• August 19, 2022

Eagles Sign Ryan Harris, Who May Be The Answer At Right Tackle

The Eagles signed 6’5″ 300 pound right tackle Ryan Harris yesterday and will give him a chance to compete for the starting right tackle job against Winston Justice and King Dunlap. This may wind up being one of the best moves the Birds have made all year. From what I’ve heard, this guy can play when he’s healthy.

Harris has four years of NFL experience and has started 34 games during that stretch. He’s only 26 years of age and has plenty of football left to play.

The Notre Dame product is very quick and athletic which could be exactly what is needed to block the speedy pass rushers attacking Michael Vick’s blind-side. He’s supposed to be a talented pass blocking right tackle, who might be a perfect for new offensive line coach Howard Mudd’s offensive system.

From what I’ve heard, Harris could be a long-term solution for the Birds even though he signed only a one-year deal. In the past, this guy has shown that he can play, now he will get the chance to prove it. Justice is injured right now, so Harris may get the starting job when he gets comfortable in the system.

If he plays well, Justice may never get the chance to win his job back. It was a brilliant move by Harris to seize an opportunity and sign a one-year deal with the Eagles. This young man will likely get a great opportunity.

Harris has had problems with an ankle injury over the last two season. He also struggled with a toe injury in 2010, but was able to start 10 games.


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  • All I can think about is Clay Mathews and how he was kicking Winston do no Justice’s butt. If he is the starter I hope he has some good foot work cause your gonna need it against Clay.

  • This is good news.

    I hope that all the Eagle fans who got their feelings hurt when fans complained about the lack of real desire by this organization to win a Superbowl are taking notes. This is the attitude of a team that is 100% committed to winning a championship.

    Not trying to sign bargain basement guy, coming off an injury, so they can get tremendous value, if he pans out. Not signing out of position guy, or runs in slow motion guy.

    Just bringing in football players.

    Not coming in millions of dollars under the cap every single year. If I held stock in the Eagles, then their cap manevering would be most impressive. But I don’t. So all’s I want is a championship to rub in the face of every single Redskin, Cowboy and Giants fan I have ever met in my entire life. Over and over again. Then do it again.

    There is enough talent on this team to compete for a championship for several years.

  • You have to give credit to the FO, they are identifying needs and working to fill them. I like all of the 1 year deals. It gives us a chance to see how the player fits with the team, and if it works, we offer to extend the contract. And if it doesn’t work, we cut them loose with no effect to the cap. I like the OL signings of Mathis & Harris, but most of all I believe our OL play will improve with the addition of Howard Mudd.

    This is a great time to be an Eagles Fan….now go get a veteran LB and call it a day!!

  • The only reason this guy was hurt last season, was because Buck rolled up on his leg and did something to the guy’s toe. Should be something that he should make a full recovery from. This could be the answer that we’re looking for a RT. We got him cheap for 1 year, but if comes back and plays at the level he did before he got hurt he’s not going to be cheap after the season……

  • I’m concerned about the amount of players we are being in. We have seen this type of thing in the past with the collection of all- stars. Normally this way of doing things doesn’t work very well the Redskins come to mind.

  • dtime, as excited as I am about these moves, I completely agree with you. When was the last time a team did this and it actually paid off. I really do feel like we are the Miami Heat of the NFL, which is not a good thing. At the end of the day though, it’s going to come down to Vick and other key players just staying healthy.

  • Yeah BSM, I’m sure that the Eagles made these moves because of the cry baby fans! I’m sure they got tired of all the bit%$in and moanin….some of you cats are ridicolous! The Eagles have been one of the MOST successful teams for the last decade and you can’t be that by not bringin in a good group of players, its that simple! In the past maybe the didnt bring in a guy that everyone wanted, or a guy that was as high profile as Nnamdi…This year we got lucky! If Nnamdi didnt want to play for the Eagles he wouldnt be an Eagle…Nnamdi joining the Eagles was based on the succcessful decade the Eagles have had….Yes, the decade that you fans complain about, the organization not doing enough!

  • Believe it or not this is one of the most important pickups they made, From all the reports coming in, This guy can flat out play the position and hes great in pass protection, Cant ask for more then that.

  • Could be, I am just a little surprised with the limited about of quality OT that were out there that if this Harris has all this talent and upside, why would he last almost a week on Free-agency when a lot of teams can use quality the OT Position (Giants,Redskins,Cowboys, Bears,Lions,VIkings,Seahawks) to name a few.. I am glad the Eagles signed him, but I am not so sure he’s any better that what they already have but hoping he is…

  • If they sign a Middle Linebacker I’m done bitching about this front office. I’ll never say another word.

  • Yesssssssirrrrr… happy about this.

