• August 12, 2022

Michael Vick: “I didn’t want to come to Philadelphia…. Cincinnati & Buffalo were better options”

There’s a GQ article coming out on Eagles starting quarterback Michael Vick that’s going to have people talking. In an amazing revelation Vick tells us that he didn’t want to sign with the Eagles and be their third-string quarterback. He wanted to sign elsewhere and there was reason for it.

“I think I can say this now, because it’s not going to hurt anybody’s feelings, and it’s the truth…”, Vick said, “I didn’t want to come to Philadelphia. Being the third-team quarterback is nothing to smile about. Cincinnati and Buffalo were better options.”

I can see why the NFL didn’t want Vick to sign with the Cincinnati Bengals because they have become known as the NFL “Halfway House”. Clearly the NFL didn’t want him to go there and play with other guys who have been in trouble with the law.

They also didn’t want him to go Buffalo and be their starting quarterback immediately after getting out of prision. They wanted him to be on somebody’s bench. Philadelphia seemed like the best place because they had a very successful coach and a starting quarterback in place.

As it turned out, they put Vick in a great spot and everything worked out for him. The Eagles traded McNabb and made Kevin Kolb the starter. In the first game of the next season, Kolb was injured and that opened the door for Vick to be the Eagles starting quarterback.

Vick had been coached and drilled on the fundamentals of quarterbacking and it had improved his skills at the quarterback position. There’s no way they could have known so much was going to happen at the Birds quarterback position, that McNabb and Kolb would both be traded a couple of years after Vick signed with the Birds.


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  • Man plans and God plans, and surely God is the best of planners…that’s what led Vick to our Eagles, and man couldn’t of planned it any better. Thank God = Go Eagles.

  • I didn’t want to come to Philadelphia either

  • It was God’s(ell) plan for Vick to come to Philly to maximize profits like it was God’s(ell) plan for tebow to go to Denver for the same reason

  • What’s the surprise here about this article or Vicks thoughts from 2-3 years ago.. He just comes out of Prison after losing everything he ever had, His chance for redemptions and to earn $$$ is to play QB in the NFL..
    THe Eagles were set at the time with McNAbb and High Draft pick Kolb..why would he want to come to Philly to be a 3rd Stringer at the time…
    Yes, he could have maybe gone on a bad team like the Bills/Bengals etc,etc, and probably been a starter sooner but many will say, that learning the QB position from the ground up and allowing his body to fully get back into football shape is one of leading factors of his success today.. So in hindsight, it was the best move for him Professionally and probably as a Person being with a very stable orgainzation like the EAgles.. So kudos to him, the Eagles Coaches and Front Office for giving him this opportunity, but remember this, It was Vick’s choice on what to do with this opportunity and I am happy to say that he’s worked his butt off to become a better player and person and has very well taken advantage of his opportunity and probably when he looks back on it, the hardship and starting all over from the bottom has helped make him what he is today and that’s a leader and a very well repsected player that player want to play and do battle with (which could not be said during his earlier playing days) .. Let’s play some ball..

  • Why would he want to go to a team to be 3rd string when he was a starter? Doesn’t make sense to me. The interesting thing to me about the article is that the league pushed for him to go to the Eagles even though he had the potential to start in other places. League intervention in player decisions seems kinda sketchy to me.

  • Wonder if Goodell told the Eagles to Trade McNabb and then gave the Eagles Offensive plays to Clay Matthews Jr and paid off the Eagles OL to allow Matthews to come in and knock Kolb out of the game…
    Maybe the NFL is one big conspiracy like Songs said it was and maybe Goodell is really the Anti-Christ.. Stay tuned for more examples

  • Bugsy, if by “sketchy” you mean “illegal’ then yes, it is sketchy.

  • The nfl owners and their front man conspired to place vick in philly, once he was there they conspired to start him. It was never reid’s decision to bring him here or start him. Kolb was reid’ s chosen one to replace mcnabb

  • I think Goodell made Asmo,Jenkins,R Brown, VY all take less $$$ to play for the Eagles too.. Goodell knows what a SB Championship in Philly will mean to the CIty, but also what it will mean to the NFL..
    They worked it out 2 years ago to make New Orleans a Super Bowl Winner after the Katrina Disaster, now it’s Philly Turn to have a Champion and then it will move to the Atlanta Falcons and yes eve the Arizona Cardinals with Kolb as the SB MVP in 2016… ,

  • A.little stretched paulman but there is some sense in what you said

  • pman- love it!!!

  • I think the NFl also rigged the Pats superbowls for support of the Patriot Act/republican campaign on ‘patriotism’ which to them meant blindly support your president (while republican).

  • Josh Janet, which law are you referring to?

  • I think Goodell has already purchased Coach AR and his family a nice place out in Hawaii and set up his wardrobe closets with all the Hawaiin Shirts he wants and gets them customed stitched and fitted for the big-guy.. and 1 last thing is that Goodell has already decided that Juan Castillo will become the next Head Coach for the Philadelphia Eagles to help grow the sport amongst the Latino Community and help it compete with the Sport of Soccer and especailly for the young kids who all play Soccer now and are needed in the
    Pee-Wee Football Leagues across the Counrty which many of them are starting to struggle to have enough kids to make full teams in a lot of areas while Soccer continues togrow in this Country..
    Don’t be surprsied to see Goodell pay off the US Soccer Association and Top Players for the US National Team to play poorly or throw games in the next World Cup to stem the growth and popularity..

