• December 2, 2021

Eagles Defense Played Poorly With Matthews And Allen Leading The Way

Here’s my take on the defensive performance after a quick glance at the game. It surely was nothing to write home about for Juan Castillo and the Eagles defense.

The Birds defense didn’t play well for most of the game. They allowed the Steelers to control the ball, the clock and the game. The most disappointing thing about the defensive performance in the game was the fact that they couldn’t get off the field on third down. The strength of the defense is supposed to be their pass defense and pass rush. Neither got the job done with the game on the line.

All of that talk about simplifying the coverages and the defense hasn’t showed up during the game.

Stand Out Defensive Performances:

Trent Cole made his presence known during the game. He pounded Steelers backup quarterback Byron Leftwich to force him to throw out of the end zone. He also made plays against the run by getting into the backfield. Cole looks like he’s ready to start the season.

Left defensive end Jason Babin did a good job of being disciplined on the sack he got. He was turned loose by the Steelers offensive tackle, so he got upfield and was able to get the sack before Ben Roethlisberger had a receiver come open downfield. He chased downfield and made a tackle on a pass completion.

Defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove picked up a coverage sack in the second quarter. He was initially blocked on the play, but he kept battling and was able to get to Byron Leftwich.

Poor Defensive Performances:

Juan Castillo – The first guy I must call out on the defensive side of the ball is Juan Castillo. The Birds were supposed to be simplifying the defense, but guys were running free all over the place. That’s been the case for the two games the Birds have played so far this preseason.

This defense was awful last night. Castillo has to do a much better job than this. They let the Steelers convert a 3rd and 24 by simply sending a receiver straight down the field. Nobody jammed him and covered him. That was pathetic to say the least.

Nate Allen – I know Nate Allen is coming off of knee surgery, but he looked completely lost out there last night. He was unable to cover tight ends or third receivers. It’s almost like their game play was to get Allen isolated and get the ball to whomever he was covering. He was the guy chasing HInes Ward on the touchdown pass.

On the first touchdown pass which the Eagles surrendered, Allen was a free blitzer who hesitated and allowed Ben Roethlisberger to make an easy pass for six points. Allen was also the guy closest to the receiver when Leftwich and the Steelers converted a 3rd and 24.

Casey Matthews – I hadn’t gotten the chance to see Matthews play some extended reps, so I was eager to check out this young middle linebacker in action. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with what I saw from him last night. He got swallowed up by the Steelers big offensive linemen.

Numerous times he was left trying to tackle running backs at their ankles. I saw him get dragged for a few yards on one instance. He didn’t stand out and made no plays of note. The Eagles coaches have to be concerned that they may have to make a change in the middle.

Defensive tackles – The Eagles must get more of a pass rush from their defensive tackles or quarterbacks are going to be able to step up into the pocket and avoid the pass rush pressure coming from the defensive ends, who are getting up the field outside.

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  • The Eagles better make some changes right up the gut..
    Now they will get Dixon back to help solidify the DT spot with some size and bulk, But MLB Matthews is not Starter Material so look for Chaney to slide back in the middle with the Eagle using a combination of Jordan & Clayton at the WILL spot… Looks like another season of the typical merry-go -round with the LB’s again which does not bode well moving forwards..
    The other move is at Safety with Nate Allen, who needs to replaced as a Starter. I see a better Starting Safety combo with Coleman & Page which gives the EAgles the best chance right now to start the Season..
    And before we get on the Trent Cole hype train, the Steelers lost their Starting LT the 1st play of the game and then their 2nd String LT was also hurt in the 1st Quarter so Cole was going against their 3rd String at LT for the entire 2nd quarter and should be able to dominate at player like that…

  • Schill….where are you this morning buddy?? When I expressed some concern about the run defense and characterized the middle of the D as being soft against the run you ripped me. I’m not saying they cannot improve. I’m just saying I think my concerns are a little more warranted than your enthusiasm right now.
    So let’s assess. The Eagles were going to get a run defense test last night. They failed. We were going to see how the defense played for a half against a top team. They failed miserably. We got a chance to test Castillo on making adjustments. He failed. They looked bewildered and more importantly unconcerned that they were getting embarrassed. And Trent Cole. Man, please. I am so sick of his over ratedness. You can’t beat up on a third string tackle and make a play on the QB? He is as soft as soft can be. PLEASE stop mentioning him as one of the best pass rushers in the league. He’s not even in the top ten!! How did the offense look against a top defense? They failed miserably. And I stated yesterday in my lengthy analysis that this team would still struggle to put up points on good defenses. Now I know its only preseason but I am sticking to my guns on that. The O line got tested. They failed. Vick got tested on his blitz recognition. He failed. The coaching staff had the challenge of halftime adjustments. They failed.
    I could go on. But I have two burning questions and I’ll just stop. First, WHY ARE YOU NOT PRACTICING?!?!?!? I keep hearing about these lazy walk throughs at Lehigh and they are taking things soooo easy. Let’s frigging do some work!! Second, why would you pass over a good pass blocking tackle in Sean Locklear and go for the injured player (as usual!) with better upside. They should have just got the healthy guy. RT is a mess now.

  • Paulman…you are missing one key point. Nate Allen is their guy. Just like Sean Considine was their guy when we kept saying why isn’t Quinton Mikell getting more of a chance? They are going to go with Allen no matter what because he’s a second round pick and they have to prove to everyone that he was a good pick.

  • Daren Sharper needs to signed asap. If you dont start him he can mentor the other safeties cause right now our veteran safety is nate allen. Thats scary.

  • Paulman…thank you for concurring on Cole. He is hands down the most over rated Eagle and fully deserves to be 73 on the list. He is not a gamer. He disappears in big games And most of his stats come against inferior tackles and bad teams.

  • Jbird – I hope you are not correct about Allen, but there is something to your comment.

    I met a former Eagles defensive back last year in a business meeting. Afterwords I asked him why Macho Harris was starting and he said the same thing your comment did.

    Even when he was healthy I liked Coleman over Allen because Coleman will pop you. Allen and Mikel got steam rolled too many times. Andy loves the kid from Temple because he can hit. Let him play. It can’t get much worse than last night.

    Hope this Advil works.