  • The eagles changed their strategy because they realized their “gold Standard” was not only a joke but it wasn’t working as they thought. For years they were the only light in town as the phillies were putrid and eagles talk started in May when the phils were already buried in thier division. Almost getting it done, playoff appearances, drafting poorly, was enough to maintainfan interest and profits.

    Well, something changed all that, their neighbor wears pinstripes and championship rings; they sell out every game;and, they show a different business model, the ALL in approach, trade for the best left hand pitcher available, resign him as the most sought after free agent available, trade for the best right hand pitcher in the game, and now, trade for the best outfielder available.

    Every fan who bitched about the old eagles model has my respect, especially the most reverend songs, who was relentless in his voice. The eagles brass listened. Then the players came, they come to philadelphia to play football

  • Paulman, I think he stayed out there as long as he did cause other teams were waiting to see who else was gonna be cut, And to say you dont think hes better than anyone else we have? Denver gave up 12 sacks last year, Nuff said !

  • Yes songs single handily changed the eagle franchise. He did an amazing job. So paulman is our spot on analyst, songs is our fearless leader, john hartman is our inside source expert… what else?

  • @jakedog….the Eagles didnt go out and get Nnamdi…They didnt have the best money offer on the table…Nnamdi simply wanted to play for the Eagles…Why? Listen to his interview…didnt he say something like “winning tradition” So to think the Eagles did anything different than years prior is ridicolous! But you believe what you want to believe! Lets remember this also, we are not guaranteed to win anything as of yet, just like all the previous seasons…

  • Why do people still complain that eagles like to sign bargain/injure/low-rish-high-reward guys? By managing their cap well, the eagles were able to do what they did this off-season. Why do you think the giants, cowgirls did nothing but struggle to sign their own players? They have no money under the cap.

    NFL is a business with two games to play. One on the field and one in the neogotiation room.

    The skins broke the bank overspendingon guys and when it didn’t pan out, that set the team back years.. Randel El, Haynesworth, Mcnabb’s new deal, before that Deion Sanders on the downside of his career, Trotter big money then he tore his knee, etc.

    The players we are signing beside Asmo are really low risk moderate salary guys that can be redone if they turn out productivity this season. I think the league will regret having Banner as one of the key negotiators in this new labor deal….

    You think Banner had Eagles needs in mind while working the structure of the holdout with the other lawyers involved?

    One thing that can be said about Banner is that he’s ahead of most when it comes to understanding how to circumvent a CBA agreement..He finds how to maximize situations that finacially benefits the team. Now, he finally put this together….and there’s no doubt

    Superbowls will be won in Philadelphia and Lurie will be able to say we’re “The Golden Standard” and get cheered for the boldest off season in Eagles History.

  • Other bad signing by the SKins
    RB C Portis, CB D Hall, HC J Gibs, HC S SPurrier, HC J Zorn and now HC M Shanahan,.
    The 1 smart move that Dan Snyder did do was bringin in GM Bruce Allen who is a quality, smart FOttball guy and knows talent and how to draft and put a roster together.. It won’t happen overnight, but the Redskins had had their best off-season in about 10 years if you ask me and picked up wome younger, quality players and if their Draft picks mature and develop . they may be back to a competitive team and at least .500 club by 2012
    The Teams/orgianization that is really slipping is th COwboys which is what happens when you let the owner make the football decisions and they’ve had about 3-4 average to poor Drafts which has come back to bite them as they never really replaced thier again OL and SAfety situation..

  • I’m as happy as anyone concerning the players they have been bring in. The only thing that I’m saying is that you can’t buy a super bowl. Most successful teams draft well and if they need a piece they go out and get it though free agency. It’s just the amount of players that concerns me.

  • This is the best Redskins offseason they have had with Dan Snyder. They knew they had no chance to even make the playoffs even if they went out and signed a new QB or RB etc..Their going All In for Andrew Luck…if you really believe they like that Beck kid ur nuts. The Vikings and Titans should have done the same since they have no chance to beat out the other teams in their divisions.

    And what the eagles did is nothing like what the redskins did every year…The redskins would go out and sign the biggest names even if they weren’t a primary need and and top of that they would give them ridiculous contracts…

    The eagles signed big names but they were for exactly what they needed..And on top of that the contract they gave to them are small for the most part with an escape plan on every one of their signings except for Nnamdi..you have to give the FO credit here they were very smart with this and can just cut the players that dont work out this year with basically no cap penalty going into next year…

  • The Dead Skins & their dip$#it owner, likes to waste $$$.
    DTime, the difference between us & what the Dead Skins do is, we are signing big time, big name players, that are in their primes. Not hangers on, who are signing on, to collect their last big payday.
    If your scared, get a dog & gun!!!

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