

    I surely do not believe that. I believe that they did this to make the team better, give them a better shot at winning more and getting to the superbowl, and winning it. I firmly believe that they know there will be fans (and many of them) in Philly that hate and criticize and question whatever they do, ALWAYS. They know that and the know that the best way to deal with that is to ignore it because it will persist no matter what you do period.

  • Schiller, who said anything about them trying so hard to get him? Here you go again jumping to conclusions… If the eagles really wanted burress they would have offered him the money he wanted not what they thought he deserved… what an addition he would have been… But i said they have interest in him and to stay tuned, and they did they did but the jets offered more money… Stop making something out of nothing and looking to pick people apart for any little comment…

  • Schiller…..The Fans have spoken..They listened.

    Get ready for a parade Buddy.

    E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Songs – Love the bottom 80% of that post. Glad you’re on board again (YOU FAIR WEATHER FAN YOU)

  • Jon Hart – Not trying to be an ass or pick a fight here. I was simply referring to your comment “Why is it that the eagles always have issues signing wide outs?”

    I don’t see it as them having issues. They didn’t really want to sign him. That’s not having issues. I think that’s an important distinction to note because I am very adverse to what I see as unreasonable criticism of the team (because of what I believe the negative impact of negadelphia can have) and to say they have issues signing WRs when that’s not the case – to me, that’s wrong.

  • Schiller, you tell me premier wideouts that the eagles had no problem giving the money to and dont give me Jeremy Maclin…. There are none, i hope they pay desean but up to this point the ones that theyve shown to have interest in they didnt endup paying them, whether they were free agents or currently on the roster and thats the truth… TO deserved the money, never got it, Moss could have been bought but he ended up goin back to the pats, DeSean is home sulking bc they wont pay him, they most not view wr as an important position… Its not me being negative either its me keepin it real… Im the biggest eagle supporter but i will call them out if necessary… And this isnt all about them not paying burress this is about how they treat a player that is on there roster, someone that has changed the culture in philly of them not having a dominant playmaking wr since the TO days in desean jackson… Im hearing lurie said today that they have money aside for desean so hes going to get paid but its just the principle of it all….

  • Jon you keep bringing up Moss – I heard reports that the Eagles offered Moss more money than the pats did – so I don’t get your point there.

    As for Jackson – I disagree that Desean is home sulking and that the Eagles won’t pay him. Um, I’m going out on a limb here, but I think the Eagles have been busy – like starting a training camp, signing rookies, signing undrafted rookes, and signing a free agent or two – am I crazy in saying that? And the utility of having Desean Jackson in camp so far? I put that at a VERY low value. Do you have any doubts about Vick and Desean’s ability to perform at a top level even if they only get a week or so of work together again before games start? i don’t. Yeah, he’s holding out a bit, but it’s a ver minor thing in the scheme of things in my opinion. You said it yourself that they’ll take care of him after they’re done focusing on free agents. So I don’t see how Jackson fits in to your argument at all.,

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