  • @ the dude jbird….New CBA rule prohibit contact practices back to back has to be live then walkthru live then walkthru

  • was anyone else watching the game wondering..why aren’t we blitzing? I know the eagles made some big moves during the off season to grab some defensive guys that can play. But if you think sending only 4 most of the time will stop a team like the steelers you’re dead wrong. The reason we have all these corners is because we hope to get the ball out of the QB’s hands to force bad plays. For that to happen you need to send some guys to create pressure. The defensive didnt seem angry out there and thats disappointing. Hopefully they can turn it around in the next couple weeks because that was hard to watch. The steelers managed the game perfectly and ate up the entire first quarter. You wanna talk about a well run organization….

  • I agree jbird and have been saying the same thing for the last 3 Years..
    I like T Cole and think he’s a good player, but just because he has been the best DE on the Eagle Team doesn’t mean that he’s an elite player in th NFL.. The Philly Media and many fans have always had a hard time distinguishing this..
    To Vricchini, I think the Eagles could go with Jarred Page at Allen’s sport and be fine, D Sharper is a little too old at this point..

    About the only positive was watching QB Kafka operate and play well and how about those 2 young WR (Turner and Jones) all they do is catch the ball

  • He’s their guy…that is why he’s starting…that’s so dumb…EVERYBODY on that team is their guy….The were picked, drafted signed whatever you wanna call it by THEM

  • I see a combination of things going on here. It seems that the Eagles decided to go “all in” during the worst year possible. The team needed the OTAs and a full camp to acclimate both their new players and coaches. During this “all in” year, we really needed the time to gel.

    Of course, the team makes at least one head-scratching move each year, and this year’s topper is the movement of Juan Castillo. I’m declaring the move neither a success nor failure. I’m only saying that making such a change during a year when you’re going for the big one seems risky, at best.

    I give the front office high marks for finally trying to build a championship roster. At the same time, I question some of Reid’s moves (as always).

    Lots of drama to unfold.

  • Not going to go ape-sh*t over one pre-season game.

    Everyone’s concerns over moving the OL coach to D Coordinator looked to have been validated, but doesn’t mean that he is a failure.

    Probably couldn’t of had a worse offensive and defensive performance, but did anyone notice how badly the Steelers looked against the Redskins last week? i will put this into the column that it was a pre-season game in a year where we have had a truncated off-season.

    However, I wonder if Big Red is questioning his decision to end camp a day early as a reward for all of their hard work.

  • Let me tell everyone just how awesome Trent Cole is and how valuable he is in big games. In nine games against the Cowboys and Giants since 2008, he has one sack! In five playoff games? One sack! Yeah he is really great and he really straps it on for big games.

  • This is just what the eagles needed. I was afraid that since the eagles who have improved at the D-line and corner positions and not linebacker – safety would be vernerable to the run. Mathews is not ready to start! Start Chaney in the middle for now. Play Mafhews on special teams. Put Allen on notice and give Page more snaps

  • Couple of Questions: I thought the coaches were impressed with Cheney’s level of play last season. Wasn’t he supposed to be the heir apparent to the MLB?

    And isn’t more difficult to find a MLB linebacker than any other linebacker?

  • Have to concur JBbird. Looked at Cole’s 8 career playoff games and he only has 1 1/2 sacks. People will point out that he gets doubled because their is no one on the other side of the field, but other stud DEs find a way even with that handicap.

  • I am concerned as much about QB Vick as I am the defense..
    He looked very slow to react last evening on blitzes and what coverages the Steelers were throwing at him.. He reverted to old habits and was throwing the ball into double coverages all evening..
    I stated last week that even though Vick went 5-7 in 1 Series versus the Ravens, that I was not overly impressed or excited about his play.. He got away with 3 poor passes which were completed in that game but was not so lucky versus the Steelers.. He better snap out of it or it may be a long season for this “Dream Team” who we might be calling the “Nightmare Team” before too long..

  • I never liked Juan as an offensive line coach and definitely not as the defensive coordinator. But since it is a reality. (I tried to convince myself it was a bad dream when Andy made the announcement.) I want to support Juan.

    But I feel a touch of Banner and Andy in the choice to start Casey Matthews at MLB. We already had a MLB. He replaces Bradley and excells. Then somebody looks into their Crystal ball and sees something the rest of us can’t see. Remove a proven commodity at MLB and replace him with a rookie. Where do they get this logic from?

    It’s like removing Merly Streep in the female lead and replacing her with Suri Cruise. Yes she has the acting bloodlines but she’s a few years away from being the lead in a major motion picture.

    End this experiment right now and give the kid more time to learn with the 2nd team. Let Jamar Chaney play the middle. And Foku play outside. Then you have 2 guys who should at least know where to go on each play

    We can’t afford to have another “shark in the water” starting on defense..

  • Now come on Cobb ,you are talking about the “”Dream Team ”” or “”Gold Standard “” , How can this be ?????

  • Seansyh, I agree with you, With 3 All Pro corners on this team we should be blitzing every other play, I think they saw how good we looked with a 4 man rush last week an figued it would work again, Castillo better wakeup an realize were not playing the same team every week, I also agree with Vricchini an think picking up Darren Sharper would be a great pickup right now even if its only for his presence.

  • Matthews is not a middle linebacker. I hope they move him to the outside and put Chaney back in the middle because Matthews looks bad out there. And I know he’s only a rookie but for a team with Super Bowl aspirations, you cannot rely on a rookie at such a critical position especially if that rookie looks really bad. Don’t know what to say about Allen. I don’t know how much of it has to do with the knee or just not knowing what he’s doing. This is what happens when you play a BALANCED, physical veteran team. Too many times were receivers wide open and the Steelers made sure they ran the ball to keep us off balanced. Hopefully, they learn from this and realize that looking good on paper means nothing.

  • bsm…I totally agree. Who did Juan Castillo ever develope as an O lineman? MJG, Nick Cole, Mike McGlynn, Jamaal Jackson? The only guy he ever coached up that I can see is Herremans. Andrews and Thomas were blue chip prospects and he had nothing to do with their success. Same for Runyan. The guy is a mediocre coach but he’s Andy’s buddy. Right now he looks like a joke on defense but I guess we will see. I am going to dial back my expectations a little bit. That game was a blessing of sorts. It smacked me back into reality. I have been WAAAYYY too focussed on the Eagles the last two weeks. It will take another month or two now for them to suck me again. Like maybe if they play great and beat Atl. That will be their next chance to suck me in. But I can put them on the back burner somewhat now because I’m not seeing a championship team at this point. Too many ???????