  • It is a conspiracy and there is a whole other side that I just won’t comment on.
    I enjoy the game of football like a kid at Christmas and there’s isn’t much to take you away from the “real world”
    There is a lot of stuff, if you dig deep you can find it.
    If you come across the right people (whether famous or little known) you wouldn’t believe some ugly truths.
    And I probably don’t know 95% of it…

  • @wmonell,and the 5% you know, people like schiller couldn’t handle, won’t listen to

  • This is why I moved down here to the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC which is far away from large popualtion centers, airports, sea ports, and of course, the subliminal mind-altering “Chuckie Cheese Retaraunts” where 1,000 ‘s of kids are exposed to brain/nerve manipulation in their Pizza Sauce and well as in their Laser-Tag Centers and bouncy plastic balls pits..
    If there wasn’t a movie already out named “Armegeddon” I would think about writing a script and making one, and would ask Goodell to fund it for me..

  • IBut he told GQ that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and others persuaded him to sign with the Eagles, a more stable team where he could begin as a backup, out of the spotlight. “I commend and thank them, because they put me in the right situation,” Vick said.

    That is from Philly.com. He said it not me, so it is a legit topic of conversation. Why would he make something like that up? So before you dismiss it as a conspiracy theory.

  • … and Booth never shot Lincoln.

  • much ado about nothing. Game on!

  • Lincoln’s Secretary was named Kennedy
    Kennedy’s Secretary was named Lincoln

    18 People who witnessed the JFK shooting either died and disappeared within 2 years of the Assasination… The person with the most to gain by the Death of JFK was none other than his VP, Lyndon Baines Johnson and of course the CIA and US Military who hated JFK and were humiliated by the fiasco that was the “Bay of Pigs” and to this day, Our Intelligence & Military communities have still have not gotten over it …

  • paulman finally making some sense

  • sooooo….then Goodell shot JFK??!!

    Brilliant….I will call Aryln Spector and have him alter his “Single Bullet Theory” to the ” Multiple Pigskin Theory”….why have we never thought to blame Goodell before….I think he also has gas prices artificially high and is soliciting bribes from “Big Oil”……Brilliant…Pman, there is alot more to you than what we see on GCobb

  • Goodell’s is related to John Wilkes Booth on his Mothers side some how and why many of his Harvard Blue Bloods Fraternity brothers still call him “FT” for Ford’s Theatre”…
    With this type of response, I will begin writing a new book/movie .. Titled “The History of the World-Part IV” by Mel Brooks, and than have a big cross out line thru Mel Brooks and have “Paulman” hand written above it …

  • Actually, Lincoln shot Kennedy. He was a zombie hitman for Joe Dimaggio who didn’t like the Kennedy boys diddling Marilyn. He is still hiding out in my shed, you can ask him.

  • In full disclosure, I shot Lincoln, Kennedy, the Sherrif, AND also the Deputy. If I am guilty I must pay.

  • I knew they would try to twist something Vick would say. We went thru this with Mcnabb too. Vick is being honest, and i dont blame him for thinking the way he was. We had mcnabb, kolb so we appeared to be set at QB. Vick is being the good citizen, yet they still pulled up something to try and cause controversy. This forced Vick to come out and make a statement today about it. Its a shame that they decide to focus on stuff off the field esp things that they can distort and twist to make news worthy… As Eagles fans we have to ignore this crap and not find fault with this man that has obviously changed his life around along with his attitude… Hes our starting QB hopefully for the next 5-6 yrs if not more and may lead us to a SB Vicktory, lets back him…

  • jhart, its not a question of backing him or not, its how he got jacked around by goodell for profit of ownership the NFL, makes you think about what weaver said

  • According to his statements, he did not get jerked around at all, by anyone. Tony Dungy advised him to come here to take advantage of the organizations stability. Who in their right mind would go to Cincinnati if they had any other options at all? Their current qb would rather stay home and watch “Gilligan’s Island” rather than play for them anymore.Conspiricy theories never come true, and the theorists are yahoos without clue. Could his rehab (both personally and professionally)from prison have gone any better than it has? I think not. If Goodell did steer him toward the Eagles, he was doing Vick a favor and giving him the best chance to succeed. Getting good advice from people who have your best interests at heart is hardly a big deal. This is a non-story.

  • I started writing and getting some early production in for the “The History of World Part-IV” I will need some story lines and character actors from G.Cobb web-site to play Historical figures (part of my deal with Goodell) I have a list that I am working on but would like some suggestions from the regular posters who want to participate or who think certain posters fill a role better than others..

    I wil be Nostradomus keping with my nickname..

  • For crying out loud, Godell simply voiced an opion that Philadelphia would be a better place for Vick to play – given the circumstances. Can ANYBODY disagree with his logic? That and the Eagles offered him MORE money!

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