• May 19, 2022

Addition Of Cullen Jenkins Impacts New Castillo Coached Defense

All the talk of this Philadelphia Eagles team being a so-called “Dream Team” is starting to come to life. But GM Howie Roseman is simply just doing his job.

“I say we’re just trying to put together the best roster that puts us in position for a world championship,” said Roseman.

He’s certainly done a fantastic job in doing that so far, adding five great players to this roster so far: Nnamdi Asomugha, Vince Young, Jason Babin, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and Cullen Jenkins.

The signing of Jenkins came as a shock to not only Eagles fans, but to defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, who was said to be “pretty excited” upon hearing the news. With Jenkins in the mix, Castillo will have to determine just exactly how to utilize him on the line (inside or outside).

“He can really play both. On third-down, he rushes from inside. We think he makes a difference in that role. In this defense and in this scheme, it really utilizes all his talents,” said Roseman.

But no matter where Castillo decides to play him, the addition of Jenkins, according to Roseman, is one that will benefit the entire defensive unit.

“We think [Jenkins’] really well suited. This is a guy who we didn’t think we’d have the opportunity to acquire,” said Roseman. “The way things have worked out here in the past few days, when the opportunity came at us, we jumped on it…One of the reasons we got him is because of how good he is as an inside pass rusher.”

Last season, Jenkins racked up a career-high seven sacks in just 11 games. If he can come in and contribute just as he did with the Super Bowl champions last season, combined with the likes of Trent Cole and Jason Babin, the Eagles’ defensive line will cause havoc on opposing quarterbacks this season.

Many didn’t believe Jenkins would land in Philly because he reportedly received better offers elsewhere. His decision to come to Philadelphia most likely came with less money than his other options did. Taking a pay cut to sign with Philly shows that he wants to be a part of yet another Super Bowl team.

“Well you do get that sense. Obviously sometimes you don’t find that stuff out until after the fact, but it certainly seemed like this was the place he wanted to be all along and that he was determined to get here.” said Roseman.

The Eagles have a wide array of options on the line. Of course, there are two Pro Bowl defensive ends in Cole and Babin to go along with Jenkins up front. And then there’s seven year vet Mike Patterson, Darryl Tapp, Juqua Parker and a handful of younger guys, including former CFL star Phillip Hunt.

How the coaching staff decides to use all these guys is still to be determined.

“Well, Andy [Reid] always talks about fastball and having a lot of rushers and that’s what [Jim] Washburn looks for,” said Roseman. “He looks for rotations and waves of guys so they’re fresh and they’re firing off the ball and all that other stuff will be determined by play out here. It’s a good problem to have.”

The Eagles have come out firing this offseason, but as Roseman eagerly announced, there’s still moves to be made.

“I think you should stay tuned,” said Roseman.

Kyle Phillippi

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  • we still need a big red zone target. do they really feel that comfortable with riley cooper? me thinks not. if we don’t get a legitimate tall red zone threat, it’s just going to force vick to run the ball at risk injury. you really think he won’t go for the 6? you really think he’ll listen to reid and stay put? me thinks not. he’s a winner. winners go for it. if they don’t go get some big sure hands we are screwed.

  • Run – what about Donald Lee?

  • we’ll see about lee. i don’t know that much about him. i’m not paulman. my point was that they really screwed up by not being more aggressive with plax. this is how the front office does shit. they put on shows. they act like they really want someone but it always makes you wonder. how many times have we seen this by them?

  • run, you think we’ve seen a free agency period of this magnitude before from them? Really? I don’t


  • Just throwing a name out there regarding red zone threat (even though I believe Lee, as Schiller mentioned, will be an upgrade). How about Randy Moss for the right price? Similar skill set to Plaxico.

  • is anyone sensing an increased pressure on andy this year? the FO is giving him just about everything to make a deep run !

  • The Eagles signed the #1 free agent available on the market. They picked up a Pro Bowl DE who was in the top three available DEs (although Charles Johnson can hardly be seriously considered since Carolina threw a boat l

  • Nuts. Premature post.