  • guys it is preseason. its vanilla offense/defense. yea we got smacked around a bit but this game doesnt count so im not too concerned.

  • The Negadelphians have spoken. OMG guys one bad preseason game? The preseason isnt a time when you say oh we gotta win these games its so important, no this is a time when you see what you have on your roster, Your testing your players, how do they react when adversity strikes, you have the label dream team right well lets see what you do when this or that happens… really the eagle coaches are happy this happen because its a good teaching tool going forward…

    Paul, here you go again. Now your questioning the qb position? The most stable position on our team. You gotta chill man.

    The eagles were playing very vanilla, there not gonna show there hand in the preseason, you guys are bugging out on here over this. Negadelphians!

    Your forgetting the steelers played horrible last week too, it happens to teams every yr during the preseason. We looked good last game. We have 2-3 weeks left to sure everything up, let them do what they gotta do then judge them. Dont go off a preseason game that they dont even game plan for and so oh they have holes everywhere, that sounds so off the bandwagonish… Cmon!

  • Of course it’s only preseason and we shouldn’t overreact to everything but somethings do matter. If Casey Matthews can’t play well going against “Vanilla defenses” wait til he start playing against the more complicated schemes. Not saying he can’t or anyone else can’t improve but chalking stuff up as “it’s only preseason is dumb” but some problems are evident right from the beginning and bite you in the ass later in the season. The only bright spot is that the game does count on your record but it does count in the developing of young players, several new players on defense and a new coordinator. It does count for them. The world is not over but last week everyone was proclaiming how great this defense is with the DLine and CBs and as good as they looked last week they looked just as bad. But none of you guys said people were overreacting then. Quite the hypocrites.

  • @Jon Hart…that is real talk!

  • @Scorp

    true true I agree, when it comes to players playing out of position that is a problem, that needs to be addressed…I do understand trying different plays, coverages…in preseason…but you should have the best players on the team at each position…We all know that Chaney can play the MLB position better than Matthews can at this time…Possibly even over their entire careers…I dont think Matthews needs to come off the field, just moved…

  • You can expect the defense to look disjointed with a rook in the middle, new parts, coaches, coordinator but WTF with Vick, he played terribly, and he hasn’t played well in a while, this eagles offense is supposed to be established but it stinks right now, if Vick turns south in his development this franchise will be set back 3-5 years as we look for a legitimate replacement for mcnabb, damn I can’t believe said that

  • soooooooooooooooooo youre saying I should panic… panic because a rookie who lost 2 months of rookie camps played his first legitimate half of NFL football poorly, and a safety, who’s fresh off of knee surgery… also played poorly ?

    First off, all you a-holes panicking are the same ones that panicked about the phillies early this year, and the eagles last year…

    HAVE ANY OF YOU EVER WATCHED A PRESEASON EAGLES GAME? they never show anything out of the ordinary… they dont blitz, they dont do things they will do in the regular season, and they dont do anything fancy on offense… and everyone panics EVERY YEAR, and it never means a damn thing. The steelers obviously played up to playing the eagles, because everyone is all over the eagles so far… the eagles however could care less, again because it is preseason, granted matthews and allen did look like garbage, but its preseason, and even if it was week 2 of the regular season, it wouldnt matter !!! the NFC east is trash, and they will be in the playoffs regardless…

  • A bogus excuse when I hear Eagles are playing Vanilla Offenses and Defenses.. (Isn’ tthis what the other team doing also..) I just thought playing a tough physical eam versus an instate Rivalry like the Steelers, that the Eagles missed a golden opportunity to learn how to play physical by running the ball more and trying to give this OL some confidence, Instead, Vick looked like a Rookie QB telegraphing and looking at 1 Receiver on many of his passes and yes I am concerned about his play and was unable to put any drives together.. In 2 Games the 1st & 2nd team Offense has put up 13 pOints so yes, I have worries about this EAgle offense.. Other teams 1st and 2nd Units are scoring TD’s in their “Vanilla Packages” why can’t the Eagles.

    And as far as Casey Matthews goes, He’s a Special Teamer and a back-up LB which is what I thought he would be, so no surprise here..
    He is what I thought he is and definitely not ready for Starters spot..

  • you also thought jeremy maclin had cancer.

    The steelers got embarrased by rex grossman the last time they took the field… they had to take some initiative to try and win a game to shut people up, which is what the eagles will do in the only “important” preseason game there is… the 3rd one.

  • also the eagles have a vanilla way of doing everything… they always have

  • The steelers had added incentive to come out and really light things up. They gave up points and alot of yards a week ago to the redskins, so tomlin challenged his team, exactly what every great winning coach does and they accepted the challenge… they came out firing on all cylinders. They were good on offense and defense. Thats the sign of a great team from top to bottom. The eagles have a similar situation now. Andy will use this game as a teaching tool and challenge these guys and you better believe that they will try there very best to answer the challenge… This team has to prove on the field that they can play with the elites. I refuse to judge my team or any team for that matter off of a preseason game, thats just bone head. Ive seen teams lose every preseason game then end up in the superbowl…

    And yes Vanilla. Juan said it himself, there are alot of plays that they put in but will not be using them in the preseason, you never wanna show your hand too early. Juan is a new D coach that has been given alot of toys on defense, give him a chance to work with them esp with the LBs, there is alot of potential with that young group…

  • Great points Zoltek, they coincide with my points. Its nice to see that there are still some on here that arent bandwagon hopper offers and are having a panic attack over a preseason game…

  • @Jakedog…slow down…Vick will be fine…in fact he will be better than he was last year…no worries!

  • I am not panicking Zoltec, I stated last week after the RAvens game that the Eagles look simply average to me (when everyone was going ga-ga over them) and now after the 2nd game, they regressed and look below average to me..
    A couple things I would do though

    #1) Get a NFL Starting Caliber MLB like Lafu Tatupu and have Matthews learn behind him for a season or 2 or even slide J Chaney back over to MLB and then get someone else at OLB Spot (Rolle/Clayton or Jordan)

    #2) Get Nate Allen out of the Starting line-up, he looks lost out there so far and maybe it’s coming back from injury or something, but he was out of position all night last evening and still takes terrible angles on tackles..
    GO with J Page and K Coleman as your Starting tandem..

