• August 17, 2022

Cowboys’ Rob Ryan Calls Eagles “All-Hype Team”

I can see that this is going to be a fun NFL year. Buddy Ryan’s son, Rob Ryan who is the Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator. He’s already starting the talking by taking a shot at the Eagles and calling them “The All-Hype Team”.

“I’ve got three bullies over there waiting for Thursday,” Ryan said. “These are proven players, and that’s what we need. I don’t know if we win the all-hype team, I think that might have gone to somebody else, but we’re going to beat their ass when we play them.”

Ryan does have some great players on his defense, DeMarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff and Anthony Spencer. I do expect them to play much better against the Eagles than they have in the past, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to beat the Eagles. The fact that Ryan is talking about the Eagles tells me that he sees them as the best team in the division.

Adding to the attention that the Eagles are getting is the fact, that the Birds snatched Nmandi Asomugha away from the two Ryan twins, Rob in Dallas and Rex in New York with the Jets.

The Cowboys and the Jets were supposedly fighting it out over Asomugha when the Eagles came out of nowhere and signed him. Both of the Ryan twins are probably still smarting over losing the prized cornerback.


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  • Want sum ? Come get sum ?

  • Love it and keep it coming Coach Ryan
    What’s Rob Ryan ever won…
    Wasn’t he the DC for last place teams like the Raiders and Browns over the last 5 years… Everyone says he;s a great Defensive Coach but when you check his teams defenses over the last few years, they statisitically have been pretty poor and give up lots of big plays in the passing game..

  • G:
    Big Red – silent but deadly.

  • “Beat their ass”??? Oh, hell no. It’s on now, fat boy!

  • Buddys boys really do take after him ! lol

  • Someone tell Big baby Jesus we laced them last year with a lesser squad. And i dont give a f about not haven Bologni Homo…he sucked anyway. And Kitna looked more poised in most games. I think the Girls are talented but i dont worry about them like years prior. The Giants are the real threat. They have some talented ball players on that squad.

    Lets see what they have too say with the chips down.They havent won anything since i was a young’n. Titles in the last 5 years matter too me. Giants,they can have champ swagger. Boys,leave it alone till you advance past the Divisional round.

  • this big mouth Jabba the hut looking fool is already got the Eagles on his mind and coming out his mouth… the wig dont fool us! we know its you, give it up Jabba!

  • Oh definitely G, they are pissed beyond believe…Rex is pissed but rob is pissed and scared all at the same time.. the entire league is afraid… Now that rob opened his fat mouth now he signed a check that his team wont be able to cash… the ryans talk way too much and never win anything…its funny and entertaining but a waste of time at the end bc his team has to make it happen on the field…

  • Think too that we play the Jets this year and the cowboys twice… HERE WE GOOOO!!!!

  • The eagles are gonna trout out there 3 probowl corners and the cowboys have 2 good recievers and a good tight end… we have coverage guys now and will have a nasty pass rush… this guy is talking way too soon!

  • This is good stuff. I wish more coaches would talk crap just like the fans do.

    It only makes you want beat the slop out of them even more.

    Keep it coming Rob Ryan. When McNabbs lockerroom thrash talk was made public, Andy saw to it that next time we played we put up historic numbers against the Redskins.

  • I Can’t wait to see Jerry’s face crack from the frown when we open up a can of Whip ass on his Boys!

    That Demarcus Ware is a beast though…We really need to sure up that Right tackle spot…If they get to Vick and hurt him (The gameplan every team will have against the Eagles)

    There goes our run.

  • Thanks, Rex!

  • Sorry meant Rob

  • Guys read Cullen Jenkins reply on his twitter account in reply to rob ryan… i loved it… It lets me know that the eagles heard it and they have marked that off on there calendar of games they must win and destroy them… Cullen hasnt played a snap yet and hes come out like a LEADER and spoke up defending his squad… I LOVE IT!


  • Competitive guys only talk about their competition, you know, the ones that worry them so; we’ll take his jab as a complement. That been said, Rob isn’t anywhere near the quality D coach his Dad was. No comparison, not even close. So, let’s see how good he can make all that talent ’cause he hasn’t shown much yet so let’s see if he’s go more than hot air.

  • Hey Jon Hart, what did Jenkins say on his twitter

  • This is what Cullen Jenkins said in reply to rob ryan:
    Talk is cheap. Let them talk. We are focused here and I could care less. We are worried about ourselves n getting better. He must be nervous

  • If that’s what it takes for Ryan to fire his team up, then so be it. Our boys will be ready for a fight regardless. I really like our chances…

  • It’s actually pretty funny that someone from the cowboys would call anyone else the all hype team. One thing is for sure, the Eagles players and coaches better be ready because there is def. going to be a bullseye on them this year.

  • I Heard that Owner Jerry Jones has petitioned NFL Commish’s Ofiice to
    relocate to the NFC West Division to cut down on travel coasts to the East Coast for games…

    New NFC Alignment Per Jerry Jone’s wishes
    East – Giants,Eagles,Redskins,Panthers
    North – Lions,Bears,Packers,Vikings
    South – TB Bucs, Atlanta, No Saints, SL Rams
    West – Cowboys,Cardinals,49ers and Seahawks

  • “Bulleseye” on Eagles back, is too overstated…especially in football, every team has a bullseye on their back, you dont get many chances during the football season, Every game is important…Its not like NBA and MLB where you can go on a 5 – 7 game losing streak…you do that in the NFL you are most likely not making the playoffs…Regardless, Eagles gotta take care of business not worry about what is being side, and just be ready for game time…

  • I can’t wait to put it in dallas’s butt twice this year

  • I can’t wait for the 1st game, when Cole & Babin high- low, Tony Homo, & break his a$$ in half. BTW Rob, don’t be salty that we didn’t hire you. Jealous & scared much!?

  • Man Rob ryan looks preggers big time ugh his stomach is disgusting… But i dont like the comment that vince young made about this team being a dream team, the media and the world are trying to put us in a bad light as if were the miami heat of football which isnt the case… Young started itand now the media, non eagle fans, and league are going to take full advantage of this… not cool, young keep your mouth shut and learn the offense…

  • Rob ryan is so scared and nervous of us… were the only team he singled out but was too puss to actually say our name making us read between the lines… HES SCARED TO DEATH AND SO IS THE ENTIRE LEAGUE

  • wait, I can’t tell, do you guys hate the Cowboys or gays more? It’s really not clear.

    Seriously though, why the need to gay bash – f the cowboys – that’s all.

  • schiller thats a trick question. they’re the same thing.

  • Schill..We hate gays more…it’s more like 1 and 1A

  • I like VY statement..We need swagger.

    let’s ball BEE – ITCHES!!!!!

  • All Hype Team? I thought that was the Cowboys of the past few years! Seems like every year recently that people were anointing the Cowboys as Superbowl champs. Especially last year when the SB was played in Dallas. And then they go 6-10. THAT is an all hype team. Last time I checked the Eagles coach was still Andy Reid and the owner is still Jeff Lurie. Therefore the Eagles could go acquire every single free agent available and still never compare to the hype of Jerry Jones and the loudmouth Dallas players.

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