• August 15, 2022

Reid: Justice’s Player Rep Duties May Have Set Back His Rehab

Last year Winston Justice started at the Eagles right tackle position, but his chances of starting at that same spot are waning as each day goes by. Today we found out from Andy Reid that Justice’s duties as NFLPA player representative may have made him fall behind in his rehabilitation.

“Winston is just going to continue methadone program fort myers until he can get back,” said Reid. “His schedule was a little bit crazy because he was a player rep, and he was all over the place. I think it set back his rehab just a bit.

“The lockout in his case I don’t think helped him with getting the rehab done on his leg that he needed to, so we’re doing that.”

Justice hasn’t been able to get the field in his equipment as of yet. The Birds put him on the Physically Unable to Perform list, so he can’t practice fully with the team and is limited to doing conditioning drills on the side during practice.

Justice knew he would have a good chance of winning his job back as long as backup King Dunlap was the only guy he had to beat out, but that’s not the case any more.

Yesterday, the Eagles signed Denver Broncos free agent offensive tackle Ryan Harris. This veteran of four years has started 34 games so far in his career and that’s more games than Justice has started. He will probably be given the starting job until Justice is able to play, so that will give him a chance to show Andy Reid what he can do.


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  • An outsiders point of view,
    WJ has lost that fire to compete at the highest level.
    He’s a very religious man who walks the walk and does a lot of great things for kids..I just don’t ever get the impression that playing Professional Football is all that important to him and takes a back seat to his Family and Faith, which there is nothing wrong with.. but without the fire and passion, a player cannot perform in NFL at the high Professional level that the sport demands and I think this is where WJ has gotten to mentally and now physically too..

  • Dawkins, Reggie White, Avant etc etc never let family/faith interfere with work on field. In fact, their witness to teammates and others was their faith in action and brought many to closer relationship with their Lord. That was their ministry during their pro careers. But I do agree that Justice’s inner fire and drive seems not like those above. He needs to see that natural things (player, rep, overcoming injury, family man) can give glory to Him.

  • DIANETICS WITH PAUL AND IGGLES.Gimme a break…how the heck can either of you determine this dudes fire and passion? From what? With all due respect to both of you….thats b.s.. He was a player rep and it stunted his rehab.His bad i guess…and he may lose his spot but he’s still a good o-lineman. He actually had a nice season last year.

    You should never judge anothers inner fire unless you’ve spent time with the guy and know what he goes through and how he sees his life.

    Gary….will you report on something up at camp other then these tabloid stories.

    How about how the d-line looks? Whos getting after it?
    Hows Shady look?
    Mikes arm live?

    Step your camp reporting gaem up bro?!!!

    Paul….Braves…do you question there innner fire?

  • What are you talking about Paul and Iggs!? (THANK YOU EROCK)

    Paul, are you out of your mind? You just pulled all of that out of your ass. How dare you speculate about something you know nothing NOTHING about….

    And Iggles, um, what da heck does anything you wrote about have anything to do with the Eagles or this post? Religion? uh…what?

  • Paul and Iggles are members of the 700club.

    Paul speculates on everything.The term speculate in Websters is now changed to…Paul.

  • Some of you dudes are straight up DOUCHES. Do you strappers even read the shit you write. I read that shit and just start laughing. It’s like that credit card commercial, that shit is priceless. From an outsiders point of view, thats a good one. Paulman your so far behind you think your first.

  • Im gonna start using the term strappers…i like that.Word son.

  • Maybe he just isnt good enough.

  • As Andy says, “we’ll see”

  • CLUELESS, STRAPPERS! BWAHAHA! That’s old school. I haven’t heard anyone other than me, use that in a long time. CLASSIC!
    I swear, some people don’t know how to comprehend, what they read. Also, this is a sports talk web site. It’s not a forum to spew ones own, personal, political & religious beliefs. No one wants to here about that $#It. Go take that $#It talk to those scumbags Imus & Rush Limbaugh.
    WJ, just simply isn’t good. Everything else is an excuse. PERIOD!

  • Being that Harris is injury prone there’s a pretty good chance Justice may get that starting job back.

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