    #3) Ditch the VY experiment and elevate Kafka as the true #2 Back-up to Vick (to be honest and not cruel, VY is just not smart enough to play in this offense) Use the savings for another player or position upgrade, not sure if any of you remember, but I wanted the Eagles to pursue Steelers QB Dennis Dixon as a back-up for I though he would be a perfect fit in this offense and he looked pretty darn good last night didn’t he..

    Get WR’s Turner and Jones more playing with the #2 Teams a little more..
    I have been disappointed in WR Riley Cooper progress so far.. I don’t see him running routes all that great and he appears to have a tough time picking the ball up when he runs the deeper routes and is not much than a #5 WR in my eyes..

  • I’m worried about the eagles offense, Reid and Vick, Reid is a passaholic, puts pressure on Vick, it’s a bad combo, the defense will settle in, but this big strike offense doesn’t win championships, you need to have long, sustained drives, especially in late season, I am telling you Reid will f this up

  • @zoltek
    I agree about us playing very vanilla defense. I think the thing that is most diconcerting to all of us is that that there were not one positive to take away from the game–aside that no one got hurt. It was an old fashioned butt whippin. We couldn’t stop the run at all, then they threw all day on our vaunted secondary. I could live with mental errors by the defense and Matthews, but we just completely were overmatched up front. Throw in how horrid the offense looked, and ugh.

  • One last thing about Zoltek stating that the Eagles always have a “vanilla’ way of doing tihings in Pre-Season.. Well,what has that Won for the Eagles over the years, that’s right, nothing..zippo.. In a year with a shortened camp and practice time, experienced coaching staff, maybe it’s time to change things up and try to actually work on things in Preseason games that you will use once the Season starts to see if they actually will work or not…Anyone notice how the Steelers Offense was completely aware and on the same page on what to do when the Eagles would blitz which lead to their first 2 TD’s.. They had the same amount of time of Practice and camp as the Eagles did so why are they planning and prepared and teh Eagles not..

  • The one thing that I cant take solace in is the fact that we have one linebacker who does not appear overmatched in Fokou. That guy really brings it and can hold up at the point of attack. He is serviceable in coverage while not spectacular.

  • Why werent the steelers more prepared than John Beck and the redskins last week paulamn? One bad game… See Bengals game last preseason. Relax brothers. They will be fine. a 10 win team. nothing less.

  • I am not saying that being vanilla is a good choice… but again its just how they are. Like I said on another post, the packers started 3-3 last year, and the eagles are always better the last 8 games of the season than they are the first 8.. so they have plenty of time. I only watched the first half last night… and nothing impressed me, except maybe mccoy. But by all means, in a shortened camp, and in the 2nd preseason game.. its no reason to do any sort of panicking, or changing, or anything.

    Give it time, new players, new coordinator, short camp… everything doesnt work as good on the field, as it does on paper. If they are still this bad week 8… then I’ll have a crow sandwich.

  • Fran I agree..there was no serious injuries last night which makes last night’s meaningless game a success. I’m with Zoltec and JH on this..

    The steelers looked just as bad last week when they got torched by Rex Grossman and the putrid offense they have..they had incentive to actually play last night.

    Paulman if you think going all in for preseason games is the reason we don’t win the Superbowl you are much dumber than I thought. Yea, lets show the best offense and defensive plays for all of the league to see already so that we can win a game that means absolutely nothing. The steelers players, who win rings, would be the first to tell you preseason is BS which you can tell by they way they played last week. Their only goal is to stay healthy.

    Most of the issues will be fixed. Maclin and Smith will be huge for the offense. and The DT spot will be fine as well once we get some people back healthy. Move Chaney back to the middle. and Use Page at the safety spot with Nate Allen, who misses having a veteran back there with him.

  • As for Cole being overrated–come on now. You admitted that he owned the tackles for the Steelers, yet you say that they were back ups. What was he supposed to do? He did what he should have done. Cole is a very good 4-3 defensive end. Is he elite? No, but who is in the league? Dwight Freeney is better on the pass rush, but can’t hold a candle to Cole as a run stopper and complete DE. Tuck is an elite 4-3 DE, and maybe 1 or 2 others, but Cole is the best of the rest. He has had little support since he has been a pro and I think the only reason Parker has remained functional is because of all the attention given to Cole. Our defensive tackles for the last few years have been non existent in the pass rushing aspect and Cole is the only concern other teams have on our defensive line for the last few years. Hopefully that changes with Babin this year.

  • Excuse me for a second guys, I read the fluff Casey Matthews report by G. Cobb and paulamn’s “Chaney sliding to the middle” comment.

    I watched every play 3-5x and studied the starting linebackers.
    The 2 weakest links of our defense yesterday were:

    1 – Nate Allen (and this was obvious and I’m bummed, but it is early)
    2 – Jamar Chaney

    Fokou was just another guy on the field, very pedestrian.

    On the contrary, Matthews was our best linebacker last night.
    He showed his intelligence by not getting sucked towards the QB on broken plays.
    He played his gaps and took on 2 blockers a few times, and unlike the other 2 he actually got off of blocks.

    Chaney was hit or miss, and mostly miss last night.
    He either overran a play action or couldn’t get off of a block.
    He actually had a horrible game and was pushed around a lot.

    Why would you say something if you didn’t do the correct research?
    Rag on a rookie for being young and not “standing out”
    But he played better than all of you think, and Allen played worse than all of us were hoping.

  • Besides Trent Cole, Coleman was our best defender on the field.
    Not just last night, but in general Cole is a beast and under appreciated.
    Cole is a top 5 end in this league, but he gets cross field tackles and stops the run as well.
    He might be the “All Pro” that he was a few years ago.
    Hopefully Washburn’s scheme and d-line improvement allow him to get his due recognition.

  • Cole was taken out of the game early on because his elbow swelled up…not sure how you could evaluate a player on a few plays???

  • BTW, the Steelers lost the Superbowl. They are hungry and pissed off.
    They felt disrespected by the Washington Redskins last week.
    They were clearly amped up for the “state championship” game.

