• July 4, 2022

Eagles Remain Mum On Maclin Illness, While He Works On The Side

Eagles talented young wide receiver Jeremy Maclin reported to camp yesterday and today he worked out on the side with the injured players. He wasn’t out there running routes and working out with Michael Vick and the Eagles number one offensive unit.

Maclin has been battling an unknown disease that caused him to lose 15 pounds during the off season and has kept him from reporting to training camp. The receiver didn’t reveal his illness today and neither did the organization.

When asked about Maclin’s illness today, head coach Andy Reid said that doctors are “upbeat” about the young receiver, but they haven’t gotten all the tests back in to be able to diagnose his problem.

“We’ll see. He’s not done with his tests. The doctors are still looking at a couple things,” said Reid. “He’s up here, he’s in good spirits, he looks good. He’s able to do some conditioning things. The doctors will reconvene today, continue to talk about it, and we’ll go from there.”

Who knows, maybe this has something to do with why they’re making an offer to the recently-retired Randy Moss.


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  • It was reported that he had mono in may.

  • I believe the Eagles cannot, by law, discuss this because it is a personal health issue regarding their employee. Maclin can talk about it to the public all he wants but his employer can’t.

  • wild_bk- also reported that it was actually an undiagnosed ‘mono-like’ illness.

    MTC – yeah, but don’t you think that NFL teams have different rules for that – see INJURIES…. I’m not sure that nondisclosure applies here…

  • The “HIPPA” Regulation between an employer and employee MTC..
    No Public statement can be made.. To tell to you truth, anyone can call their boss tommorrow morning and say due to a medical condtion , I cannot come in today and they legally cannot ask you what’s wrong. Now if your out for 3 days in a row, most companies have a poilcy of the employee having to have a Doctors Notice to return…

  • Paulman – Yup HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) – I just wanted to clairify that its not, as some have reported, the Eagles stonewalling.

    Schiller – Obviously they can disclose those injuries so maybe “on the job” injuries for professional athletes may be viewed differently than a “personal health’ issue under HIPAA.

  • Let’s hope Maclin gets healthy ASAP so he can be in shape. He’s an important piece to this team succeeding. He can actually make some blocks in the run game and Moss isn’t going to do that too much.

  • I would venture to say that Maclin is as important to the Eagles passing gane as D-Jax is.. Maclin makes the improtant 3rd Down Catches to keep a drive alive, Maclin makes the tough catches in the Red-Zone where you really have to fight to get open and will absorb contact after catching and of course, Maclin adds a lot to the running game due to his blocking down the field..

  • Making an offer to Randy Moss!?!? Did anyone else see that comment at the end?

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