  • …to finish my point, they signed a SB champion 300 lbs pass rusher from the DT position which we haven’t had here since Darwin Walker on an inconsistent basis, and Corey Simon on a more consistent basis. We are talking 6+ years here. They just signed an OG who has 22 starts in the NFL. And they were able to pick up a pro bowl cornerback via trade. They picked up a former 3rd pick overall 27 year old QB with a history of winning games in the NFL to back up Michael Vick. Yet despite all of this, the Eagles are foolish to have lost Plaxico Burress? What the Eagles have clearly shown is their decisiveness of action when they target a certain player. We, as fans, may disagree with their philosophies at times, or the way they value players different than the way we do, but if the Eagles wanted these players, I think there is strong enough evidence to conclude that the reason they didn’t sign them is because they never wanted them based on talent evaluation relative to players currently on the roster, they wanted them but weren’t willing to overpay for them based on their valuation philosophies or the player didnt want to come here. From the sound of this current crop of FAs most of them seemed pretty jazzed to be an Eagle.

  • Good point Nev, there is alota pressure on andy,more than ever… i just hope he doesnt crack under pressure… listen this is the tell all year. Its as if andy has been given a buffet spread and we know if he literally had one in his midst there would no longer be a spread… But hes been givin his pick of the litter…

    Another great point is that these pro bowl corners dont need to be coached up too much… But our LBs are great coverage guys but are they big enough to tackle? And will they wear down against run heavy teams?

  • why is everyone making a big deal about the babin signing?

  • Jon Hart and Nev – which players will be gone next year? I see this as building the team for the next few years, with no specific pressure this year. Who (important) leaves after this year based on their current contract? I see nobody that would hurt this from being a very strong team. No specific pressure or more than other years, just a stronger team.

  • run the ball – you don’t like sacks? You don’t think they’re important in football? You feeling alright? Get enough sleep last night?

  • shiller , i don,t know how long andy is under cotract beyond this year or next? and i am not an andy basher . but when banner says we are all in this year i kinda think there is pressure there .

  • An ols Monolith proverb “There is no soothing the savage beast that is some Eagle fans.”

    Hey just speaking into the wind right now, if you want more players, I can digit. Hey I would love 22 pro bowlers if possible, but to at this stage of the game and after the demonstration of free agent fortitude but forth by this front office, to sit and bitch about was is not is the reason the Football Gods in heaven argue among themselves on whether to bless the might Eagle fan with a superbowl.

    To steal a phrase from the good book, “If there be just ten faithful I will spare them all.”

    For the record I am also fairly stupid so here it goes………….

    No I don’t want Samuels to be traded I could give a damn about preceived value. I want to dominate the airwaves and strike fear in the hearts of every QB and D-coord. Please just this one year let me see it, then do what you will.

    Let the young ones at LB play freaking ball and let us be surprised and marvel at what we nearly wished would not be.

    Schiller your right, it is not in the nature of this Eagle organization to live only in the present and forsake the future, this team is being built to fight now, next year and years after that. I think that they are already looking at players for next draft.

    They have skill locked down for the future when other teams erode away, here we will still be. One think I will agree with most on is that the Eagles have, and continue to learn there lesson…..what is next perhaps Reid has a revelation and will run the ball more hmmm.

    Damn! As always “LONG LIVE THE EAGLES”

  • Schiller. not on the team but on REID! Big time….

  • Forgive the spelling its been a day, deal with it, big Mono luvs ya all. and no freaking Maclin jokes either.. I see ya boys.

  • Jon – good point. We’ll see what happens there….ha.

  • but on Reid, I don’t think they’ll move on from him if they end up having a strong year but fall short of a superbowl win. If they don’t make the playoffs or have other big problems traceable to Reid, yeah, maybe they move on. But with the success we all think this team will have – can anyone say they’re worse than last year’s roster? – I think they’ll view Reid’s role as one that has to continue. But that’s just me.

  • The Eagles Fron Office is official now…..”LET’S ROLL”

  • Ok based on the free agent signs how would you rate our Win/Loss Ratio for this year? i HAVE THEM 12-4

    St. Louis Rams WIN
    at Atlanta Falcons WIN
    vs. New York Giants LOSS
    San Francisco 49ers WIN
    at Buffalo Bills. WIN
    Washington Redskins WIN
    Dallas Cowboys WIN
    Chicago Bears LOSS
    vs. Arizona Cardinals WIN
    at New York Giants WIN
    vs. New England Patriots LOSS
    at Seattle Seahawks WIN
    at Miami Dolphins WIN
    New York Jets LOSS
    at Dallas Cowboys WIN
    Washington Redskins WIN

  • No 1 priority is a right tackle. Doesnt have to be a stud but I cant believer out of the 500 FA there isnt a mid level RT better than Dunlap and Justice,

  • Mr. V,

    I dig your predictions, its not Paulish but it works, though I am taking a point away for the Bears, they had all the could handle when we where minus Samuel and now well haaaa, just read the book my friend its much better than the movie. So lets us say hmmm 13-3 shall we ya know just for giggles and laughs.