    OK, so we lost a preseason game that has no meaning.
    We just have more stuff to work on, go figure…
    We have new faces and new things installed, shut the hell up with your exaggeration (you know who you are since you wrote it above)

  • Wmonell…you must have some high tech ass television to study every play and watch the line backers positioning…I mean damn your TV must have a mind of its own, doesn’t allow the station to zoom, no closeups, strictly watching the LB’s and LB’s only…some of the ish some of you cats say is classic!

  • Shady is the best player on offense right now, better than our QB and WR. The Eagles need to let him run 20 plus times a game if they actually want to win something this year. If he got the carries some of the top RB in the league got his numbers would be just as good…Get the ball out of Vicks and into Mccoy’s once the games actually matter…It would benefit Vick’s play too.

  • Whoops, my friend that I watch the game with said we watched every play 3-9x.
    My apologies, but you get the picture.

    Do not bag on Matthews from the Steelers game
    I wanted him on this team because of his pedigree
    But I remain neutral in my evaluation because he is a question mark
    And I let performance speak rather than my bias or homer hopes

  • RealTalk – unless you were with me, you wouldn’t know
    I watch every snap of every game like a mad scientist.
    I only speak of what I know (or personally predict), not out of my ass like 90% of “fans” do

  • Depending how the other teams in the NFC play this wekend,
    I have the DREAM BIRDS in the bottom half of the Conference right now based on how they have played their 1st 2 Weeks… 13 Points by the 1st & 2nd Team Offense in 2 weeks is plain offensive.. 3/4 of all other Teams have done better than this and most of them have not even played their 2nd Presseasons game yet and yes many of them have new players, coaches,schemes and same amount of practice time.. Maybe this Eagle team is just really not that good as everyone thinks or hopes they are…

  • I agree about Shady.
    Do you guys think he has the same role as last season?
    Or does Ronnie Brown get more snaps and touches than expected?

    I think Shady does what he did last season, which was lead the NFC in all-purpose yards offensively (rushing/receiving).
    Maybe not to the extent or leading the NFC again, but the same role.
    I do think Ronnie gets short yardage and redzone touches, but he is a question mark in our offense so far.

  • paulman – nobody cares where you rank anybody based off preseason results.
    Bet you didn’t know the Patriots and Steelers didn’t win a preseason game in their latest Superbowl campaigns.
    Way to speak out your ass again.
    Trying not to get on you, but the majority opinion here is correct and you are welcoming it with these idiotic comments.
    Why don’t you just sign out and read the stuff instead until we beat the Rams week 1.

  • Multiple posts here and on other stories that are overreacting, typical Philly “fans”
    What the media portrays Philly fans to be is not what they are
    On here, I thought you were educated die hards that were smart enough to know when to feel the urgency
    we played shitty, big deal…don’t have to be happy about it (cuz I’m not either)
    but the world “ain’t” over and our record is a whopping 0-0 tied with the other 31 teams in the league

    reading some of your comments I’d swear were 0-6 heading into our bye week.

  • I’m not panicking yet…these are what preseason games are for. The Steelers were fired up after a horrible game last week. But I think someone on the coaching staff/front office needs to look for a middle linebacker. I just don’t understand the philosophy of letting Stewart Bradley go. I’d rather see Chaney in the middle. Maybe I missed something…but I thought he did a good job in the middle last year.

  • Paulman — Shut. The. F**K. UP.

    You are the most annoying and most idiotic poster on this board. You don’t know anything about anything. The Birds are going to be fine and you’re going to wondering why YOUR Carolina Panthers are still at the bottom of the barrel.

    BTW, hows that Phillies-lite prediction looking? First team to 80 wins and best team in baseball near the end of August. Choke on it.

  • tk – Yes I would have loved to keep Bradley, but he is on a different team and we made our choice, its over so get over that

    tk – also agree with how well Chaney played last year, but on the contrary, in the 2 games in preseason, he has been outplayed by Casey Matthews. I think he is the new guy to rag on in Philly, but even G. Cobb isn’t doing his homework and just putting a fluff statement out there (and he played LB in his playing days)

  • @wmonell
    As for the research thing, I watch each play 10-15 times before I pass judgement, and then I watch it 5 more times to make sure my judgement is right. I didn’t sleep at all last night and watched film all night long, taking No Doz and drinking mountain dew.

    Anways, I will agree that Chaney stunk. However, whatever film you were watching last night must have been doctored by the infamous Matthews Family. Casey was overwhelmed at the point of attack almost every play and it was really hard to even see if he was out of position, because by the time I saw him in the play he was generally being pushed 5-7 yeards out of the play by an offensive linemen or tight end. The guy may be smart, but so is my accountant. I am not asking him to play middle linebacker for a team with Super Bowl aspirations.

    As for losing a presseaon game that has no meaning, I don’t hink most of us could give two craps if we won. But we were so physically overmatched that it was alarming.
    Nate Allen looks like he is not all the way back I would not be surprised if we put him on PUP and keep Page and Colt Anderson.

    Finally, does anyone think that the NFL will rescind the no kick off rule before next offseason. Horrible miscalculation by the league.

  • I may be Birdo but I will continue to call them as a I see them…
    As far as Chaney who I feel alot of fans are overrated, Yes he played well in Stews absences last year (epsecially since the expecations were very low)
    But when you watch a lot of footage on him, many tackles were 4-5-6-7 years down the field, not at or close to the line of scrimmage.. Everyone gets hung up on the amount of tackles and it’s a lot more than that..I am not saying he’s no good, but before annointing him as a legitimate NFL Starting MLB because he played 3-4 games last year and had a lot of tackles, let’s not make him the next P Willis… and for the Record, I would take Joe Mays over both Chaney and Matthews playing MLB in this Defense and the Eagles let a good one get away..

  • Joe Mays is in the same category as Casey Mathews — trash.

  • So wmonell..can Matthews get the job done? I didn’t see the game but from what I’ve read..he just got swallowed up by the Steelers big OL. Should we pick up a veteran?…maybe a little bigger guy than Matthews? And yes GCobb…where are your insights?! This site seems to be lamer this year with the Yardbarker toolbar

  • fran – i didn’t say matthews played lights out, even said eh didnt stand out
    he was the best of the trio last night
    im glad someone else saw how bad chaney was
    btw, i watch every snap to that extent, if you do as well then you are someone I can/want to talk to about the Eagles because nobody else does

    paulman – you said chaney should slide over
    now you are saying chaney fans overrate him because he got a lot of tackles
    did you just retract your statement?
    btw, it was hard to miss since it was the first comment…

  • People must chill out. Let’s guess that out of Allen, Coleman, Jarrett and the other guy the Birds signed, we will get one solid, dependable NFL safety. Not a superstar, but solid. Not many people are displeased with the cornerbacks, the first 3 are significantly above average/Pro Bowl type players. That would mean there should be only 1 below average individual out of the 5 players who will be on the field most often in the defensive backfield. That makes them much ahead of most all NFL teams. Last night M Patterson and A Dixon did not play, but let’s postulate that at least one of them will be on the field on Sept. 11th. Pair that DT with Jenkins, who will play both DE and DT, and the interior is acceptable. Trent Cole is solid, Babin should hold his own, D Tapp is a sub who will be passrushing, and there will be a bit of help as well from Jenkins at that spot. B Graham may contribute in the 2nd half of the season, as players begin to wear down, and the addition of coach Washburn should help the overall quality of D line play. Defensive line is good enough. Chaney did not forget how to tackle in one off season, he will be good enough, let’s say average+. Fokou is average, not deficient, and Matthews is a wild card. But of those three, only two will usually be on the field due to the frequency of 3WR sets in most offenses. That removes one average LB and replaces him with a very above average CB. The Eagles have enough good players, the defense will be fine. Last night was a preseason game, they do not count, and they matter very little, so long as guys are not being carted off the field due to injury.

    Wmonell, what exactly did you know when you slandered Maclin, writing that he had an STD and was using PEDs under the guidance of the Eagles’ training staff?

  • tk – i think over time he can, like anyone rookie
    but im sure you mean this year, i think we can get by and be a top defense with our current trio
    i DO NOT think they will standout individually but they will get some love for some plays because its a long season

    its late to get a free agent unless they played for a similar defense
    i honestly don’t know if Kirk Morrison has a team yet…anyone??

    perhaps trade, but I prefer to try some of our 11 draft picks and keep asante

  • Kirk Morrison is still avaiable as is L Tatupu which either one would be an improvement over the overmatched Matthews..

    The Eagle LB Corps is probably the weakest out the NFC East Division and in the bottom 1/3 on the NFL and will be their achilles heel again this Season as top QB’s and Offenses abuse the Eagles D in the middle of the field with TE’s , WR running Slant Routes, Draw plays, Bubble routes, Screen plays.. etc.etc

  • anderson – Woah, slandered? I didn’t know anything going on with Maclin’s situation whatsoever and stated that. I don’t have paulman sources in the STL. Just like everyone else, I gave my two cents and won’t back off (with you calling me out) because I know someone or have heard of situations similar to Maclin’s.

    Based off experience, wisdom, etc., I continue to believe that Maclin and the Eagles knew before they told us about it.
    With these type of situations, privacy is kept (also on high school and collegiate levels).
    What I’m saying is, (imo, which means you can have yours and that’s ok) Maclin has been working out to regain whatever muscle he lost and to get/maintain athletic shape
    The whole process Reid said he would be ready for week one, and Rick said he believed so as well
    Since they went public, they gave him a 7-10 day timeline to return to practice
    This is when he will ease in to football shape and pick up the intensity

  • paulman – no to Tatupu
    I liked him in Seattle, but don’t we harp on the Eagles for taking chances and being cheap by acquiring injury-riddled players?
    He has not 1, but 2 bad knees, which is the reason he got released in the first place (Seattle would have kept him)

    Instead of being cheap and giving an injured player a chance, were doing that with a rookie via draft (good teams build through the draft)

    Morrison is someone we should at least kick the tires on, because he isn’t signed for a reason that teams know and we have no clue about

  • hey guys, don’t forget that after the third preseason game, some veterans will be cut for cap reasons and position battle reasons
    maybe a team moves on from a veteran to give a younger guy the job, and rid themselves of the contract

    at the moment I have no targets for us (on my mind) but some will pop up, and our staff will evaluate if their skills and past scheme experience is better than what we already have, because it’s tough enough to play the game let alone learn the playbook

    maybe were set, maybe Howie is working on it while giving our young lbs a chance to play and get reps

  • maybe our LB position will turn into our WR position
    we never gave McNabb the weapons, now we have a good WR core
    maybe (hopefully not) falling on our faces again wakes them up to care and focus on the LB position (we have via draft but not via trade/free agency)

  • We will never properly address the LB position properly as long as Reid is the coach. He does not value that position and thinks decent players can be had with late round draft choices or sub tier free agency signings.

    As for Coleman, I am much more at ease with him back there than Nate Allen. While I would love to believe that Allen is simply not all the way back from his injury, I have flashbacks to last year against the Titans when he was healthy. The only thing about Coleman is that he is slightly undersized, but he is solid in coverage as a center fielder. What about bringing along Jarrett to start in Allen’s place. He apparently is a much better tackler and honestly couldn’t get worse in coverage.

  • wmonell – let’s all be honest here, the LB position has been weak on the Eagles for a VERY LONG TIME. Trotter and Emmons stand out as exceptions, sure. But they have tried MANY times in free agency – just not successfully:

    Ernie Sims, Takeo Spikes, Nate Wayne, Levon Kirkland, Mark Simenou, Sean Barber (actually, I loved that guy), I know I’m forgetting many… they’ve tried free agency but the fact of the matteris that i feel it’s rare for teams to let good LBs go, and if they do, they go to crappy teams for VERY overpriced contracts. Look who got Merriman. Remember any other major LB trades or free agency moves? I don’t

  • ok you watch every play over and over, I’ll give you that….but did you know the play calls? who is actually responsible for who, when, and where? no, unless you are AR or JC….

  • Pman- could u do me a fav and say the birds will finish in last place please? That would be a huge help. Also… tell me that your panthers will finish 1st. thanks.

  • My biggest thought about last nights breakdown is that the birds tried to do too much. Let the 3 cb’s play their positions. Stop blitzing SS’s and Cb’s. Honestly- if the LB’s arent good enough to guard the flats (they are not) then send them up the middle and leave the Cb’s alone.