  • Vricchini No friggin way . You have the Eagles losing to all Playoff stud teams. at home. lol We cant beat any of the big boys? I thought we are now considered a big boy. Lose to the friggin Jets, Chicago, NE and the Giants at home? 4-4 at home? Try losing at NY, Atlanta or Dallas and winning Chicago, Jets and NE.

  • Daggolden,

    I agree with you in princple, but you know that crazy murphy law thing that so badly screwed the Patriots on their big day against the giants.

    So I am playing it safe and giving old murphy the benefit of the doubt so that all our debts are cleared come playoff time and we roll into our first big SB win, and the immortality that will end that cursed Argument ender know to all us true blood Eagles fans as the “How many Super bowls have you won?” phrase. May that phrase die a hard and cruel death.

    As I say dear Dag, I am down with what you say, so in honor of the coming season, “To those who are about to get spanked by the Eagles, I salute you. Hail Eagles”


    Damn! I am loving the positive karma, hmmm what site did I log onto.

  • record 14-2


  • Vonnie*

  • Wasn’t RB T Hightower a Free-agent.. How did the CArdinals trade him..


  • Jon – do you fall asleep drooling on your pillow while you stare at your adam schefter poster? Just curious. (not trying to be a jerk but your clearly a paulman wannabe here trying to scoop everything)

  • Paul – looks like he was a restricted free agent and they tendered him. I’m not sure whether he would have been unrestricted with the old CBA or something….

    sorry, we all know how badly you wanted him – despite his 5 fumbles in both of the last two seasons….

    still plenty of quality vet running backs to do the little that is asked of our backup running backs…. not a problem at all. Plus I like Dixon a lot.

  • Schiller you act like babin is the second coming of reggie white.

  • Hahaha dont hate schiller, i have my inside sources bro… No im not paulman nor wanna be… Noone else on this site reports the big moves like i do… Just stay tuned, n i know you will…

  • jon – I certainly will. But seriously if you work for the Eagles, in what capacity? Enlighten us.

  • runda – um, how so? I said he brings sacks – I didn’t say he’s one of the best Dends of all time. I didn’t say he’s a future hall of famer. I didn’t say he’s amazing.

    Boy, you PMSing or something?

  • Jon Hart is probably the greatest reporter of all time… next to paulman of course.

  • Yes schiller i’m pms-ing. (sip of cranberry juice) i’m just saying. i would rather have signed plax for one year than babin for 5. that was it. thats all i’m saying. i’m saying we need a red zone threat more than a par def. end.

  • Watch out for the surprise signing of Randy Moss. I just have a feeling. 2 year 6.5 miilion. Play here for less. You heard it here first.

  • we better get chad lewis on the phone or else this rookie kicker better have ice water in his veins because we sucked in the red zone. we sucked. we sucked really bad. we suuuuucked.

  • did i mention we sucked?

  • run – see, now you are making sense. I see it differently – I think our pass rush lacked far more than our redzone issues last year. Afterall, our offense was on fire. MONEY. But our D had major major issues. I also see Donald lee and an improved Oline as redzone help already on this team. I don’t have concerns about the Eagles scoring the ball. I do have concerns (much less now with these additions) about the defense’s ability to stop other teams from scoring.

    To each his own – as my grandmother always said “that’s why there’s chocolate and vanilla…”

  • i always make sense. just ask for an explanation next time. i don’t type enough for you guys obviously.

  • if nobody agrees with me about anything. you have to admit chad lewis had some of the greatest red zone hands we’ve ever scene

  • Paul gives his opinion i give what is actual… I tell you way before the media does whos being traded or signed… I told you that desean will be reporting to camp monday or tuesday now look there is a report out verifying that… I cant get into my ties or position in the eagles organization…

  • The Eagles are going to shock us and trade Samuel or someone.

    Monday it will happen.

    I know who but can’t tell you.

  • Chad certainly did. But Celek (in the past) has been pretty solid, same for Maclin, and I restate – Donald Lee is an added dependable option there.

  • jon, you also tell us wrong stuff. We all have access to news, adam schefter and profootballtalk.com etc….. I don’t think anyone is looking for even ‘mostly’ correct ‘scoops’…. we can get the real news.

  • I like chocolate better…

  • What wrong stuff? If i do its over shadowed by accuracy.. I give you guys the goods! No arrogance just the truth…

  • If Samuel gets traded it better be for an elite player, hopefully a linebacker.