    I text my brother as the game started and said- i kinda hope they get run on all game. And im kinda glad they did. Lots of work to do and they are now humbled. Did anyone see big Ben laughing at us? i did.

  • Stevo, you are on point! hopefully they will all know what not to do by the time the regular season starts

  • schiller – you’re right, I meant stars…

    realtalk – what you see is what you get right? and if it was the coaches or the playcalling, a good player is going to flourish somewhere else right? It happens. The coaches are in place for this season, the players are the ones getting evaluated. Eventually, if its the coaching they get put on the hot seat.

  • stevo – good stuff brotha, better now than wk 1-17

  • How can you tell when a plane full of Eagles fans have landed?
    When the engines are turned off, the plane is still whining.

  • @Rev Stevo…good points ….rather have them exposed now…..I saw Big Ben too…pissed me off.

  • the 3 toys= castillo playing too much.

    I dont want to see if Nnamdi can blitz… i want to see him shut down the WR so the DE’s have time to get to the qb. I thought we were gunna keep it simple this year? BTW- NEVER….EVER… leave asam out alone on a WR…. that will happen every time. He is going to try and jump the throw-its what he does. Throw that play call away.

  • stevo – preseason is exatly when you play around. That’s the point (ok, beside putting more $ in owners’ pockets)

  • hmmm- normally id agree but perhaps with 2 of them being new to the team we should worry about them learning the plays. Im ok with tinkering here and there but honestly- last night they “played around” too much.

  • Would anyone like to see Asmo take some snaps at Free Safety
    I think he would make a great Free-Safety and have DCR/Samuel play the outside CB’s spots and pair COleman or PAge at the Strong Safety spot
    That’s gettnig your 4 best secondary players on the field at the same time..

  • no pman- his best playing comes when there is someone to back him up his he misses the pick.

  • @Greenfan, I saw big Ben also, but what got me is freaking Hines Ward crap Arse little dance.

    @Powelton Villager, nice joke brother. I need to use that one when I can’t take my Eagles buddies yapping during games at the sports bar. I remeber we were spanking the Jags B-hind and they were doing the Philly whine ( Sorry only a couple were until the rest of us told them to shut the heck up whining in front of other team fans while your team is wining. Freaking Philadelphians). By the way I went to Powel Elementry waaaaaay back in the day.

    I was about to lose faith in my fella Eagle Fans, and the fortitude of the Eagle nation here on Gcobb, but then these faithful warriors came along and restored the balance of the FORCE. Here are my “Hero’s Of The Day” :

    * Steveo; Anderson Silva; Jon Hart; Zoltek; Stopgoat; Pheags88; Fran35; Wmonell; BirdoBeamen.

    I am sure we will not agree on something later but today we are the Eagle Spartan 300, standing against the Persia weak in the gut “I smell smoke run” Eagle Fans.

    Of course you guys no its all in fun, we love our Eagles. Keep the faith and don’t go Paulman on me fellas please we are better than that. We don’t know what the Eagles are up to, they have made us happy up until last night, so they have earned just a tiny bit of latitude concerning growing pains so lets shut up, man up and let them grow.

    I am cool with saying they looked like crap, thats a true statement, buty don’t give me any horse crap about this team is no good, the QB is going to be no good, our defense is going suck this season. Gosh Dang it I get tired of that yap.

    Well thats it! You guys take care, be safe out there in the world, and prosper.

    As always “LONG LIVE THE EAGLES”

  • *if

  • pman- sorry i thought you said ASAM. y bad bro. i would say- Not yet- 2 years from now maybe.

  • haha Mon- right on!!

  • Planet to the Eagles organization!!!!!!

    You don’t take an offensive line coach who coached the weakest part of our team and promote him over the defense!!!!!!

    It’s unrealistic to expect someone who have never done the job to match wits against offensive Gurus who have seen everything when real bullets fly.

    Can we expect Juan to make adjustments when his game plan goes out the window and draw plays in the dirt on the fly?

    The Steelers seen us last week and countered with screens and delays…Juan did “0” adjustments.

    He claimed things were simplified in order for guys to think less and play fast. Well why in the hell guys looked lost?

    Offensive coordinators will have this guy for breakfast. If you don’t have a defense that dictates the flow….you are a sitting duck.

    We will lose a monument opportunity with all this talent and a novice with no idea how to use key peices, in key situations.

    This idiot keep talking about using Asmo like Woodson was used in Green Bay. Woodson is used near the line now because he is slower now in his remaining years. Asmo is an outside, shutdown corner!!!!!!!



    CUT CHAD HALL!!!!!!!!!

    I’m getting Reno Mahe Flashbacks!

  • I agree with some on what Songs stated, that CAstillo appears overwhelemd and overmatched, so maybe a little better performance with the Eagles Offense and your hero M Vick would help too and go a longs ways too.. Vick was flat out terrible last evening as the Defense was last evening.. A complete meltdown by the entire Coaching staff and team I thought..

  • Also Earth to Eagles Fans..
    Redskins whooping up on the Colts 16-3 (The COlts will be lucky to win 5 games this season)
    Cleveland thumping Detroit 21-10
    Dolphins whitewashing Panthers 17-0
    Arizona beating GB Packers 6-0 and Kolb is 6 -11 for 80 yards and 0 TD’s and 0 Int’s in the 1st half and was sacked once .

  • Redsksins have 185 yards rushing vs the sinking Colts (a 7.5 yd average per rush attemp/.. QB J Beck is 14-17 and 140 yards in the 1st Half.. Peyton Manning may never come back as bad as this team is this season,,
    WHoever picks the Colts with win that division and get to the playoffs has not been paying attention, for the COlts are in pretty bad shape all around…

  • For the Lions —
    RB Jerome Harrison has 3 carries for 15 yards and Mike Bell has 3 Carries for 2 yards.. How does Mike Bell continue to play in the NFL.. this guy averages like 1
    yard a carry in his good games.. .Gimme a break…

  • Indy is 4-24 since 2005 in preseason games. Teams dont take preseason all that seriously. I know we were deprived of football for awhile but dag people need to stop taking preseason so seriously…The only team really taking it seriously are the pats, there looking to put high points up every game. So this upcoming eagles game against the browns is huge for us, we gotta come out and score on the first drive if they dont at least resemble a good operating offensive team… the defense must get consistent pressure and when they get there make the play, we have play makers on the defense they JUST HAVE TO MAKE PLAYS…

  • Yes Jon, but they will be 0-4 this Preseason without P Manning who woul dat least play a quarter here or there.. Problem is PEyton Manning is not able to practice and has not even thrown a ball since way back in March before he had his 2nd neck surgery (he had his 1 one last year) , He has not taken a rep with his team which has 2-3 New players on the OL (Rookies) a limited Running game, No O/C Tom Moore who is now working for the Jets and no OL Coach Mudd, who is working for the Eagles.. The Colts window is closed and why they even signed Peyton to a 4-5 year is beyond me.. They need to rebuild with a new Philosophy, new Coaches and new Players
    The Cleveland Browns are one the most improved Teams in the NFL and Colts QB McCoy is off to agreat start this Camp/Preseaon thus far…

  • @paulman

    Sorry man, but your response to Hart’s Colt’s preseason record over the years was weak. Your post he was responding to was clearly predicting a future of a franchise based off some damn preseason games. Are you serious?

  • LOL@ ColdBrew, yeah i didnt expect Paul to come up with a good arguement because after that stat there is no come back lol… So everything he is saying about the eagles during this preseason is false… hes wasting his breath… I doubt he says anything else on this post LOL

  • Waht I am saying is that in Past-Preseasons, Manning has played 1 Quarter of Football ach week so their poor record really meant nothing.. This Season it’s different for Manning has not taken 1 snap or participating in any throwing drills since last Season,, He has not even pick-up a ball snice March and may not be ready until the 3rd-4th Week of the Season.. On top of this, the Colts are not the same Team from 2-3-4 years ago, Without Manning, they may not even win a game, With a 70% and gun-shy Manning (They are probably a .500 team at best) It is what it is, they may Start 3 Rookies on that OL, have lost 2-3 Starters from a shaky Defense.. They will not be a very good team and I caution anyone who picks Manning for their fanatasy team with an early pick.. He just doesn’t have his health or the horses around him like he used to and behind a very green O/Line with new Coaches..

  • You guys have to keep in mind that this Pre-Season is like no other we have seen and so will the 1s month of the Season..With the short time of practices and prep time, all teams are thrown into the same pool at once.. Better talent will win out in the end no douct, but the 1st 4-6 weeks it will be about coaching, simplified game plans and schemens and most importantly, execution.. The Teams that can do these things quickly and effectively will get off to quick starts and we have already seen teams like the Redskins,Browns,Patriots ,PAckers look good early while other teams like the Eagles,49ers,Vikings,COlts,Chiefs not look so hot and have struggled just insustaining basic offensive execution thus far.. ..

  • Paul, the point is the preseason means nothing during the preseason, alot of guys that know they have a roster spot dont give there all because they know it doesnt count. So your “analysis” on the pre season holds no weight. And look there going with Casey again. You guys gotta learn to relax. Over one bad pre season game now we need to blow the team up, hahaha gimme a break… If this is going on during the reg season on a consistent basis then come talk to me, but were 2 pre season games, cmon now Negadelphia’s

  • Thats the very purpose of pre season, you see what works and what doesnt. You cant judge the coaches and players from 2 weks of pre season games… this isnt even worthy of an arguement… seriously, its common sense

  • Jon, I would agree with you about Pre-Seasons games in past years.. but this
    is wast not of normal off-season or is this a normal camp and pre-season time..

  • 1.The Middle Linebacker was solidified when Chaney showed us he was better than Stewart Bradley in the middle.
    2.You release Stewart Bradley because Chaney showed he was better in the middle.
    3.You draft an undersized Linebacker in Matthews, and expect him to be better than Chaney and Stewart Bradley was in the middle.
    4.Matthews shows he may not even be a good special team player, let alone a starting Linebacker in the NFL.

    What have Matthews done to be given a job Chaney busted his butt for and won?

    Another thing ….Nate Allen is nothing special…

    Again..Once teams got a little tape on him..the QB’s been torching him right up the middle and moving him out of plays by looking him off.

    He have been garbage every since the Titans game and should be cut.

    Juan Castillo is not a defense coordinator.

    A team should not be able to convert a 3rd and 21 with three pro bowl players in the secondary.

    We have a bunch of position coaches on defense without a mastermind who can put together combinations on the fly.

    Juan is out of his league, Matthews is out of his league, Nate Allen is soft and rarely beats his man.

    Any coach that don’t know how to put Asmo in position to cut off his side of the ball should not be coaching defense. Have Juan carry Andy’s lunch if he needs a job, but get us a damn defensive coordinator who will sit bums down and get the most out of an exceptional year with good talent on the defensive side of the ball.

  • I think Nate Allen has been rushed back to soon, He’s is lacking in proper positioning, looks very indecisive and looks just plain out of place ruight now in the Defense.. I think he needs to sit a while and get his knee back to 100%.. Play Coleman/Page with JArrett and COlt Anderson mixed in for now…
    MAtthews I thought was a back-up and Special Teamer player his1st couple of years in the NFL and nothing I’ve seen changes that opinion and analysis of him.. Put Chaney back at MLB and have Clayton/Rolle/Jordan duke it out on the Outside… Regardless in my opinion,this Eagle LB Coprs is still a very weak link on the Eagles Team and is probably one of the weakest groups in the entire NFL…

  • Paul, now you really dont make sense. You said that the this wasnt a normal off season right? So why would you expect the eagles to look polished when 1. they didnt have OTAs. 2. They acquired like 10-15 guys this off season with limited practice time together. So you pretty much agreed with what i have been saying all along.. Give them a break, were 2 pre seasons in going on our 3rd, judge them in the regular season when they get more games together and when there acllimated to everything not when its the 2nd game in the preseason and almost the entire defense has be revamped… Again im done on this subject its too silly to keep addressing…

  • Matthews is a bum…you heard it here first..He’s Matt Mccoy with hair.

    He’ll be suspect until they bench him and give him one more year for his family name sake.

    It’s the Eagles luck to end up with a Matthews that’s a special teamer at best.

    And the kicker..it’s in a year when 90% of the kickoffs are kicked outside the end zone.


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