    Also, Maclin’s status is becoming an issue. An “unknown” sickness? That’s never a good thing. Let’s hope its over with soon. If not, do the Birds make a move for a veteran WR?

  • spuds butt buddy?

  • Jon – burress and I believe Tulloch (correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Burress and bush… paulman picked tulluch

  • I know for a fact that the eagle organization had interest in both burress and bush, not tulluch…

  • I’m thinking the same thing Kyle; we might have to get some backup insurance in case Maclin’s not ready. We’ve been real aggressive thus far and I’m thinking we’ll get Moss, and after missing 120,000 in pay Djax may be here tomorrow or Tuesday. I still believe they need to go ahead and pay da Man though.

  • Im such a football genius….I been saying that the eagles are trying to emaulate what the packers did on defense… Those 3 corners they have, then a younger charles wodson in Nnamdi who will most likely play in the same nickel role as woodson does for the packers roaming all over the field making tackles… even having the size to line up like up as a linebacker like woodson… If you think the eagles will be trading Asante then your nuts, its not gonna happen guys… Also they havent even seen them al lon the same field together yet…

    Another point, the eagles dont seem to be so enthused about the other corners on the team… i havent heard anything positive yet about them… imagine all the different defensive looks they will give with those 3 cbs out there… its gonna be amazing to watch…

  • Been gone for a couple days guys…..I saw we also got Cullen Jenkins. It’s a wrap. Just mail us our rings now.

    Did Songs PUNK A$$ apologize to the front office for constantly degrading them over the last 6 months? Did he apologize to us for making us put up with his BS?

    I already know he’s not a man of his word, or he would be gone from this site already.

  • LOL @Birdo, hilarious… hes been on here complainin like a lil baby about the front office this and that with no apology… hes the worst so called eagle fan in america… Hes the worst type bc when things are going bad hes the type to make it worst but when things are going good (ala right now) the eagles can do nothing wrong…

  • Songs – remember, if you had gotten your way, Jerry Jones would have been the owner of your team. And then your team would have only been able to resign Doug Free, as your cap numbers were so poor, you couldn’t offer ANY free agent anything else. You said it yourself, you wish you had Jerry Jones as your owner.

  • He sure did. F’n motherfer — Songs has overtaken Paulman as biggest idiot on this website….difference is, I love Paulman — I don’t love Songs.

  • Schill…You should thank me….
    I was on the Eales site expressing the same sentiments which eventually made them break down and get Asmo. I called in and starting talking about the Jets, Jerry bidding for Asmo while Spuds wanted to talk about the Kolb trade…He rushed me off in disgust.
    Then I got on the Eagles chat and told them how “The Golden Standard” just don’t match up against great organizations..They closed the chat…But low and behold…..I looked up ans Asmo was signed.

    I was the only fan not accepting anyone less the Asmo…Look at all the past comments on you losers who were satisfied with DRC coming fresh off a bad year.

    Not me…

    Had to put the preessure on “em and now we have a team that can become a Dynasty.

    I was relentless

  • Yes, we got Asmo because Songs was relentless…..he’s the sole reason!

    Or maybe it was because the Eagles had a plan all along and when they said they were going to be aggressive, they meant it.

  • Songs – Here’s a question you may not have thought of. Why do the Eagles employ Mr. David Spadaro?

    Sure every team has a website and somebody needs to manage their media stuff etc… (and the Eagles real media guy is Spadaro’s boss – Derek Boyko – director of media relations).

    But why do they have Spadaro? He’s there to deflect the pests, the gnats, the ‘fans’ who communicate their ID and no their thoughts. (sound familiar?).


    So yeah, you may have pissed them off to the point of them redirecting stuff or discontinuing your call (BRAVO YOU ARE THE FIRST PERSON EVER TO GET A HANGUP FROM DAVE SPADARO – oh wait, he hangs up on 90% of the callers not named Zomp or Herb….) and yeah, maybe they shut down the chat board – WOPTY FREAKIN DOO!

    But if you think they did that for any other reason then to take a break from your obnoxiousness, you are truly truly a fool.

    Now, greanted, deep down we all know you’re just joking around.

    But seriiously – are you the guy that always calls Spadaro and asks what he’d do for a klondike bar?

    Do you also play with whoppy cushions and stink bombs still?

  • Osi U has been given permission to seek a trade…The giants was a first rounder for his services…. I dont think the eagles want any parts of him but this offseason has been wacky already…

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